Satisfying Mom’s Needs Ch. 06

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Mom, Dad and Grandma quickly straightened their clothes and got out of the car. It was only about 10 in the morning so the only person in the house was Grandpa. He came out to greet them. He kissed Mom and Grandma on the mouth grabbling their asses as he wet-kissed them. He said, “I smell sex. Has Momen been fucking his Mom in the car?” They all laughed and Mom said, “you still have a keen sense of smell, Dad!” Grandma said, “after a year of no sex, that quick fuck in the car was just an appetizer. I want to be fucked properly and thoroughly before anything else.” Dad smiled at her and said, “my sentiments exactly Mom. I would like nothing better than get into your hot slippery sheath and fuck you to delirium.” Mom and Grandpa just grinned and led the horny Mom and son to the bedroom. Once there, everybody got out of their clothes in a hurry.

Dad embraced his naked shapely Mom and kissed her on the lips. Gran opened her mouth and tongue kissed her son. Dad’s cock was by now hard as a nail as he pushed it against his Mom’s soft and wet crotch. Dad pushed Gran backwards as he sucked on her full soft bobs and the erect nipples. Gran sat at the edge of the bed and then lay down with her thighs open and Dad’s cock nudging at the split of her cunt. Gran urged Dad on by saying, “forget the niceties for now and just shove it in and give it to me hard son, my cunt needs it so badly”. Dad didn’t disappoint — he bent forward lining up hs erection at his Mom’s slippery entrance and pushed hard. Gran squealed — “oh, oh, ah, ah, yes, yes”, – as the hard throbbing cock entered her roughly, to the hilt.

As mother and son remained still enjoying the exquisite feel of their united organs Mom and Gramp were looking very closely at the union — the hard and thick pole of the son splitting the tender lips of the mother and stretching the hole to its limit — his large balls resting on the cheeks of her bottom. Mom was jacking the throbbing cock of her Dad and he was playing with one of her boobs while two fingers of his other hand were inserted in Mom’s dripping cunt.

Grandma was now getting a little impatient and pushed her crotch up and told Dad, “ekhon chodo amake, jore jore chodo(now fuck me, fuck me hard)”. Dad obeyed his Mom and started to pound his cock in and out of her tunnel, setting up a rhythm — as he pushed in, his mother pushed her cunt up which soon produced a sloshy sound at every thrust. Gran put her thighs around Dad’s back as they humped like two bunnies.

The action was too much for Mom and her Dad — so Gramp pushed Mom down on her back just beside Gran’s face and shoved his cock into his daughter’s welcoming slippery slit which made Gran look at that action at close range and thrust her hips at Dad’s cock with added vigour and continuous moaning — “aahh, aahh, fuck me, fuck me harder, aahhh, feels so good son, fill me up, fill your Mom’s cunt with your big cock, Oh I love you, I love your cock, oh baby — aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh, aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh”. Dad was now giving it to her so hard and fast that the bed was shaking. Dad was getting close to coming –“aahh, Mom, my darling Mom, I love you, I love your cunt, I love fucking you — ohhhh, ohhhh, I am going to come, I am going to fill your cunt full of my hot cum”. Grandma groaned as she said, “yes, yes, fill me with your hot seed, give me all you have — oooohhh, oooohhhh, I am coming , cccoooommmmiiiinnnggg” — her whole body went taut –she pushed her crotch hard at Dad and came — covering Dad’s cock with her juices. That caused Dad to give her a few deep thrusts and then pushing his cock into her as far as it would go he started to come. Mom and Gramp who were slowing fucking beside them could see Dad’s balls rising and falling as he emptied himself inside his Mom.

For a couple of minutes mother and son savoured their exquisite mating but then Dad’s cock shrank and he got off his Mom as Gran’s cuntlips were wide open and already oozing their profuse ejaculations. Gramp was eager to get in that open hole. He withdrew his cock from Mom’s cunt and got off the bed to line up his cock between Gran’s open thighs but instead of shoving his cock home Gramp grabbled Gran by the waist and flipped her over on her tummy and then before anyone knew what was happening, Gramp shoved his erection into Gran from behind. Gran just groaned loudly as her cunt was filled and stretched again.

