Secret Hotel Encounter

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The hotel door opened, and she stepped inside. She saw him, smiling, and they embraced in the dimly lit room.

She was nervous, he could feel it.

“I really haven’t done something like this before,” she said.

He held her close and began kissing her neck. She felt his warm mouth, softly touching, his tongue licking, her skin, lightly sucking. Her eyes closed, and she sighed. His hand moved down her body, feeling her hips, he lifted her skirt to caress her thighs. He continued to kiss her neck, then moved to her earlobe, sucking it and licking as he rubbed her clit through her clothing. He heard her moan. He rubbed softly, teasing her, feeling her hips move to press closer to his hand. His other hand was in her hair, pulling, making her moan more. He felt her moisten the cloth beneath his fingers, he knew she wanted more. He delved his fingers inside the cloth, began slowly stroking her wetness, rubbing her clit, up and down, feeling her swell with need.

He moved his lips from her neck, then pressed his lips to hers. He felt her intake of breath, her tongue touched his as their mouths moved against each other. She moved against his hand more, wanting more of his touch, she was soaking his fingertips as he continued to rub, picking up the pace on her clit. As he slid two fingers inside of her, his tongue also thrust into her mouth. She gasped, and moaned. His fingers moved rhythmically, in and out, then rubbing the clit again, and thrusting back into her.

He had her against the wall, and the feeling thrilled her. She was enjoying being pressed against the wall, using it for support as her knees weakened with arousal. His mouth on hers, combined with his fingers inside her, pulling out to rub her clit, pulling her hair as he deepened the kiss and his thrust, it was overwhelming. She felt it building, could feel her throbbing, ready to burst. He felt the swelling increase, she was squeezing his fingers and throbbing around them. He vigorously rubbed her clit, telling her to cum. His words moved her, aroused her, and she felt the warmth flood out of her. He shoved fingers inside as she came, wanting to feel her convulse around him, the wetness on his hand as she squirted her release.

He wasn’t finished with her. She looked dazed, and happy, but he wanted to do much more. He kissed her lips again, pulling her close, their bodies pressed against each other. She could feel his hardness near her thighs, and she wanted to touch it, grind against it. He moved her to the desk in the room, and she sat down. He kissed her again, and her legs wrapped around him, pulling him to her. She reached down, placed her hand on his still clothed cock, squeezed it, and started rubbing. He moved her hand away, and told tuzla escort her, “Not yet.”

His hands reached down, lifted her skirt to remove her underwear. He was on his knees, rubbing her legs, and started kissing her thighs. She could feel his hot breath near her , she was still throbbing from her previous climax. His tongue found her clit, and began licking slowly, firmly, making her moan again. Her hips writhed against his mouth, wanting more. His warm mouth and tongue on her clit, licking and swirling, teasing, it was almost unbearable. He felt her tense, and could feel how swollen she was getting, and he intensified the speed and pressure of his tongue, hearing her moan pushing him further.

His cock was straining against his pants; he was getting a little wet on the tip from all of this teasing. He would need release soon as well, but he was enjoying her reaction, how wet she was for him. His tongue went inside her and she gasped. He started darting his tongue in and out, then licking the clit slowly, and alternating from her clit to inside her, back and forth, licking her clit, then plunging inside.

She was grinding against his mouth now, her hands in his hair, rubbing and pulling. He placed his hands on her bottom, squeezing her and holding her tightly to him. She was getting so wet, and he wasn’t sure how much of it was coming from her or how much was due to his mouth, but he couldn’t wait to be inside her with his cock.

He moved his tongue on her clit faster now, flicking side to side quickly, almost vibrating her clit with his warm slick tongue. He sucked a little on her clit, heard her moan, felt her swell. She was getting closer. He smothered her swollen and eager wetness with his mouth, moved his tongue quickly and harder, feeling her tense her legs.

She was feeling a bit dizzy, overwhelmed as she felt the warmth between her thighs, the pulsating need as he lavished her with his mouth. The feeling was building again, she could erupt. She tensed against his mouth, and felt herself releasing, flooding out, it was so intense, she squirted again, and he moaned into her lips below, still licking her as she came, he almost laughed with pleasure at her reaction to him.

He stood up, and reached for her, she leaned against him, dazed again. He took her hand, and led her to the bed. Still standing together, he began kissing her neck. He slid her dress down over her shoulders to reveal her breasts, but they were enclosed in a bra, which he quickly removed. He looked at her for a moment before placing his hands on her breasts, cupping them, kneading them, tracing his thumb around her nipple.

