Sherry’s Defilement

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Sherry walked in the front door. It had been a long day of classes at the Minneapolis Community College. And now she had to get dinner ready. Life had been hard since Mom had died. Dad drank a lot and she at 20 was doing most of the parenting for her younger brother Justin. At 18, Justin was becoming quite the man. Unfortunately, he had all the responsibility of an eight year old.

Sherry cooked dinner, a small roast with some potatoes and broccoli. By the time Dad came home from work it was done. He would have a good appetite from spending the day building foundation walls at his construction job. He and Justin sat at the table as she served. As the oldest woman in the house, she had been pushed into the role of homemaker after Mom’s death six years ago; it didn’t leave her a lot of time for a social life between that and school. Justin was Dad’s pride and joy, playing hockey and football for his high school up until he had graduated last month. Now he was deciding which college to go to. He had several offers from excellent schools that even included financial aid packages. She stopped a moment in serving them and looked at the family picture from just before the accident. Mom was so pretty. Sherry was proud to have a strong resemblance to her mother.

Justin and Dad ate the food, talking about sports and cars…guy stuff. Dad worked on his third beer since getting home. He was following his usual Friday pattern. The better part of a case of pour down his throat and he would fall asleep on the couch. Sometimes, Justin would drink with him, other times; he’d go out with friends.

The men finished their food and she cleaned the table off as they went into the living room to see what was on the tube. As Sherry loaded the dishwasher, Justin walked into the kitchen.

“I’m taking off Sher, there’s a party at Lance’s place tonight, wanna go?” He asked.

“No, I’ve got a paper I am going to be working on and there’s still a lot of cleanup here to do. Thanks though.”

“Sure, later Sis.”

As Justin departed, Dad came into the kitchen and began loading the beer for the nights’ slurp fest into the fridge. He said nothing to her. He rarely did. They were different people with different interests, Sherry understood this. Or maybe, she just reminded him too much of her.

He went back to the living room and watched the TV as she finished up in the kitchen. Sherry passed through the living room and told her father she’d be in her room, studying, if he needed anything. He barely acknowledged her presence. With a muted sigh, she walked upstairs and into her room. With no pause, she pulled her clothing off and put on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. She stopped for a second and unhooked her bra from underneath, sliding it out the sleeve to get it off the last arm.

“Ahh, that’s better.” She scratched underneath her breasts where the wire of the bra cut into her and around the sides as far as she could reach.

Sherry turned on her stereo just loud enough for her to hear and settled in to study. Sherry worked on her paper for several hours, but eventually fell asleep on her bed.

She awoke to the noise of incoherent screaming. Sitting bolt upright, she glanced at the clock. It was 11:39PM. She ran into the hallway. The noise was coming from downstairs. She bolted for the stairs, worried that something had happened to her father. As she descended, the screaming became clearer. “Yeah! That’s it! Fuck her! Fuck that bitch!” and other obscenities emanated from the living room. She stopped at the bottom of the stairs, eyes wide with shock. There, naked on the couch was her father, masturbating as he watched a porn. The television volume was way up. That was where the noise was coming from. Six men were fucking a skinny blonde. They were yelling at whoever was between her legs at the moment.

“Uh, Dad? Could we turn the sound down a bit? The neighbors might hear…” She said as she walked towards the TV.

His eyes drifted over to her. She saw that they had the deeply glazed czech couples porno look of intoxication. He mumbled something as his hand skinned up and down his cock.

“What?” Sherry asked as she stepped closer, trying to hear. “What did you say Dad?”

Sherry eased over to her father. His glazed eyes tracked her the whole way. The mumbling became clearer over the din of the playing porno.

“Emma. I love you Emma. I miss you. You loved all those cocks you took…I loved watching you….” He muttered to himself.

Sherry stopped next to him, bent over slightly. Emma? She thought, That was Mom’s name. What does he mean all those cocks-

Sherry never finished the thought. Dad’s hand shot up and grabbed her arm, pulling her onto his lap. He started speaking louder. “Emma, I missed you. I’m so glad you came back! Let’s go honey, let’s do it like we used to! Suck me, sweetheart!” His hand wound into Sherry’s hair and pushed her face to his hard cock. The head was glistening with precum.

Sherry resisted, but her strength was no match for her father. She protested. “Dad, No! Don-umph” Sherry’s father took advantage of her open mouth and quickly pushed her head down. His sticky cock filled her mouth, the head slid along her tongue.

“C’mon, Emma, suck me!” His strength pinned her body to his and her face into his crotch. She realized that the only way to stop this would be to get him off. She hadn’t had a boyfriend in over a year, but she wasn’t a virgin.

