Short Stories – Lady Barista Pt. 03

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Group Sex

Monday has arrived. I bounce out of bed, showered and sprayed my favorite cologne more heavily than normal. I am looking forward to speaking to Yulia. Maybe progressing my perceived friendship with her and then…maybe.

When I got to work at the usual time of 6.15am, Jess greeted me as always, but this time she told me Yulia is no longer working here, as she quit last Friday. I was deflated at the news. Who’s going to replace her I asked. It’s just the 3 of us until we find a new person. I will help you today. Just let me know if you get busy. I am disappointed at the news. Will I see her again I wondered. This is crazy, I was just getting to know her and now she’s gone. I kick myself for not being more assertive last week. I tried to focus on the customers as they come thick and fast.

By midday, I am still wondering what happened with Yulia. I asked Jess what happened. She could only say Yulia decided the job wasn’t right for her and promptly quit. I asked her if wasn’t because of me. But Jess politely says it’s not me and not to concern myself with the matter.

Again by 2pm I am still day dreaming, then Lloyd turns up. His voice booming as usual.

“Where’s my pretty lady?” I asked loudly.

“She gone Lloyd.” I managed to splutter out.

I start to make his coffee and he kept saying silly stuff about her. I pretend to listen and hand over his long black.

“Never mind young fella, she was just good eye candy!” He stated in front of other customers already in the cafe.

Fortunately he goes away quickly and not hang around talking about what could have been. I felt more deflated after seeing him.

Then by 2.30pm, my heart almost stops beating. Yulia turns up. I am so excited to see her. She request a flat white. I promptly tell her it’s on me. I feel myself “raising the flag” as I made her coffee.

She smiles at me as I hand it over.

“You win.” She smiles.

“What do you mean?” I nervously mumbled.

“Last week some customers came back who had bahis firmaları takeaway coffees said your coffee was brilliant, really great tasting.” She explains. “I promised if you win, I take you out. I am here to take you out.”

I nearly froze, almost speechless. This is a dream come true.

“Say something.” She says teasingly.

“I love to, but I got to start cleaning up first.” I mumbled incoherently.

“I’ll come back at 3.30pm, pick you up?” She smirks.

“Sounds really good. See you then.” I replied instantly with happy smile.

She leaves and I kind of did a “Tom Cruise move like in the movie Cocktail.” And pumping my fist behind the counter and yelling out “quietly” into the empty cafe. Then suddenly Jess appears from the back.

“Was that Yulia?” She wanted to confirm.

“Sure was.” I beamed back.

“Just be careful, she’s a lot older than you. Don’t get yourself disappointed, OK.” She added with serious look.

“Thanks for the advice Jess, I think I going to be just fine!” I replied with starry eyes.

My god I going out in a date with this sexy Russian lady. Yulia is much older than myself and she been married before so I am hoping for a hot night. Like I said earlier I think she is about 35. Again images of me f**king her cross my teenage mind. I take a deep breath and continued cleaning up. I throb uncontrollably as I cleaned up in record speed.

By 3.30 I was ready. Yulia arrives on time. She looked really hot, sorry, she looked elegant.

“What do you have in mind?” I asked. “How about I come up with some suggestions but you are the one taking me out, right?”

“What do you like to do?” She smiles back at me.

“How about some drinks, a game of pool then maybe we can catch a movie?” I said excitedly.

“Maybe not. I’m thinking about going to a museum or gallery and a walk in a park. Then we can have that drink you are keen on. Would that be ok?” She asked politely.

“Oh, OK, sounds great. I know the museum and gallery. kaçak iddaa I think it’s in that direction.” I accepted reluctantly. “And what about your daughter?”

“She OK. I have a baby sitter. So the whole days ours.” She smiled.

“Excellent.” I say with a happy glee.

So we head off. After taking a couple of bus trips we arrive at the first destination. The museum is a grand building as you would expect in the heart of the city. I haven’t been since I was a youngster.

After paying, I followed her to what attracts her. She likes history and the arts, after all her home country is fill of history.

I stand there looking “interested.” But seriously I am since Yulia is interested. When she stood in silence, I did the same. When she commented on a piece, I also did the same, even if I didn’t quite understand the subject matter concerned. It was rather funny as I am not really I interested but in her presence I am all about pleasing her.

Then there were times I felt I was competing with the art for her attention. I would at times make too much noise or talk too much. I think she noticed it which caused her to move on to the next piece of art. I gather from the hour we were there she was interested by neo classical and impressionist arts, something I picked up from university studies.

“Can you see the meaning or message the artist is trying to convey?” Yulia asked pointing to one painting of a person by himself in a boat paddling on a large pond.

“Yep, I think this bloke trying to say…I mean artist is saying that you don’t need to be with another person to have fun, eh right?” I made up with a little thought.

She giggles at my effort and continues to the next pictures. Then we are standing in front of a large piece of neo classical art. It must have measured 6 foot square. There is a woman half naked her breast exposed but she still wore a dress and a man standing there looking at her. It’s seems they are in a large room with books and furniture in the background. kaçak bahis Yulia stands there for a few minutes, intrigued by the work. I stand close to her but behind her. I am getting a hard erection as I admired the work like she is doing. This time it is more interesting as I pondered the meaning. Suddenly I jumped, like a bolt of electricity hit me. I feel Yulia’s hand touch me right on the bulge in the front of my pants as she moves her hand behind her. I see a smile from her as she deliberately teased me. It is the first sign she is flirting seriously with me. It only got me harder. I start breathing nervously as she moved to the next painting. The next painting didn’t help. It shows 2 half naked women together wading in a large pond. But Yulia stood there looking at the 19th century painting in awe. She can see its purpose whereas I thought of it only from a sexual point of view. I stood slightly further from her, giving me breathing space.

By now we had been at the museum and gallery for a couple of hours. Yulia figures I had enough “punishment” and suggests time for something to eat and drink. I suggest a funky bar in downtown where we can order snacks as well. I am now really hot for her, not able to hide my desire. On the way she asks me about what I may have learnt from the time at the gallery. I was frank with her. I really enjoyed her company making the paintings more interesting. She thanks me for the compliment. But then was that an accident or deliberate touch earlier on. I dear not mention it, for fear of embarrassing her. She just knows I am hot for her, just from that “accidentally brush” I know it was a deliberate tease.

We arrive at my chosen bar and order some snacks and drinks. Then in my cheeky mood, I asked her.

“Since you are taking me out, do you pay for the drinks?” I smiled at her.

She replied after a pause. “If I can get you drunk enough, I will pay for those drinks. But I am joking just take it easy, and I will pay for you.”

She looks at me with those beautiful diamond shaped eyes and smiles. Indeed it is enough to “sink a thousand ships.”

“Tell me more about yourself.” She leans forward giving me an eye full of her chest. “I am waiting.” She teases.

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