Sister in Law Surprise

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We had been at my sister in law’s home for a week, helping her sift through her late husband’s stuff following his passing. It was a slow process, though almost a year after his demise, she was finally at the point where she could face the task of reliving all the memories that would be stirred up in the course of combing through the paraphernalia that had defined his earthly existence.

Fay, my sister in law-she had been married to my wife’s brother-is one of the sweetest people I know. Dark hair, that flows down over her shoulders, blue eyes, 5′ 7″ or so, long legs, an ass that looks amazing in jeans, and what I figured to be C cup tits, a little hang to them, but in all, pretty good for 60. We had always gotten along well, though as long as Al was alive, she kept a respectable distance, always proper, but not in a stuffy way, though at times she could come across as a little prudish, especially where her kids were concerned. I attributed this to her southern Baptist, Bible Belt upbringing.

It’s funny how people respond to change. Fay had been married to Al for 43 years-she was 16 when they got married-and while he was not the domineering type, she seemed to defer to him on most things. Since his passing, she had blossomed into her own, and while not adopting a wild, merry widow kind of life, she had made some changes in their-her-home, got a new car, gone on a cruise, traveled some; things Al wasn’t really interested in doing, that apparently had been repressed for a long time.

Through all this, her demeanor toward me had warmed some, though it was still well within the bounds of propriety. I did notice that we joked and laughed together more than we had in the 15 years prior to Al’s death. I was seeing a fun side of Fay that was new to me, and we often found each other in deeper conversations than we’d had in the past, slowly getting to know each other more closely. I soon discovered that Fay had a keen sense of humor, and was a lot more worldly than I had given her credit for. I noticed her smiling when I’d make a reference to some obscure song lyric from long ago, especially if we were the only ones in the room who got it. I’d often sit at the counter in the kitchen-I’m an inveterate newspaper reader, and that was a good place to spread out a paper-and Fay would come over to chat, occasionally running her hand over my shoulders when she would pass by. I had always liked Fay, but now she was really growing on me, and she was becoming more attractive with each visit. I was finding I really liked the new Fay.

It was now the first weekend in June, and the weather in Georgia had gotten typically hot and humid. We were tackling the garage, which had a lot of tools, as well as the usual stuff that accumulates in a garage, all of it dusty. Her sons had been over to assist, and had laid claim to most of the power tools-Al had been a home builder-and had loaded what they were taking into pick ups and headed for home. My wife had gone to Kroger to pick up some things for dinner along with her niece and grand niece, leaving Fay and me alone to finish up. We got the remaining items put away, in the yard sale pile, or tossed, and swept up. As I finished, Fay suggested that if I wanted to take a shower, I could use hers in the master bath, rather than the hall bath Ginny, her daughter, used.

I thanked her, glad not to have to risk an avalanche of body wash, shampoo and conditioner bottles in the hall shower. The only down side was that Fay’s shower was maybe twice the size of a phone booth, a glass enclosure in a corner of her master bath. I’m six foot and 250, so it wasn’t going to be roomy. Still, it was welcome, since I was now covered in sweat and dust from our exploration into the remote corners of the garage.

I went up to shower, found a towel and hung it on the rack outside the shower so I could reach it easily without dripping water all over the bathroom. Once ready, I stepped in, taking my time and letting the warm water run over me, washing off some of the dirt and dust, as well as easing some of the ache on my own 60 year old body from the last several days of lifting, carrying and reaching into hard to get places.

I had reached the point of washing my hair, and was covered in a good lather of Head it was far better than I imagined.

Fay and I kept at illegal bahis each other til I was able to make her come, her pussy juicing nicely around me. I pushed in deep, holding her hanging C cups, and bit her on the shoulder, gently but enough to leave a mark. That set her off a second time, and she came hard, crying out and her pussy soaking me.

She pushed her pussy back onto my cock. “Come in me. I want your come!!” she exclaimed, grinding her clit into my balls. I pulled most of the way out, then slammed into her, going right into her cervix, and unloaded, long bursts of come that filled her. I could feel my sperm leaking out as I was still coming. I looked down to see a long streak of it slipping down her right leg, finally getting washed down the shower drain.

I held Fay til my cock started to soften, then slowly pulled out of her, watching as a long drip of semen drooled from her pussy. She stood, turning to face me, giggling as she felt my come on her leg. She reached down and gathered the dripping sperm from her thigh, then licked her fingers. Hmmm, Fay eats come. Not what I expected, but the strait laced ones always surprise you. I had always figured her for a man-on-top-woman-on-bottom-get-it-over-with-quick approach. Apparently I was wrong on that.

Fay kissed me, again long and deep, then released her lock on my lips. “I’ve waited ten years for that,” she said, smiling. I never saw it coming.

“Really?? I wouldn’t have guessed.” The comment was only half sarcastic.

Fay looked up at me. “Yeah, I’ve had a crush on you for a long time. I just couldn’t do anything about it til now.”