As Dad and Mom watched Gramp fuck Dad’s Mom — Mom got an idea — she moved to where Gran’s face was on the pillow and sat facing Gran and opened her thighs so that Gran’s face was now czech experiment porno staring at Mom’s slightly open and moist cuntlips. She got the idea — opened her mouth and licked the wet slit which made Mom moan. Then Gran moved her tongue up and down the slippery slit in rhythm with Gram’s thrusting into her from behind. Then she took Mom’s erect clit between her lips and sucked on it and that took Mom over the top and she thrust her cunt at Gran’s mouth and came which Gran sucked up with relish.

Gramp was now getting ready to cum and he increased the pace of his fucking Gran as he squeezed her boobs. Gran was now moaning continuously as she continued to lick Mom’s cunt, at times inserting her rolled tongue into Mom’s cunt hole.

Dad was looking at the action with fascination. A few hours ago he didn’t know what his Mom’s cunt looked like, let alone how it would feel to insert his cock in her cunt and fuck her. Now its no longer a dream but a reality. He was awakened from his reverie by the loud cry of joy from his Mom as Gramp thrust into her deeply and flooded her cunt with his hot semen triggering her own orgasmic spasms around Gramp’s cock coating it with her cum.

Gran bit into Mom’s clit as the force of her orgasm made her go stiff. Mom responded by shoving her cunt up at Gran’s face. Mom moaned loudly as her orgasm hit her — she pushed Gran’s head down to her cunt and flooded her face with her slimy cum that Gran sucked away without missing a drop.

Dad was hard again watching the unimaginably exciting spectacle in front of him. Mom asked him if he wanted to fuck again. He said, “no not now, honey. I’ll save it for the evening. I need time to recharge — let’s take a shower, eat something and relax till the kids come home.

I came home around 4:30. Grandma, Mom and Dad were sitting on the sofa talking. Grandma greeted me warmly as we embraced. She crushed her boobs against my chest as she kissed me on the lips and at the same time I felt her left hand on my crotch giving my cock a squeeze. I was a little embarrassed and looked quizzically at my parents. They were watching closely and seeing my confusion said, ” don’t worry son — she knows all about us and our current lifestyle and has joined us gladly. Grandma looked me in the eye and said, “yes Mintu, I approve of the arrangements and have already enjoyed your Dad and your Grandpa. I am eagerly waiting for you — so be quick — wash up, have something to eat and then join us or rather join me.” I could only say, “yes Grandma” and left to wash up and change.

Mom gave me some snacks. I was finishing them sitting right next to Mom and noticed that Dad was playing with his Mom’s boobs while she was patting him on his cock. Mom was smiling and said, “you get her ready for Mintu while I get him ready for her.” Mom put her right hand on my cock and started rubbing it over the pants which produced immediate result as my cock started getting hard.

Mom unzipped my pants and lowered my underwear and released the already throbbing hardness to an appreciative groan from Gran. She said, ” Oh Mintu, I can’t wait to fuck that gorgeous cock of yours.”Dad was now massaging Gran’s boobs and erect nipples as the robe she was wearing was now down. Mom was slowly mustarbating me lubricated with the precum oozing from my cock.

Gran was hot now and she said, “Mintu lie on your back. I want to ride you.” I slid my ass down a bit so that now my hard cock was throbbing out in the open. Gran turned to face me, rose on her knees and brought her moist cunt — which had plump lips and a thick growth of still mostly black cunthairs through which her hard clit was standing up — over my cock. Mom held my cock steady as Gran lowered her open cunt to the tip of my flared and throbbing erection. Her fat cuntlips opened to engulf my cock — as she lowered herself on my stiffness my cock started to disappear in Gran’s buttery sheath until finally stopped by my swollen balls. At that full penetration Gran groaned and had her fisrt orgasm with me.

