She’s a Professional

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I always knew there was something strange about that daycare center. For one thing, it was the nicest one around. The facilities were beautiful and always immaculate. As soon as the carpet or walls started to show any wear, they were soon replaced or repainted. Obviously the owner spared no expense. But the prices were also very reasonable – not the cheapest in town, but not the most expensive, either.

I started taking my son there soon after his mother died. She had worked at his previous daycare, and I just couldn’t stand to go back there, so I was very pleased when I found this one. I was perfect for him. What I hadn’t noticed when I was shopping around was the high number of absolutely hot women who worked there.

Now, when I say ‘women’, most of them appeared to be 18 or 19 years old, maybe even seniors in High School working part time. You will think I am a total pervert, but every time I dropped off or picked up my son, I couldn’t help drinking in the beauty of the gals that worked there. I really tried not to stare, but sometimes a guy just can’t halp himself. Not that all of them were total knockouts, but there were certainly a few that could have been models, in my opinion.

A few weeks after we started going there, I was surprised to get a note from the owner, Helen, saying there was a problem with my payment. I had paid several months in advance because I know I am not good at remembering to pay bills on time, and the last thing I wanted was a ‘problem’ with my daycare. I couldn’t imagine what the problem could be, but that afternoon, I stopped into Helen’s office to clear it up.

Helen is a very thin woman – probably 5-foot-5, and maybe 100 pounds if that much. She is in her mid-fifties, and she was probably very attractive when she was younger. Now, she is just a very pleasant, nice-looking woman with a winning smile – just the kind of person you would want in charge of your son’s daycare.

I was doubly surprised when she invited me into her office and told me to shut the door.

As I sat down, I said, “Your note said there is a problem with my bill? I don’t understand.”

She said, “Oh, well, your account is fine. I wanted to talk to you about something else, the note was just to get you in here.”

“Is something wrong with my Jimmy? I thought he was fitting in just fine.”

She smiled and said “Relax…Jimmy is a complete joy to have here. Everyone loves him. It is actually Holly that I need to talk to you about.”

Miss Holly is one of Jimmy’s teacher-helpers. She is probably about 19, maybe 5-foot-2, with a darker complexion, jet-black hair, and – god help me – a figure that would stop traffic. It was spring, so she was always wearing shorts or a shorter skirt and something on top that always showed off her curves. I know that she had caught me leering at her at least once.

“What about Holly?” I asked cautiously

She leaned forward a little and said, “She says that every time you come in here you are leering at her.” I turned four shades of crimson.

“I am so sorry if I have offended her, Helen. Its just that she’s very beautiful, and well, since my wife died, I haven’t really…” I trailed off.

She said, “Do you want to fuck her?”

I turned three more shades of red, an stuttered, “What?…I…Helen, please, I am embarrassed enough already. I will apologize to her if you want me to. I don’t want there to be any trouble.”

She leaned forward a bit more and said, a little more menacingly, “Answer the question. Do you want to fuck Holly or not?”

I recovered a little, and said, “Helen, please, she is 15 years younger than me, I’m old enough to be her father, and I really am sorry I was staring at her, but she is really attractive. I’m not a perv or anything. I just…” I trailed off again.

“Yes or no?” Helen asked, with a cold voice.

“Look, I could never do that with my son’s preschool teacher, she’s half my age. Ok sure, if I was half my age and circumstances were different, then, fine. Yes I would fuck her.” I was starting to get a little angry.

Helen relaxed and sat back in her chair. She said, “Good. Very good. I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Did you know that this building has a basement?”

“No.” I said, now totally confused.

“Yes it does. The reason I am able illegal bahis to run such a nice facility is because I have a little side business downstairs. Now, I realize that your wife passed away. We are all very sorry about that, and heck, half the ladies here want to adopt that beautiful little boy of yours.” She leaned forward and whispered, “Most of them also work for me as after-hours call girls in the basement.”

I was shocked. My daycare was on top of a whorehouse! Then my mind filled up with another thought….

“Does that mean Holly…?” I asked weakly.

Helen said, “That is exactly what I mean. She noticed you looking at her the past few days and asked if I would let you in on the secret. She even offered to give you your first visit for free, seeing your situation…you know…Jimmy’s mom and all.”

I was speechless.

“So I will ask you again…Would you like to fuck Holly?”

“How can I refuse an offer like that?”

“Good. It’s settled then. I will have one of the other girls look after Jimmy. We’ll get him dinner and everything. Holly is not on the schedule at all for tomorrow night. You can have her from 5:00 until 9:00 if you think you can be finished by then?” She gave me a bawdy wink.

I was completely useless at work the next day. I couldn’t stop thinking about Holly’s legs and shape. My mind filed through all of the different outfits I had seen her in, skirts, shorts, and tight sweaters, sheer blouses. I think I had an erection from the time I woke up. That tight young body was all I could think about.

