Show , Tell Ch. 31

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Elle’s obvious lying to me about her interlude with Allen had me dreaming up all kinds of scenarios on how to deal with the provocation. The fact that I’d known she would ignore my instructions, her new found freedom from all societal norms allowing her to act in any way she desired… did nothing to dissuade my thinking.

The other thing that this tryst between the two of them had proved…? I had been correct about Allen being “all talk” when faced with an aggressive female. Had Elle not opened her hoodie to expose her breasts, then asked him to touch then… nothing would have happened and she would have been right when she told me he hadn’t moved when she initially offered him those opportunities.

Sometimes human nature was as easy to read as Dr. Seuss’s, “Cat in the Hat.”

On Saturday night, I had plans to take her to the “Halloween Party” at our Sex Club, “” There, I would find subtle ways to debase her… while slowly divulging the fact that I knew that she had betrayed me.

But before that happened… Mia sent me an Email asking, “Can you take me to a Halloween Party?”

“When?” I replied, starting the thread.

“Friday night… it’s a costume party.”

“Which Friday night, this week or next?”

“This Friday and I know that’s two days away, but I’d really like you to come with me. I know it’s short notice and if you have other plans I’ll understand.”

I’d already alerted my wife that I was going to a basketball game with some friends on Saturday night… but could I pull off a “doubleheader?”

“Let me check.” I answered, figuring if I needed to disappoint someone… at this point it would be Elle.

An hour later, I contacted Mia, “Dinner reservations at 8:00… where do I pick you up and what do I wear?”

She replied immediately, “Thank you Thank you Thank you…” and gave me an address in the City. “There is a “Military” theme to the Party, but you can really wear anything you’d like. Pick me up earlier and we can have a drink before dinner. And, ThankyouThankyou! I love you! XOXOXO.

What she then added as a “PS” at end of her message… had me wide awake for the next 48 hours… “Oh and you really can wear anything you want, because I’m not going to be wearing much at all so I’m sure we’ll match.”

I told my wife another friend had gotten tickets for Friday night’s game too, so all of us were going to both games.

No problem… because she only cared about Sports if my sons or I were playing.

I decided not to spend any money for some stupid costume and to stick with the “Sports” theme for the weekend. When I was married to my first wife, seven years of sheer Hell, but luckily with “No hits, no runs and nobody left on base,” I’d found ways to stay out of the house in as many ways as possible… when I wasn’t working. One was “Officiating” high school football games. It was fun, I got paid to do it and I loved working with the kids. After my business’s started to grow, I had to give it up… but by that time I was separated and soon to re-marry… well you know how that had worked out.

The Officials uniform still fit and I’d kept the whistle and Penalty Flags.

I picked Mia up at a girlfriend’s apartment, early as requested and we arrived at the restaurant twenty minutes early. The hostess was willing to seat us right away, but I opted to go to the bar and sit with Mia and ask why she’d been so insistent on my escorting her to this party?

After a skeptical look at her ID, our obviously gay bartender Joel, served our drinks and then played “5 Guesses” as to why we were together in the restaurant. Her wardrobe selection might have led him to believe that she was something other than, “… your niece,” but as he would cruise past, taking or delivering drink orders, he’d flippantly throw a guess our way.

With tight satin pants, which showcased her tight little butt, a dark burgundy semi sheer gauze blouse, with a deeply dropping cowl front, showing off the fact that she wasn’t wearing a bra and a short waisted black leather jacket and matching high heels that added a slightly “Punk” feel to the ensemble, I thought she looked perfectly respectable for a Friday night date. But seeing the tiny “clutch” handbag she carried caused me to wonder where she was hiding her costume… unless her cautionary “… I won’t be wearing much,” meant just that?

However that worked out would be determined later, as we now fielded Joel’s guesses as to our relationship. His first, “You’re his grandchildren’s au pair?” made us laugh, “You’re training her to be your Administrative Assistant?” made us and the young couple next to us laugh, “She’s your maid’s niece… who you’ve offered to send to a Culinary Arts College and you’re here to show her that Frosted Flakes and Pop Tarts and not a staple of everyone’s diet…?” before finally suggesting, “You found her on the back page of the Phoenix’s “Personals” section?” had the couples on both sides of us laughing…

Mia stopped the game, as the Hostess came illegal bahis to escort us to our table, with, “No… I invited him out tonight and we are going to have a very nice evening together to help raise money for a young, wounded, Marine.”

