Rock River Ch. 04: Helena

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A few days had passed after my discovery of Bar Ten and of Rachel’s first transformation into deviant, and after returning home from our jobs or my time at the “gym” we had fucked on a nightly basis since. Some of those times her strap-on had come out to play and my throat and arse had more than welcomed it each time. Other times I had regained control back from my wife and fucked her senseless to let her know I wasn’t completely under her command. The blow job she had finally given me hadn’t been a single occurrence either and to my delight she continued to pleasure me with her lips throughout the week.

After returning to work I had finished almost every day at the office with a trip to Bar Ten where I had my cock sucked and fucked, or sucked a cock myself, each time. With each trip to the glory holes combined with Rachel’s training of my mouth with the strap-on, I had become more and more skilled at the art of fellatio. One of the visits to the bathroom had involved a new cock waiting for me in the opposite hole after every one that I had made explode into my throat until I had eventually devoured four in a row. During another of the visits I had felt two mouths simultaneously pleasuring me through the hole and heard the sounds of both male and female pleasure on the other side.

When we weren’t working or fucking, Rachel and I had continue unpacking throughout the week and as the house became more homely and lived in, we settled in more each day. Some more of the neighbours had stopped by to welcome us to the neighbourhood with gifts of flowers, alcohol and meals they had prepared.

Dale and Tammy were the first to drop by brandishing a Filipino curry that Tammy had prepared for us as they figured that we wouldn’t have much time for cooking between getting our home in order. We invited them in for drinks and chatted for a while and quickly came to the realisation that Dale was utterly dull, and his monotonous droning on had almost sent Rachel and I into a deep slumber.

It was Tammy that I had kept my attention and curbed my increasing desire to ask them, or him at least, to leave. She sat daintily across from us joking aloud to invigorate the conversation each time it bordered on monotony with brilliantly white teeth gleaming and two soft mounds of silicone bouncing with every laugh. Her ochre skin shone radiantly in the sunlight seeping through the windows and she playfully whipped her thick black hair aside. I had even caught Rachel glaring over at her lost in admiration. When they said their goodbyes Rachel once again invited them to the house warming party which we had since decided would take place on the following weekend. Part of me prayed for Dale to announce he was busy but to my disappointment they both accepted.

Shortly after on the same evening we received a visit from Jessica who had decided to drop by. She flashed a coy smile at me as I opened the door to greet her, and all I could do was smile back as I remembered the strings of my cum that she had displayed so proudly on her face just a few nights prior. An elegant slim-fitting silky purple dress clung to her supple body and her breasts pressed firmly upwards as if trying to escape it.

“Hey handsome,” she greeted me with a sweet tilt of her head and pushed a bottle of white wine into my chest. “Peter and I were supposed to be heading to a party but he’s stuck at the office for a little while and I got bored waiting for him to come and pick me up. It’s not a bad time is it?”

“Not at all, come in,” I replied ushering her into the foyer and bravely leaned forward to kiss her on the cheek.

As I invited her in Rachel had emerged from upstairs almost excitedly as if she had heard Jessica’s voice from the bathroom and rushed down to meet her. The two women sat down at the kitchen table talking and giggling amongst themselves while I corked the wine and poured it into three glasses. Jessica surveyed me carefully as I brought their drinks to them and sat them down on the table.

“Did you like… that thing you bought?” Jessica asked my wife, careful not to reveal the item in question in case Rachel had not surprised me with it yet.

Rachel sipped at her wine and smiled widely around the glass. “Yes, very much so,” she replied pushing her glasses further back up her nose.

“Thank you for your input on that,” I added as I sat down beside them.

“Oh you’re welcome sweetie,” she said and turned back to my wife. “Told you he’d like it, and you would too. I get to use mine every now and then with Peter… more so when we have another girl with us. It never stops being fun.”

“We first used it right here actually,” Rachel responded and tapped the edge of the table where she had first bent me over and penetrated me with the new toy.

“Oh, that’s hot,” Jessica replied as she looked around surveying the table. She focused intently on the table for a moment and bit her lip, and I assumed she was picturing the rough pounding my wife had given my virgin arse there. “And illegal bahis the other things I told you about?”

“Some of it,” my wife answered with another knowing smile and sip of her wine.

