Rhyley’s First Adventure

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Rhyley had just turned nineteen that summer. It was a great year. The whole time she had off she was going to really find herself. She wanted to make no mistakes about college and she needed a serious break.

Her greatest opportunity arrived as her Uncle Dean came through the front door that humid morning. She loved Dean so much. He was the one who let her watch her first adult movie for her sixteenth birthday, he was the one who let her get drunk when she turned seventeen and when she turned eighteen, he let her take a toke off a joint. He let her do the things that she wanted to do, just to do them. She wanted some experience in her life and her stern and sheltering father was a far cry from easy going Dean.

The best part about it was that Dean was Daddy’s twin. She liked it for two reasons. One, she got to spend time with a nice looking man and didn’t have to worry about what he wanted from her and two, she could spend time with her father, even though it was really Dean. Since her father worked so hard, she tried to spend time with Dean at least once a month when she got too lonely.

Her mother wasn’t much help. She loved to drink and she loved to tell her daughter how much she hated her. She reminded Rhyley everyday that she would never be thin, she would never be beautiful and she would never be loved. And Rhyley believed her. Sso, she got lonely more and more often as the years went on and by the time she graduated, she had hoped that a voodoo priestess would steal into the house and put a curse on her mom so a steamroller would mow her down after a good bender. Although she knew that was hateful, she at least kept it to herself.

When Dean came to the house so early in the morning that day, she knew that he had something good planned. She missed him on her birthday, but he just wasn’t able to make it and she knew that was just how it goes. She wasn’t mad, just sad.

And there he was! As big as life. His lighthearted stroll was infectious and he had the air of a man who thinks he is the King Shit of Turd Mountain. He had something special. He saw her in the kitchen and immediately ran to her to lift her in a huge bear hug.

“Ah, Rhyley! You hve no idea how hard it’s been to be gone. The only part I hate about travelling is that I don’t have you to keep me company.” He grinned a lopsided grin and put her down. He stared at her large breasts for a moment and excused himself to get some coffee.

“I missed you, too, Dean. Coffee?”

“Don’t mind if I do,” he said as he sipped his almost overflowing mug. He sat down at the table and whispered to Rhyley as she sat down next to him.

“How would you like to go camping for the rest of the summer?”

“Really? Oh man, that would be the shit!”

“Hey, hey, what did I tell you about that language?”

“Oh, sorry. Oh Dean, that would be the shit!” That’s better, he thought. She was bubbling with anticipation because she knew it was going to be her and Dean all the way and no one could stop her this time!

“Well, let us have it! Come on, you have to tell me where we are going!”

“Do I?”

“YES,” she yelled. She loved the gleam he got in his eye when he was being coy. His green eyes were always letting on to how much trouble he was going to be in.

“Okay, I got us a great spot at the Lake of the Woods, in Illinois. It’s gorgeous in the summer and it’s even better in the winter. You’ll love it, Rhyley. It is going to be so great!”

“Can we go fishing?”

“You’re damn right, now go get dressed, we are leaving in one hour.”

“What about mom?”

“Your dad said you are going and you are. Move it, shug, I can’t wait.” She dashed upstairs and dug around in her closet for her suitcase. All I need are the basics, she thought. Shorts, t-shirts, underpants, and socks. She fingered something in the back of her drawer and pulled it out. She had forgotten about the little sexy outfit she bought last year. It was a sheer and lace bra and panty, green, with tiny pearl accents. The cups were cut for a dangerous cleavage and the panties were sinfully sheer with a floral pattern in the satin front. She had bought it on a whim and never put any use to it. She thought of her painfully existent viginity and shrugged, throwing it in with the rest of her things. Maybe I’ll meet someone and actually have a good time, she thought.

With her packing done, she ran downstairs to the garage and grabbed her dad’s tackle box and rod. He hardly ever used it and she thought it would be nice to take a piece of her dad with her. She shrugged again and thought to herself that it was just an idea.

When she was ready, she saw that only a half hour had slipped by. She didn’t want to waste any time when it came to a fab weekend just her and Uncle Dean.

When she placed her things by the door, Dean stood up and told her he was ready to go. He shut off the coffee and turned out the light. He took Rhyley by one hand, bursa escort her bag in the other and headed out the door.

