Second Year After Ch. 02

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Disclaimer: All sexual acts described here involve fictional characters over the age of 18.

This is the 2nd chapter of “Second Year After”, which continues the story begun in “First Year After”. I recommend that you read the earlier chapters, so you’re not confused as to how the characters are and how they relate to each other.


January 2, 2014

Toni returned from her week away with Jason late on the 1st, but we still didn’t get a chance to meet him. We had breakfast with Toni and Mom, before they left for work.

Patti and I decided she should stay at her parents’ house alternating nights, so we spent the day with her mom Carrie, and her sister Jodie, having lunch at the mall, and taking in a movie, then we all worked together on dinner, and had it waiting for Jack when he came home.

After dinner and watching a movie on their TV, I headed home alone, and walked in just as Mom and Toni were coming inside from using the hot tub. The three of us made slow, tender love in our bed for an hour or so, then fell asleep.


January 3, 2014

Mom had this Friday off, as she was working the Saturday shift. We had breakfast with Toni, and Patti showed up just as Toni was leaving for work. We accompanied Mom grocery shopping, and managed to have a great time doing it. Back at the house, we made lunch, then jumped into the hot tub for 45 minutes, followed by a lovemaking session where Patti and I both focussed on Mom, barely touching each other. Taking turns licking Mom’s pussy and breasts, she’d already had four orgasms before I entered her in missionary position, and fucked her to two more.

We ordered Chinese for dinner, then Mom and Patti turned the tables and focussed on me. Patti was licking, squeezing and nibbling at my nipples, while Mom was keeping me on the edge with a long blowjob. I must have almost shot off half a dozen times, only to have her back off or squeeze my cock’s base to block it, and was right at the edge again when she slowly slid herself onto me, then held still so I wouldn’t shoot, and slowly increased her movements until she was slamming into me. Patti sat on my face as a distraction, and the three of us all exploded at the same time.

We went back out to the hot tub again, then played around while watching a movie, then it was Patti’s turn to be the center of attention. Patti started out in a reverse cowgirl position, but lay back on me, and Mom licked her pussy, while I kept thrusting from below, and squeezing Patti’s tits. After I came, Mom continued licking Patti, sucking out my semen as I softened and plopped out. Sexually, it was the highlight of our break as just the three of us.


January 10, 2014

Mom worked the next several days, so Patti and I mostly hung out with Kenny and Duke, during the day, at either our house or at Patti’s, and helped with dinners, then the guys left. With or without Patti, I was making love with Mom every night, sometimes with Toni involved, when she wasn’t out on a date with the still elusive Jason. It finally came out that “meeting the family” posed a problem for Jason because his family had never accepted even one of his past girlfriends, but Toni was working on getting him to realize we weren’t out to do the same thing to him.


January 19, 2014.

After a tearful goodbye with Mom and Toni, Patti and I drove back to campus the day before classes were to begin, looking forward to reuniting with Matt and Sophia.

What I didn’t count on was that after Matt greeted Patti with a kiss, he had another one for me! I didn’t fight it, but wasn’t getting anything from it, either. It just felt weird, kissing a guy. It lasted about 10 seconds, as Patti looked on with amusement, and he finally pulled back, looked me in the eyes, and said, “No spark at all, huh?”

I laughed nervously, and answered, “Were you expecting one?”

He shrugged, saying, “Not really. But I had to know, one way or another.”

“Well, now we do, okay? We’re still not bisexual.” I said, and trying to change the subject, asked, “Sophia still on the road?”

Matt said, “Yeah, she had some family stuff to take care of before she could leave Chicago. She should be here in about half an hour.”

Patti and I passed the time putting our stuff away in the dressers and closet of our room, then came out when we heard Sophia arrive. Patti greeted her with a hug and a kiss on her cheek, while I greeted her with a hug that Sophia turned into a hot kiss. This one I definitely reacted to, erect before she even let me go. Sophia had clearly felt me rise, as she looked down at my groin, and teasingly said, “I missed you, too, Drew.”

Matt and I started on a baked chicken dinner, while Patti followed Sophia as she put her own clothes away. We heard a squealed, “He didn’t!” from Sophia, and Matt and I both chuckled, knowing what she was likely reacting to. She came back out, walked up to Matt, and laid a huge kiss on him. When they parted, I overheard her whisper “No sparks with Patti, either.” Patti just shrugged, when I looked grup porno her way.

