Relative Perversions Ch. 06

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Ch. 06 – Getting It All In The End


Expanding on his newfound knowledge of his mother’s submissiveness, Lester takes charge of her becoming increasingly reckless with fucking her in evermore situations of being caught. She takes the next to last step of her submission by giving him the last part of her body.


As always, I have to thank the loyal readers of this series and all their continued support. As I’ve stated previously, I would be writing and posting regardless of what anyone thinks, but the encouragement is very appreciated.

I feel that this should go without saying, but some people just never learn. So, with that said, here’s the standard disclaimer. This is a work of fiction. If you can’t understand that and insist on posting endless comments about how unrealistic things in the story are, I invite you to peruse the thousands of other submissions by other writers on this site. By the same token, trolls should beware that I do monitor and take action in the comments section. Negative comments are fine as everyone is entitled to their own opinion, however, purposefully ugly comments will be deleted. Funny enough, I get lots of good laughs at reading the ridiculous trolling comments before removing them, so understand that your words don’t hurt me in the slightest.

I do have to apologize for the lengthy delay in the submission of my chapters in this and my other ongoing series. As each one progresses, I find I have so much I want to add that I end up with chapters that are in the neighborhood of thirty to fifty pages in Word. Given the many criticisms concerning grammar, I’ve made a more concerted effort to proofread my works which has led to another project I’m working on.

Currently, I’m going back on all published chapters to clean the up and revise them fixing grammatical and continuity errors. In addition, I’m adding more content to those earlier chapters, so I invite everyone to check them out when I submit them.

Also, I am going to start a few other series soon that will tie into the current ones and expect to see characters crossing over from one to the other. This is not an attempt to create a “shared universe”. I’m just coming up with lots of ideas, and many include tying characters and stories together.

For anyone who’s enjoyed this series, I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. With each chapter I write, I’m creating more loose plot threads that can be expanded upon. Know that I’ll keep writing until I one day grow tired of the story (which I sincerely hope is never).


[Anal, First Time, Incest/Taboo] (Anal, Ass to Mouth, Big Ass, Big Tits, Cocksucking, Cum Swallowing, Deepthroat, Dirty Talk, Dominant Male, Eating Pussy, Facial, Incest, Mother, Multiple Orgasms, Rough Sex, Slut, Son, Submissive Female, Twerking, Vaginal, White Woman)


Friday, February 1st, 2019

Lester’s week of suspension seemed to be exactly what he had needed to decompress and adjust to all the crazy changes in his life lately.

Lucy’s daily volleyball practices kept her at school until close to six each evening. Along with Marcus’ business trip, this set up the perfect opportunity for Candi and her lover to have all the time they needed to fuck each other’s brains out.

Candi’s adding of vaginal sex had rocketed up the passion between the two and was leading to some pretty hardcore sex. Once Lucy left for the day, each morning started with a wake-up blowjob for Lester that moved to whatever he happened to be in the mood for that particular day. Sometimes, he would let her continue until he fed her a load, but others, he would yank her to the mattress and pound her cunt until he filled it full of his seed. Either way, his mother was always perfectly happy with wherever he gave her his spunk.

After taking the morning edge off, the dom and sub would explore their relationship during the day by trying new things. Candi turned out to be very into BDSM and showed Les some of her favorite sites. By the first Monday of his suspension, Candi was out on a cosmetics call and returned to find her son practicing knots and intricate designs with a silk cord he’d purchased from the local adult book store. Her knees went weak as he explained that he was practicing Shibari, the Japanese practice of rope bondage which was more about wrapping intricate designs of rope lacings around the sub’s body than actual restriction of movement. The slut tore her clothes off and begged him to practice on her which led to an almost embarrassing incident.

The lovers had spent the entire day fucking nonstop with Candi’s body encased in a mesh of ropework when Lucy came home. They had lost track of time bursa escort and forgotten about her. Thus, Les scrambled to his room to pretend to be there all along while Candi was forced to throw a summer dress on over her body. This would have been fine except for the fact that the design left a soft knot directly over her cunt that rubbed it every time she moved and had her leaking down her thighs as she fixed dinner. By the time Lucy finally went to bed, the mother was desperate to cum.

