Rebecca and Ryan

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Note: This story is mostly intended for the enjoyment of women, although as I man a certainly enjoyed writing and reading it.


The company RedSox outing turns boring towards the end of the game. It’s hot and most everyone is drunk and hung up on their own conversations. And to you watching baseball is like waiting for paint to dry. So you decide to hold a table if possible and meet the gang in the bar after the game.

The main room isn’t crowded and you see plenty of available tables. So you head to the bar to get a Corona rather than waiting for a server. You’re pretty thirsty not feeling like dishing out $7 for a beer in the park. Someone comes up behind you to order, when you turn to look the face shocks you. It’s the kid with the beautiful body you saw running near Boston College. Now that you’re close to him you see he’s got the full package. A beautiful face as well. You flush and mumble “hi”, caught staring at him. But you just can’t stop yourself. Damn, you think.

“Do I know you?” He asks, reading your look.

“No, I don’t think so.” you reply hesitantly, sheepishly, looking back at him.

“Sorry. The look you’re giving me is like you know me. And you kinda look familiar too.”

He carries himself with the self assurance of a good looking guy, but without arrogance. You shrug, turn back to the bar to wait for your drink. Stupid! You think to yourself. Where’s your flirt? The guy obviously took interest, so why not talk to him? He’s beautiful.

“Actually.” You start, turning once again to face him, “I do kinda know you in a weird way, and it sounds creepy, but it really isn’t.”

“Nice! It has to be a good story when a girl qualifies how she knows me by saying it isn’t as creepy as it sounds.”

You smile, blush again, “I recognize you from driving past you running at BC; on the road that cuts by the dorms leading to Comm Ave.”

“Ahh… right, that is kinda creepy – You keep checking me out while I’m running?”

“No! Of course not! That’s not what I meant, I only saw you once. I noticed you because you’re in great shape, which you obviously must know, but I wasn’t following you or anything. I teach a fitness class and it’s just one of those things that I notice about people. That’s the group I’m out with today, the class instructors.”

‘Ahhh, well, that’s ok then. I guess that’s not creepy at all.” He says it with a fake drawl rolling his eyes and smiling. “Psycho!” He mumbles under his breath.

“Hey!” You exclaim, smacking him and laughing. “That’s not nice.”

“Ooh, into abuse as well?”

“Ok.. Ok.. I’m Rebecca.” You say changing the subject and extending your hand.

“Ryan.” He says, taking your hand and quickly lifting it to his lips for a kiss. “Pleasure’s all mine.”

He drops your hand flashing an impish grin in apology for the kiss and making fun of you. Both of you laugh. Ryan’s an easy going guy and you fall into conversation quickly and walk to a table with your beers. Ryan follows an explanation of your ‘real’ job by telling you that he spent the summer interning at Arnold Worldwide. You exclaim that it was your first job out of college and the conversation moves right along through several quick rounds of beer. Ryan drinks fast but you are able to keep up with him at least in the short term.

“I was going to meet some friends here after the game, but don’t feel like it anymore.” He cuts in to the conversation. “Want to get out of here?”

You hesitate a second before thinking, why not? This kid is beautiful! What am I going to do, get more drunk with the other trainers and cab it home to to crash? Anyway, you’re feeling pretty buzzed and turned on talking to Ryan and don’t really want your brief conversation to be it.

“Ok.” You say, wondering what leaving the bar exactly means. It’s been a long time since college you think.

You look a bit hesitant and Ryan sees it, so he comes around the table, takes your hand, and pulls you through the crowd. It’s lucky the game tied in the 9th, otherwise the place would be mobbed and you might get caught by someone you know on your way out the door.

Outside Ryan leads you down the steps and across the street, beating out competition to get a cab coming over the bridge. He ducks his head inside asking, “BC?” And then holds the door open so you can get in ahead of him when the cabbie nods.

Again you hesitate, but just looking at Ryan you feel your stomach tighten. You feel your heart pounding in your chest. Nervously ducking inside the cab, you stay in the middle as he slides in next to you. He feels good tucked up against your side. Ryan tries to scoot in an inch before closing the door but you don’t budge. You like the sensation of his leg up against yours. This is all the invitation Ryan needs and he puts his hand on your knee, smiling at you. You’re not sure about that kind of contact, but at the same time what can you do if you want to be close to him? You can’t remember flirting with such an attractive guy, especially in the current situation, heading back somewhere. You know sincan escort what it used to mean, but that was a long time ago.

