Sister’s Homecoming

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I go to high school and I’m in my last year at 18 years old. My sister is in her first year of college and she’s coming home for the weekend. Our parents were away on vacation so we had the house to ourselves. I hadn’t seen her in a while, her name was Shelby and she was a quiet girl who wore glasses with curly brown hair. She’s always been slightly curvy, never really worked out or anything like that, she was mainly interested in her studies. After playing DS on the couch for a couple of hours I heard the doorbell ring. It was her.

I opened the door for her, she was wearing a light blue tank top and black yoga pants with a purple line around the waist. She now had short brown bowl cut hair, I couldn’t believe this was my sister, I scanned up and down her amazing body, still curvy but firm and toned in areas like the tummy and arms. She still wore glasses which somehow made her even more attractive.

“Hey bro how are you? It’s been a while!” she said bubbling with excitement

“N-not bad you” I stuttered in amazement.

“I’m great!”

As she went past and put her bags down I checked out her ass. It was incredible. It was a very firm but large ass. As she bent down I could also see a crease in her pants which gave the impression of some kind of thong. I didn’t think my sister wore thongs or G-strings, she was always too nerdy to wear that kind of stuff, I wondered if she had a boyfriend now.

“Hey, could you help me bring my bags up to my room?” she asked.


I grabbed two of her bags and headed with her upstairs. She went ahead so I got a chance to see her amazing ass move up and down as we climbed the stairs, her cheeks would shake slightly as they moved downward, they always did that I think, but she never wore yoga pants and was never this hot looking. When we got upstairs her pants had sagged down slightly showing some of her underwear. It was light green, almost jade and a little yellow bow peeked with it. I stared at it as we kept moving to her room, I wanted to pull it up so badly and feel the texture of it, I knew I would never be able to do that with her it would have to be some girl in my future, if I even get a girl as hot as my sister.

When we got to her room she pushed the door open with her foot. Her room remained the same as she left, the walls were pink and covered with posters of science and fantasy stuff. Her blankets were purple with yellow and pink flowers decorating it. She put her bags down and surveyed her room.

“Okayyyy and just put them over there! Thank you so much for helping!”

“No worries…” I said meekly.

Before I could turn and leave the room my sister quickly grabbed and hugged me firmly, her large DD boobs squeezing into my face. She smiled again before turning around to unpack her clothes, she bent over to her briefcase and her ass bumped into my crotch while her panties rose from her pants showing off a perfect whale tail. Her thong was yellow and jade colored with a nice bow on top of the triangle, the triangle had paisley patterns on it, the yellow straps looked soft as they hugged her skin tightly, looking like they were too small for her ass.

“Oops! Sorry about that ahah.” She giggled.

“Th-that’s okay.” I replied quickly

I turned around quickly to exit her room, I looked back and could see her still staring at me while bent over. I was worried she felt my boner or something, it felt like she moved her ass towards me on purpose. I sat back on the couch downstairs but couldn’t play my DS, I could only imagine the feeling of her ass against my dick and the thong above her pants, how sexy it looked. My sister has changed so much since I last saw her, she seems more confident in herself and it shows in how she dresses. I began to imagine what her ass looks like naked, without the yoga pants that tightly showed every curve that showed her ass jiggling as she walked, it wasn’t hard to imagine her sweet ass naked with those skin tight pants. I then began to imagine that thong hugging her big ass, no more like strangling it, they looked very small on her as they rode up, and her pants weren’t as tight as that G-string. Now I’m imagining myself pulling the strings up from her pants, with her obliging as I round them to her hips. While I was imagining this I took my cumlouder porno dick out from under my pants and began to stroke off to my imagination.

“Hey Bro! Do you wanna have some lunch?!”

She yelled from upstairs. ¬I quickly fidgeted and put my dick back in my pants.

“Y-yes please!” My voice cracked as I yelled back.

She came back downstairs and headed into the kitchen. I figured she was going to be bending over a lot so I decided to get off the couch and head over to the kitchen.

“So what do you want?” she asked.

“I dunno. Maybe soup or something.”

“Okie doki, where is the soup anyway? It’s been a while haha”.

I started to think and then lied because I had no idea where things were either.

“Uhmn maybe down there Shelby?”

She bent over and checked underneath giving me another sweet view of her thong. The string was slightly twisted on one side which somehow made it hotter.

“Oh there they are! What kind do you want?”

I couldn’t believe I got that right even through lying.

“Uhhh tomato please.” I replied.

While she was making the soup she would bend her feet slightly up and down making her butt jiggle slightly. I didn’t know if it was some yoga exercise or if she was intentionally doing it, at this point I had no idea what she wanted. She sat down waiting for the soup to finish she took a banana and apple from the fruit basket in the middle and started to talk with me.

“So how’s school little brother?”

“I-its okay I guess.”

“Just okay? You’re not having fun?” she said in a concerned tone.

