Right There

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They both could barely breathe. He closed his eyes tightly listening to her gasp into the phone. She was almost there. Almost. He knew how to play her so well by now that he knew exactly what to say, how to say it, and when to say it — until he heard her breathing fast.

Breathing so fast, faster, waiting for the build up to the sound of her silence that reached deep inside him and wrenched him so good — the silence was her scream as she came.

“You like that?” he whispered.

“Fuck yeah…,” she whispered.

“You want more?” he whispered.

“I want to ask you a question..” she whispered.

He laughed quietly.

“Oh yeah? What’s that?” he said.

She was still catching her breath.

“Do you…do you want to fuck me?” she said.

He laughed again.

“Uh, what do you think?” he said.

“Tell me…,” she said.

“Yes…,” he whispered.

“Yes, I want to fuck you. I want to fuck you until you pass out…,” he could hear her breathing going again.

“I want to fuck you stupid. I want to fuck you hard…and fast…because I know just how you want it,” he said, listening to her gasp quicker and sigh harder again.

His cock was so hard.

“Does that answer your question?” he said.

“Yes…,” she whispered.

“I just wanted to make sure before I told you — I’m right here,” she said.

Now it was his turn to have his breath caught in his throat. Did he hear that right?

“What!?” he whispered in a quiet exclamation.

“I’m here,” she said. “Look out the window.”


Minutes later, she was inside — her back against the door.

She was trying to look cool but she was shaking so badly and he saw it. It made him smile.

She wore a buttoned white shirt, a little plaid skirt, stockings and heels.

He stood back a few feet from her, in his boxers and t-shirt, arms crossed, looking at her.

“Hi,” she said, smiling.

“Hi there,” he said, smiling back.

“I’m scared,” she said.

“I know you are,” he said.

“But I’m also …right there…,” she said.

“You know?” she said.

“I know you are,” he said, deliberately making her wait for his next move.

“So am I,” he said.

She licked her lips.

He moved toward her slowly.

He could do what they both wanted. He could see her breathing fast, her chest rising and falling. He could push her skirt up, right there, against the door, and fuck her senseless. But it was almost too overwhelming. He couldn’t think. He just acted.

He stood in front of her, face to face, eyes to eyes. She held onto the door for support.

He reached out with his hands and she bit her lip again. Her body was more cranked up with sensations than she’d ever been.

He gently reached into her hair with his left hand, still looking into her eyes, faint smile on his lips. He touched her cheek with his right, stroking her face with his fingers. His thumb reached for her lips and her eyes fluttered.

He opened her mouth gently, slightly, with his thumb and met her lips with his. She felt his warm mouth on hers, his fingers touching her face so gently, and his tongue finding hers. She sighed deeply into his mouth and he turned her head gently and his tongue moved deeper, and she met it with hers. Her hands moved from the door to wrap her arms around his neck. His left hand moved to wrap his arm around her back, his right hand still on her face, and his kiss became more aggressive as his fingers still made their gentle touch.

He pressed his body against hers now, and he dominated her mouth with his, his tongue deep, fucking her mouth with it. He could hear her sighing louder into his mouth.

She shuddered with the kiss, so deep and erotic. His tongue worked hers, worked her mouth. She’d never been kissed like that before. His hand moved from her face to behind her back and now both his hands found her ass. She instinctively opened her legs sincan escort and wrapped them around his hips. His hands moved under her skirt, finding the naked skin of her upper thighs around the garters holding her stockings up. He laughed softly into her mouth.

“Oh…fuck…yeah,” he whispered.

He lifted her skirt so there were barely the thinnest layers of cotton between his hard cock and her soaked pussy, and they couldn’t get tighter together. His hands moved under her shirt now, finding the bottom of her lace bra, finding her hard nipples. He pulled away from the kiss to look into her eyes.

He moved his hands to the top of her shirt and pulled slowly, popping one button off at a time, never losing her eyes.

Then he looked down, lifting her higher against the door, taking her lace-covered nipple into his mouth and working it with his tongue against the rough material.

She buried her hands in his hair, pulling it, sighing and gasping. Her nipples were such a good spot for her and this was sooooo good. Harder and harder her worked it, working the other with his fingers.

He wanted her to come. She was shaking, sighing, gasping.

“Oh fuck yeah. Yeah…yeah…like that,” she whispered…”Right there. Yeah yeah yeah.”

He worked his tongue harder now, aggressively, pulled her bra down to find her naked nipple and work it, pulling away, blowing on it, hard and sensitive, and then she did come, digging her fingers into his shoulders, gasping and shaking.

