Sexy Sleepover Ch. 01

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I hereby state that all below mentioned events are true. Only the real names have been changed to protect their identity.

This is the true story of my sexy encounters with my gorgeous cousin and her friends. My name is Rob, an 18 year old about to go to university in a few months and this is my story. I’ll start off by describing what this enticing seductress looks like. She’s 18 and has brown skin with long, curly hair grown to just below her shoulders. She told me she has 36C breasts and has an ass to die for; its large but shaped perfectly, and is always showcased in a tight pair of shorts. I’ve always been close with my cousin Jess and never shy away when I get the chance to hug her and feel her bust against my chest. That’s why I was thrilled when I found out that she was sleeping over at my other cousin, Ned’s house. Naturally I would have to invite myself over.

Once I got there, the first thing I noticed was her outfit. Jess was wearing a tight top that made her bust look like it wanted to explode out and be free and a tight set of pants that showed off her ass. The top of her favorite T-back panties just barely shown from the rim. She smiled at me and came to hug me from behind and kissed me on the cheek. I was sorta grateful because that meant that she wouldn’t feel my growing erection which seems to have a mind of its own every time i come in contact with her melons.

After watching a movie and playing a game or two it started to get a little late. It was then that Ned’s dad walked in and told us to go to bed. It was 2 in the morning, but Ned and our other cousin Harry had to get up early to go to summer camp. Jess and I don’t go because we’re too old for that sort of thing. Unfortunately- or fortunately for me, Ned’s dad didn’t care whether or not we had to go to summer camp so he forced us to close the television and go to bed. Anyways, Harry closed the lights and went to bed while Ned and I laid down on his bed and started chatting quietly. Ned’s dad is protective, so he made Jess sleep in Ned’s little sister’s room. It was only moments until i could see a familiar silhouette sneaking back into the room and slipping under the blanket beside me. The warmth of its body soothing me. Jess then surprised me by leaning over to better talk to both of us. This turned me on even more because of two reasons. For one, she was pressing harder on me and I had a good view down her top, even in the dark. For another, her knee was pressing on my crotch. Come to think of it, even her flowery smell made me dizzy.

We sat there for a while. Whispering random stories and gossiping about random people, we listen carefully for the slightest movement from outside Ned’s room. At one point, I asked Jess to get off of me because my phone was squeezing me. I put my hand in my pocket and realized that it wasn’t a phone..She seemed to have realized as well. Soon after, we heard some noise outside. It was 3 am so Jess decided to hide back in her bed for a bit just to be safe. Who new what Ned’s strict dad would do if he found his niece sleeping with his son and nephew at 3 am! Since Jess went back, i decided to go back to my mattress on the floor. I was a good distance away from Ned, so we decided not to speak until we were sure it was safe again. Luckily for me, it must have reality kings porno been less than 5 minutes when I heard Ned start to snore. I called his name out a few times, but only quietly- i wanted Jess for myself. Ned didn’t reply, so I got up and crept slowly to the door. My eyes adjusted to the light in the hallway and I saw Jess waiting for me. Only now she was lightly clad in her pajamas which accentuated her curves more than before. She came up to me, looked into my eyes and kissed me gently on the cheek. To this day, I don’t know why she hugs me and kisses me so much, not that i’m complaining. I held her hand and took her back into Ned’s room. She was hugging me from behind so i held her close and moved around Harry’s sleeping body on the floor.

Ned’s room is pretty big. In fact, it even has a walk-in closet separating it from the toilet. We chose to sit over there as it was clean and out of sight of anybody who might be standing by the door. I got us a blanket to hide under and we cuddled up together. Ned was snoring loudly, so I decided to get comfortable. I pressed my hardon against her thigh, but only at first- she started talking about her fucking boyfriend, which pretty much killed it for me there. The reason why I hate him so much, besides my jealousy of him due to the fact that he got to make out with her, is that he cheated on her and she still stayed with him. Luckily, that’s all she’s done with him. I was sure she was still a virgin, which made it even more thrilling to be lying there next to her. After that, I decided to be a little more daring. Once she finished her sad story about a fight between her and a friend, i pulled her hair backwards and kissed her on the cheek. Her frown subsided as I pecked her lower towards her jawline and a few times more on her neck. My arm wrapped around her waist from below the blanket and moved upwards until I could feel the weight of her melons on my arm. She moaned to my soft touch. I took a whiff of her hair and got even harder. I thrust my pelvis towards her thigh, but slowly so that I wouldn’t push her away. I never felt skin so soft. My pulse was racing. Then we heard the door creak. As quickly as I got excited, the whole thing ended. She put her hand on my mouth and leant forward to look at the door. She motioned that nobody was there but decided that it was time for her to go back to her bed; it was nearing sunrise and our grandmother usually gets up at this time. Jess pushed the blanket off and got up. I was on my knees when I grabbed her from behind and pulled at her waist. I overpowered her down onto the floor and moved on top of her behind.

Ever since we were kids, I used to be far more fit than Jess. Plus, I knew a deadly secret about her. She was terribly ticklish on her sides- right above her hips. That’s why i used to have a few thrills poking her sides and watching her breasts bounce as she heaved and gasped for air.

