Self-Improvement Ch. 01

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In my work at the university science lab, my team made a breakthrough regarding cancer regression. We found that in human cells, there’s a small organic structure that functions like a little clock. It can tell us the age of the cell and how hard it’s working. Experimentation has shown us that chemicals can speed up the little clock, resulting in the cell working harder but also its premature death. However, a new chemical cocktail my team discovered can slow and even pause the cell’s life. This means a lot for cancer patients as it means a cure is at least on the horizon. In the meantime we can slow progression and even pause it in rare circumstances.

But that would be years, possibly decades away, beyond my lifetime. I’m a seventy year old man! My wife has already passed and my good-for-nothing children seem more interested in my estate than anything else. They don’t deserve the happiness that my life has bought them. For that matter, I’ve spent my whole life working too. The names and faces of all my friends pass before my eyes and it’s all I can do to stop missing them.

My research was the best part of my life, certainly the most meaningful. But now… well now I’m old. I miss the good life I had. There’s nothing wrong with taking my research and… repurposing it to suit my own needs. Cancer cells are complex because of their mutated nature. They don’t behave according to the normal rules. But normal, healthy cells on the other hand, are perfectly predictable.

I informed the department chair that I would be retiring at the end of the quarter. He was disappointed but accepted that it was my time. I asked that my caseload be lightened by assigning me all the introductory courses. I would like to finish some projects in the lab but couldn’t be burdened by the needs of the advanced students. I had one last job to do.

Late one night, I stayed in the lab far later than everyone else. “Unfinished business.” I was busily reading the lab results from a cell sample when a sophomore surprised me.

“Oh, professor! I didn’t mean to startle you. Um, I was on my way home from my lab and saw you in here by yourself. Are you ok? Do you need help?”

I settled at staring at her neck. Life is wasted on the young. So much life and beauty, her tanned skin possessing more spirit than my own pulse. And how arrogant of her to assume I need help. I’m old, not infirm. Her body betrayed the temperature of the lab; hugging your notebook to your chest doesn’t fool me.

“No, thank you. Would you mind closing the door on your way out?” It really is out of my character to be so gruff, I just didn’t want to be distracted. She was wearing a knee-length jacket that hugged her hourglass figure. Her face was narrow, lips painted red. Her ponytail flipped ever just so as she turned to leave. Her ass, dancing to and fro. I remembered what it felt like to be excited by such a sight. I can still remember the sensations of rubbing my hands over a tight ass, feeling between the cheeks, imagining pushing myself between and reaching around to grip her breasts. My wife was very beautiful too. I was a horndog in my own college days but, despite my discoveries, tenure and children; I count my fidelity as one of my greatest achievements. But it’s easy when your wife is already everything you want and more than you deserve.

The sophomore left and I continued reading. This was the 50th series I had conducted in my late-night experiments. And this was aliağa escort the best result apparently I could hope for. Clocks are an interesting phenomenon — if you rearrange the hands and everyone else had no way of knowing the difference, then to them you’ve changed time. But what if it happened like that for real — that there’s a master clock and if you change the placement of the hands, then you really change time? Or at least, you would for everyone’s perception of it. I had a better than nothing chance of rearranging time into its proper order, but it would only affect me. I would be retiring in a few weeks; all that was left was to put my life in order. Luckily, “time” had already done much of the work for me.

*** *** *** *** *** ***

The best I could describe it, it’s like watching television in HD for the first time. It’s like having your first breathe of the ocean air and immediately finding you love it. It’s that first time you remember wine is delicious, none of that cheap swill but the real $40 bottles. I immediately remembered falling in love with my wife. But as painful as it is to say, I had to let that life go.

Selling my house, my car, the dumb time-share I was tricked into back in the 80s, donating what I couldn’t give away, I simple disappeared as I was. There wasn’t a trace left of me, not even a body to bury. I was just gone.

And now, my name is Russel Kovak, age 22, and looking to go to college. I figured my grandson wouldn’t mind me borrowing his name, seeing as how he’s only 3 years old. Interesting twist on the old identity theft scheme to find that you’ve inadvertently been awarded a degree from a prestigious college! I rented an apartment, bought a beater, and went to the admissions office to check on the application that I had submitted during the spring.

My virility was apparent immediately: my eyes wouldn’t stop spinning in my head! Three sororities on three consecutive blocks were competing for freshmen, and they were putting on the ritz. It’s one of those things where you always knew it was there but had forgotten or misunderstood what it meant. It meant that every day going to school (I never called it work) I had overlooked the beating hearts and voluptuous forms of the most astounding creatures on the planet. I had learned from a chain email that Lions can mate over a hundred times in two days time. Right then, I felt like giving the jungle cat a run for its money…

“Nice car!”

Slowing, rolling down my window, “Yea baby, you want a ride?”

She gave me chin and her backside; I appreciated the latter and kept cruising. I couldn’t believe I said that! I would never have been so brazen just a few days earlier. Suddenly, my breath caught and my cheeks flushed. I felt like someone had kidney shot me. Without knowing, my main hand had betrayed me and was nursing a hardon right there in my pants. Was this what it was always like? How did I live to graduate?

I slowed even more and panned my head, looking through the rear window. There they were, at least ten of them, in short shorts and mini-skirts, appealing to the women who wanted to be them and the men who wanted to be with them. The red and blue of their colors bright and clean on their athletic bodies. One was astride a bicycle and I could imagine she pleasured herself on the seat… One was jumping and her breasts bouncing with her… oh my god… a newcomer arrived and hugged izmir rus escort her friends, a leg kicking up in excitement, flourishing her skirt…

I was breathing heavily again. I had to get out of there or I’d drool myself into dehydration. Was my heart as young as my face?