I wondered what Jessica had meant. Rachel had confessed to only buying the strap-on so I knew it wasn’t other toys she was referring to. I surmised that Jessica had been giving my wife tips for things to try out, and figured the rimming and playing of my arse, and the feeding me my own semen was just some of the things she had suggested. If there were more then I was curious to see what else Rachel had in store.

“What’s this party you’re going to?” Rachel asked.

“Oh, it’s a fancy Swingers party,” Jessica replied with an abrupt honesty that even after knowing how sexually uninhibited she was still managed to surprise the two of us. “You know, masquerade masks, dark rooms with various levels of depravity occurring. Real ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ stuff. I’m just a bit pissed Peter’s late, we’re going to miss the good stuff at the start.”

“Oh cool,” Rachel said swilling the wine around her glass before taking another gulp.

“You want to come? There’s still time,” she asked and lowered her hand atop Rachel’s.

Rachel was learning, and must have sensed my attention perking up, and quickly declined the offer before I had chance to accept. “No, it’s ok thanks. I don’t think we’re quite ready for that yet.”

“Suit yourself. Give me a bell if you’re ever interested though. They’re pretty frequent and I’d love to have you both come along at some point,” Jessica slumped back into her chair appearing somewhat disappointed. She was about to say something else when her phone rang loudly in her handbag. Peter was calling and she answered swiftly. “Hey baby. Sorry I’m just over at Rich & Rachel’s. No nothing like that. Ok honey, I’ll be there in a minute, meet you in the car,” she said into the phone. She hung up and tossed the last of her wine down her throat. “Got to go lovelies, thanks for keeping me entertained briefly.”

We walked Jessica to the door to say our goodbyes and as we closed the door behind her Rachel turned to me with a chuckle. “Swingers party,” she said with raised eyebrows. “She is going to stop surprising me at some point right?”

The next day after Rachel had returned from work, and I had returned from spraying my semen into another stranger’s pussy through the glory holes at Bar Ten, we received further welcome visits from more neighbours. Tara and Paul were the first to stop briefly by and gifted Rachel with a bouquet of lilies as they greeted us. Their visit was so swift that I had barely chance to learn anything about them. They apologised as they explained they were on their way out to dinner and just wanted to say hello, and left shortly after.

The next visit was from Helena and Brendan, a young couple in their early twenties who lived in the house that we had visited previously when no one was home. Brendan was an underwriter for a mortgage company whose head office was located somewhere between Rock River and the nearby town. He was tall, and skinny, with a close-shaved head and pointed black goatee. His skin had a slight tinge of light brown and I wondered if one of his parents was from the Middle East somewhere.

Helena also had a somewhat foreign nature about her and resembled an ex I had once dated from Greece. Her hair was dyed a bright poppy red and her eyes deep pools of a beautiful light blue that seemed to glow unnaturally when she gazed at us. She was remarkable and I was so captivated by her that even Rachel had begun to notice and playfully swat at me to alert me to how obvious I was being. I had started to wonder if Rock River was only drawing in the most stunning of women to populate it.

“What do you do Helena?” Rachel asked the gorgeous girl as we sat in the lounge sipping slowly at the coffee she had just served.

“Not a whole lot to be honest,” Helena replied. “I’ve not long finished my degree and looking for work at the moment. It’s tough though, not a whole lot going out there.”

“What did you study?” I asked her.

“Web design and development,” she replied to my surprise.

Rachel must have sensed my intrigue as she looked over at me suspiciously.

“Really? You got a portfolio?” I continued to ask inquisitively.

“Yes…” she paused for a moment and raised an eyebrow. “Why?”

“Well believe it or not I’m a partner in a web design company. I’d be happy to take a look at your work if you want?” I replied seizing the moment as I sipped the last of my coffee and set it down onto a coaster on the side table. “We’re always looking for budding fresh talent.”

“Really? Wow. Ok sure,” she stammered nervously. “Honestly that would be so nice of you.”

“Yes it is. Thank you,” Brendan added.