Full young lips closed around that shaft. Tongue caressed the ridge just below the head. Cheeks hollowed out as she applied suction to her father’s penis. Cheeks hollowed out as she applied suction to her father’s penis. His hand pulled her head up. She knew he wasn’t letting her go. Other boyfriends had enjoyed controlling her actions during a blowjob. As she reached the top, his hand exerted pressure and drove her back down, impaling her face on his cock again.

“Oh, Emma, you always were a fantastic cocksucker!” He said. As his left hand controlled the movements of her head, his right hand drifted over to her ass. He pinched and squeezed her ass, enjoying the youthful firmness it possessed. Sherry became slightly alarmed, she knew she had to make him cum or he might want more than just a blow job. He did want more, though. His hand moved and began pushing her shorts and panties down, exposing her ass.

She became nervous and redoubled her efforts; she didn’t want to have her own father fucking her. That would be wrong…well more wrong than sucking his cock, anyway. Her hand gripped the base of his rod and slid up and down in counterpoint with her head. Sherry allowed some saliva to escape her mouth and used it to lubricate her hand. She noticed that he kept his pubes trimmed. One of her boyfriends had been so hairy she couldn’t even see the shaft. Yuck. The meaty tube continued to pump her mouth. It was pretty big, she’d seen bigger, but she hadn’t sucked or fucked any. Part of her idly wondered what it would feel like to be in her pussy.

He slid his hand around the curve of her ass, fingers playing over the lips of her pussy and ticking the skin of her asshole. Slowly, a finger parted her folds and traveled inward. Sherry’s free hand shot back, trying to grab his hand and move it away from her most private of areas. She grasped his hand and tried to pull it out. Unfortunately for her, she had no leverage and barely budged it. His finger sank deeper into her hole. Her eyes began to glisten with unshed tears as she knew he would not stop until he was sated. He pulled his hand from her and suck on his finger, getting it wet with spit. It quickly returned to her vulnerable sex and slid in. He began slowly finger-fucking his own daughter, his alcohol hazed mind telling him it was his lost wife. Sherry sucked cock as though her life depended on it. She worked to make her father cum before the porking she was receiving at his hands started to feel good. He barely seemed to notice czech estrogenolit porno her mouth now; he was so fixated on her pussy. In and out, his fingers plunged, his big hands grazing against or bumping into her clit. She started to lubricate. The physical sensation was good; she was forced to admit to herself. But it was a sin against nature and God for that to happen! She had to make him cum!

He pulled her face off his ragingly hard penis. The shaft and reddish purple tip was shiny with her spit. He pushed her over the couch and got down behind her. She took the opportunity to try to get away. She started to stand and cried out, “Daddy, don’t! Please!”

That was as far as she got, however. His big forearm landed in the middle of her back and forced her back onto the couch face-down.

“Emma! We’re not playing the Daddy game tonight! This is the Slave girl game! You have to be the Slave! Unless you want to play the Escaped Slave, but the paddle is upstairs!” he slurred at her and with that, his oversized hand landed on her backside with a crack. She let out a yelp in response. In the background, one of the men on the TV had ejaculated all over the blondes face and she was busy scooping the sperm into her mouth and smiling at the camera.

His forearm stayed planted in her back as the other hand spread her cheeks, revealing her holes to his gaze. She felt his hot breath drift across her ass as he lowered his face. A warm, wet tongue wormed its way down her ass crack. It lingered on her rectum for a moment, pushing slightly in as his thumb rubbed against her clit. No, he decided, Emma always gets revenge when I take her ass, we’ll stick with her pussy.

His tongue plunged into her and his lips roamed over the exterior of her cunt. She was wet and getting wetter. He was helping and adding his saliva to the mix. Sherry was crying in shame as her father molested her genitals, orally ravishing her young cunt. It didn’t matter that her body was enjoying it, how could she ever look anyone in the face again? Especially since she was enjoying it!

Daddy pulled her clit, which was rapidly becoming engorged, between his lips and sucked. He played the tip of his tongue over the captured clitoris, the small nub of nerves shooting signals of pleasure through his daughter’s body. Sherry gasped as her pussy seemed to light up, her father was doing things to her that she wished her boyfriends had done! God, why did it have to feel so good? It shouldn’t be like this, not with my father! She silently cried.

He raised himself up and aimed his pecker at her wet hole. Sherry looked back and saw what was about to happen, but before she could protest, he had already lodged his cock in her entrance. “Nooo!” she cried.

“Shut up, slave!” he shouted at her. “You give it up to the other slaves whenever they want, so you will take it when your Master tells you, understand?” As he shouted, he started long slow strokes in her excited pussy.