*** *** *** *** *** ***

Rolling into the public lot and entering admissions, a manila folder with my information in hand, my mouth opened too far for normal. More of them, like trees in a forest, and I had to move forward to get past them all. Couldn’t touch; that would be weird. Pink sweater, green skirt, and shoulder length brunette hair. She smelled like flowers and I wanted to drink her in. Blue dress and a black jacket with more cleavage than it was legal (in my time) to reveal. Behind her, blonde with a too-tight blouse Miss Kerry Straus passed me her note, telling me she enjoyed the “depth” (her emphasis) of our introduction. Apparently I should see her in the Psych department faculty lounge. Holy shit. One of the professors was interested in her students and I’d managed two hardons in one day.

*** *** *** *** *** ***

Everything I said about being proud of my fidelity to my wife, I hold true. But to my shame, I felt no regret about pursuing this possible infatuation. Maybe the change had done a number on my own feelings. Maybe I was feeling younger too, and that included a cavalier attitude towards sex?

I pocketed the note and tucked myself under my waistband. I could still feel her breast in my hands, her ass on my lap, and nothing but mystery between us. Pushing into her and pulling out, breathing a ragged gasp as I pushed in again. My face tightening as it came closer. Pushing in again, and again because I’m young and could do this forever. I don’t even remember pulling out because I’m sliding past her folds again and each time I’m pushing in harder, more frantically. I can’t help but keep going inside of her, my hands pressing her against myself with all of my strength. I’m just exhaling against her neck and she’s audibly heaving her own breath. We both make our own symphony of noises as finally

Lips against my lips, real lips, and my tongue fires like a rocket. My eyes are kept closed because if this was how vivid a young man’s mind could be then I didn’t want to wake up. She was apparently a little thing because I could lift her at the waist and pin her against the wall where blondie had been standing. My right hand held her in place at the waist and my left pressed into her tits, my hips ground between her legs. I gave a shudder and opened my eyes — and now hers were closed! Her hands were up against the wall in a “I give up!” position. I let go of her and watched her eyes flutter open.

“…kisses for Cambodian relief. *cough* They uh.. had a tsunami and need h-help.”

“Madam I am so sorry, I can’t say anything to excuse myself. Could I buy you a cup of coffee and try to explain it?”

She was stunned. In a moment she would nod her head, but I saw burning desire in her eyes. I didn’t know if she was a predator caught by surprise or was just as horny as I was, but I saw a hunger in her that I knew would sustain me for a long while.

We didn’t set a date, she just pulled me outside and we made out by the entrance to the parking lot. Freshman and their parents strolled by, giving us looks all of them, but I was a stranger in familiar country and she didn’t notice or care. izmir escort There’s no figuring people these days. Her tongue felt like whatever’s very soft. She had a way of running herself inside my mouth and around my lips, but it was really a race to see who’d swoon in each other’s arms first. I didn’t know what young people did next but I knew that it had to be me that made the next move. I grabbed her and pulled her into the planter adjacent to the stairs and into the hedgerows lining the outside. We weren’t invisible and couldn’t hide here for long, but it wouldn’t take that long anyway.

Here we could really amp it up for however long it would last. My hands shot to her chest and moving up under her shit. Her chest was cold, but it was only my hands. She gasped at my freezing touch — not much of my blood was in there! Actually she was steaming in her skin. She collapsed slightly in my hold, her head dipping up. I moved to kiss her neck and stepped into her lower body as I had done before. I could feel her moist fabric drag as the skirt was pushed aside and her panties ground into my thigh. How much I wanted to enter her as I had fantasized about entering Miss Straus.

My mouth traced a necklace as I went across her collarbone. My left hand was gripping harshly her flesh and my right’s fingers had dug under her ass, helping her to stay upright. She was moaning something, but I was focused on fucking her through our clothing. I gave her ten good pounds and then made an executive decision.

Keeping lip contact, I unbuckled my belt and slid down my pants. She made eye contact. “C’mon baby you have to.”

She just crouched and took my cock into her mouth, making me step back into the tall shrubbery. I didn’t last long inside of her. It was so warm and moist and soft, everything about her was soft. My hands pushed her head into my crotch and I came, groaning like I had when my back would pop with relief!

And I was still in her, thrusting into her mouth! The old gal had stayed on, drinking my seed like a champ! I wasn’t going to kiss her, but boy I owed her a few favors. She dutifully cleaned me up and zipped my pants. Yes, I owed her something fierce.

I was speechless and waited for her to make the next move. “We need to finish this, is there a place you’re staying?” I gave her my address that she entered into her cell phone. That was something I needed to get for myself. A quick lie explaining I was alone from out of town, and she promised to come by “later”, whatever that meant. She left me behind the hedgerow and I sat there for some while, getting my breath back under control.

*** *** *** *** *** ***

I had returned to the registrar and confirmed I was a freshly enrolled student. Apparently the faculty of the Life Sciences department was tremendously impressed with the letters I had written them and they convinced admissions to accept me without a High School Diploma or SAT scores.

So what if I was treading familiar territory, I was here to live my life as I should have, not to expand my mind. I had ignored my lusts for school the first time around, this time I could afford to be indulgent. And if I could make life easier being the wonder kid in the science labs, so be it. What would some of my old colleagues think to see a freshman pull one over their dusty heads? Ha!

I took my course list over to the book store and bought my lot. Interestingly, I was less distracted by the mass of pressing bodies than before, hmm. I just chuckled to myself and carried the bags back to my car. I didn’t have a plan, I was just going. I’d lived my past life according to plans. I resisted my impulses and look where it got me. I’d have to see exactly where playing it fast and loose would take me.

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