Sarah’s Dad

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Eighteen year old Kate had had sex with a lot of guys her age. Being good looking, tall and curvy she had no trouble getting boys in school to sleep with her. But what she craved for and what sent orgasms rocking through her body while she fingered her wet pussy on certain nights were fantasies of older men sucking at her nipples.

Her best friend Sarah and she had a lot of sleep overs together since they were kids. It was with her that she had explored lesbianism for the very first time. They were not lovers just best friends who satisfied each other once in a while.

It was at one such sleepover at Sarah’s place that Kate got the opportunity to make her fantasies come true. They were lying on Sarah’s bed naked and panting after an intense ten minutes of rubbing their pussies together. Soon her best friend drifted off but Kate’s mind kept wandering off to the room a few doors away where Sarah’s sixty five year old father was sleeping alone because his wife was away for a week.

Slowly, after a while, making sure that Sarah was fast asleep Kate crawled out of the bed and left the room. After a moment of hesitation outside his bedroom she pushed open the door and bursa escort stepped in. The light was turned on in his room. He was sitting on his bed looking up from the book he must have been reading, staring with wide eyes as a still stark naked Kate shut the door behind her.

Alarmed, he began to say, “Kate! What are you..?” when Kate very seductively climbed into his bed on all fours, her full breasts dangling and swaying as she moved towards him.

“Kate! Don’t,” he tried to protest weakly as she took the book out of his hands and placed it aside. She settled herself in his lap and was thrilled to see the look in his eyes as he hungrily looked at her young naked body. She took his hands and placed them on her breasts. He began to rub them instantly.

She placed her wet lips on his and kissed him wildly as he massaged both her hard nipples with his thumbs. He pinched them then pressed both her breasts hard. She could feel his cock getting harder and harder under her lap. She pulled her lips away, got on her knees placing them on either side of his hips and forced her left nipple inside his mouth. He grabbed her right breast as he sucked the left one noisily. bursa escort bayan He stuck out his tongue and rolled it round and round her nipple.

The sight of it made Kate’s pussy wetter than it already was. He then still holding her right breast began sucking it like the previous one. She then stood up and hurriedly undressed him. She sat on his lap again this time with her back facing him. He then began running his hands from her breasts to her stomach and then to her thighs bringing them ever so slightly to her vagina each time. She moaned as finally he inserted his fingers inside her throbbing pussy.

She threw her hands behind his neck, tilted her head and kissed him as he played with her nipple with one hand and rubbed her clitoris with the other. Her back arched as he made quick circular motions with his index finger on the most sensitive part inside her vagina. He then slid his other hand inside her pussy as well, fucking her with two fingers. She gave a loud moan, got up from his lap and lay down on the bed. He put his head between her legs, parted her vagina with two fingers and slid his tongue inside. First he licked her in slow long strokes and then escort bursa harder with the tip of his tongue. Kate felt hot electric waves course through her body and she shivered as a massive orgasm hit her.

He pulled his head out and she sat up. She got off from the bed and knelt down as he stood up. She held his long hard cock in her hands and admired it. Then she wrapped her lips around it and began sucking it expertly. She moved her head back and forth as her tongue teased the tip of his penis. She heard him moan as her mouth worked faster and faster.

She then stopped abruptly and lay down on the floor. Taking the hint he got on top of her pinned down both her hands with his and inserted his cock inside her depths. He watched her breasts as they bounced erotically while he gave her fast desperate strokes with his cock. Finally he came hard inside her, the orgasm almost blinding him.

He collapsed on his back panting heavily. He hadn’t had such sex in years. He finally admitted how his daughter’s best friend’s breasts and legs had aroused him for years and how he had once watched them sleeping naked together.

Kate sat up gave his dick a pat and said, “Maybe you can join us next time.” Gave him a mischievous smile and left the room giving him a final view of her firm ass.

She climbed back into bed with Sarah who hadn’t so much as stirred. Pulled on the blanket and fell fast asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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