We ate our dinner, congratulating them on their engagement, and heard the story of the proposal again, from both of them. Matt and I then sat on the couch while the women took care of washing the dishes, since we had cooked.

When they were done, Sophia came to sit in my lap, while Patti sat on Matt’s. Sophia looked us all in the eyes and said, “Compersion from now on, okay? I know it’s not Friday, but can we make love anyway?”

I answered her with a kiss, and Patti slid off of Matt to the floor, and started opening his belt. I began pulling Sophia’s tshirt off, and she broke the kiss to pull on mine, too, then resumed kissing me, while undoing her bra.

I heard Matt moan, and glanced at Patti, who was licking around Matt’s glans like an ice cream cone, then slid several inches of him into her mouth, before repeating.

Sophia got my attention back by thrusting her left breast into my mouth, and I latched on, suckling her, while thrusting my hands into the back of her jeans, pulling her to me. She quickly unbuttoned and unzipped the jeans, giving me more room to fondle her ass, before I grabbed her waistband and pulled them down over her hips.

She stood briefly, to pull them and her panties all the way off, while I kicked my shoes off and pulled my jeans and underwear off in one motion, freeing my hard cock. Sophia climbed back into my lap, and slowly impaled herself on me, then twisted to give Matt a kiss beside her, while she rotated her hips around me. She said, “I love all of you,” when she let Matt go. She turned back to me, leaned to my right ear and whispered, “I want you to fuck the shit out of me, Drew. Give me your all.”

She grabbed my shoulders, and started bouncing on me, while I grabbed her hips to slam her down over and over, while thrusting up into her. She began moaning, and thrust her left hand between us to frig her clit, while I squeezed her tits. She orgasmed when I pinched her nipples, and I came in her during her second orgasm, but we just kept going. I realized at some point that Patti and Matt were gone, but had not seen them leave. I came again when Sophia had her third orgasm, and she collapsed onto me, panting into my ear. My cock softened and slipped from her.

After a minute of recovery, she said, “Wow! That was incredible. I never realized how… tense I was being before, worried about Patti being with Matt. But now that I feel I can truly accept them being together without jealousy, I can relax with you, too. It made such a difference.”

I was about to compliment her on her breakthrough, when we heard moans from her and Matt’s room, and Sophia jumped up and grabbed my hand, saying, “C’mon, I want to watch.”

We opened the door, and I held Sophia’s hips from behind, as Matt was pounding Patti doggy style on the bed. She had her hands on the headboard, her back arched, as Matt used her breasts as handholds. Patti noticed us and smiled, but Matt hadn’t seen us.

I kissed Sophia’s neck and slipped my hand down to her pussy, and started stroking her soaking wet lips, and rubbed her clit with our combined juices while she watched her fiancè fucking mine. My cock hardened again, and I slipped it between her legs, rubbing just along her labia, while I stroked her clit and she came, loudly, finally drawing Matt’s attention.

Watching Sophia cum in my arms encouraged Matt to slam even faster into Patti, and we watched as they both came, then collapsed on the bed, both on their backs. Sophia and I climbed in with them, kissing our respective partners. Matt asked Sophia, “You okay?”

Sophia grinned at him and said, “I’m fantastic, baby. Compersion is so much better than what I felt before.” She held up her left hand, showing off her engagement ring, and said, “With or without this ring, I’m not worried about losing you now.”

Patti noticed I was hard, and turned around into a 69 position, sucking Sophia’s juices from my cock. Her pussy hovered over my mouth, and I could see Matt’s cum oozing from it. I surprised myself by not being bothered by that, and started eating Patti’s pussy like it was my own cum there, which had never bothered me. I couldn’t tell the difference, and relaxed into it.

I heard Sophia softly say, “He’s…” and Matt’s response, “Yeah…” but when I looked at them, they were in a 69 of their own, and I knew he was dealing with my sperm, too, and Sophia with Patti’s juices on his cock. We might not turn each other on, but it felt like a revelation to know we didn’t turn each other off, either.