She snuck into Les’ room that night and pleaded with tears in her eyes for him to let her cum. Taking pity, Les stuffed her mouth with a ball gag, which he had also purchased at the store, and pulled the rope aside before fucking her mercilessly. As he had entered her juicy twat, Les had whispered in her ear to cum as much as she wanted. Candi responded by having a series of multiple orgasms that only ended once Les’ thick cum painted the inside of her baby canal. Afterward, he freed her from the ropework as she lay passed out from the nonstop climaxes. He carried her to her bed and covered her up before returning to his own room.

Curiously, he could have sworn he heard a door shut as he walked nude back to his own room but saw nothing. Nervous, he stood outside Lucy’s room listening in case she had woken up but heard nothing from the other side. Convinced he’d imagined it, he went back to his room and went to sleep.

It went like this all week long. Candi spent her mornings hurrying to complete orders and do errands while Les researched fetish subjects online and even checked out some swinger and adult dating sites. They would have a quick lunch and spend the entire afternoon fucking like mad and maybe trying out things that Les had found and was curious about. Though she didn’t have the time to do so, she promised to take her owner on a shopping trip to the adult book store for a purchasing run for all the things that they would need once she was his property completely.

When Lucy would get home, they would go about their regular routines as they had before their sexual relationship had started in order to avoid suspicion. Once the younger teen sibling went to bed, the lovers would steal away to either his room, since it was farther away from her bedroom than the parents’ one or the basement rec room. The latter was used more often as it allowed Candi to be almost as loud as she wanted while her owner’s thick sausage pistoned unrelentingly inside her, but she enjoyed being in his room as well since it meant he had to use the ball gag on her which she loved.

Day after day, it went like this until Friday. Candi was a little miffed since she had order calls that would go all the way until almost time for Lucy to get home. The pair were upset but mollified by the fact that on Thursday the teen had announced that she would spend the weekend at Patty’s and leave after she got home from school on Friday. She had explained that she would need to pack some stuff then that she didn’t want messed up sitting folded in her bag overnight.

Thus, Les had to content himself with only a quick blowjob from Candi before she rushed to get everything ready for her day. Before leaving, she purred in his ear as she discreetly fondled his crotch, “Please, sir, don’t go jerking off today. Your fucktoy wants you to save all this gooey goodness to coat her face so she can wear it proudly as you use her fuck hole as often as you wish.”

Les grinned and swatted her on the ass as she passed him making her yelp in surprise. He turned from closing the door and was shocked to see Lucy standing there. He didn’t know if she had seen him spank their mother’s ass, but he decided to play it off like it didn’t happen and calmly strode past her.

“So, what’ve you got planned for your last Friday of freedom?” she asked as she followed him up the steps.

He gave her a weird look as she followed him into his room and plopped on his bed. “Uh, it’s not the last Friday of freedom. Those start in a few months when I graduate and get the fuck out of that lame ass school.” Les sat down at his desk to fire up his laptop. He couldn’t start his usual research with Lucy in the room, so he surfed some gaming sites like he was looking for tips. “Speaking of which, don’t you have to get there soon?”

“Oh, I’m not going. I have almost perfect attendance and grades. I think I deserve a day off now and then, so I’m taking it today.”

“Good for you,” he replied sarcastically. Lucy never tired of rubbing Les’ nose in the fact that she was a much better student than him.

“Oh, c’mon, don’t be that way. I thought we could have some fun today. Y’know, just you and me.”

“Not interested, squirt,” Les said knowing that the nickname would piss her off. At that moment, his phone pinged with a text. It was a pic of Violet in garters, stocking, heels, and nothing else along with a message telling how excited she was for Monday. He could feel the wicked grin bursa escort bayan spread across his face and ignored his fuming sister as she pouted on his bed. She got his attention though when she jerked his chair around and straddled his lap. “Whoa!! What the fuck Luce!?!”

“Exactly. What the fuck. Why does mama get all the fucking around here?”

“Hell, ask pop. He’s the one causing such a racket with her at night. You know that since their room is right next to yours.”

