Retail Rendezvous

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Come on.

Beck took a deep breath as he idly browsed a rack of sharp dress shirts, glancing up every few seconds at the nearby entrance from the mall proper.

Come onnnn.

He was struck with sudden worry that he had gotten the wrong entrance or that maybe he had missed her as he pretended to look at the dress clothes around him. But really, he knew it was just nerves and anticipation. Despite weeks of discussion and planning, he still couldn’t believe he was going through with this. His wife stood across the aisle away from the entrance, perusing luggage sets for the upcoming family trip while he waited for another woman. His heart started racing, sending a wave of blood rushing to the bulge inside his stylish dark blue jeans. He glanced over to see his wife examining a large suitcase, oblivious to his ruse. He felt a small pang of guilt and considered abandoning their plan. She’ll understand, he told himself. She’s as nervous about this as you are. That was it. It was decided. The deal was off. He’d deal with the fallout later.

It was then that she entered.

As he turned back to the entrance he saw her, Amelia, walking arm-in-arm with her husband into the department store. Beck’s green eyes locked on her baby blues instantly, her mouth curling in a brief, involuntary smile. His own lips mimicked it. His bulge swelled. Holy shit. He fought the urge to run from the store. Amelia must have seen the flash of panic in his eyes, because she froze as if to turn around and head back into the mall. Feeling the tug on his arm, her husband turned to see what was the matter giving Beck a chance to shake his head firmly, showing her his resolve. Seeing it, her face flushed as she explained to her husband that her shoe slipped. He nodded and turned back to meander into the suits on the other side of the entrance. Her husband was an attractive enough man, but Beck knew his secrets: the lack of libido, the infertility, the inability to last long enough to satisfy his wife. He knew Amelia’s as well. He was hers. He took his escort sincan gaze from her and sauntered across the aisle to his wife.

“What do you think, honey? The brown or the black?” she asked as Beck walked up beside her. “Hmm. The black, I think. It looks sturdier.” His wife nodded her assent and went to find an associate to mark the set as sold as Beck watched Amelia turn down an adjacent aisle and walk away, turning her head briefly to glance back at him. What had started as a simple random chat had quickly blossomed into more. Both of them had been looking to fulfill an unmet need, but neither had been prepared for the chemistry, the spark, the detail in their exchanges that fostered a genuine attraction between them. They were emotionally intelligent enough not to let it interfere with their actual lives, or at least they had been, until the idea of arranging a meeting like this had come up. It had started as a joke about how horrifying it would be to run into each other and their spouses in public, but soon they were hashing out details and making arrangements. It took another two weeks for her to get up the courage to go through with it, but now here they were. He realized his breathing had become short and shallow as he recalled the events leading up to this. His bulge was now pressing against the constricting jeans in a way that only excited him more. He took a deep, settling breath. He was ready to do his part. Now if she would just hurry and do hers.

Come. Onnnnnn.

Fifteen minutes later, following his wife aimlessly through women’s sportswear, he saw Amelia over in the corner in front of the dressing room counter, showing the associate there the clothes she wanted to try on. As the associate smiled and led her back to the changing rooms, she anxiously glanced over and caught Beck’s eye one last time. This was it. It was on. He was sure his cock was going to pop the zipper of his jeans open as he took a long, deep breath. Too long and too deep it turned out. “Are you okay?” He spun to his wife. “Huh? ankara escort Yeah, I just needed a deep breath.” he lied. She narrowed her eyes and looked around as if she knew, but there was nothing to see. He smiled innocently. She returned wordlessly to looking at workout outfits.

Several minutes passed before Amelia emerged from the changing rooms, handing back the garments to the associate with a polite nod, then a brief, nervous glance in Beck’s direction. He was on fire. She walked faux-casually towards the back left corner of the men’s dress shoe section just as they’d agreed, then walked briskly away. Now it was his turn. “I just remembered I need some new work shoes, babe. I’ll be right over here,” he told his wife. She absently nodded. His feet wanted to run, but he controlled them as he browsed through the first couple of aisles of shoes, making his way to the back left corner. There, under a shoebox on the end of the third rack from the top, he found them: lacy, black, moist. Just like he’d instructed. He smiled. Good girl. Quickly, he wadded Amelia’s panties up and shoved them into his pocket, then strolled to the restrooms on the right side of the changing rooms. He was already so close, he was afraid he wouldn’t make it into the stall, but he did, slamming the door shut and locked behind him. Once inside, it was only a matter of seconds until his swollen cock was out, her panties wrapped around the thick, throbbing shaft and engorged head as his load erupted into them instantly, blending with her own wetness, a stammered, whispered “Fuck!” escaping his throat as he finished. He panted with the release and steadied himself for a moment as his heart pounded. Gathering himself, he wiped the tip of his cock clean with the panties and tucked it back in his jeans, then returned to the store.

Now came the tricky part. He couldn’t put the panties back in his pocket without soaking his own jeans and wasting the precious cum with which he had teased her for months. He had to quickly get from the restroom to the shoebox etimesgut escort bayan without looking suspicious. He folded the panties as best he could and held them behind his back as he left the restroom and headed back towards the rack of shoes. He had only taken a handful of steps when he saw her there and stumbled; standing exactly where he was heading, looking at exactly the shoes he needed was his wife.

Oh, come on!

Thinking quickly, he turned down the other side of the aisle so as to meet her as he came around the end. Doing this would allow him to use the endcap to hide the filthy treasure in his hand as well as allowing him to usher her back down the aisle, away from the those shoes and his sin. “I like these, honey. What do you think?” She held them up. Part of his brain screamed How does she fucking know? Another part calmly reminded him, She doesn’t know. Don’t freak out. He had to think fast, though. “I looked at those a minute ago, but I think they’re a size too small.” She checked the number on the box. “Oh. Duh.” She said with a smile, handing him the box which he took with his free hand. As she turned to walk away, he replaced the box, deftly sliding the panties underneath it as he did so.

“How about these?” he suggested, guiding her down the aisle and away.

Moments later as Beck and his wife stood checking out, he turned back to see Amelia retrieving her underwear, this time making no effort to look casual as she hurried again to the changing rooms, now unattended. He bit the corner of his mouth to suppress a smile at her eagerness and the shock that they had managed to pull this off so well. He leaned in and kissed his wife’s cheek as the clerk finished ringing them up. “Love you.” She smiled. As he placed the luggage on a cart to wheel it out to the car and left his wife to pay, he turned to see Amelia walking back out onto the floor, now wearing her cum-soaked panties and wiping the corner of her mouth as she caught his eye one last time. Even from across the store, he could see how glazed and glassy her eyes were. She looked to be in a daze. He looked away and smiled with satisfaction.

At the door, an associate cheerily bid the couple farewell. “Thanks for shopping, come again!”

“Oh we will.” Beck replied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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