She took the apple and started to bite into it. She made a suckling sound as she bit into it and then she began to lick parts of the apple, sucking the juice up.

“Uhmn no I’m having fun, it’s just that no one likes school really”. I replied after staring at her.

“Oh you mean you get kinda bored with it?”

“Yeah there’s classes I really don’t like taking.”

“Like what?”

“Well honestly I don’t like biology or sex ed. Biology is boring and sex ed would be great if the teacher wasn’t such a dick.”

“Mmmm yeah that sounds right haha”

She then took the banana and started to eat it. After peeling she took a large amount of it in her mouth and slowly chewed into it. She made cute little sounds as she had her eyes closed while suckling it. She then opened one eye and looked at me grinning, some banana got on her glasses. She then started to ask more awkward questions.

“Did they ever use bananas or cucumbers to show how you put a condom on?”

“N-no not yet.”

“Aw lame they showed us that in my class” She said while slurping the banana.

We then heard the soup boiling over as we talked, the pan was clattering rapidly.

“Oh shit I forgot about the soup”, she said.

She got up and rushed over to the oven. The chair as she got up caught some of her thong and caused it to snap against her back area. She flinched slightly and immediately pulled her pants high showing the creases of her panties.

“It’s okay I kinda lost my appetite” I said.

“O-okay are you sure?” she replied sounding concerned again.

I headed back to the living room. I could feel my sister looking at me from behind. As I sat back down on the couch she came slowly into the room, crossing her legs slightly as she walked in. Her socks were nice too, little felt ones that showed her nice little feet. She looked at me softly smiling as she could tell something was wrong.

“What’s wrong baby brother” She hugged me on the couch, slouching over.

“Just…the fact that I have no relationship, never get any sexual relief.”

“Yeah, it’s hard?” She said staring at me closely.

“Yeah, I mean when at high school yeah.”

“Why?” She was twirling her bangs.

“Because all these girls at my school wear tight yoga pants and…” She looked at herself with her yoga pants on, amused “annnd?” she was smiling.


“Mmmm I see. Yeah that must be hard. Looking at them from behind during class.”

“Yeah. Uhhh. It just makes my desires worse.”

“What do you like more? The pants or the thong?” she said with a large grin.

“uhmn well I guess the thong, the whale tail and all czech amateurs porno that.”

“Well I don’t want you to be so miserable while I’m here.”

She moves over and arches herself from me onto the couch end. She then moves her hip near me as her shirt rides up and nods her head towards her exposed hip.

“What are you doing Shelby?”

“I’m letting you tug my panties!”

“What!? Why?!”

“Because you’ll feel better. Now put your hand under my pants and pull my panties up. I know you were looking at my butt so you know what they are”

I collected myself a little and reached over. I pinched under her yoga pants and felt the string. I pulled up the yellow string of her thong. She smiled as I pulled her thong strap up.

“Now snap it” she said firmly.

“What?!?” I replied in shock.

“Snap my thong!”

“You mean break it?”

“No extend it and let it go!”

She took the string from my grasp and effortlessly snapped it with grace, like she’d done this many times before. I then pinched the string and snapped it myself. She smiled and giggled as she covered her mouth and face.

“Does that hurt?” I asked.

“It tickles” she replied in a sultry voice.

She then moved forward and kissed me, I was shocked beyond belief. She held it for a long time.

“Whoa” I yelled.



She kissed me again and then straddled me. She moved around until her crotch was against mine and placed her hands around my neck. I was still shocked and my eyes still opened, I didn’t know what to do. She then broke the kiss and grabbed her thong straps rounding them up to her hips and then peeled her pants down from behind slightly. Seeing her jade thong up on her hips was giving me the biggest erection. She then placed my hands on her ass and she continued to make out with me while also grinding into me.

“mmm you wish the girls at school did this to you?”


“MMmm how does my ass feel?” she said slowly, I was feeling the triangle of her G-string and her ass crack.

“You have a really nice ass. I always wondered if you wore thongs” I told her.

“Not many but yeah. This is my favorite pair. It has little flowers on it.” She pulled the front of her pants down and showed me the pattern, there was a little bow at the front too.

“So what should we do now?”

“We-we can’t have sex right? We’re siblings”

“Yeah I know. I can still get naked for you though.”

She turned around and started grinding me with her ass. Her whale tail and yoga pants halfway down her ass was so hot. I snapped her thong which made her giggle with glee and I pull the thong downward so it was overtop her yoga pants. I then began to pull her pants down which she didn’t object to. She even helped as she stood up a little to pull them down. Her full ass was now in view with her jade and yellow G-string wrapping it

“How’s my ass?” she said with excitement.

“Perfect” I replied.

“Awe thanks baby brother, how do you want to do this?”

“I thought just dry humping…” I told her.

“Mmmm how about this instead?”