“We are?” I thought.

That made everyone around us turn and look, before she added, taking the twenty I’d been holding as a tip and dropping on the bar… “And you can only hope that you’ll meet a man as smart, as funny, as generous and as loving as this man.”

With that we turned away… but Mia stopped, turned around and stepped back to the bar. Leaning forward she looked directly at him and said, “Your fifth guess should have been for me, “You’re paying him to escort you out tonight?” and I would have answered, “Yes.”

Dinner was a treat, although I must confess that I had been a little nervous about Mia’s behavior in such an “adult” setting. While she’d been great at the bar… now sitting in the middle of a room where the average age of the diners was probably five years older than me, she was the perfect tablemate, offering comments on whatever the subject of the conversation, having two glasses of wine with dinner and politely refusing our waiters offer to add a shot of Bailey’s to her espresso.

However, as we waited for the for the Valet attendant to retrieve my car, she suddenly looked at me… teeth clenched, saying, “Those fucking people are complete assholes!”

“What people?” as I looked around.

“Those people that were sitting around us,” as the kid stopped the car in front of us, then holding the open door for Mia…

Once inside, she looked at me and continued, “… the ones that were looking at us like I had a tattoo on my forehead that said, “Hooker!”

“Baby,” trying not to smile, “if Joel thought we looked like a odd couple… I can only imagine what the people around us were thinking. But I do know one thing… just seeing me looking at you, they knew you weren’t my daughter.”

“That’s no reason to show such disrespect,” she fumed, “all the fucking men were looking at my tits… and their bitches were looking too… but that didn’t stop them from acting like they were so much better than us!”

Turning in the seat, I took her hand and kissed the top of it.

She gave me a look and then a really slight smile.

“Mia,” still holding her hand, “when all of those people leave the restaurant tonight… do you think they’ll be talking about the lettuce in their salad? No, they’ll be talking about us. And tomorrow morning, as they’re drinking their coffee and eating their toast, they’ll still be talking about us…”

Looking at me, she took off her jacket, her eyes telling me to keep talking.

“But what they’ll really be thinking… the men will be thinking about how hot you are… and how none of them could keep their eyes off your chest… and how lucky I was because I was looking straight down your blouse…”

And she pulled that blouse up over her head, dropping it on the floor in front of her… now sitting next to me completely topless, her eyes still asking me to continue…

“And their wives will be remembering how their husbands use to look at them the same way… and while all of that is happening… you and I will be enjoying the rest of our evening together, enjoying the party… if we ever get there!”

Taken aback, she looked around and discovered we were still parked right where the attendant had left us, he and another attendant, along with one of the couples that had sat to our right, staring through the window at her.

“Why are we still here?” she asked nonchalantly.

“Because you haven’t told me where we’re going,” I replied.

Laughing, she leaned across the center console, pulled my head to the right and gave me a kiss. Then she said, “Go back to the highway and head south.”

She sat back in her seat, waved to the onlookers and lifted her butt off the seat, unbuttoning her pants as I drove away.

She’d fooled me, a tiny pair of, “Summer Green Camouflage,” micro shorts hiding under her tight pants.

“Nice costume,” I deadpanned.

“Oh… this isn’t all of it,” reaching into her open her purse and taking out four band-aids. As I watched, while still trying to negotiate the four lane highway, she made an “X” on each of her nipples with the band-aids, which were a matching camouflage to her shorts. Then she put her high heels back on.

Putting on her seat belt, she smiled at me and said, “You know what?”

I smiled at her and said, “I know a lot of “what…” but I’m not sure of your “what?”

“You just taught me a valuable lesson.”

“Hey!” letting go of the steering wheel and holding my hands up, palms open,

“I had nothing to do with the costume you picked out!”

Laughing, she shook her head, “I know that… but the “what” that you taught me…? I’m not mature enough yet to see things as they really are. You looked at those people around us… and you played a game with them. illegal bahis siteleri Sure you looked at me and you looked down the front of my blouse… but that was why I wore it… for you to look at my chest. But you looked at them and saw what they were seeing, people who wished they were me and you…”

“You and I,” I corrected her.