Mom straddled my face with her thighs and I was looking straight at her honeypot — and automatically my tongue licked her wet lips sending shivers down her body. I bit into her clit as it was protruding from between her cuntlips. Dad was kneading his Mom’s boobs as she was going up and down on my slick rod.Gran felt Dad’s hardness jabbing her buttocks Gran stopped for a second and said, “Mintu tui ebar pechhan theke chod amake, ami tor Babar barata chuste chai(Mintu now fuck me from behind, czech first porno video I want to suck your Dad’s cock” Mom was having her orgasm as I sucked on her clit and cuntlips. As soon as she stopped shaking I rose up slowly holding Gran by her asscheeks and pulling her left thigh over my body so that she was now facing Dad and her buttocks were facing me without my cock leaving her cunt. I rose up further over her back and thrust hard to sink my cock to the balls into Gran’s slippery hole. She took Dad’s hard cock into her mouth and started a long in and out motion. Dad was moaning now, saying, “Oh Mom, its so good, oh suck my cock, make me come in your mouth, swallow your son’s cum”. Gran just moaned and mumbled as she was filled from both ends. As I was thrusting in and out of Gran’s cunt I felt a pair of wet lips on my balls. It was Mom. She was lying under me on her back and sucking my balls as they swang with every thrust. Her thighs were open and she was playing with her clit as she sucked my balls. Gran was moaning and pushing her ass towards me at every thrust. Suddenly, Mom almost bit into my balls and I looked back sharply to find Gramp now sucking on Mom’s open cunt. He had finished his nap and seeing his daughter’s open thighs and the moist hole could not resist but put his mouth and tongue over the inviting lips and that’s what caused Mom to bite my balls and whimper with her mouth full of my balls.

A few minutes of this intense action was bringing us to a fever pitch. Dad was about to shoot his hot semen into his Mom’s mouth — he was moaning and saying, ” oh Mom, I am ready to cum”, and he increased the pace of thrusting into Gran’s mouth. I was getting near my ejaculation into Gran too — her cunt was so slick now that I had a hard time holding off cumming and Mom’s suction on my balls increased the urgency even more. Mom was pushing her cunt into her Dad’s face even harder. I looked behind to catch Gran get up and shove his long and thich cock into Mom in one hard thrust as she groaned in shock and pleasure.

Now I concentrated in my thrust into Gran as I was getting near — I squeezed her large boobs hard. Dad held Gran’s head with both hands as he pounded his cock into her mouth. And then it happened. Dad groaned — pushed his cock all the way into his Mom’s mouth and came, filling her mouth with hot nectar which she swallowed gulp after gulp. This put me over the top and thrusting all the way into Gran I filled her slippery tunnel with gobs and gobs of my hot cum. Gran felt it and pushed hard on my cock, squeezed my cockhead with her cunt muscles and groaned loudly as she reached her orgasm.

As we were catching our breath I could clearly hear Gramp’s rhythmic thrusting into Mom’s love tunnel as a swoshing sound was emanating at every thrust. Soon Mom was moaning louder and louder urging her Dad to fuck faster and harder. He obliged and within a couple of minutes Mom began thrusting back and then with a lound groan she came. Gramp didn’t come — he said, “I’ve already come once today and there is still a lot of fucking to do so I must save it for later.” He has really learned to control his ejaculation!

We all lay together side by side on the carpet, resting. I ws lying between Mom and Gran with my head towards their feet so I have a good and close view of their well-fucked cunts. Mom’s cunt was open and red with all the thrusting it got from Gramp’s fat cock while Gran’s cunt was also open between her plump hair-covered cuntlips and was beginning to ooze out my semen. After a while Gran commented, “that was a fuck I’ll remember. Mintu your cock has really given my cunt a workout and I hope it will continue.” I laughed and said, “Gramma don’t worry, you can have my cock as often as you want.”

It was in this condition that Shoma found us. She greeted Gran with a kiss on her lips and then seeing the oozing semen she bent over and started to suck up the semen giving Gran a jolt which made her thrust up her cunt at Shoma’s mouth. Mom told her ,”go Shoma wash up and we’ll do the same and then we can have dinner. After that we can have some more fun”. Everybody agreed and we got up to clean up.

Dinner was interesting. Shoma commented, “you folks did a lot of fucking while I was away. It is very good that Gran decided to join us.” Gran said, “well I am glad I did. I haven’t been so thoroughly fucked in my whole life. And to fuck three generations of cocks together is divine.” Mom, Dad and Gramp nodded approvingly. Mom said, “well we invited Dad just to czech game porno keep my cunt satisfied while Momen is away, but it turned out to be much more than that and I am so glad it did. Now we have all the variety we want within our own family and any one of us can have as much fucking as we need or want.”

