Sex Between Vinnie and James Ch. 02

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As soon as I closed my eyes again, I dozed. I wondered where Gayle was. I lost track of her after I boned her up the ass. I heard the sound of the television in the background and figured she was in the den watching TV.

Then, I felt this weird but familiar feeling. At first I thought I was dreaming only it felt so real that I knew it wasn’t a dream. My cock felt like it was in a warm, tight pussy and I felt like I was getting laid. It felt wonderful, only there was no pressure on my chest, stomach, and thighs to make me feel that there was a woman on top of me fucking me. It was amazing to feel that only it was weird not to feel the pressure and presence of a woman’s naked body, only a pussy. It was surreal, which is why I thought that I was dreaming. It felt like a Heavenly fuck and a spiritual encounter.

Then, I thought of Vinnie and James. What if one of those two homosexuals was giving me a blowjob? God, would that make me gay, too? Could they turn me with just a blowjob? I’d be angry, but I didn’t have the willpower to stop it.

Although I hated to admit it, it felt good. Maybe, I’ll just keep my eyes closed and pretend that I’m still sleeping. I can’t be gay if I’m sleeping. Right? No one can accuse me of being gay in my sleep.

I wondered which one was blowing me. I figured it was James. I hoped it wasn’t Vinnie. If it was Vinnie, I could never look him in the eyes anymore knowing my cock was in his mouth. If he was ever to make it as a made man, I could never casino siteleri kiss him on the cheek. Then, I wondered about him giving the kiss of death to someone, only with making the kiss of death a French kiss. Gross.

Without opening my eyes, I reached up to feel tits hoping to feel Gayle’s knockers. Please, God, let it be Gayle blowing me. I don’t want to be gay. I don’t want to be turned gay by getting a gay blowjob. Good, I felt tits. The relief I felt added to the stiffness of my prick. I was so hard. Only, I wondered. I wasn’t sure if they were Gayle’s boobs or James’s boobs. I paid closer attention when feeling them. They were too symmetrical, too firm, and too perfect. They had to be James’s surgically enhanced breasts. I was feeling James’s tits. I popped open my eyes.

“James! What the Hell are you doing?”

James and Vinnie laughed like a couple of school boys.

I looked down and James was holding my cock. At first I thought he was giving me a hand job, but he was holding my cock in some kind of contraption.

“What’s that?”

I squirmed away from them knocking my cock out of what he held in his hand. The two of them laughed at me.

“It’s a pocket pussy,” said James holding up his hand with something that resembled a hairy clam.

“A pocket pussy?”

“Yeah,” said Vinnie, “do you remember the pocket tits?”

“Yeah,” I said remembering that Vinnie for the longest time walked around everywhere with his hands in his pockets slot oyna while fondling a pair of pocket tits.

“Well, my wife still does the sex toy house parties for women. She sells the pocket tits and the pocket pussy for men. She calls it portable vagina, but I call it pocket pussy. Most of the toys she sells are for women, dildo and vibrators. These are toys, pocket tits and pocket pussy, are exclusively for men. Well, I guess lesbian woman may be interested in the pocket tits or maybe even the pocket pussy. Who knows? I’m telling you, Freddie, if you have pocket tits and a pocket pussy, you don’t need a woman.”

Yeah, well, maybe that explains why Vinnie is gay but I wasn’t about to start experimenting with toys for men when…

“Don’t need a woman? Are you nuts Vinnie? I’d rather have the real thing, if you don’t mind. I’d rather kiss a woman than hold a piece of plastic, no matter how real it feels.”

“You can kiss me, big boy,” said James.

“Get away from me.” Vinnie’s face suddenly changed when I rejected James, but James took it in stride. That was when I felt bad for James. He must have been subject to all kinds of verbal and physical abuse growing up as a woman in a man’s body.

“You don’t have to be mean to my friend, Freddie. He was only foolin’ with you.”

“I’m sorry, James,” I said feeling like shit. “It’s just that I’m straight and I thought you were going to plant one on me.”

“Don’t flatter yourself, Freddie. You’re not my type.”

Not canlı casino siteleri his type. When he said that, I felt not only insulted but also rejected. Not your type? Why aren’t I your type? Come here and kiss me. Shit! Fuck! As soon as I thought that, I realized that I was hanging around Vinnie way too much. I need to go fuck Gayle up the ass again to feel like the manly man, the macho man, and the masculine man that I am.

James stuck the thing back on my cock. Oh, my God. I was in Heaven. It felt so good. Immediately, I had an erection. Involuntarily, I started humping the air while those two gay fools laughed at me. I had such a huge erection and having those two gay guys stare at my erect cock was a bit embarrassing. To be honest, looking at James with her lipstick and big boobs, I was tempted to pull her down and have her or him blow me, I was so horny.

“Give me that,” I said whipping the pocket pussy from James’s hand. It felt soft to my touch. It almost felt like real skin and there was embedded hair that felt like human hair around the opening. I hoped it wasn’t pubic hair because then what if it was male pubic hair. Only, it felt soft where men’s pubic hair is coarser then woman’s pubic hair.

Without giving much concern on whose cock this pocket pussy had been on, content to have sloppy seconds or thirds with Vinnie’s pocket pussy, I stuck it back on my cock until I shot a load of cum in pocket pussy, the toy for men. Wow, did it feel good. There was even a button that when pressed gave it warmth while emitting an oozy lotion or gel. If I didn’t know any better, I would think that this was a real pussy. I plan on buying one, along with the pocket tits.

To be continued…

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