He lowered her down, let her wrap her arms around his neck so his mouth was at her ear. His hands still under her skirt, feeling the her soft skin, moving to spread her legs once again and find her soaked through her panties.

“You’re so wet,” he whispered in her ear, his unshaven face tickling her.

“Mmmm,” she whispered back.

She reached down to find him so ready for her, stroking his rock hard cock.

“Are you still not sure I want to fuck you?” he whispered.

“I just looooove to hear you say it,” she whispered back.

His fingers gently touched her over her panties, so wet. He pulled at the soft, soaked fabric until it ripped through in his hands and fell to the floor.

Her bare, hot, soft pussy in his hands now, he teased her with his fingers.

“I want to fuck you so badly,” he whispered.

Her hands still feeling him, stroking him, she gasped.

He opened her soaking wet pussy with his fingers, unable to control himself any longer.

“I want to eat this fucking pussy so good, so well,” he whispered, his beard still tickling her ear.

She started her gasping then, that sound he knew so well.

It was too good. He slowly slid one finger inside her and she gasped a scream.

“Yeah…,” he whispered.

Two fingers now, inside her, so wet, so hot, so ready. He slid them in…and out…and in…and out, faster and faster.

“Oh God…yes…so there. Right there…,” she whispered.

“That’s it, baby,” he whispered. “Come for me.”

He was rewarded with her shuddering and gasping against him, sighing his name.

She pushed his hands away.

He looked into her eyes and saw.

She dropped to her knees before he could stop her.

Slowly, she pulled down his boxers, free to finally, slowly, worship his cock the way she wanted to. She pulled her bra totally off and away. She looked at it at first, stroking it gently, giving herself the luxury of denial. Then she softly, gently, reached out for it with her tongue. She felt herself burst with soaking wetness as she felt his hard, delicious cock at her mouth. He brought his hands down to hold it, tap her mouth with it, tease her with it.

“Oh, yeah…,” she whispered. He saw her hands move away and up under her full breasts, squeezing her nipples in response to his movements. She lifted her mouth to his teasing.

“You want this?” he said.

“Fuck yeah,” she whispered.

“I ankara escort am such a fucking whore for your cock. Give it to me,” she whispered.

He felt her words go through him.

“Yeah?” he said.

“Oh, fuck, yeah,” she said.

She pushed his hands away and slid him all the way inside her mouth. His hands found her hair and knotted his fingers in it. His head went back. His eyes closed.

Slowly, she worked his cock with her mouth, licking, sucking, working it, running her tongue back and forth underneath as she slowly increased speed. She loved to twirl her tongue around the tip, sliding it back in…all the way in.

She stopped and looked up at him.

“I want you to fuck my mouth,” she whispered.

She moved his hands to her hair.

His eyes fluttered as he took her hair in knots and slowly moved his hips, thrusting his dick deep inside her mouth. The movements sent her over the edge. He could hear her moaning into his cock as he slid all the way into her mouth and out again. The feeling of him thrusting in and out sent her into a shuddering, explosive, multiple orgasm.

How the fuck was he supposed to hold it together with her on her knees, naked except for garters, stockings and heels, coming at the feeling of him fucking her mouth?

He wasn’t. But he had an idea.

He pulled away.

“No no no no…” she said.

“Oh, fuck yeah,” he said. He pulled her to her feet, and threw her over his shoulder.

He carried her to his bed and dropped her onto it.

He stood back to look at her. On her elbows, her half naked, legs spread, with that look in her eye. He wanted to remember it. He’d imagined her on his bed so many times, but this was so much better.

He climbed onto the bed and found her mouth with his again. He fucked her mouth without hesitation this time, just penetrated her with his mouth. Deep and hot, and wet. She pulled his t-shirt over his head so she could find his back to scratch.

His mouth moved down, down, down to lick her cleavage, kiss her belly, and there was no more waiting, no more stopping. He lifted her hips in his hands and buried his mouth in her pussy.

Her back arched and she did scream then, unprepared, shocked into ecstasy. Her fingers dug as deeply into the bed as his scratchy face teased her sensitive inner thighs and then back to her pussy, his eager tongue so deep, so delicious.

“Yes…yes…yes… right there,” she gasped, loudly.

His tongue found her clit and worked it hard, harder, then back inside her, his tongue unbearably deep and hungry, and she could hear him sighing with pleasure doing it. She could not fight the explosion and he tasted it, felt the damp sweetness as his reward. He wanted more.


She punched the bed in her orgasmic frenzy, feeling him working her, knowing he much loved it, wanted it. Wanting it more. Wanting more.