We each orgasmed one more time, then slept. After about an hour, Patti and I got up, grabbed some water from the fridge, and moved back to our bed, and went back to sleep.


January 21st, 2014

Patti and I had managed to arrange identical schedules for this last semester, along with a class on Monday and Wednesday afternoons with Matt and Sophia. Fridays we all only had morning classes, and had to agree that Foursome Fridays would hd porno start no sooner than 6 PM, otherwise we could wind up in bed 12 hours straight. Not that it would be a bad thing, but we didn’t think it was sustainable week after week.


January 23rd, 2014

Mom called on her day off, and said she had finally met the Dad next door, a man named Henry, a few years older than she is. He had invited her in for coffee, and they hit it off so well, that they made a date for dinner on Friday. Mom was dating again. I felt good about it, and wished her a good time.


January 24, 2014

Our first Foursome Friday of the year started after a great fish dinner Sophia made, and after all the dishes were done, we gathered in Patti and my bedroom. Matt undressed Patti, while I undressed Sophia, kissing her skin as I exposed it. Then she returned the favor, and wound up down on her knees in front of me, and began kissing my balls first, then licked her way up my cock to its head, then took me into her mouth. I felt my glans reach the beginning of her throat, and she opened up for me and I slid into her to the root. It was the first time she ever deep-throated me, even though I had seen her do it to Matt, and I almost came just from thinking about it, but Sophia sensed it and backed off a little bit, looking up at me with a smile.

I lifted her up, and placed her on the bed, and got into a 69 with her, and was soon thrusting into her throat with regularity, giving her time to breathe, while I tongued every part of her I could, working up to a tonguelashing of her clitoris that started her cumming for a couple of minutes straight, one orgasm melding in the next. My cock fired off soon after, filling her mouth, as she licked and swallowed and licked and swallowed.

She turned around and kissed me on the lips, and I tasted myself as she tasted herself. We watched for a little while as Matt were standing next to the bed, Patti with her hands braced on the mattress, while Matt thrust into her from behind. I watched Patti’s skin flush and she started to shake in orgasm, and I heard Matt grunt as he came into her, and they finally fell onto the bed, winded and sweaty.

After regaining erections, we swapped partners and made slow love missionary-style side by side. When Patti kissed me as I entered her, I could tell she was tasting Sophia on my lips and shuddered in a small orgasm when she realized it, and I could see it in her eyes that she didn’t say anything because she didn’t want to weird Sophia out. We’d just gotten her to be really comfortable about being in this foursome, and didn’t want to jinx anything. After another orgasm for each of them, Matt and Sophia returned to their own bedroom, and we heard them moaning one more time after that.


January 30, 2014

A representative of ABC was on campus, doing interviews during a job fair, and Patti and I both interviewed for job openings in the Dallas office, hoping that our internships there would give us an edge. We also interviewed with a couple of other Dallas-based firms that week, and another the week after.


January 31, 2014

Matt was majoring in automotive engineering, so was looking at jobs in Detroit with one of the Big Three. But his parents had never stopped pressuring him to join the family furniture business. You’d think after 4 years of college, they would have realized cars were his future. When he got a job offer from GM that he had interviewed for right after Christmas, his parents were far less than excited, which really bummed him out. So I sat out this Foursome Friday, while Patti and Sophia double-teamed him, to raise his spirits, and went to a campus party by myself, maybe the third time I’d done so since meeting Patti at my first party.

A couple of pretty Sophomore roommates, Shannon and Wendy, were both flirting with me, and I wound up making out with both, but nothing more, even though I’m sure they would have happily done a threesome with me, if I’d let it happen. I had enough lovers on campus already, I thought, and the situation with Matt had come too close to being sticky to risk further entanglements. I told Patti all about it when I got home, of course, and we made love before sleep, even though I’m sure Matt tired her out a bit.


February 4, 2014

I was with Patti when I ran into Shannon and Wendy again a few days later, right before lunch. They were at first put off by the fact that I had not just a girlfriend but a fiancè, until Patti explained that I had her permission to be with whoever I wanted, so long as I was honest with her. We actually had a nice lunch together where Patti and I explained our philosophy. It got really interesting when Sophia stopped by, and gave me a kiss in greeting. She joined into the discussion, talking about her past struggles with our foursome, and where she was now. The two girls were enthralled.

