Sasha’s Obsession Pt. 01

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Hello! You will find this story a bit different from previous entries. I have received a lot of feedback on previous stories, which is greatly appreciated. A small minority have mentioned that my other stories are a bit of a slow burn in the beginning, so I’ve crafted a depraved tale for those that like to jump right into the hardcore, raunchy fuck ride. I hope you enjoy the constant bombardment of filth that Sasha’s Obsession brings. Even if you aren’t generally a fan of incest stories, I think you’ll find Sasha’s descent into debauchery quite entertaining. Also, for those who enjoyed the character of Amy from the first entry in the Hamlin stories, you will be pleased by her appearance here. Thank you all for taking the time to read my trash, and I hope you enjoy this spiral into perversion!


It was sick. Depraved. Filthy. Wrong. Immoral and incomprehensible. And, that was just part of what made it so enticing. Sasha had long ago self-diagnosed herself with the obsession, and saw it for what it was. It was an unhealthy, soul-consuming darkness within herself, a destructive force that was stuck in her brain, ruling her actions. She loathed herself for it, even as she craved it. She was an addict, and she knew it.

She couldn’t really pin-point when it had begun. As far back as she could remember, it had always been there. Mark. Her own brother. Kind. Sweet. A hunk by anyone’s measure, and generous to boot. If there were a stamping plant churning out the ideal man, then it had minted her older brother.

Sasha lay in bed, her hand between her legs, eyes shut as she pinched her own nipple. Just on the other side of the wall, she could hear the soft slurping and purring from Megan, Mark’s girlfriend. Bitch. Fucking cunt.

“You like sucking that big dick, don’t you, baby?” Mark asked, his voice muted by the thin wall.

“Mhhh Hmmm!”

Sasha pictured her brother’s thick fuckstick in that dark-haired sluts’ mouth, and felt that familiar stab of jealousy, which just made her cunt more juicy as she frigged it, listening closely so that she didn’t miss a word. There was an audible pop as Megan’s lips let the big shaft go, and then the sound of the bed shifting. Mark’s girlfriend moaned quietly as she climbed onto his lap and sank the length of his shaft inside of herself.

Sasha burned inside. While she’d always imagined Mark’s cock to be as perfect as the rest of him, she’d learned the truth just a few months ago, and now it was driving her insane. After all her dreaming of it, a happy accident had finally let her see it, and the image had been in her mind ever since. She pushed her fingers into her sloppy snatch again. Fuck, she needed it. She needed to feel what Megan was feeling right now.

The girl on the other side of the wall came, her breath ragged, the creaking of the bed a rhythm that Sasha masturbated herself to.

“Your fuckin’ pussy is so good,” Mark said, and Sasha came.

“It’s your pussy…” Sasha whispered to herself, “it’s your fucking pussy.”

Humping her fingers on her bed, Sasha wasn’t sure how long her brother fucked his girlfriend, but she heard them shift several times. The sexy sounds went on and on as he took her from behind, or spread her legs, driving into her as his big hands mauled her tits. The sounds of smacking lips and wet tongues made Sasha cream her sheets so many times. She listened to the string of filth out of Mark’s mouth as he called Megan a slut, whore, fucktoy, cocksucker. Sasha repeated each of the filthy names to herself. Finally, there was quiet from the other side of the wall. Sasha fell asleep, tears in her eyes. She hated herself for wishing Mark’s big arms were around her now, his cock pressed into her back as he held her close, one hand on her breast, breathing becoming slow, even, until they fell asleep in each others’ embrace.

Window of Opportunity

Mark looked devastated. Sasha shot off the couch at the sound of the door banging shut, pulling her hand from her shorts. She hadn’t expected Mark home for some time. Their parents were away on a two month backpacking expedition through Europe for the summer, and Mark had taken the opportunity to be out, or in, with Megan as often as possible. Now, though, she saw a look on Mark’s face that she could never recall seeing before. He was hurt.

She was off the couch in an instant, and blocked his path as he tried to head up the stairs.

“Hey,” She said, concern evident in her eyes, “What is it, Mark?”

His shoulders slumped, and she put her arms around him. He did the same. She inhaled the smell of him. This closeness, in itself, wasn’t something unusual. They were close. That was just the thing. Mark was a wonderful person, and the perfect Big Bro. The two siblings shared a great deal with each other. Sasha, though, had never been able to tell him about her real thoughts.