“You know I’m still married to Al’s sister, right??” I thought it best to face that dilemma right away. Maybe there was something I wasn’t aware of, some kind of deal Fay and Barb had struck to share me. I really doubted that, though. Still, I was weighing the idea of chancing an occasional tumble with Fay, now that I knew there was this other side to her I had not seen.

“Yeah, I know,” she said with a wink. “But if you don’t tell, I won’t.” Fay kissed me on the cheek and stepped out of the shower. I watched as she toweled off, then stepped into a pair of flip flops and pulled a housedress on. It was form fitting, but patterned, so unless someone were looking-someone like me-he wouldn’t notice her nipples poking through it. She blew me a kiss, and was gone.

I finished up, dried off and got dressed, coming out to find Barb and the girls were back, and now in the middle of dinner prep. I joined the crew, going out to start the grill. I’m a fairly basic cook on a grill, not doing anything extravagant, but I do hamburgers and hot dogs well, and I like using cheeses you don’t normally associate with outdoor cooking. A rare hamburger with a nice coating of brie is a thing of beauty. Hot dogs with the type of onions you find at those pushcarts in New York are also a culinary guilty pleasure, and when I make them, everyone eats a lot of them.

Fay was doing her best to help me get the food cooked, running in and out of the house for additional items. I enjoyed watching her tits bounce as she walked to and fro, knowing there was nothing reining them in. It was also a turn on knowing she was, at any time, only seconds from a thin white line sliding out from under her dress. I asked her for a platter to put the burgers and dogs on, which she brought out, standing next to me as I pulled them from the grill. I could feel the softness of her breasts on my arm as I scooped up the hot dogs and moved them to the platter. I noticed her leaning into me, and I could feel her nipples poking into my bare arm. I looked down, only to see Fay giving me a knowing look as I pulled the burgers off.

“I’m soaked,” she said softly, smiling as she turned to go back into the house, then giving me a quick look over her shoulder as she reached the door.

We had a feast once all the food was ready; burgers and hot dogs, cole slaw, potato salad, green salad, beans, mac and cheese. It was great and everyone enjoyed. Once we had our plates ready, we settled in to watch Thor-Ragnarock, a movie Fay had taken a liking to. The seating in Fay’s living room is a loose semi circle, all facing the TV, which is mounted on one wall. If you’re sitting on one end, you can almost look directly at someone illegal bahis siteleri on the other end. Barb and I were sitting on the far left end, on a couch that sat in front of one of those lift up coffee tables. Fay was sitting in her recliner at the opposite end. I noticed Fay was moving around a lot, first sitting on her feet, then moving so they were on the floor in front of her, then crossing her legs under her. Every time she moved, I got a glimpse of thigh and dark hair. The last time she moved, when she sat on her legs, she took her time get settled, looking over at me to see if I was watching. She smiled when our eyes met, opening her legs a little to give me a better view of her curly paradise, then smoothed out her dress. Everyone else was wrapped up in the film, and was none the wiser.

Through the week, Fay’s kids, two sons and a daughter, were at the house at various times to help sort and clean. There was a lot of stuff, and it was a big job to take care of all the small stuff. Fay was working, and was not around during the day much, but Barb had a bittersweet time picking through all of her brother’s things, telling her niece and nephews a lot of stories that went with them. I’d comfort her when the memories got a little too poignant. One of those moments led to me drilling Barb’s blonde pussy on Fay’s bed. Later, when Fay got home, the two ladies would share stories, which was at once cheering and cathartic.

By late in the week, we’d made a lot of progress. The kids had taken most of the things they wanted, and we had tossed a lot of things-I mean, who really needs a box of cancelled checks from 1982??-and had reduced the save pile to something manageable. Barb had some things she wanted, which I loaded into our RV, and she and Fay had figured out they would get some storage bins for most of the rest. So it was on Thursday that Barb took Ginny and her daughter out shopping, ostensibly to get big plastic bins, but also for a girls’ day out, since the younger ones never met a shopping day they didn’t like.

I begged off the shopping trip-what guy in his right mind would want to be a part of that??-and made myself busy getting the RV ready for the trip home, making a grocery list for the trip, and various other little things around the house. The girls had left around 2, and by 3:30 I had accomplished my list, and was sitting at the breakfast bar working my way through the editorial pages.

Fay came in around 4:30 from work. She looked good-black slacks, a red pleated blouse that was open just enough to get a hint of cleavage. She kissed me on the cheek. “I see they abandoned you,” she said, teasing me, her hand over my shoulders as she stood behind me.

I laughed. “Not exactly. They went to get the bins you had all been talking about, but I think there was also a big shopping component to the trip as well. They left around 2. I have no idea when they’ll be back. Probably for dinner, but you know how Ginny is. She’ll shop til they all drop.”

Fay laughed. “I’ll call them and see what they’re up to, so we can plan some dinner.”

