Sarah’s Seduction Ch. 02

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As they lay there, slowly coming out of their trance, Sarah felt Trevor’s dick against her stomach. She reached down and held it in her hand. He had just recently had a tremendous explosion, but his dick still felt firm. Not hard, but not as soft as she had expected. She slid off the couch onto the floor, kneeling beside him, to get a closer look.

She squeezed his firmness, slid her fingers up the shaft, felt the soft, squishy head, then back down the shaft with her fingers wrapped firmly around it. She giggled softly as she felt it grow within her grasp.

“What’s wrong?” Trevor asked, naturally awakened from his trance.

“Nothing at all, believe me,” Sarah purred.

“Why the giggling?”

“Your penis is getting harder – and growing.” She giggled again.

He smiled, amused. “With what you’re doing it would have to.”

“How big does this thing get?” she asked.

“I think you know that answer very intimately/”

Sarah giggled louder this time. “You have such a nice looking penis. But it keeps getting bigger!” She sounded surprised.

“Haven’t you seen one before?” he asked.

“Well, of course! But never one as long as this one. Or as thick!” She continued to stroke his cock.

“And you have seen a lot of them, I suppose.” he teased.

“Oh, no.” she said a bit defensively. “Not many. And I’ve never really gotten a good look like this before.”

Trevor closed his eyes and concentrated on the lovely hand rubbing up and down his cock. Heavenly.

Sarah looked up at him. “Do you mind me talking about… it? Is that strange?”

“I love it!” Trevor gasped, getting very turned on.

She felt a bit braver now. “Is it okay if I feel it?” she squeezed it firmly as she said this, getting a slight moan from Trevor that told her he liked it.

“And stroke it… like this?” she asked, continuing the up and down motion.

“Oh, yes,” Trevor managed.

“Maybe play with it a little?” She traced her fingers around the shaft, then let it flop side to side bursa escort in her hand, finally rubbing her fingers over the soft tip several times. Trevor only moaned.

“And should I be playing with these as well?” she asked as she lifted his balls with her other hand. She squeezed them between her fingers, letting them slip out the side and in between, but being gentle. Trevor groaned at the sensations he was feeling.

“I know these are supposed to be sensitive.Tell me if I hurt you.”

Trevor had his head thrown back, reveling in the enjoyment. He could only say, “Uhh, good. It’s good.”

Sarah smiled. She hadn’t done this before with anyone. She had touched a penis before, of course. And balls, too. But not like this. The boys she had been with just wanted in her, and when they had shot their load they were done. There had been little time for playing around. She liked this.

She liked the pleasure she was giving Trevor, most of all. She could tell he was in heaven. But she also liked exploring this object, this pleasure-giving object. She loved the way her attentions controlled it. Just by stroking it she made it grow, she made it alive. And she loved teasing him, seeing his reactions to different things.

She was a little concerned. “Ah, is it all right if it, well, if it changes color?”

Trevor laughed. “It gets kind of purple when it’s really excited.”

“You must be getting excited!”

He looked down at it. It was even more exciting to see her hand on his cock, stroking it. Her dainty little hand on his rigid tool. And her head – her mouth – so close. “Oh, it will get darker than that.” Then he just had to push it further. “You can lick it.” God, he hoped she would.

She stopped stroking. “Lick it?” she asked.

She was staring at his penis.Then she looked up at him. He just looked back at her, not knowing what to say. He hoped he hadn’t pushed her too far, he didn’t want to ruin this. But he really wanted to feel her mouth on his dick.

“You mean…” bursa escort bayan She leaned in and swiped her tongue across the head.

Trevor pushed all the air out his lungs as if he had been punched in the gut. “Aaaa, Yes, Slower.”

She reached her tongue out again and slowly licked across his head. She looked up at his face and saw that he liked it. She licked again, this time going around the head, all around it and over it. He groaned. Then she licked down the shaft, mostly with the tip of her tongue, then with the flat of it. The more she licked the more he moaned, so she kept it up.

She stopped to laugh. “Your dick is throbbing. And your balls are moving all on their own.”

“Oh, yes.” he whispered.

She squeezed his balls some more, then placed her lips over the head of his cock.

“AAAAaaaaaaa!” Trevor moaned loudly.

Sarah smiled, taking her lips off his erection. But she didn’t stop. She brought his dick over toward her mouth and let it slide in. Several inches went in, then back out. Trevor could hardly breath at this point, and Sarah knew it. She did it again, this time leaving it inside for a moment before bringing it back out. She repeated it again, now also squeezing the shaft and pulling up on it as far as her mouth was down. She pumped it three times before pulling her mouth off, and Trevor was moaning, thrashing his head to the side, hardly able to contain himself.

When she did this again, Trevor was able to say, “Suck it.”

She thought she understood, She had never done this before, but naturally a lot her friends had, and they talked about it. So with her lips around his dick and several inches inside her mouth, she sucked on the shaft, then continued as she pulled her mouth off it.

“Ungh,” Trevor moaned. “God. Good”

She did it again, and again, each time getting a good response. She included a little ball squeeze which always got a reaction, and she went deeper onto his shaft. When her mouth needed a rest she would pump the escort bursa shaft harder, all the way up and down, until she was ready to suck it back in. She loved the way it felt. The power she was holding, the sheer sexiness of the act. She liked the way her tongue would push against the head of his cock, and she would let it rub it while she sucked.

He was right – it was turning a deeper purple. She saw while giving her mouth a rest that the head was really changing into a much darker color. She didn’t take time to ask, as he said that it would happen. She supposed that was what he meant. She went right back to sucking, pumping, licking his head, and squeezing his balls. She was having fun!

“I’m going to shoot!” he suddenly yelled. She hadn’t thought of that. She had been lost in her own pleasures and didn’t realize he was so close to cumming. She was surprised, a little stunned, and very slow to react. She just kept up her pumping and sucking while she tried to sort out a coherent thought.

Then WHAM! She felt his penis throb and explode, what must be his semen hitting the bak of her throat. Startled, she held still, not yet able to react. Another spurt struck her throat, and she started gagging as she was unable to breathe. She coughed up his semen as another load spurted into her throat. She finally withdrew her mouth from his dick, coughing and choking and trying to get her breath. Still, she managed to watch the rest of his eruptions, marveling at the little spurts of cum being pushed out of the end of his dick. She pumped his shaft a few more times, each bringing a little more cum oozing out the tip, until there seemed to be none left. Trevor shook a couple times, shoving his hips up, and she was able to slowly draw a little more cum out of him before he took her hand and moved it off his cock.

Sarah grabbed his shirt again and wiped off her face and mouth, trying to get his cum out of her mouth as well. Trevor was still incoherent, making only a few moaning sounds, when she started wiping him up as well. She could now stroke his dick a little, and marveled again at it, this time as it shrunk from the hard monster shaft it had been to a soft, more innocent looking penis.

“Oh, Baby, you liked that!” she stated.

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