When they’d sit at night and talk, her legs propped up on his lap while the TV droned on, she’d think about the fat cock she could feel under her feet. canlı bahis They’d lay on the bed together, sharing a set of earbuds while they listened to tracks and talked about the music. Sasha would picture her tongue between his lips. When they hit the gym together, she’d spot his lifts, all the while picturing his toned chest running with sweat as he held her spread legs and filled her.

“Megan,” Mark mumbled, “I saw…she was…Fuck, man. I treated her like gold, too.”

“Oh, Mark! That’s fucked up! She cheated on you?”

He nodded his head. He held up a reddened fist, “But I stuck that son of a bitch a good one right on the nose,” he said.

Inwardly, Sasha was torn. On one hand, she was elated. On the other, Mark was hurting, and she hated that.

“Come on, Markey Mark,” She tugged at his hand, leading him upstairs, “Let me tell you all about how awesome you are, and what a sinister bitch she is.”

She pulled him into her room, and pushed him on the bed, where she quickly climbed in beside him, wrapping her arms around him. Her breasts pushed into his back through her tank top, and she nuzzled the back of his neck. Just last night, she’d spread her legs right where he was laying, and fingered her hot cunt while she listened to them fuck.

“Look, she doesn’t know what she’s giving up,” Sasha said, “you did treat her like gold. You’re the best person I know, and if she can’t see that she’s fucking blind.”

Mark chuckled, “Thanks, Sash. I know that. I was good to her. I just don’t get it. What is it with women? The whole nice guy thing works for a while, you know, but what am I missing?”

“Well, from what I hear through this wall, you’re the whole package,” Sasha joked.

She felt his skin flush.

“Shit! I should have guessed you could hear that shit. I’m so sorry. I didn’t even think. You must think I’m some kind of perv.” He said, and she could feel him deflate.

“No more so than the rest of us,” She lied. She knew she was worse. The worst. Even now her nipples were hard being close to him, pressing against his back.

“Whatever. You’re not a perv like me. I happen to know that you’ve only been with one dude your whole life, if you were telling the truth.”

“I’d never lie to you,” she said, “it’s true. But…” she hesitated, unsure. Should she admit it to him? It wasn’t like Mark to go without a girlfriend for long. He was in demand. He was perfect. Maybe this was her chance. After all, he’d never been the judgmental type. He was always supportive. She went on, “But, the number of people you’ve been with doesn’t necessarily make you a perv, right? It’s…it’s what’s in your, um, head, maybe?”

“Maybe. What exactly did you hear?” he said, turning over to look into her eyes. Their faces were only inches apart. His hand rested on hers. Sasha’s breath quickened. She swallowed hard. She saw his eyes quickly flick to her cleavage. A surge of heat started in her cunt. The obsession had her. She could feel the rush of blood in her head as the filthy thoughts poured to the front of her mind.

“I…just some, uh, you know. Slut,” a spasm of pleasure spiked through her brain as she said the word to her brother, “whore…fucktoy…co…cock…sucker,” she felt light headed as the words came out, and she saw Mark’s face turn red with embarrassment.

“Fuck. I’m sorry,”

“Why?” She asked.

“It’s just embarrassing. My sister heard me talking dirty,”

She fidgeted, her finger absentmindedly twirling her hair as she looked away from his eyes and said, “I liked it,” almost too quietly to hear.

“What? I couldn’t hear you.”

She felt ashamed, and that just made her cunt even warmer.

“I said, I liked it,” She repeated.

“Liked what?” Mark asked, oblivious.

“Hearing…hearing you say those things. I liked it. It turned me on.”

His eyes drank in her body. Mark knew his sister was a knockout. He wasn’t blind. And he was a pervert, too, he knew. He’d thought about her hot body when he jerked off, sometimes. Sasha was slim in the right places, perfectly rounded in others. She stayed fit, and that honey-blond hair of hers fell almost to her toned ass. He’d never imagined, though, that she might have looked at him the same way.

He smirked, and his cock twitched. She felt it against her leg, and another little spike of pleasure went through her brain.

“Sasha’s a dirty pervert,” he sing songed, laughing.

“You don’t know the half of it,” she said, grinning as a huge weight lifted from her. He hadn’t been disgusted by her.

“Tell me more,” he went on, and his hand slid to her hip. He felt her tremble.

“Like what?” she whispered, afraid that speaking too loudly would break the sexual tension that was building between them. Fuck! She was admitting her filth to her brother, and he wasn’t recoiling in horror. In fact, she could see the growing hunger in his eyes. His gaze went to her heaving chest again. He rubbed her hip.

“How did it make you feel? When I called Megan a cocksucker?” bahis siteleri he asked.

Sasha felt her pussy get even warmer at the word.