“… you and I. And I’m sure you knew that because at sometime or another, you watched a young couple acting that way and you were jealous that it wasn’t you and your wife. But you learned from that experience.”

She’d directed me off the highway as we talked, now pointing at a four story brick building in the middle of an Industrial Park. It was just after 9:30 and the lot was already half full.

Looking at her, “in costume,” I said, “If any of the other party goers are dressed like you… I think that it will be you that will do the teaching tonight… and I promise to be a very attentive student.”

I changed into my costume, Mia knowing what “Football Official” was, from her father and brothers, but with no idea of what they actually did.

“You can teach me that,” she told me, as I wrapped her up in my arms walking to the entrance.

Once inside, our hands stamped with an American Flag, I found the party space to be in the Shipping and Receiving room of a working warehouse. Floor to ceiling metal shelving surrounded the open floor, six large corrugated doors forming the back drop behind an elevated DJ’s platform. Set up around the “room” were a half dozen elevated “Cages” all set on top of wooden pallets that were strapped to the floor. Inside the cages, anywhere from two to six costumed partiers were dancing and flailing each other with whips, riding crops, cat-o-nine tails and other implements of torture!

Mia and I looked at each other… she smiled and said, in that little girl voice. “Don’t worry Daddy… Baby will take care of you.”

That gave me the opportunity to ask the question that I wanted to ask all night, “Okay Baby, but why am I here?

Wrapping her arms around me, to both warm herself and hold me close, she looked up at me and said, “You’re here because I really, really like you. But more than that… I trust you. You’ll never panic and there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot that you haven’t experienced… so no matter what happens, you’re not going to act stupid.”

With my arms wrapped around her, the thought coming to mind… and this is how deviously my brain works… Allen with his arms around Elle a week earlier in his office… and his hands sliding down on Elle’s ass…

But I controlled myself and asked, “What could possibly happen tonight, that would cause me to panic or act stupid. This is a Halloween Party!”

Letting go and leading me to a “bench” (?) that consisted of four pallets stacked up on one another, three or four heavy moving blankets piled on top.

She wrapped herself around me again and said, “This is an “Invitation Only” party hosted by a woman named Naomi. She and her partner Susan sold tickets to raise money for Naomi’s little brother, a Marine that was wounded in Iraq and needs lots of medical care to recover. The tickets sold out immediately and they’ve had to change venues twice to accommodate all the people that wanted to attend. Everything here… everything, had been donated…”

“Thus… the Military theme,” as I looked around at all the revelers dress in uniform.

“Yes… but the response and the questions flying around the Party website got so crazy that Naomi finally had to post, “Hey, it’s a Halloween Party… dress up for it!”

That caused me to finally take my eyes off Mia, and actually look around.

Yes… there were lots of soldiers… representing the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines. But there were also lots of Warlocks? Witches? Dominatrix? Priests? Nuns? Men in drag? Women in Drag? Persons of Unknown Species in???… and one Football Official.

And more people were showing up by the minute.

But then I asked, “Okay, that’s all great… but what does that have to do with you and I?”

Looking at me, she hesitated… took a deep breath and said, “Last summer I met a woman at an S&M Flea. That is… like a convention where people into that lifestyle get together, mingle… are introduced to new products and generally search out newcomers. Her name is Marie and she’s a Dom. She’s so fucking HOT I fell for her immediately… but there’s a problem…”

Still not sure where this was going… but absolutely sure that … however glowing that recommendation she’d given me to Joel… I wasn’t getting laid tonight!

But that didn’t rule out car sex!

“And the problem is…?”

“The problem is Adam.”

I just looked at her.

“Adam is her lover. He’s a Dom too and Marie has suggested that I move in with her… as an Au pair for her two children and as a Submissive for both of them. He’s not sure of me… although I know he wants to fuck me, but he hasn’t ruled on it yet…”

“Wait,” canlı bahis siteleri I interrupted, “if they’re both Doms… how does that work?”

“They’re both very successful professionals, he in Corporate Law and she in Real Estate and Casualty Insurance. And they both have very exclusive side business in S&M, with loyal followers that pay them lots of money to be tortured and humiliated…”

“But that still doesn’t answer…”

“Baby… you’re the BIG holdup in this deal.”