He continued to kiss her neck as he squeezed her nipple, a slight pinch, and she moaned. He moved his mouth tuzla escort bayan down to her breasts, suckling her nipple, swirling his tongue, lightly nibbling, listening to her breath quicken as he did so. He moved his head from her breasts to look at her face. She wanted him, wanted this. He placed his hands on her head, fingers pulling her closer to kiss him, pulling her hair again.

When their lips met, she could taste herself. Knowing where his mouth had been and what he had made her feel only increased the arousal from kissing him. The kiss deepened, and she was throbbing again, she could feel herself almost dripping from so many orgasms. She reached for his pants, and started unfastening them. He didn’t stop her this time. He took off his shirt, and slid the rest of her dress down her body.

They looked at each other for a moment before kissing again. Skin against skin, he felt her soft bare breasts pressed against him, and he was grabbing her bottom, pressing her to his hard cock. They were still standing up. She felt his cock pressing against her, grinding slightly against her wet clit, and she knew she wanted him inside. He felt so warm, hard, smooth, and she wanted to feel him swelling and throbbing inside of her.

He lightly pushed her onto the bed, and he was on top of her. He held her hands above her head, wanting to look at her, maybe even tease her a bit more. She was pressing her hips towards him; she was so ready. He released her hands, and he kissed her deeply. He held his cock, it was so hard and had some liquid on the tip, as he was growing more eager. He pressed it against her clit, began rubbing her clit with his hard wet tip, up and down, making her moan more.

Oh, he wanted to be inside her, but watching her become as eager as he was was exhilarating. He continued rubbing her clit, slowly, up and down, side to side, she moaned and writhed, loving the feeling, but wanting more.

She looked up at him and said, “Let me.”

She wrapped her warm hand around his thick throbbing cock, and she used it as he had, by rubbing her clit with it. Only she started moving it faster against her clit. She moved it side to side, almost vibrating against her as she made it move faster, lightly hitting her clit with his hard cock. It was turning him on more than he expected.

“Oh God.” he said. She moaned, “Almost…there.” She rubbed her now slippery clit faster with his cock, she was swelling again, getting so close, he felt so good, so hard against her, moving so fast, and she came, squirting onto his cock. He felt that warmth and immediately thrust into her, feeling her convulse around his cock, he almost came.

He kissed her, and waited until her orgasm subsided a bit. He started escort tuzla moving inside of her, looking into her eyes as he did, watching her reaction. He slowly moved, dipping his hips to add to the thrust. He felt her hips moving to match his. She was so warm and squeezed rhythmically inside of her. He kissed her, their tongues mingled, and he felt her tighten around him. She was getting close again. He moved a little deeper, slightly faster, listening to her moan, feeling her nails on his back. She was quite sensitive after climaxing often, but bringing her to this point was still fun. He felt her tighten more, she was arching her back as he pushed in more, and then she came, throbbing around his hard cock, soaking it again with her release.

He wanted it to last a bit longer, so a change in position might help. He held her tightly, then rolled them over so that she was on top. She smiled, because she loves being on top. He gazed at her breasts and held them as she began to move on top of him. She alternated between rolling her hips and grinding against him. Her hands were on his chest as she pressed more into his upward thrusts. She told him to be still for a moment.

She lifted her hips slowly, feeling him move inside of her, and slowly lowered them, then back up again, feeling him inside of her, rubbing his cock with her pussy as she moved up and down. He felt his cock being pulled, caressed, and squeezed by her now very slippery pussy, and he wasn’t sure how much longer he was going to last. She was watching him, and enjoying how aroused he was.

He couldn’t be still any longer. He moved his hips and she continued to ride him. He pushed harder, watching her breasts bounce with each thrust, grabbing one breast with his hand and pinching her nipple a little harder this time. She squeezed him more, so it seemed she enjoyed the nipple pinching.

What about spanking, he wondered. He gave it a try. As she was riding him more vigorously, he slapped her bottom. She moaned and got tighter. He slapped her bottom again. She was riding him harder now. She was getting really tight and incredibly wet. Her head went back and forth, tossing her hair. She seemed carried away, and he was having a hard time seeing straight. They were both caught up in the movement, the thrusting, everything was hard, wet, tight, throbbing, they felt the sensation building, both ready to release.

He brought her to him to kiss her. Their mouths met passionately and exploring, tongues swirling inside and touching. She nibbled on his lower lip, and he kissed her more deeply. They both exploded their release, she felt him hard and throbbing inside as he moaned into her mouth, and she poured onto his cock her release. She fell on top of him for a moment, both breathing heavily, feeling the warm soft throbs of the receding climax, they dozed off for a few minutes before separating their bodies.

***This is a rough draft, more may be added later.***

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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