Sherry didn’t respond.

SMACK! His hand landed on her backside, leaving a deep red handprint. She howled in pain. “I asked you a fucking question, you little cunt!”

“Yes! Yes I understand!” she replied. Anything to get him to stop.

SMACK! The other cheek received a mirror image handprint. “IS THAT HOW YOU ADDRESS YOUR LORD AND MASTER?” Again she cried out. It hurt, but she liked not having the control, being told what to do.

“Yes Master! I understand Master!” she said. He grunted in satisfaction and continued fucking her. She was very wet; her juices had matted against his stomach and coated his balls. He looked down and watched as his fat cock pulled the lips of her pussy tight.

Sherry knew she was damned. She had committed an irredeemable sin and was now enjoying it. Her body had overcome her common sense. Daddy was fucking her and it was fantastic! She was close to coming and it wouldn’t be a moment too soon. It was like a little Sherry angel had appeared on one shoulder when czech first video porno the ordeal had started and told her to resist, then as the physical pleasure began to build, a little Sherry devil had come along and kicked angel Sherry’s ass and sent her packing. She didn’t care anymore; Satan could use her as a concubine when she got to hell.

He reached forward and grabbed her hair, pulling her upright. Her back arched and breasts pulled her t-shirt tight, nipples poking through. His big hands reached around, grabbed her shirt by the collar and pulled it apart like tissue. Her warm melons fell free of the constraining fabric. His hands went to them immediately, each one covered and entire tit. His rough hands felt fantastic to her, just another element to his complete control over her. He pinched her nipples between the thumb and forefinger as he manipulated them, eliciting a groan from her.

He increased his pace; his cock seemed to get harder, larger. She knew he was close. She hoped he would get her off again. He used her breasts as handles as he fucked her with an animalistic savagery. She loved it. He stiffened; she could feel his cock spewing his baby making juice into her unprotected womb. She hadn’t had a boyfriend in so long; she had stopped taking her birth control. That thought barely occurred to her…she was so close to orgasm. He slammed into her one final time, trying to get all the cum from his cock and Sherry tipped over the edge. She orgasmed. Her pussy convulsed on his thick meaty cock even as it began to recede.

“Oooohhhh, yes! Master!” She cried as she came, staying in the role she had been instructed to take.

Daddy was spent. He pulled his slippery, softening member from her messy hole and staggered up the stairs to his room.

Sherry stayed positioned as she was, upper body on the couch, ass in the air with her sloppy twat exposed while she caught her breath. As she calmed down, she realized she wasn’t alone. She turned. There by the front door was her brother Justin. His pants stood up in front like a tent. He swayed like a tree in a stiff wind.


“Hey, Sher.” He slurred. He started stripping, she watched him, knowing that he was going to fuck her. This would make her defilement complete. Her soul would know no peace afterwards.

Justin stepped forward with a fully hard penis. He wasn’t as big as her father, but it wasn’t anything to sneeze at either. Sherry stood and turned to face him. He put his hand on her chest just above her breast and pushed her back. She fell onto the couch, Daddy’s cum smearing on it as her cunt made contact with the fabric.

Justin knelt down and grabbed her legs, spreading them. There was nothing subtle about Justin. He was a pretty boy and generally got the girls he wanted. Sherry wondered if he was a abrupt with them as he was with her how. He exhaled and shoved his hard-on into her. She could smell the beer on his breath. Obviously, he was a bit drunk too. His cock plowed into her cum filled snatch and pulled back out, coated with his father’s jism. He fucked her. Robotically. There was no eroticism to it. No raunchiness. The only thing that helped Sherry attain her last orgasm of the night was that her own brother was using her like a common whore…just after her father had finished with her. She came, not as big as when Daddy had raped her, but it was still good.

Justin’s breathing and tempo increased. He was about to come, she knew. He pulled out of her, a well practiced move on his part and moved his fuck-covered prick to her face. She tried to turn her head, but his open hand impacted her face. She stopped in shock, mouth open and he forced his cock in. Sherry tasted her own juices for the first time. It was mingled with her father’s cum.

Justin cried out in release as he shot jet after jet of his own spooge into her mouth. Sherry swallowed, like the good slave she knew she had become.

As he finished, Justin pulled back and said, “Fuck Sis. You’re the little whore aren’t you? Guess I don’t need to wank off if I can’t get Lisa to put out any more.” Justin turned and walked upstairs to his room as she flushed bright red in shame.

Sherry walked upstairs to her room and crawled into bed, not even bothering to clean up, all the while wondering exactly what they would remember in the morning.

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