“I…I don’t know,” she lied, and he could see it.

“Yes you do,” he said, and his finger slipped just under the waistband of her yoga pants, while he continued to rub her hip, “tell me.” It was an order. She could hear it in his voice. He wasn’t asking. He was commanding, and her whole cunt quivered.

“I was…I felt…Jealous. A little bit.” She admitted.

He grinned, and there was something there that she’d never seen before. Something cold and…evil. Another finger slipped beneath her waistband.

“Why were you Jealous, Sasha?”

“I can’t…” she said, struggling. She wanted to say it, but there was some kind of mental block in her head. It was as though admitting it out loud would finally push her over the edge. Her obsession would fully take her, and there would be nothing to save her. She was a horrible person. A filthy slut. She was a whore.

Mark’s whole hand slipped under her waistband, and slid along her thigh, until she felt it grip her ass cheek and pull her pelvis in closer to his. Her eyes widened and her breath quickened. She was no longer imagining it. Her brother’s hands were on her, touching her in an intimate way.

“Yes, you can,” he said calmly. “Tell me why you were jealous. Say it.”

“Because…I wanted to…”

“Say it,”

“I wanted to be her,” She whispered, and just saying it out loud to him caused her pussy to spasm. She felt light headed as she saw him grin with something that looked like triumph.

He pressed his forehead to hers, and nuzzled her nose, his hand gripping her ass firmly. She could feel his cock hard against her.

“You wanted to be my cocksucker,” he stated, “that’s what you wanted, isn’t it?”

He could feel her trembling, her breath coming in ragged gasps. His hand slid between her legs from the back and tickled her cunt. He could feel her wetness leaking from it

“Say it,” he commanded, and licked her lips, making her gasp.

“I wanted to…to be your…your cocksucker,” she breathed.

“Wanted? Past tense?”

Her brother’s finger was rubbing her pussy! Some tiny part of her brain screamed at her that it was wrong. She was sick. But that only made the feeling more intense. It was wrong. It was sick. She should not have her brother’s hand in her pants. She should not be saying these disgusting words to him. Only some perverse slut would be in this situation, and she was in this situation, so she must be a perverse slut.

“I want it,” she whispered, “I want to be your cocksu…cocksucker,”

“Good girl,” he said, and slipped his finger between her pussy lips, making her cum.

He pulled his hand free of her pants, took her hand, and guided it down to his cock. She felt it, hard and throbbing in his shorts. He kissed her, then, tongue sliding gently into her mouth. She couldn’t believe it was happening! Her mind reeled as she squeezed his thick shaft in her small hand and kissed him back.

She felt him tugging his shorts down, freeing his hot penis, and then it was naked in her hand. Her brother’s hard cock was in her hand! He pushed her gently onto her back and rolled on top of her, straddling her chest. Her tits heaved beneath her tank top, and she stared up into his eyes, mouth open lustily as she gently stroked his shaft.

“What are you?” He asked.

“Your cocksucker,” she answered.

He guided his throbbing penis to her lips and let it rest there. Her eyes locked on his and he could feel her shaking as she yearned to lift her head and engulf his crown.

“Your mouth is just a wet hole for my cock,” he said, “say it.”

She gulped, and felt her cunt spasm. It was so twisted. She could hardly stand it.

“My mouth is just a wet hole for your cock,” she repeated.

He slapped his dick against her tongue, and she put her hand between her legs, touching her needy cunt. Mark slapped her hand away.

“You won’t play with your cunt, or cum unless I tell you to. Say it.”

“I won’t play with my cunt, or cum unless you tell me to,” She repeated.

“Your mouth exists to be fucked,” He said.

“My mouth exists to be fucked,” she repeated and he could see the desperation in her eyes. She wanted his cock in her mouth so badly that she was literally drooling.

“You are my cocksucking slut sister,” he said, squeezing his shaft and letting the precum ooze across her lips.

Sasha licked it, and her eyes rolled back in her head as she repeated, “I am your cocksucking…sl…slut sister.”

“Your purpose is to drain my balls into your throat.”

“My purpose is to drain your balls into my throat.”

“Your mouth was made for me to jerk off with,” he went on, and rubbed his cock on her tongue.

“Muh mouf us made fa you ta jek off wif,” she repeated as his thick shaft began rubbed her lips.

“I couldn’t hear you, cocksucker,” he said, “try again without a dick in your bahis şirketleri mouth.”

“My mouth was made for you to jerk off with!” she cried, “Please, put it back in!”