“Not this past week, he hasn’t. Someone else’s been making her scream in the basement.” Les could practically feel the blood drain from his face as he tried to keep a neutral expression. “And making her squeal in here at night.”

“What the hell’re you talking about, Luce. She couldn’t be doing anything in here at night when I’m in here. Besides, are you saying she’s cheating on pop?”

Les shivered uncontrollably as Lucy began shifting her hips to slowly grind her ass on him as she said, “Don’t know about the cheating part, but she’s definitely been getting some in here at night. Only, she ain’t calling the shots like she does with poppa. The guy fucking her in here is the one in charge and makes her his bitch every night. God!! It’s hot as hell and makes my strum my cunny outside the door every night.”

Les stared in shock at his little sister as she bit her bottom lip and groaned as she increased the pressure of her grinding making his cock like steel under her soft ass. It felt like an eternity, but it was actually only less than a second as a slew of realizations came to him.

When Candi had given him his first nude lapdance and titfuck in the basement, he’d thought he’d heard something from the stairs. At one point, he’d sworn he’d seen a girl’s leg and a phone being held around the corner.

When he’d fucked their mother on the kitchen table, he had heard something from the door connecting to the garage. Later that afternoon, he’d run into Lucy coming out of her bedroom.

Throughout the week, he had heard sounds when Candi and he had stolen moments to fuck or get some quick oral in. He had also sworn he’d seen a figure moving in the shadows a few times when he’d been fucking Candi before Lucy got home.

It all added up to only one conclusion.

Lucy squealed in surprise as Les wrapped an arm around her waist and held her bent slightly over the arm of the chair while remaining in his lap. She shrieked as his palm cracked hard on each ass cheek. She only wore a set of her booty shorts that she was infamous for that left half her cheeks hanging out from under the hem. The string whale tail that hung above her waistband also told that her ass was further unprotected by the skimpy thong she wore.

“How long?” Les barked as he continued to swat her ass.


Les punctuated each word he spoke next with a slap of her ass making her squirm and cry out. “How fucking long have you been watching us? How long have you been playing with your cunt listening? How long have you been skipping practice to spy on us? Answer me!!”

“OWWWW! Please stop and I’ll tell. I’ll tell you anything. Just stop hitting me!!”

Les stopped but held her firmly in place. He held one open palm against her left asscheeks in a warning that he’d start again if she didn’t talk. Lucy sniffled and cried real tears from the pain as she sat there. However, Les could distinctly feel her grinding her crotch against him as well as the wetness soaking from her saturated shorts into his own.

“Mama was acting so weird after we got back from taking Susie her stuff. It got weirder the longer it went. She started dressing like a whore and fucking poppa every night. They haven’t done that since UncaLuca died. Then, when we watched the Fifty Shades movie, you sat next to her on the couch. You never do that, but then I saw you. The china cabinet next to the TV has that glass that reflects, and I saw her hand moving up and down in your lap under the blanket. She was jerking you off!

“I was mad at first, but then I couldn’t help it. I got so hot watching you. Mama’s a hottie, and I’ve always had a crush on you. I’m a sick incest bitch. It got me so fuckin’ hot watchin’ y’all I had to run upstairs and frig myself off. I nutted twelve times that night and couldn’t stop until I passed out.

“After that, I was hooked! I’ve been downloading all kinds of incest stories and porn. I think about y’all all the time. When I heard you guys go downstairs, I followed and couldn’t fuckin’ believe it when mama stripped for you. I couldn’t let you see me, so I hid and held my phone so I could see and even record it all. You have no idea how many times I’ve jilled to that vid.

“Then, when y’all went out of town, y’all came back lookin’ like some kinda couple. You can’t keep your hands off each other and are always smilin’ at each other. Last Friday, I forgot some stuff and came escort bursa home. I saw you poundin’ mama’s cooch and got soooo jealous. After that, mama’s been a total whore around the house, and you’ve been struttin’ around like a king.

“You’re so full of yourself, but you haven’t been an asshole. You still give me shit, but you act like you care more now. You do chores around the house and run errands without being asked. It’s like you’ve taken charge. You’re acting like UncaLuca.”