The cab makes its way slowly through a U-Turn and starts the trip back across the bridge to Kenmore and then down Beacon to BC. Conversation starts when Ryan slides his hand up the inside of your knee and begins rubbing your leg.

“I’m glad you decided to join me.” He says, looking at you.

“Yeah, well, you were the only thing keeping me at the Cask.”

You look over and Ryan suddenly leans in and kisses you. It takes you by surprise and more than anything you’ve done so far puts butterflies in your stomach. You brace your hand on his chest but then feel his lips soft on yours. His tongue hesitantly trying to engage yours. Ryan takes you chin in his hand and gently tries to turn your head towards his. Ryan’s hand feels good. His fingers are long and they lightly touch your throat. You start to react with a kiss of your own. He backs off a little and sucks your bottom lip. The sensation makes you close your eyes, release your shoulders, and relax your mind. Second pass slowly and your body turns to him.

You initiate the kiss now. As the cab inches across Kenmore Ryan slides his hand from your face to your neck, shoulder, stopping at your breast. This doesn’t catch you off guard. Ryan’s touch, massaging you through the tube top, causes goose flesh. You nipples rise up under your shirt and Ryan feels them. Taking his time he rubs from you nipple down to the skin just under your breast and then back up over the peak and your nipple again.

After a minute Ryan slowly moves his hand down from your chest to your belly. As he rubs the skin your tube top doesn’t cover it jumps. He feels it and rubs his fingers across the same place again, only slower this time to accentuate the effect. You enjoy the shivers it causes and grab his inner thigh. It feels warm. It feels strong. Ryan’s hand wanders just above the button of your shorts and he tugs at the waist with his fingers, pulling them down a little to tease you. Hinting where he wants to go.

The suggestion releases another shot of adrenaline. It prompts you to slide your grip closer to his groin, searching for what you expect to find there. Ryan spreads his legs letting you rub higher, anticipation evident in the slight shaking you feel.

Ryan slides his fingers across the skin just inside the button of your shorts. The sensation makes you catch your breath and you have to swallow to recover. A hot feeling floods down low in your belly. A need for sex that makes you shiver.

“My stomach is really sensitive.” You say, pulling back from the kiss, needing a break.

“I can tell.” Ryan says, leaning in again, looking into your eyes. “Is anywhere else sensitive?” Ryan holds his gaze and slowly moves his hand down over your crotch, gently finding the spot where his fingers sink in. His thumb, a couple inches up, rests right over your clit. He squeezes.

“How about here?” Ryan breathes into your mouth.

“Mmmmm” you respond. “That’s very sensitive”

Ryan squeezes again and your surroundings fade. You spread your knees and tilt up your hips. He presses into you again and you exhale heavily into his mouth. Pulling the leg of your shorts forward Ryan slips his fingers inside. He works over the warm cloth of your underwear with a gentleness unusual for someone his age. First he feels out the shape of your lips, tracing the contours with his fingers, lightly touching, exploring. Next he flattens them out, feeling for the location of your clit. Finding it he traces his fingers down the crease in the middle eventually landing in your warm damp opening down low. He tests out pushing the cloth into you and you want to close your legs to trap his hand.

You don’t remember searching for it, but under your hand Ryan’s erection feels big through his shorts. You start squeezing him as he rubs the cloth of your panties into the opening of your vagina. Ryan’s thumb still presses on your clit making you squirm. The placement, the motion, the pressure – They all feel perfect. Your kiss slows and you begin breathing heavily into his mouth, focusing on your clit more than him.

Ryan still tries to kiss you then gives up. Instead he focuses on making you react, on making you move with his fingers. He sees that what he does affects you and he experiments. You can’t help moving when he strokes and pressures you in different ways. Your breathing catching at different points when touches you just so. Small movements. Small pressures. Always gentle. Always soft. You clit fills, swelling from the soft attention he pays it. You lips naturally spread, slick, hot, swollen like your clit from being touched.

Ryan slows his experimentation, settling on barely moving his finger over the tip of your clit. You twitch several times, shivering, building. You feel anxious for him to start rubbing down around your opening again. Anxious for his fingers to drag from there back up to your clit. But he doesn’t. Just pressure – it brings you up, but no closer ankara escort to orgasm, holding you somewhere in between instead.