“Cuzy, what are you doing?”, she cooed half-worriedly. I spared her no time to think as i pressed my bony fingers into her sides. She muffled a cry at the familiar feeling she hated so much as a child and turned to face me. This gave me a chance to press all of my weight onto her and pin her to the ground. She seemed ignorant of my head laying on sexmex porno her breasts as my fingers drilled into her. Her hips buckled to gain some stability but I held her down hard and rested my knee on her crotch. She dug her fingers into my arms and wriggled her nails into my flesh. In a quick response i stopped my attack temporarily to grab both her arms and shift upwards. The smell of her hair drove me mad as I grinded against her. I feared no consequence as I went far further than I’ve ever gone before. I didn’t care anymore. A sudden, wet sensation stung my neck as she bit hard into me. My cock went harder than ever before. For a painful experience, it turned me on more than I imagined would be normal. I started grinding her as I poked her even more, but soon she bit too hard for me too continue. I wriggled out of her vice grip and turned her over once more. My thin shorts offered little protection as I ground my enraged cock into her ass. I was dry humping my cousin. I pulled her hands onto her back and grabbed a breast with one arm but still did not dare squeeze. With the other arm i continued to stuff my finger into her side and didn’t relent for a moment.

She writhed around and begged me to stop. Still, Ned was snoring.

She squealed and giggled and begged me to stop. Still, Ned was snoring.

She sighed and moaned and rubbed her ass against me. Still, Ned was snoring.

I felt a familiar rush building up deep in my penis and stopped my thrusting. Jess crawled upwards to relieve herself a little. I threw both my arms at her and squeezed her ass down into submission. And played with her cheeks, but knew that this was going too far for her-she did this kind of things with me but never let anything “inappropriate” happen with boys. “You were right before. Your ass is huge, but it is SO soft,” I joked in hopes that she wouldn’t take any of this seriously. She laughed quietly as she managed to escape my grasp and stand all the way up. I think she got away because I was so thrilled at my sudden success in groping her. With one final attempt i lunged towards her as she stopped to adjust her pajamas and squeezed her ass. My hand went under her pants and squeezed her ass. In the process, my middle finger went between her ass crack and pressed on her anus. It was at that moment, that I heard Jess, for the first time ever, moan in a way I’ve never heard before. She twitched in her place, snapped my hand out, and glared a look I couldn’t quite make out in the dark. “I think its time for both of us to go to bed”. I couldn’t say anything. Too thrilled from the feeling of her panties and ass. I only felt panties once before when I went through Jess’s panty drawer when she was in the shower, and this was something else. Something only the lucky guys feel, or something I read about on . This was something incredible. Jess hurried out of the room and the image of her distressed face and tight ass stayed with me as I lay on the mattress laid out for me hours before. There was no way I could sleep now. Not after what just happened. Maybe, I thought, I could sneak into the toilet and wank a few hundred times before I went back to bed.

Once I got up again, I got a message on my phone from Jess.

“I’m hungry. Lets go downstairs and get something sindrive porno to eat”

Tip-toeing to the doorway, the still figure of my cousin was at the door to her room. Damn she was gorgeous! Such a stunner! Till today I wish she wasn’t related to me, so that I could be the one sticking my tongue into her willing mouth. If only I was her boyfriend- the one she said is so ugly but still loves, instead of the guy sitting here reporting my adventure on ..

I was worried that she would shy away from me now. She came up and hugged me again. “Oh babe! i’m sorry! did the scratches hurt you?” she teased. She kissed me on the scratch-marks and then again on my cheek and we were sneaking down the stairs. Holding each others hands, I couldn’t get over how intoxicating the feel of her soft skin was. Once we got to the bottom of the stairs, she leant forward to check on my grandmother; my grandmother’s room was to the left of the stairway and the kitchen was right ahead. I looked down at her ass as she turned around and whispered to me, “she’s awake. Her TV is on!” I leant forwards and my hand accidentally met the nearby light switch. We both froze as the whole hallway lit up. I turned the light off and waited for any sign of somebody waking up. Nothing came. We continued downwards to the end of the stairs and saw that granie’s door was closed. “Just be very very quiet,” If I couldn’t whisper into her ear without getting a hardon what was gonna happen when she comes swimming in my new house’s pool? I held her hand and pulled her close as we went over to the kitchen.

Jess is just about one head shorter than me, which is pretty useful since I always get an excuse to look down at her and sneak peeks down her tops. Her height came in use again since she wanted to reach up one of the cabinets and get a box of Oreos in the kitchen. I probably should have been the gentleman and offered to get them for her, but I just stood there and stared at the outline of her panties and her ass popping out. fuck! she has such an amazing ass! My little buxom cousin started getting bored of reaching up after a while so I went up from behind her, pressing my cock into her outstretched ass and reached up for the box. Jess gasped as soon as she felt my boner pressing on her behind and instinctively pushed backwards to pull me away. This only heightened the thrill and encouraged me to be more rough with her. With one hand still on the box of Oreos, the other slid downwards, brushed past her breast and was rubbing her inner thigh. “Cuzi, what are you doing?” I could hear her struggle to catch her breath as she was rubbing back against me. I bit her neck in response and ground my ass faster and harder. She whimpered but did no more. There was going back now. I could feel the pressure building down in my cock. The familiar feeling of knowing that my pleasure would soon climax but then end. I didn’t relent. I brought both hands up to her breasts and pinched her nipples through her bra. “Stop! Nooooo! its not right!” I could sense that Jess’s pace was quickening. We were both getting off at the experience. The unforgettable feel of her breasts was too much for me and I groaned as I felt the cum rising. Jess stuck her fingers in my mouth to shush me but I bit down on them hard as I came right there. It was Jess who was squealing in her place. I stayed there for a bit longer, pace slowing, not realizing how lucky I was to feel this thrill. Jess moved away and patted her ass, the panties stained with my cum, even through my shorts and boxers. I don’t think I ever came that much before.

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