She smiled when she saw he still had his Jeep. She loved it. It was ugly and dirty and looked like it had seen the better part of a war or two, but to her, it symbolised Dean. She hopped into the seat as he tossed the stuff into the backseat. He gotin, ground the gears, chuckled and tore out of the driveway backwards. He ground the gears again and sped off to the highway. She kicked her sandals of and enjoyed the cool air on her feet. The fresh air did wonders for her and she hated being stuck inside. Even in the rain, she would go for long walks and sometimes even sit on a bench in the park while she listened to the beauty of nature.

Dean couldn’t help but notice how she loved that trip. She was rosy, smiling, and she was most of all, happy. He glanced at her quite a fe times as the trip progressed, loving that she was with him. Rhyley was so full of life that he got his own high just by being with her. He really loved her and he thought more than a few times about what it would be like if she wasn’t his niece. He could love a girl like her for the rest of his life.

When he felt himself get a bit aroused, he tried to concentrate on the road. It helped, mostly. Whenever he looked at her, he could see something else he liked about her. Her hair, it was so long, down to her waist and had the slightest wave to it. Her eyes, they were so clear and blue. Her grandmother used to tell her she had Christopher Reeve’s eyes. He thought it was pretty accurate. He smile was so bright. She had a slight crook in her mouth from when she was a baby and had surgery for a cleft lip. It seemed to give her an air of mystery. Her breasts were so full and heavy, he loved the way they looked when she leaned back in her seat, the way they jiggled so.

He loved all of her. He knew that he wouldn’t ever touch her, but he couldn’t help but admire the luscious body that some lucky man would someday possess. He had often wished it would be him, but Dean had a good sense about him and he would have to be in mortal fear to even attempt to cross that line. But still, he wondered.

The five hour trip was a great one. With stiff backs they stretched and took in the scenery. When Rhyley noticed the lake right off their campsite, she was overjoyed. She grabbed her luggage, dug out her bathing suit and ran non stop to the water’s edge. She knew it was going to be cold, but well worth it.

Dean was busy putting up the tent. He bought a huge one specifically for this trip. Three rooms and seventy-two inches high. One room for him, one for Rhyley and one for sitting back. After he was finished, he looked up and saw a gorgeous site; Rhyley standing on the small cliff, the sun hitting her skin just right making her glow. She held her arms up, bent her knees and sailed into the water. Although he couldn’t hear the splash she made, the sight was enough to stop his breathing. Her silhouette was amazing and he felt a familiar stirring in his shorts.

He knew what he needed and the only way to take care of it was to leap into the frigid water himself since he knew he couldn’t have what he really wanted. Rhyley looked up just as Dean came running to the ledge. He didn’t stop and let him fully clothed body fly into the water. She thought it was very funny since he still had his chain wallet on.

“You know, they do make clothes just for this occasion, Dean.” She smirked at him as his golden hair turned brown as it was dampened. He turned to look at her and his green eyes glared at her. If she only knew why I did this she wouldn’t be laughing, he thought.

His breath caught again as she swam to shore to dive again. He white suit was nearly tranparent, her sweet mauve nipples like stone and her mound! Even from his vantage point he knew she shaved. He was almost kicked in the face when she dived in, his mind on other things.

“I am so so sorry, Dean! Are you okay?” She swam over as quick s she could and wrapped her legs around his waist. The water was way over her head and it was hard to look after him treading water. It was easy for him, he was six-three. “I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“Iam okay, I swear, I just didn’t see you coming, that’s all.” He finally noticed that she was awfully close. He groaned inwardly at the sensation of her legs around his waist. She wasn’t paying attention to the rest of him, but her crotch was rubbing on his doing such wonderful things. He let her check his face to be sure while he stared at her tits and licked his lips, wanting a taste of her mouth. When his cock lurched with instinct, he grabbed her waist and tossed her aside. She was startled and stared at him as he waded to the shore.

“I think it’s time to get ready for our hike,” he grumbled. He was thankful she couldn’t see him or she may have fainted. Her Uncle Dean had quite a tent going and from he knew about women, she probably would have been terrified to even bursa escort bayan come near him again. Having a twelve inch dick isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, he sighed to himself.