Without thought your hand pops the button on his shorts. You reach inside and slowly drag your fingers up his cock, encouraging him to start stroking you again. You reach the top and stop suprised. He has the biggest head you’ve ever felt. Soo big it fills your hand. You squeeze and sticky pre-cum coats your palm. That does it for Ryan and he digs his fingers under the band of your undies. He spreads your lips and his fingers run top to bottom, inside, and then back up to your clit. You honey makes his skin slide over yours in a way that takes your breath.

“Yes.” Softly escapes your lips.

Your eyes close as you focus on the feeling between your legs, forgetting about his cock your hand. Ryan brings you up to the edge of orgasm and you don’t care about anything else. A little pressure from his hand on the back of your head doesn’t matter. You don’t care enough to resist or fight it. You absently lean down bringing your mouth closer to your hand. It is ok as long as his fingers keep drawing honey over your clit. As long as they keep stroking you. Then he begins slowing down again. You scoot over a little so you can bend your head to his lap, eagerly playing his game – You haven’t got off in too long, now you need it.

Ryan carefully changes to fingering you, stroking against your g-spot, never letting up, holding you on the edge. You feel his cock right against your half open lips and ignore it. You can almost get yourself over the edge. You smell his cum dripping, but you’re almost there. Then he stops. A second later you kiss the dripping tip in front of you, your hand softly holding it to your mouth. Another few strokes on your clit – Soo close but not enough. You suckle the tip, drawing out drips of salty cum. Slowly pressure sliding over your clit again. Your tongue circling him, then sucking in the giant head. Ryan pressing harder, pushing against your g-spot then up to your clit. Your mouth opening wide as you try to take him in.

All of a sudden the cabbie smacks the divider window aside and asks what dorm. A minute later you’re following Ryan up the stairs to his room.

Ryan closes the door, turns, and takes you in his arms. You kiss each other with energy only two people kissing for the first time have. Your hands wander over each others bodies briefly before you both have a hand between each others’ legs. You rub Ryan’s erection. It sticks up so far in his shorts that it lifts the waist to his belly button. Ryan has his hand back in the leg of your shorts his fingers pushing between your lips through your underwear. His other hand cups your ass, the loose leg of your shorts allowing his hand inside to massage your cheek. He begins rubbing closer to the middle where your legs meet, working his way to your pussy from the back. You feel his hand sticking to your damp skin and you spread your feet to give him room You break from kissing Ryan long enough to look down, unbutton and unzip his shorts. When you look back at his face he’s smiling at you. You smile back and slide your hand inside his boxers, pulling him out the top and pushing down the front of his underwear at the same time. He responds by putting two fingers on the middle of your underwear and pushing them up into your wet opening. Your knees tremble and for a second you sway against him. Ryan circles and slides his fingers and your wet underwear towards your clit in the front. Then he pulls aside the sticky cloth and despite reaching from behind he effortlessly pushes two fingers up inside you.

“Oh God!” You moan out loud, leaning forward into Ryan again.

“Mmm.” He resonates. “That ok?”

You nod.

He stands slightly to the side of you so he can keep his fingers inside. He uses his other hand to pull up the back, and then the front of your shirt before bringing his mouth down to suck your exposed nipples. There’s little you can do but pump the cock in your hand and close your eyes to enjoy the sensation. He slides his fingers out of you and over your clit. You remain stationary for a minute as he repeats dipping his fingers into you and rubbing the juice over your clit. Then Ryan lets go and uses both hands to pull off your tube top. You release his cock and lift your arms, allowing the sown-in bra to pull over your head. He goes to take his t-shirt off and you stop him when his arms are up and the shirt covers his eyes.

“Stay there.”

“Ok.” He whispers.

You take Ryan’s cock in your hand and pull down the top of his pants with the other. You kiss his chest, nipples, and stomach working your way down his abdomen. You drop slowly to the floor as you kiss lower and lower. Finally you are on your knees holding Ryan in front of you, kissing his waist on either side of your hand. You slide his cock along your cheek as you look up. Ryan has his shirt off and is staring down at you, watching you try to mouth his oversized head. You hold his gaze and bring your tongue to bear on him, licking the etimegut escort salty tip of his cock. You can barely fit your lips around his oversized head to wash away the salty pre-cum with your tongue.