“Yes… Marie wants me to shed you… give you up for her. But if I did that… which I wouldn’t, then I’d have to take Adam along with her. He’s even more adamant about getting rid of you… he sees you as a threat to my being exclusive to he and Marie…”


“Marie gave me the tickets for tonight. She wanted to see the two of us together… see what is was about you that I find so interesting… that I’d hesitate to move in with her. I told her, “… it isn’t you… it’s Adam.”

“Don’t they live together?” I asked, now more confused.

“No… Marie is divorced and lives outside of Boston. Adam is married and lives on Beacon Hill. He doesn’t have children.”

“But if they’re both Doms…?”

“Marie is completely submissive to him. Both of us would be under his control if I moved in…”

“But if she has such a successful life as an upfront business woman, along with that side business… does she really need…”

“Baby… and believe me this really happens… he’ll sometimes call her in the middle of the day and “suggest” that she drive into the city, come to his office, strip naked and then crawl under his desk so he can use her as a footstool.”

Looking at her, “And she does that?”

Nodding her head answered that question.

“So when do I audition?” I asked, a little annoyance in my voice.

“I’m sorry baby,” as she wrapped an arm around my neck and kissed me, “I should have told you… but I really wanted you to come with me, whether they liked it or not.”

“Lots of drama,” I said, more to myself than her.

Getting up, she grabbed me by the arm and pulled me to my feet.

“Buy me a drink and then we’ll take a walk,” she said, her voice saying it more as a suggestion than an order.

So we got a drink and then we walked around, her running commentary on what I was seeing cheering me up… to the point I didn’t give a fuck what Marie or… what’s his face… thought of me.

I was asking her what would happen if, “… that big guy over there, the one dressed as a Marine Master Sargent, walked over here and told you…”

“Which guy?” she asked.

“The big one… in the same camouflage that you’re wearing.”

“Her? The big one with all the stripes on her arm?”

“Unn… yah… her… whatever. What would happen if she came over, told you that you were out of uniform and ordered you to give her fifty!”

Still looking at the Marine… “Fifty what?”

“Fifty pushups! That’s how sergeants discipline their privates.”

Mia laughed so hard… I joined her, finally settling down when Mia stopped long enough to say, “Well… I’d give her a kiss and then rub her “Privates…” and she’d go away happy.”

Contemplating that… I stopped walking and shouted, “Private… you’re out of uniform,,, get down and give me fifty!”

That earned me one of her, “Oh brother,” teenage girl looks… but then she happily gave me another real nice kiss and rubbed my “privates” long enough that my “Privates” were promoted to “Corporal!”

As we were laughing, something unusual happened… Well, at least it seemed unusual to me.

A young girl in a tiny “Candy Stripe” nurses uniform came out of nowhere, grabbed Mia around the waist, spun her counterclockwise and kissed her full on the lips!

So surprised, Mia actually stood there, seemingly dumbfounded by this girl’s audacity!

The Candy Stripe stood there smiling… thrilled by her audacity.

Then Mia recovered… with a vengeance.

Grabbing the girl by the arm, Mia pulled her forward, while stepping to the side and whipped her counterclockwise, the bottom of the uniform flaring up… revealing her ass… which Mia slapped so hard… it left a welt!

As she was manhandling the girl, she practically screamed… “Hanna you fucking slut… how dare you kiss me without permission!”

Hanna was as undaunted by Mia’s reprimand… as Mia had been by Tony’s on the first day I’d met her. She stood there smiling… then offered a, “Sorry Mistress,” that dripped of sarcasm.

Then they grabbed one another and started to bounce around like two six year old’s at a Chuck E. Cheese’s!

No idea what to make of this?

Especially when the girl reached out and ripped the Band-Aids off Mia’s nipples!

Letting out a shriek… her hands flying to her injured breasts, I was again flabbergasted when the girl turned around and lifted the back of her costume… offering her butt to Mia for the proper revenge…!

Shaking her head and then laughing… Mia introduced me to Hanna.

They both worked at “Passions” sometimes actually working together as, “Body Shot Girls.” By the look on my face, Mia knew I had no idea, so she said, “I’ll explain later.”

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