As Rhyley came up the embankment, she saw that Dean had already changed his clothes and put on his boots. She went into the tent, dried off and put on her own hiking gear. Her canteen, a bandanna, matches, tissue paper, her pack and a hat. Her attire was simple, boots, linen shorts that gently accentuated her fine ass, and a tank top. She wanted to stay cool but she also wanted to have a bit of protection from the sun besides slathering on sun block. As she stepped otu of the tent, she popped her hat on and waited for Dean to give the go ahead.

He didn’t look at her as he started walking. He knew she was there, he could smell her. She always seemed to smell like Jasmine and the scent drove him crazy. He tried to keep his thoughts to a minimum, but he had a hard time keeping his dick from sliding out the leg of his shorts.

Rhyley was having a great time. She loved the air and the exercise and most of all, she got to stare at Dean’s tight ass. She knew that he worked out in the gym, but she never really noticed how built he was. She loved his shoulders. Wide, strong, muscular without having the over muscled appearance of the obsessed body jockey. Just enough to look toned and thick enough to look sop powerful. She slowed just a bit when she realised how wet she was getting. She was by no means ignorant of sex, she just didn’t understand why she was so hot after Dean. He is the splitting image of my dad, she thought. Dad has short hair and a goatee, but it seems so wrong. I am I a pervert? What is wrong with me if I get horny looking at my uncle? She put it out of her mind as Dean rounded the grove of trees and came to a dead stop.

She wanted to ask him what he saw, but she was afraid. Dean didn’t look like he normally did, he seemed haunted. Or scared. She approached him slowly and stepped in his line of vision. He was leaning against a tree staring at the ground. He didn’t look as if he saw her, so she talked to him.

“Uncle Dean? Are you okay?” He didn’t answer and that got her frightened. She didn’t know if he had any mental problems, but she didn’t want to find out in the middle of the woods. “Dean!” She waited a minute and grabbed hold of his hips and shook him. “DEAN, Dammit!”

He snapped to life in a split second and grabbed her arms. Before she knew what was going on, he spun her around, pressed her against the tree, and went to his knees. Rhyley was too afraid to move and she was more afraid of what Dean was up to. She held her breath when she felt his hand on her calf. He put his forehead to her belly and silently wept. He put his arms around hher waist and whispered over and over, “I am sorry.”

She didn’t know what to say. She thought maybe he had gotten lost, but she didn’t think that it was such a serious problem. It was something else, and she couldn’t put her finger on it. Her hands went to Dean’s hair, smoothing it down, rubbing his temples, doing everything she could to keep him calm. She gasped as his grip on her became painful and she tried to tap his knuckles to get him to release her.

When he let go of her, she sighed and looked down at him. He looked up at her and she saw the old Dean again. She smiled and offered to help him off his knees. She helped brush his shorts off with her hands and she accidentally swept over his crotch, not taking it into consideration since they were so close. When she went to swipe over him again, he grabbed her hands and held them there. She looked confused and tried to pull away, but he waited until she stopped struggling.

“Dean, this is a bit uncomfortable. I mean, there are some places that are off limits, right?” She giggled with fear as she waited for him to answer.

“No, Rhyley, there are no limits here.” Her mouth fell open and she couldn’t find the words to express her concern,

“Do you feel that we are very close, Rhyley?”


“How close would you say?”

“Well, I didn’t think we were quite this close, but I thought we knew each other very well.” Her fear began to show and she wondered in hindsight if there was anything that was a warning against this trip. She thought hard and fast, but nothing seemed to stand out. She knew that she was going to find out now and was terrified of what it could be.

“Rhyley, you are so beautiful. I can’t stand it anymore. You are a woman beyond any definition of woman. There are things that we know about each other that we could never tell anyone else.” She slowly sat down, and stared past him into the dense forest. She thought she could make it if she ran, but not very far. Myabe I should hear what he has to say. Maybe it’s that he is engaged or had crabs or something.

“Rhyley, I want you.”


“I have been thinking about this trip for over a year. I didn’t want things escort bursa to be this way and I know I should keep this to myself, but I can tell you anything. I want to make love to you. I want to be inside you. I know that I am a sick man and I don’t deserve to even sit here. I should be locked up for this.