You keep your gaze on Ryan while you suckle. He closes his eyes finally and yours drop too. You reach one hand up between Ryan’s legs, the other still wrapped around his shaft. Taking as much of Ryan into your mouth as you can. You cup his balls and squeeze. You pull off to take a breath and repeat, moving slowly on him and trying to affect as much friction as possible before your lips slide off. Ryan moans and his hips and balls spasm several times. He doesn’t let go, but you taste more pre-cum, enough to make you swallow. You like the sweet salty taste in your mouth. You wet your hand and stroke it up and down his shaft meeting your bobbing head. You move faster twisting your head and using your hand to simulate fucking him. Ryan doesn’t last a minute before grabbing either side of your head and shooting a full load to the back of your throat. You swallow, nursing on his head while two more squirts to flow over your tongue. The fourth one drips out and you let it pool, tasting it, mouth watering. Then you feel him twitch again and swallow thinking there’s more.

“I want you inside me.” You tell him around licking his head. You push the tip of your tongue into the little hole he just came out of and taste the sweetness from it again. “I want you all the way in my pussy…”

“Ok.” Ryan pants, looking down at you. “Suck on me for a few seconds and I’ll stay hard.”

You stay on your knees for a minute enjoying the task of keeping him hard. Finally you give it a kiss, stand up, and unbutton your shorts. They drop to the floor and you reach for your thong. But before you pull it down you get another idea.

You turn your back to Ryan. You lean in pulling his arms around to hug you. You place his hands on your breasts then reach down between your legs for his cock. It’s stiff, but not as firm as you want it to be when he puts it inside you. So you hold Ryan’s head against the bump made by your lips, letting him experience how soft and ready you are for him.

“You like how I feel?”

“Yes.” He replies.

Ryan is damp still and the fabric sticks to his skin. You on the other hand are so wet that your thong slides easily on your bare lips. Unable to help fucking his hips forward, Ryan pushes the creamy cloth across you and it feels like a rough tongue.

“Mmmm..” You let out.

Ryan’s head is wide enough that it covers both your lips. It feels soft around the edge and solid in the center. As it moves you lean forward a little so it can travel further against you with each of Ryan’s thrusts. On the back stroke his head drops into the depression between your lips. When Ryan moves forward again the soaked area gives way and your lower back snaps to and arch. Suddenly Ryan finds himself pressing into your sweet spot. He hesitates, his cock having moved less than an inch, but enough to push your thong to to the side. You tense, feeling his head on you, waiting for him to push into you. But his thrust slips out running the length of your sopping pussy, rubbing along your clit.

That’s enough. Bracing a hand on the door you reach between your legs and bend all the way so he won’t miss again. You place his head under the creamy cotton of your thong, feeling him against your open insides. Ryan watches and waits, his hands on your ass now. You arch your back showing him your pussy and his cock resting almost inside. The weight of it making you involuntarily try to squeeze yourself around his head.

The squeeze causes your underwear to shift and you pull aside the wet patch once more before mentally forcing yourself to relax. To take a deep breath. His head widens the cup made by your lips, but it is too big to slide in. It just causes the honey collecting there to overflow and run down over your clit.

“Stay.” Ryan says putting a hand on the center of your back. He takes his fingers and traces the outline of your lips. You brace a second hand against the door and slide your feet wider for him. He rubs your ass and you rotate your hips. His cock feels big against you and you can’t help licking your lips. You can’t help pushing back against him. Ryan involuntarily thrusts as well, creating just enough force to pop his head through the tensed muscles of your opening. He stays there a second, both of you breathing and feeling the sensation. Both of you slightly surprised. Your pussy begins a slow familiar throb. Your insides churn with anticipation as a drop of honey falls from your clit. After the pause he pulls on your hips and slowly moves inside you.

You can feel his swollen head as it travels into your pussy, the sensation completely unexpected. Normally on the first penetration you enjoy friction the entire length of a cock. But Ryan’s head feels totally different. As it moves it drags against your pussy. It presses against the walls like it was made to spread you, the muscles of your vagina throbbing as it passes. After Ryan adjusts for the second push he goes deep. You feel the hard center of his head strike you on your cervix, the rest of his head expanding your insides. You pussy feeling open from entrance to your center.

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