She grabbed my erect dick, the first time a girl has ever done so, then lifted the triangle of her panties up and let it go above my tip. My dick’s tip was now pressing against her G-string’s triangle and my shaft along her ass cheeks.

“Now we can really start humping *giggle*”.

She started motioning aggressively, I was trying to keep balance but the triangle kept slipping off my shaft.

“You have to press harder into it.” she told me.


As I did she bent over and had my arms wrapped around her stomach. We both stood up which made the thrusting easier. My dick was raising her thong pretty high relative to her waist.

“I’m getting a wedgie from this ha-ha!” She squealed in glee.

I laughed weakly as I stared at my dick thrusting into her G-string. It was so hot. It’s what I dreamed about doing with hot girls at school, never thinking my sister would do this. My sister then stopped thrusting and turned around to look at me, my dick still under the thong.

“You sure you don’t want sex?” she said slowly and meekly.

She raised a condom package and waved it around. czech casting porno I was shocked beyond belief.

“Don’t you want this juicy ass squeezing your cock? This nice pawg ass in a small green thong? Fucking me with my yoga pants halfway down my legs? She looked at me with an amazing grin.

“Uh-uh” I had no words at this point.

She smiled, turned around and then grabbed my dick, she started to make out with me as she stroked my cock. I grabbed her ass as she jerked me off and then dragged me down with her on the couch. She continued to stroke me and then, flipping her bangs out of the way, she began to suck my dick. She was on her knees as she sucked me, her ass in the air. She took her shirt off revealing a pink lacy bra. I held her ass cheek keeping her balance up as she sucked me off, making loud slurping noises and kissing the tip.

“We should probably go to my room, it would be awkward for mom and dad to walk in and see your sister on top of you in her bra and thong” She said with a bubbly tone.

“Y-yeah!” I agreed.

She grabbed her clothes and mine and we began to head upstairs again. My imagination was now real, staring at her ass jiggling in that jade thong bouncing up even faster with her running up the stairs.

As we entered the room she slammed the door and grabbed me stroking my cock as she made out with me standing. I grabbed her ass and one of her boobs while she took the condom and slid it onto my cock. We fell back onto her bed and she turned her back to me, allowing me to take in her ass.

“Ahh- quck baby brother, put your big cock in my ass!” She said as she spread her ass out.

“O-Ok Shelby.”

Shelby pulled her thong string to one side moving the paisley jade padding away from her pussy, and I slowly began to push it into her.

“Ah! Awwwww-fuu. Your cock is going so deep, It’s spreading my pussy so wide. Mph fucking love your cock!” She squealed and cooed.

She placed her hands on my legs as she began to ride faster onto me. Her ass made large waves as she bounced into my crotch. I began to hold onto her ass and when I let go her ass would go back to making loud clapping sounds. I pulled her thong triangle away from her ass which caused her to coo. When I let it go it snapped firmly onto her lower back and she squealed with pleasure.

“I love it when you snap my thong! Feels so fucking dirty!” She yelled.

I was never used to her swearing this much. I wanted to kiss her so I told her to get off and she turned to face me, her boobs held by a lacy bra stuck in my face. She inserted my cock back into her pussy and I grabbed her ass tightly. We kept going at the speed we were at before, making out, I groped her breasts under her lace bra and pulled it down to expose her nipples.

“Y-you wanna suck them baby?”

“Yes ma’am!” I said enthusiastically.

Her nipples felt so good in my mouth, she wrapped her arms around my head, playing with my hair as she was also ramming her thonged pussy into my cock. I felt like I was going to explode soon, it was sensory overload

“Be rougher! Spread my pussy with your big cock!” She yelled as she placed her hands back onto my legs. Her tempo now extremely fast, her breasts jiggling everywhere and her ass clapping loudly.

“I-I feel like I’m gonna cum sis!” I yelled.

“O-ok baby brother, cum between my ass baby please!” She screamed.

She took out my dick and removed the condom, she slid it between her ass cheeks like a hotdog, I could feel my tip rubbing against her thong string.

“Aw your dick is so cheeky, its rubbing against my insides. Mmmmm. I need to squeeze out every last drop. You can squirt all over my butt.”

She did what I did earlier and pulled her thong out from her back, she let it snap onto my dick and the pain felt so good it caused me to cum. I thrusted hard into her as I first came into the triangle of the thong and then slipped off it and sprayed over her ass.

“Mmm fuck your dick is twitching so hard mmm it’s all over my ass.” She said tenderly.

“Holy shit Shelby that was amazing!”

She kissed me and got up from the bed, making sure her ass didn’t touch it. She walked off to take a shower and I watched her ass move up and down covered in cum and in a thong, she smiled and grinned and then gave her thong a loud snap as she left the room giggling.


Hope you liked this story. Tell me what turned you on or what you liked in the comments or through a personal message. You can also tell me what you want in chapter 2 Thanks 😉

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