Of course, due to them being gossipy as well, Foursome Friday then became the talk of campus by the end of the week, and we were latin porno all fending off questions for the next two weeks, even from some of our professors! It was a good thing most people didn’t know where our apartment was, or we’d have had an audience. I lost track of the propositions I received to become the fifth or six person in our group. We turned them all down, of course.


February 10, 2014

I got an offer to work as a Java developer at ABC, with the same team we had interned with! Patti instead got offers from two of the other companies we had interviewed with, one of whom also sent me an offer, and she got a letter from ABC explaining that it was only a corporate policy forbidding spouses from working in the same department that kept them from hiring her, too. It was a bummer, but better to know that now than to show up after graduation and find out that one of us couldn’t actually start, because we’d gotten married in the interim.

She debated the two offers she did have back and forth for a couple of days and chose the offer from Cooper Systems, which was located only a couple of miles from ABC, although that was only a minor factor in her decision. We would at least be able to meet for lunches. And, really, not having to compete against each other for promotions at the same company was a good thing.

Once she had made that decision, she approached me about another. “Drew, I want to stop taking birth control. I want us to have a baby, either this year or next.”

The only thing that surprised me was the timing. I knew Patti wanted to be a mother, and didn’t want to wait too long. “Before graduation?” I asked.

She seemed prepared with her answer. “It’s not going to affect school much, unless morning sickness is bad. If I stop the pills after I finish this cycle, I’ll probably be ovulating around the time of our wedding, and even if I got pregnant right away, I wouldn’t give birth until December. I wouldn’t even be showing yet at graduation day. Plus, that would be enough time working for Cooper for them to cover the maternity leave, without disrupting my career path that much.”

“Let’s do it, then,” I said.

We filled Mom in on our next call, and she was ecstatic. She also let us know that things were going pretty well with Henry. He’d introduced her to his younger daughter already, and Mom was getting along well with her. She and Henry hadn’t made love, yet, he seemed hesitant.


February 14, 2014

Sophia landed a marketing job with a Detroit-based department store, and she and Matt started looking at apartments in the area. They planned to visit a few during the first half of Spring Break, before coming to Dallas for our wedding.

Matt and I offered to double-team Sophia to celebrate her job, but she didn’t want to exclude Patti, seeing as it was Valentine’s Day, so we wound up in a daisy chain at first, with me licking Sophia while she sucked Matt’s cock, and Matt ate Patti while she sucked me, then we made love to the other’s fiancè, side-by-side. Then we reversed the direction of the chain, and ended the night fucking our own fiancès, and slept the night together.


February 21, 2014

Breaking our Foursome Friday tradition, the four of us decided to take advantage of our having been outed as a foursome to hit a campus party together instead of staying at the apartment. We still got a few questions about our arrangement from some people who recognized us, but not too many, although we did get a few strange looks when Matt and I kept switching which girl we had our arm around or were kissing. It was fun playing with people’s expectations.

After the party, we had a quick session back at the apartment, where I made love to Sophia and Matt to Patti, where none of us lasted very long, having gotten very turned on at the party.


February 28, 2014

Mom called, after classes, and she sounded concerned that Henry still wasn’t making a move to make love to her, after 5 weeks. They were seeing each other almost every other night and they made out quite a bit, but whenever she tried to escalate, he backed off. She said he seemed to be a very traditional, slow-paced guy, and she liked him a lot, otherwise she would have given up already. Patti and I looked forward to meeting him, but I was feeling some apprehension, too. As much as I felt I had taken my Dad’s place in some ways, Henry could do so as well.

Matt and Sophia had a dinner invite with his parents, so we had to scrub Foursome Friday that week, and Patti and I made love to each other instead. It was as beautiful as always, but we had gotten used to this being our swap night and had to overcome some feelings of disappointment.


March 7, 2014

It was the last Foursome Friday before Spring Break and before our wedding. It wasn’t that we planned to do anything special, or intended to stop making love with each other after Spring Break, but still it felt like being married could change it somehow, so we put some extra effort into reassuring each other, and focussed on making love, not just fucking. Perhaps more importantly, Patti had just stopped taking the pill, so this would be the last time Matt could have sex with her without a condom until we knew she was pregnant with my child.

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