I swiveled my chair toward Fay. “If it’s going to be hard to pin down, I’ll take everyone to the Venetian rather than cook. Or we can just get pizza.”

“Good idea. I’ll suggest that,” she said, her hand on my forearm. Our eyes lingered for a long moment, then Fay retreated down to her bedroom. I heard her on the phone a few minutes later, talking to Barb. From what I heard of the conversation, they expected to be back around 7, and would pick up pizza and wings. I went back to my paper, wondering what Fay was going to change into.

The next thing I heard was “Hey,” from down the hall. I looked over to see Fay’s head sticking out her bedroom door. “Can you come here a sec??” I got up and went down the hall to the bedroom, to find Fay inside waiting for me.

I had expected she needed me to get something off a high shelf-there had been lots of that during the past week-or stow something, or just show me some odd item she’d found. What she had to show me was far more interesting than anything she found in the closet. Fay was standing in the middle of the room in nothing but a pair of black panties and her glasses, which she always wore. She was the embodiment of the naughtiest librarian you ever met.

I canlı bahis siteleri was speechless. While I had seen her naked in the shower a few days earlier, I really didn’t get a good look given the tight confines. Now looking at her at enough distance to fully take her in, I was stunned. I scanned up her long legs, nicely toned from a lot of walking, up to her panties, from which was peeking a substantial spray of pubic hair. She stood with her arms folded in front of her, which pushed up her tits a little, and her nipples were standing out nicely. Her blue eyes were glowing as she watched my reaction.

“Hi,” she said, a big smile on her face.

“Hi,” I said. I looked her up and down as she cocked her hip to her left. “You’re gorgeous.”

Fay stepped toward me. “You’re pretty good looking yourself.” We kissed, Fay pulling my t-shirt up, breaking the kiss long enough to get it over my head.

“I should take these off,” she said, reaching to grab her glasses.

“Your panties??” I teased.

Fay laughed. “No, these,” she said pulling her glasses from her face.

I stopped her. “Don’t…” Fay looked at me quizzically. “You have no idea how sexy you look in just panties and glasses.”

“Oh…” Fay looked at me as if I were a little off. “Al always made me take them off. He said they just got in the way.”

“I think we can work around that. You look like a very bad librarian. It’s really hot.”

We kissed again, our naked chests now pressing into each other. We reached to each other, Fay undoing my shorts, letting them drop to the floor as I pulled her panties down far enough so they’d drop on their own. Fay stroked my cock, bringing it to full hardness. We broke our kiss again. “They won’t be back til around 7. We have some time.”

“Good. After we had our shower the other day, I was hoping we’d get another chance. That was fun, but I wanted to be able to take my time with you.” I eased Fay over to the bed, sitting her down on it.

I leaned down, kissing Fay as I lowered myself. “I wanted that too,” she said, smiling. She scooted up the bed, and laid back. I climbed up and knelt in front of her, pushing her legs askew. Her breathing picked up as she realized what I was about to do. I leaned to her, kissing her left thigh, slowly working my way to her dark haired twat. I switched sides, now working her right leg, then back. The alternating attention was making her anxious. I could see her pussy opening, and she gently squirmed as I teased my way to it.

Finally, I reached my goal, looking into her bespectacled eyes as I prepared for the dive. She was looking at me, smiling, a look of intense anticipation on her face. I moved down, licking up her already parted labia, and Fay let out a loud sigh as I teased her lips, then rolled my tongue over her clit. I nuzzled the soft curls, then licked back down, savoring the softness of her dark pubes and the aroma of her exposed womanhood. I repeated my slow attack on her pussy, now making her push her hips into my tongue, Fay catching her breath, and again letting out a sigh, this time with a whimper as I intensified the pressure. I kissed her labia on the way back to her ass, sucking gently. Fay let out another whimper, then her hips bucked into me quickly.

Fay was getting impatient. I felt her fingers wrap around my head, pulling me upward so my tongue would pass through her lips again, only this time she was thrusting her pussy at me. When I got to her clit, she held me tight. I got the hint, and started swirling and lapping my tongue around it. Fay’s breathing got heavy and short, and next I knew, she cried out, and my face was getting washed by her womanly juices as she came. I held on, keeping my tongue on her clit til she yelped, and again I was flooded out, this time her thighs clamping around my head.

I rode Fay out for a moment, then she cried out, “Fuck me, Tom,” and pulled my head up. My body followed, and I was face to face with her, my hard dick swaying over her opening. She kissed me hard, and I felt her hand take it and pull it toward her furry pussy. She put the head at her opening, and I pushed in forcefully, making her yelp again. I began thrusting, and she met me each time. Two minutes later, she was coming all over my cock. I held on, holding my dick deep as she cried out, wrapping her legs around me.

Finally she dropped her legs to the bed, panting. “That was wonderful,” she said with a smile. I pushed a sweaty bang away from her face. “And I’ve really needed it. It’s been about three years since the last time.”

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