I was shaking as I drove to the preschool. I went in and talked to Jimmy for a few minutes, he had a good day, and was looking forward to getting to stay and play a while longer. Such a good kid! I noticed that Miss Holly was not in the room, though. I got several appreciative glances from some of the other ‘helpers’ in the room. I tried my best not to blush.

I went into Helen’s office, and she asked me to shut the door again. She showed me to the back hallway and down the stairs. The ‘basement’ had one small open area, which opened into three hallways, with doors on each side. It was well lit and richly furnished. It felt more like a decent hotel lobby than a basement. Holly was sitting on a sofa nonchalantly waiting for me to arrive. Helen went back up the stairs without a word. Holly smiled at me.

She was wearing a short black leather skirt and a white halter-top – with her midriff bare and plenty of cleavage. She had on black knee-high leather boots. I could see she was not wearing a bra, and her nipples were clearly visible through the material of her halter.

She said softly, “Are you nervous?”

I said, “Yes. A little.”

She smiled again. “Don’t worry about anything. I will take good care of you.”

She motioned to the couch next to her. “Please sit down, I want to talk to you for a minute. Can I get you a drink?”

I said I could use maybe a glass of water, and she got up to get it. I watched her hips sway as she left the room. The skirt was barely long enough to cover her ass. She returned a minute later with a tall glass of cold water. A drop spilled down the side of the glass, and she licked it up – from the bottom of the glass to the top – with her tongue. Then she handed me the glass.

“Th..thank you.” I stammered. My cock was already rock-hard.

She smiled as I managed to take a sip without spilling. She said, “This is the part where we usually talk about what we are going to do and how much it will cost. But this one is free, so instead, lets talk about what you would like to do. Let me ask you a few questions.”

“Uh. Okay”

“Normally a guy wants to have a blowjob, and then sex in a couple of positions. Does that sound good?”

I swallowed hard. “Yes, that sounds wonderful.” After a moment, I added “I only hope I can keep up with you. It’s been a while.”

She almost looked insulted, then said, “Well I think I’ll be able to help you with that. I am a professional, after all.” I didn’t know what to say to that. She reached over and put her hand on the bulge in my pants. “Oh my,” She said, “We had better get started, don’t you think?”

And without another word, she stood and took my hand and led me down a hallway to the first room.

As soon as we entered the room, illegal bahis siteleri she closed the door and suddenly grabbed and kissed me on the lips. Her hard body was pressed against mine as she strained to reach my shocked mouth and her tongue darted in between my lips. She kissed me hard and then whispered, “Do you mind if I just take the lead?”

I couldn’t speak, but I managed to nod my head. She dropped to her knees and yanked my zipper open and pulled down my pants. She got my cock out and into her mouth in one smooth motion. She didn’t waste any time teasing me, just started eagerly sucking on my throbbing member. I lasted about 5 heartbeats before i exploded.

She kept sucking on my cock until my orgasm subsided then she stood up and said, “See? I’m a professional.” I couldn’t speak. She just smiled at me, her eyes full of lust.

I couldn’t meet her gaze, so instead I looked around the room we were in. It contained a double bed and an overstuffed recliner chair. The room had thick, soft carpeting and muted lighting. In one corner there was another door that led to a private bathroom with a large stand-up shower.

Holly said softly, “Why don’t we get you out of those clothes so you can relax?” I stepped out of my shoes, and she finished removing my pants and boxers and helped me out of my shirt.

She stepped back and looked at me critically. “You have been working out” I hadn’t, but I keep in relatively good shape. If it was possible – I felt more naked than ever.

She said, “Why don’t you help me slip out of these clothes? I can never get these boots unzipped…do you mind?” She sat on the edge of the bed and crossed her legs so that I could access the zipper. Once the boots were off, she stood up and thrust out one hip to me in a sassy pose, and I took the hint and unzipped the leather skirt as well.

It slid down her toned legs to the floor, and I was greeted by the tightest, round teenage ass I had ever imagined. She had no tan lines. She turned around and untied her halter, and slowly revealed a pair of amazingly perky breasts, with small dark nipples. The halter joined her skirt on the floor next to the bed.

My eyes traveled the length of her body – dark hair and eyes, perfect breasts, flat stomach, shaved pussy, and toned legs. In the soft lighting, she stepped toward me, and said, “Now, lets see what we can do about getting you ready for another round.”

She kissed me hard again, rubbing her naked form against mine. Her arms encircled me and pressed her breasts against my chest. Then she sat down on the bed again, with her legs apart, and shoulders back. I could see her wet pussy clearly, since it was shaved clean.

I did not need an invitation to understand her intention. I dropped to my knees and kissed my way from her left knee up to her warm slit. She moaned as my tongue found her tender young clit. I felt my cock start to awaken, as I tasted her juices.