“Wait…wait…,” she said.

She pulled him onto the bed onto his back.

She crawled over him to swallow him again, and he pulled her over him so his mouth was still working her pussy while she worked his cock with hers. It was mind-blowing for both of them as she tried so hard to concentrate on his cock while he was so hungrily working her.

She was focused though, trying not to be distracted. So was he, focusing on her soaking wet pussy while he felt her insatiable mouth up and down on his cock, her fingers finding his balls, stroking them, working him good.

Again and again he tasted her coming in his mouth, but he wanted to break her. He wanted to win. His tongue teased her clit in circles and he slid two fingers inside her to finally break her. She arched her back over him and fell on to the bed.

“NO fair,” she gasped.

“I know…,” he whispered, smiling.

He worked her pussy hard and good. She bit her knuckles hard as he worked it fast, so fast, faster.

“Yeah…yeah…yeah,” she moaned. “Yeah…like etimegut escort that. Just like that…”

She came shuddering and loud, and finally pushed him off.

“Stop…stop…,” she said.

“Why…?” he said, smiling

She pushed him back on the bed.

“Here’s why…” she whispered.

Her eyes were focused but crazed.

She crawled up his body, her legs still in stockings and heels. Her hair a tangled sexy mess.

She straddled him, her naked wet pussy rubbing against his rock hard cock, back and forth.

“Oh…fuck,” he whispered.

“Exactly…,” she whispered.

Without a second’s hesitation, she moved up and slowly…slowly…slid his cock inside her.

They both stopped breathing for a beat.

His hands found her hips. Her hands found her hair.

“Yeah…yeah baby,” he whispered.

She moved, slowly, riding him, up…and down…up…and down…breathing gaspy, screamy breaths…up…and down…back down, hips rotating around…and around…and around…head back.

He watched her, fingers digging into her hips…so good, so deep, she rocked harder…harder…deeper. Wetter.

Up…and down…she kept moving…his fingers found her nipples and worked them…and she knew…knew she was going to explode. He was too hard. She was too wet. It was too fucking good.

Her rocking got more frantic, her hips swiveled faster, up and down, up and down, and he could see, feel she was going to come. He lifted his hips to meet hers and that was it. She buried her fingers in her hair, her head swiveling side to side, screaming, gasping, rocking hard to her slippery explosion all over his welcoming cock.

He was done then. Done.

He pushed her off and over to her hands and knees.

“Oh… god…yeah,” she whispered.

“This is what you want, baby…,” he whispered.

“FUCK yeah…,” she said.

He smiled.

He grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her head back, feeling his beard tickling her again.

“I want to fuck you so fucking badly. Fuck your fucking brains out,” he whispered.

He could hear her start to gasp.

“And guess what? No fucking around tonight. I’m about to do it,” he said.

He took hold of her hips tightly in his hands and slid all the way inside her soaked pussy. She gasped so loud. He thrust himself all the way inside her, hard, so hard, so fast, no stopping, harder, faster, again and again. He was merciless.

She could barely breath but pulled away and turned over, pulling him on top of her.

“I want to see your face when you fuck me,” she whispered.

“Oh yeah?” he whispered.

“Oh fucking yeah,” she said.

“I want to see your face when you come all over me,” she said.

He slid himself inside her, no more waiting, no hesitating. Nothing in the way.

“Oh god,” he said.

“Yeah baby,” she whispered. She moved her hands to her tits, to her nipples.

“Come all over me,” she whispered.

“Oh god…say it again,” he said, fucking her harder, faster, watching her eyes, her mouth, her hands.

“I’ve got my tits right here for you, baby. Can you come all over them like I want you to?” she whispered.

“OH god,” he said. He was close, so close.

“Come all over me, all over my pussy, all over my mouth, all over my face, all over my nipples…I want your come ALL over me,” she said.

He was done then, one more thrust and he pulled out, coming hot and sticky all over her belly and breasts and she threw her head back, loving every drop, every moment.

He paused to enjoy the moment, leaning down to kiss her, then fell on the bed and the both of them tried to breath.

“Christ,” he whispered.

She ran her finger down her belly and brought it to her mouth.

“Yummy,” she whispered.

He laughed quietly.

“You are a BAD girl,” he whispered.

“Yeah?” she whispered.

“Oh yeah,” he said.

“So it wouldn’t surprise you if I said I want your mouth on me again?” she whispered.

He smiled.

“Where?” he whispered.

“There?” he said, moving over her.

“Yes…,” she gasped.


“Right there.”

The End.

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