Les sat in total shock. Lucy’s admissions of what she’d seen was bad enough, but her pointing out the comparison had him floored. It dawned on him that she was right. Over the past couple of weeks, he had been doing more around the house and for the family. It struck him that he had taken up the chores that their Uncle Lucian had done before he got sick. The realization and the memories of his beloved uncle as well as his loss had Lester crying softly. He didn’t even realize he was doing it until Lucy cradled his face against her chest and made soothing noises. They stayed like that for a long time with his sister rocking him as he cried over what they’d lost.

Finally done, Les hugged Lucy tight before pushing her gently back so he could look up at her. “So where does this leave us?”

“What do you mean?”

“Don’t give me that, Luce. You came in here for a reason. I want you to tell me what it is and why you decided to spill everything. If you’re planning on blackmailing me and mama-”

“LES!! What the fuck! How could you say something like that!” Lucy started to jump off his lap but Les held her in place. When that didn’t work, she tried to slap him, but he caught her arms and pinned them behind her back. He wasn’t rough, but he held her firmly to let her know he was serious. “Let me go! I can’t fuckin’ believe you’d think that of me. I love you both and would never-”

“Ok, ok. FUCK! OK!! Stop it, Luce. I’m sorry. I was wrong and a dick. I’m sorry. I’m just scared for mama. I don’t want her hurt.”

Les’ words stopped Lucy’s struggles cold as she stared at him “You love her.” It was a statement and not a question.


“No, it’s ok. I don’t mean you love her like a girlfriend or a wife. You love her as our mom and you love her as someone you’ve shared something really intimate with. I get it. And I’m jealous.”


“Look. Yeah, I’ve dated guys, but they never worked out. They were boys pretending to be men. While I wouldn’t have had a problem with sex, I want to be more than just some late-night ass. I want… I don’t know, a ‘friends with benefits’ kind of thing. But none of the guys I know are smart enough or wise enough for that.

“You’ve got something like that with mama but more. I want that.”

“I don’t know what to say, Luce. I don’t know anyone I can recommend.”

“How about you?”


“What? It’s not like you have a problem with incest, so don’t give me that ‘you’re my sister’ crap. I want to be your fuck buddy.”

“Jeezus, Luce. This is out of nowhere.”

“I know, I know, but hear me out. I know I’m not as curvy as mama, or as pretty as mama, or as sexy-”

Les didn’t know what else to do to shut her up so he kissed her. Lucy stiffened momentarily but soon melted into him. The hormonal teen had a lot of practice in kissing thanks to Candi, so he pulled out all the stops to make his first with his sister one she’d remember. His left arm curled around her waist clamping her hard against his body as his right hand clutched a fistful of her curly hair controlling her as he devoured her mouth. Lucy moaned into him as his tongue explored every crevice of her mouth. Soon, his sister was once again grinding on his crotch causing him to harden again. Finally, he broke the kiss and yanked her head back to stare directly into her eyes.

He had no idea what his own face looked like, but apparently it was enough to cause a little fear and a lot of lust in his younger sibling. Tightening his grip in her hair just short of painful, he growled, “Don’t you ever fucking do that again.”

“Huh? Wh-”

“Don’t you ever, EVER dismiss yourself like that. You are every bit as hot as out mother, and you know it. Don’t put yourself down.

“I’m hesitant on all this because you blindsided me. Yeah, if I’m honest, I’ve fantasized about you and even beat off thinking about you. But I just don’t know how I feel about it. Give me a little time, ok, Luce?”

The second he saw her stick out her bottom lip in her typical pout, Les knew he was in trouble. Lucy had a way of getting what she wanted from everyone in the family when she started her pouting and whining. Deciding to head things off before they got out of control, he distracted her by asking, “Luce, are you a virgin?”

She paused and bit her lip as she wouldn’t meet his eyes. “Kinda.”

“Kinda? What do you mean kinda? Either you’ve had sex, or you haven’t. There is no ‘kinda.'”

“Yeah, but I’ve never gone all the way. My pussy is still cherry.”

Deciding to keep her off guard, Les settled on grilling her about her level of experience. “How about your mouth?”

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