“I am so sorry for what I am doing.”

“Oh, God, Dean. I didn’t know, I really didn’t. I am so flattered, really. I am babbling. I don’t know what to say.”

“I am going to keep walking, Rhyley. I think I need to be alone. I feel terrible, lusting after my brother’s daughter. I am so tired of pretending I am better than that.”

“No, Dean, you aren’t going anywhere. I want you to stay right here. YOu are not a bad person and you certainly don’t belong in jail. If you haven’t noticed, I am grown now. Perfectly capable of understanding what you mean and old enough to make my own decision. You are not going anywhere.” She crossed her arms and stared him down. He didn’t feel so good about staying so close to her, but he knew that she would hound him until it was all out in the open.

“You know, I find you attactive, also. I was just thinking about how great you look. You hve one hell of an ass. And I think you are more afraid that I am never going to talk to you again than you are of thinking those thoughts.

“In fact, I am even insulted that you thought about walking out on me. I was terrified that you were going to kill me, that’s how bad you had me spooked. But if you think you are going anywhere without getting this off your shest, you are sadly mistaken.”

“Rhyley, I don’t think you understand. I can’t sit here and look at you. I want to do things to you….I can’t even think straight anymore. This is so sudden.”

“Look who you’re talking to!” Who is he kidding, she thought. Then, she had an idea. She was exited. She was very excited and she thought hard about what she should do. She really had to go with it.

Dean was tearing up again and she didn’t want to see him hurting so bad. She put her hand on his knees and made him look at her.

“You may not like this idea, Dean, but I want you to tell me what you have been wanting to do to me.”

“No, I just can’t. I am too old and I am your uncle, for Christ’s sake! Dont’ make me do this.”

“I tell you what,” Her pussy was almost dripping at her audacity. “How about you show me instead? If it’s too hard for you to talk, then show me.”

“Don’t you think I will look a bit foolish?”

“Not if you show me on me.” The look of fear in his eyes passed slowly by and the gleam was there. Dean was coming back. “I am telling you I want you to show me. Show me what I am missing, Uncle Dean.” She gave him an evil smile, knowing that her calling him uncle was a deliberate taunt. He told her once that being called uncle made him feel dirty. She wanted him to feel dirty. She wanted to feel dirty. She knew that Dean would be good to her, but she wanted, needed to know, how to use her body. She took a chance and now there was nowhere to go.

“Oh, Rhyley, you don’t know what you are saying. I am a grown man,” she cut him off.

“And I am now a woman. I know that you will be kind to me. You said you want me. Take me, Dean. I am offering myself to you.”

“I can’t do this; I’m an old man.”

“You are thirty-nine.”

“Too old for you.”

“You want to be too old! I am telling you to fuck me right now!” When he stared at her, she sat up and slapped him across the face. “I told you to fuck me and I mean it, dammit!” When he turned his face back to her, she saw the rage and lust in his eyes. She thought maybe she had gone too far, and she had. She made to run and Dean caught her by the ankle and sent her flying to the dirt, painfully landing on her belly.

Rhyley turned on her back and tried to scoot away, but Dean was too fast and too strong. She screeched when he grabbed her by the shirt, ripping one of the straps. When he set her on her feet, he held her face with one hand and kissed her slowly, softly, hotly, achingly painful. He was rock hard against her plush body and she could feel the electricity in his fingertips. She moaned as he caressed her breasts, taking the time to ease her bra over her stiff nipple and stab his tongue over it. She sucked in a breath, her mind and body conflicting over the dual sensation of his warm mouth and the cool air.

She was lost. She waited for him to make the moves since she neglected to tell him outright that she was a virgin. It didn’t matter yet, but Uncle Dean would know soon enough.

His hands bit into her skin as he tossed her against the tree again. Her head throbbed from hitting it and she closed her eyes knowing the Dean didn’t see it and she wasn’t about to stop him. He lifted her up and let her legs enclose him as he kissed her deeply. She felt her pussy drip uncontrollably as she anticipated what she had in store. Dean grabbed her bra and ripped it from her, throwing it in the weeds, her shorts following. She felt so rugged, having a large man maul her to her will, her shoes still on and the clearing surrounding them with open privacy.

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