I caught the ocean blue of Helena’s eyes become misty as she welled up and just about managed to stop herself from crying completely. “Yes, thank you so much. I know I’m good, great even, and illegal bahis siteleri I’ve been trying so hard to find someone to just take a chance on me but every time I send my work over to someone they don’t even give me the time of day. I’m not even sure they’re actually looking at it if I’m honest. Can’t help but feel like I’m being ignored purely for being a girl.”

“I know that feeling,” Rachel added as she herself had originally struggled to get her graphic design portfolio seen in what was seemingly a very male dominated and misogynistic line of work.

“The truth is we were thinking we’d have to move out and downsize if I didn’t start to get my own salary coming in. Brendan’s job pays ok but the house costs more, and the inheritance he got from his parents is starting to dwindle,” Helena explained sweetly still fighting back her tears. “It would mean so much to me… To us. You have no idea.”

Brendan had begun to slump down into the couch in embarrassment as his girlfriend openly broadcasted their financial difficulties to us.

“It’s fine. I’m not promising anything but I’ll take a look at least. I have a lot of sway within the company so I can probably get everybody on board, if you’re as good as you say that is,” I replied with a smile truly hoping she was not exaggerating her talents as the idea of witnessing her grace and beauty on a daily basis was thoroughly enticing. “I’ll tell you what. You free tomorrow? Come into the office and I’ll see what I can do.”

“Sure, I’m free,” she replied with a hint of excitement in her voice. “I can squeeze you into my dreadfully busy schedule,” she joked sarcastically.

“Great. 11am. Trident Web,” I instructed her and she nodded politely in acknowledgement.

Helena and Brendan left shortly after to return home for dinner, and Rachel and I set about making our own. We decided upon a goat’s cheese, pine nut and sweet potato salad, and both began to carry out our self-appointed tasks in order to prepare the meal. I got to work chopping roughly at two sweet potatoes while thinking of Helena and how amazing it would be to have her beautiful body around the office, and could feel my cock stirring and pressing into the kitchen counter.

I crept up behind Rachel who was washing a handful of rocket, and wrapped my hands around her waist and clasped them shut against her belly. My excitement pressed firm into the back of her arse as I kissed the side of her soft neck slowly and she moaned at the touch of my lips.

“Wait until we’ve eaten you pest,” she said as she smiled and pulled herself from my grasp to push me away.

We slowly ate the meal we had lovingly prepared as we discussed all the requirements for the upcoming house warming party, and who we were going to invite outside of the neighbours. We both agreed to invite some close friends and some of the colleagues from work that we didn’t dread to see socially. Rachel suggested asking Jessica for Tariq’s number so we could have him serve the guests for us and I agreed it was a good idea.

After a dessert of fresh berries, Greek yoghurt and honey we relaxed in the lounge and switched on the television for the first time since I had mounted it to the wall. Rachel was lay comfily back on the L-shaped couch flicking through the different channels as I shuffled closer beside her and wrapped my arm around her shoulder. She settled on some unknown sitcom and the laugh track that played within seconds of the channel being selected made my eyes roll.

I began to nuzzle into Rachel’s neck once more, attempting to distract her from the television with delicate kisses against her neck. She tilted her head aside and brushed her hair backwards to allow me more access to her soft pearlescent skin. As my lips broke from her neck she turned to face me and pressed her lips softly into mine. Our tongues twisted slowly around each other at first and we both began to breathe deeply. As our kiss intensified so did the firm motions of our tongues into each other.

Rachel’s hands began to grasp at my t-shirt and I broke from her lips to allow her to deftly lift it from my arms and toss it aside. She ran her fingertips against my chest as her body twisted and her leg wrapped around mine. I plucked each button of her blouse open quickly, eager to feel her skin against mine, and slipped it from her shoulders. With a swift motion of her arm behind her back she effortlessly unclasped her bra and allowed it to fall from her into my lap.

I eagerly lowered my lips to her breasts as they fell into view, and carefully took each budding nipple within them one at a time, swirling my tongue around them feeling them stiffen inside my mouth. Her soft moans echoed throughout the lounge and she ran her fingertips through my hair as my mouth moved back and forth between her breasts paying an equal amount of care to each.

With a display of strength that surprised even myself I lifted her from the couch with her legs wrapped tight around me and my arms around canlı bahis siteleri her waist holding her body against mine as we continued to kiss passionately. Her warm breasts pressed against my chest poking two hard nipples into me.