Mark smiled cruelly and started to stroke his cock above his sister’s pretty face. He watched the glazed, wild look in her eyes as she focused on the big, swaying cock just an inch above her face. She stuck out her tongue and just managed to lick the tip, where she eagerly lapped at the precum oozing from him.

“Please,” she begged, “My mouth is a wet hole for your cock!”

Mark shivered at the power he had over her, unbeknownst to him less than an hour ago. Fuck, if he had known that his slut sister was this crazed for his fuckstick, life would have been very different before. He did know, though. Now, life would be different. He groaned as he pushed the head of his cock into her mouth, feeling the underside glide gently across her tongue.

Sasha sighed contentedly, and moaned. He could feel her hips buck, and knew that she had just orgasmed purely from feeling his cock in her mouth. He pulled it back out, using her saliva to stroke it back and forth just above her mouth. Sasha looked completely lost in her cocklust. Her gaze was fixed completely on his dick.

“Please, put it back in. I need it,” she pleaded.

“Did you cum?” he asked.

She looked ashamed and nodded her head.

“Were you supposed to cum?”

She shook her head, and held her mouth open, eyes begging.

“You didn’t listen,” he said harshly, “why should I let you suck it?”

He continued to jerk his cock back and forth. More precum dripped from the tip into Sasha’s mouth.

“I’m sorry!” she wailed, “I was so hot, and I’ve been waiting so long. I didn’t mean to. Please, put it back in!” She looked on the verge of tears.

Mark relented and pushed his cock back into her willing mouth. Slowly, he fucked her face, just as he’d said, using her mouth to jerk himself off. Sasha breathed through her nose, opening her throat as much as she could with her head flat on the bed. Her whole body tingled at the twisted act she was committing.

“You want me to fuck you, don’t you?” Mark said, sawing his big dick between her stretched lips.

He felt her hips wiggle as she held back another orgasm, undoubtedly thinking of his cock deep inside her.

“Mmmm Hmmm!” She agreed.

“You want your big brother to fuck you,” he said, pulling his dick out, “Say it.”

“I want my big brother to fuck me!” Sasha agreed.

Mark pushed his cock back into her throat.

“Your cunt belongs to me, doesn’t it?”

He slapped her face lightly with his throbbing prick while she said, “My cunt belongs to you.”

He began to jerk his cock more furiously, and Sasha watched, eyes wide as the fat purple head began to twitch. It looked angry. She stuck out her tongue, tickling the tip, trying to coax it back into her mouth, but Mark wouldn’t give it to her. She mewled and groaned, but he just stroked and smiled at her. Finally, he threw his head back and growled.

Quick, hot bursts of semen spewed from his prick into Sasha’s face. She shut her eyes in surprise, but Mark slapped her and continued to cum. She opened her eyes to watch as more jets of cum plastered her lips, her nose. She licked it up, greedily, anywhere her tongue could reach.

Mark reached between her legs and frigged her hot cunt, saying, “cum cocksucker.”

She did, powerfully. Her hips bucked beneath him. He used his prick to push more semen into her mouth, letting her suckle at his head to suck more drops out. She looked beautiful, he thought. Cum splattered her forehead, her hair, ran from her cheeks and dripped from her eyelid. She was the perfect slut. He could see that she was still fuck crazed. She’d only been able to manage a couple of weak orgasms through the whole ordeal, and one good one at the end, on his fingers. He could see the need on her face. He looked at her perfect slit, swollen and hot, wet and ready.

He slid the tank top up, revealing her bare tits, they were excellent. More than a good handful. He pinched and pulled at her nipples.

“Rub your cunt,” he commanded.

Sasha did, while he played with her tits. He lay next to her and put his lips against her ear.

“You let your own brother cum on your face,” he said, rubbing her breasts while she played with her pussy, and he went on, “you let your brother fuck your mouth like a wet pussy, and you liked it, Sasha.”

She gasped and fingered her cunt harder.

“You just committed yourself to being his personal cocksucker, didn’t you? Your own brother’s personal cocksucker.”

Her eyes rolled back as she agreed.

“You told your brother to fuck you, didn’t you?”


“You wanted him to push his fat, bloated prick into your horny pussy.”

“Mmmm, fuck, yes!”

He tugged at her nipple.

“That would be incest, wouldn’t it?”

“Yes! Oh! Oooh, yes!”

“Incest is wrong, Sasha. Only dumb sluts with too much cock on the brain want to commit incest, don’t they?”

He sucked her nipple into his mouth, and pushed her hand away from her pussy, replacing it with his own. His big fingers slipped inside and gently sawed in and out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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