Gramp said, “well I haven’t come in my daughter, my balls are aching to empty and I am getting impatient to get inside your Mom(Gran) so let’s get started. Mom laughed and said, “you are really so horny at your age Dad but I am not complaining. Gran said, “I want to fuck you too old man so get down on the carpet and show me your pole. Gramp was already naked, he just moved down to the floor and lay down on his back. His cock was already getting hard. Gran moved over and licked the hardening prick and then swallowed it to the root causing Gramp to groan in pleasure. He then pulled her legs to get her cunt over his mouth in a 69 position and started licking and sucking her juicy cunt and erect clit.

Gramp didn’t want to come from Gran’s sucking, she wanted his cock deep inside her. His cock was now slippery with Gran’s saliva and his precum so she just aimed her cunt over his erection and slid down to his balls. Both of them moaned loudly as her cunt hit bottom. We were looking at this exciting sight but we were not totally inactive. Dad was playing with Shoma’s tits while she was slowly jacking him off. Mom was sucking me off while Shoma was licking Mom’s upturned asscheeks and her moist cunt.

It was getting hot with the Gran and Gramp mating. She was moaning as she kept up the hot action by rotating her ass as she went up and down on Gramp’s rigid pole. Her breasts were shaking in a round and round motion even as Gramp was holding onto her erect nipples. Mom’s deep sucking of my cock made me so horny that I turned Mom over facing away from me, grabbed her by the hips and sat her down on my rock hard cock and it disappeared in that hot and humid maternal twat like an well-oiled piston as it really was. Mom groaned at the sudden deep penetration but settled down and turned her face to kiss me. I got hold of her firm-yet-soft boobs and tweaked the nipples which caused Mom to groan even louder.

Shoma was moaning with excitement and she moved over Dad facing him, holding his prick steady as she lowered her dripping cunt over the head and sat on it, impaling herself on that very stiff paternal cock. Dad thrust up to get more of his cock into that tight, hot and slippery tunnel which gave Shoma her first orgasm and she just whimpered, “Ohh, Ohh, Dad!”

Gran was getting very aggressive with Gramp as she was thrusting up and down on his stiff pole with fast and hard motion. This may have had another reason. As soon as Gran sank down on Gram’s erection to the hilt she looked in front of her eyes and saw the exciting sight of Mom’s open thighs with my prick fully inserted in her slippery slot with only my balls hanging down. Gran put her tongue to our joined organs and licked Mom’s cuntlip and clit as well as the underside of my cock. Then she took my balls in her mouth and sucked on them gently causing my distended cock inside Mom’s hot cunt to twitch vigorously which Mom felt too and moaned, ” oh baby, oh Mintu, it feels so good, so good, aaahhh, aaahhh”. Gran alternately sucked my balls and licked my cock as it pistoned into Mom’s cunt, licking up the juices.

Shoma was bouncing on Dad’s cock in a slow rhythm. She moved her mouth over Mom’s chest and took the left boob in her mouth and sucked on the erect nipple increasing Mom’s moaning even louder. Mom in turn started to play with Dad’s balls and the root of his slimy cock as it moved in and out of Shoma’s tight and slippery cunt.

I was now thrusting into Mom in a slow pace. Her soft asscheeks were quivering at every thrust while her boobs were shaking even as I squeezed them.

Dad and Shoma were becoming very active now. Dad was holding her by her buttocks and moving her cunt over his cock in an increasing pace which got her moaning and saying, “aahh, aahh, oohh, Dad, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me harder, oohh, it feels so great, aaaahhhh, aaaaaahhhhh, I am coming, I am coommmiiinnnnggg”, as she reached her screaming orgasm. Dad kept thrusting her crotch onto his erection about a minute longer and then he groaned like a bull and pulling Shoma’s hips hard onto his cock flooded her hot and slippery tunnel with his boiling cum.

I was holding Mom by her buttocks as I pounded into her with force making her moan loudly, “Oh baby, oh baby, I am coming, I am coming, fuck me, give me more, fill me with your hot cream, aaaahh, aaahhh.!” I felt the tell-tale grip of Mom’s inner muscles on my cock and that got my cock bursting the dam and flooding Mom’s cunt with big blasts of hot cum. Mom reacted by thrusting down and coating my cock and balls with squirts of her cum.

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