I released her from my grasp and allowed her to slide downwards onto the couch as I shuffled her over it to face away from me and lean her forwards to poke her arse out towards me. My hands glided down her thighs and back up her arse, squeezing each cheek roughly before quickly tugging down her trousers and her underwear with it. Her firm pale arse slid into my view and I wasted no time in lowering my mouth back down into it, covering her flesh with hungry kisses leaving a trail of my saliva over her cheeks.

Rachel continued to hum and moan as I lowered myself onto my knees beside her and wrapped my fingers tight into each buttock. My fingertips buried deep into the soft pink flesh of her arse as they parted her cheeks and displayed the folds of her pussy and her cute little anus to me. I was already wild with hunger for her but the scent of her only made me wilder and I instantly dropped my mouth between the top of her thighs to slide my tongue along moist lips of her pussy.

“Oh fuck baby,” she uttered and dropped her face into the leather cushion of the couch, moaning deeply into it.

I lapped lovingly down the length of her cunt feeling her juices starting to coat my cheeks. My tongue dropped and probed against her swollen clit, inching back her hood to flick rapidly against her most sensitive spot. My mouth sank further into her as my tongue begin to slip inside her, and I felt her arse cheeks pressing against my face and my nose probing at her tiny hole.

A braveness washed over me and I released my tongue from her pussy to draw it further up into the crack of her arse. She moaned once more and remained still in anticipation as the tip began to delicately lap against her pretty pink arsehole. As it twisted and probed into her most private of spots I waited for her to pull away but to my surprise she didn’t. Instead she simply pressed her hips back as if to offer more of her arse for me to lovingly devour. I continued to lap furiously at her anus, and then back down to her clit, trailing my tongue firmly up and down to pay close attention to each hole. My mouth moaned around her sending vibrations into both spots and she moaned back in response.

I released my tongue from her sex and leaned back to drink in the sight of her gorgeous arse before me. “Babe,” I said hesitantly and she looked back over her shoulders to meet my gaze. “I want to fuck you in the arse.”

“No,” she frowned and replied suddenly. I had been so taken aback that she had even allowed me to pleasure her arsehole as much as she had done already that the disappointment that filled me when she refused to allow me to do more to it was almost overwhelming. She allowed her body to fall onto one side as she looked back at me solemnly. “No, I’m sorry. I know you seem to like it… but I’m not ready to try that again.”

“Ok. That’s fine hon,” was all I could muster up before quickly twisting her back into position.

I didn’t want her to dwell too much on the desire I had expressed in case it ruined the moment. Instead I shuffled back onto my feet behind her quickly unbuckling my belt and shuffled my jeans down to my thighs to release my cock from within them. My jeans hung limp against my legs as I guided the tip of my cock towards her inviting pussy and quickly began to push myself inside her there instead.

Her labia parted around my shaft as her pussy welcomed me in. She cried out in delight. The wetness that was already flooding from her allowed me to slip effortlessly inside and I held myself still inside the warm depths of her cunt. The walls of her pussy gripped tight into my length, and when I had begun to slowly move back and forth inside her, they milked my shaft causing me to moan towards the ceiling.

Rachel’s arse began to bounce delightfully below me as the motions of my hips sent my cock deeper and deeper inside her. I placed my hand on her waist and grasped tightly onto her skin to pull her back even harder onto me and send my prick further inside.

She whimpered and panted with every thrust of my cock into her. Each motion increased in intensity and speed until I was ramming myself into her recklessly. Her heavy breath became more audible and beads of perspiration had begun to trickle down her back.

“Fuck, I love your cock. Fuck me,” Rachel screamed back at me though the violent motion of our bodies colliding had clearly made it difficult for her to exclaim her pleasure and she panted loudly between each word.

Her body slumped over as she released one of her arms from the edge of the couch and instead lowered it between her legs below her. Her fingertips flicked wildly against my shaft as she rubbed rapidly at her clit causing her pussy to vibrate around my length. Rachel’s thighs bounced sending ripples of flesh across her arse as my own collided with them. I felt my swollen balls slapping roughly against the tips of the fingers pleasuring herself and they stretched out to pinch at my sack, tugging the skin with each thrust backwards of my hips.

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