I worked my tongue up and down her pussy, enjoying her scent and her shudders each time I would flick her sensitive clit. Her breathing became faster, but when I thought she was about to have an orgasm, she suddenly pushed my head away. She just said, “Is your cock ready for me now?”

I stood up in front of her, my cock almost a full attention. She took it in her hand and licked around the head a few times. Then she lay back on the bed, with her legs straight up in the air. I took a position with her legs against my shoulders, and rubbed my stiff cock against her waiting pussy. She lifted her hips to me, and I plunged inside of her.

We started slowly, rocking each other so that my cock would slide almost its full length in and out of her with each stroke. Her young pussy was so tight, and each time I was fully inside her, she would give my cock an extra squeeze with her pussy muscles. The feeling was incredible. Our rhythm increased steadily until she was moaning loudly and I could feel the start of another explosion forming in my toes.

I have no idea how long we rode that way. The tempo kept increasing until I could no longer hold back. With one last deep thrust, I stayed in her and my balls let loose and at the same time, she gasped and shuddered with an orgasm of her own.

We lay locked that way for another moment, before I shakily withdrew and canlı bahis siteleri collapsed next to her on the bed. She immediately rolled me onto my back, and climbed atop my cock and slipped it fully inside her, giving me no time to recover.

I cannot describe adequately what she did next. There are muscles and movements that women possess that I, as a man, can’t fully understand. It was as if she were squeezing my cock from base to tip – without moving at all on the outside. What I do know, is that the feeling of her pussy on my cock was exquisite, and had me hard again in no time.

I looked up at this beautiful creature on my cock, perfect tits swaying gently with her gyrations. Her eyes were closed in concentration, and when I tried to say something to her about how great it felt, she whispered, “Shhhh. I’m a professional…”

When I was completely hard again (3 times? …damn!) she got up from her knees onto her feet in a squatting position, which made her cunt feel even tighter around my cock. She started sliding up and down the length of my shaft, and from my vantage point, I could see my entire cock disappear into her hot, bald pussy with each stroke. I could feel her tight ass on my balls each time she sat down on me.

She rode for a few minutes this way, then she stopped and, without releasing me from her pussy, she turned around so that she was facing away from me. Then she resumed her long strokes, up and down the entire length of me. Her hands gripped my thighs as I watched her beautiful ass bobbing up and down on my cock.

I could hear her panting louder, as another orgasm approached, so I began raising my hips to meet every thrust, and I was rewarded as her body shuddered and she gasped loudly as her fingers gripped my legs.

When she was spent, she dismounted my still-hard cock, and began licking my cock and balls clean from her juices. When I was cleaned to her satisfaction, she looked up at me and said, “Are you still worried about keeping up with me?”

I laughed and said “I’ve really just been along for the ride so far.”

She said, “Lets move to the shower, I’ll let you drive for a while.”

So she took my hand and led me to the private bathroom and turned on the steamy shower. She got in and motioned me in with her.

She playfully soaped up her body and gave me a big full-body hug. The slippery suds squished out from between us and plopped onto the tile floor. I washed her front and back and front again, and then settled into simply rubbing her soapy breasts as the hot water splashed on us both. I gloried in the sight of the water running down her spectacular body.

She soaped my cock and washed it vigorously, paying extra attention to my balls and legs, until it was back at full attention, then she said, “Okay its your turn to drive.” And she bent over at the waist until her back was parallel with the floor.

Her pussy was at the perfect height for me and I slid inside her again with ease. She gasped as my cock hit bottom, but she braced her arms against the shower wall and said, “Show me what you’ve got.”

I started with slower, full-length thrusts, making sure that I got to full penetration on each stroke before retreating. I got faster and faster, with Holly urging me on, “Harder! Oh yeah harder!” I was gripping her hips with both hands and pounding away at her cunt with abandon. One each thrust I pulled her to me and she wound let out a groan. I could feel my balls slapping on her bare shaven clit.

Finally, I felt yet another orgasm building. She could feel it too, and she pushed me away from her pussy, and turned around to once again suck on my throbbing member while stroking it with her fist. When my balls let go, she pulled her face away from my cock and pumped my gooey cum onto her perfect tits.

I was shaking and holding the walls of the shower for support, as she smiled up at me wickedly. As she continued stroking me, my body was wracked by involuntary spasms every time her slippery hand worked its way to the sensitive tip.

We showered together then and I washed her long hair for her. We dried each other off with warm fluffy towels, and then got dressed. She put on a more concealing red jogging suit instead of her ‘working clothes’ We enjoyed one more long kiss before she took me back upstairs.

Jimmy was finishing his dinner when I came to pick him up, and I could already tell he was exhausted from his long day of play. We went home, and I managed to get him into bed before I collapsed into my own bed, exhausted and content.

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