Quite a Ride

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As the train approached the subway platform, Jack moved forward to position himself to board and get a decent spot. As expected, the seats were all taken and the standing space was half full. When the doors opened, he maneuvered toward the end of the car to his favorite position. It was a narrow hallway next to the spare driver’s compartment and the emergency door to the next car. The space allowed him to lean against two walls for support. As the car filled at the next stations, he would have only one person next to him. It sure beat the middle of the car where you were squished on all sides and constantly jostled as the train moved.

Jack opened his newspaper and settled in for the long and routine commute home. He was looking forward to a quiet Friday evening.

Two stations further on, the crowd shifted to accommodate new passengers. A tallish woman with dark hair moved into the space on his left. As the trained moved forward, she returned to reading her novel. Without turning his head, Jack furtively checked her out.

She wore stylish business clothes; clearly a young professional. A dark, semi-fitted, silk jacket covered a tailored shirt with a pretty dotted print. The aquamarine and chocolate blouse was open at the collar and revealed a hint of cleavage. A simple blue stone on a gold necklace complimented a colorful lapel pin. Her knee length soft silk chiffon skirt had a flared, tulip-style silhouette. It was cut on the bias for a swingy, feminine feel. Black shoes had mid-height heels and open toes. The entire ensemble suited her athletic body. Overall, it was a clean, sophisticated look.

In the tight space, he couldn’t get a good look at her face without appearing obvious and attracting her attention. Therefore, he shifted positions and used the traditional subway device of looking at her reflection in the window. It let you stare without your subject knowing.

Her shoulder length hair was styled, but not overdone. Her eyes, nose and mouth were cute. The chin may have been a little large, but not disproportionately so. It gave her an air of determination. Her eyebrows were nicely shaped and fit her oval face. The make-up complimented the rest of her look. It was well done. Feminine, but subtle.

Turning the page of his newspaper to cover his surveillance, Jack risked a direct look. A quick scan confirmed his impressions. Like Jack, she seemed to be in her late twenties. All in all, a great package. Noticing that she was involved in her book, Jack’s eyes moved to her breasts. They filled out the blouse nicely. Full, high, yet not overly large. Yeah, very nice. Just the kind of together, yet alluring, woman many men would be drawn to.

Sighing internally, Jack dropped his eyes back to the newspaper. He lamented the unwritten rules of society and subway riding. In a crowded car, you could look, but definitely not intentionally touch. Also, no eye contact or starting conversations with strangers. Especially not with people reading and thereby sending a message of “Do not disturb”. But being this close to an appealing woman wasn’t bad. It sure beat standing next to some sweaty, fat guy. He decided to enjoy being stimulated by her proximity for the rest of the trip. His mind started to weave an erotic fantasy with this pleasing stranger as the centerpiece. It was fueled by his peripheral vision fixating on various portions of her anatomy. At some point, he named her Belle.

At the next stop, a few more commuters squeezed on. The object of his attention turned slightly and placed her back to him. Her position separated him from the other riders. He lost sight of her breasts, but her body was even closer as everyone’s space continued to shrink. When the doors closed and the train moved forward, Belle rocked back. Her hair brushed his cheek and her ass rubbed his hip. He imagined that it lingered for a moment, and then she adjusted to the motion and straightened. The close quarters weren’t enough to permit Jack to hold the newspaper any more. He knelt to store it in his briefcase being careful not to touch his neighbor. He could do without getting her angry and being accused of groping.

He slipped the paper into the side pocket of the briefcase and started to stand up. Just then, çankaya escort she shifted her weight and Jack was more confined in the corner. As he continued the standing motion, his arm and the back of his hand rubbed noticeably along the outside of her thigh and hip. The friction caused her skirt to rise.

Jack blushed and froze. He waited for her to turn and give him an angry rebuff, a slap or worse. His mouth began to form the words for a sincere apology.

As the seconds passed, nothing happened. She continued to read her book with no reaction. He thought he detected a bemused smile on her lips.

Taking a breath and trying to relax, he was thankful she was so engrossed in the book. Or maybe she had a high tolerance for the crowded conditions. In any case, he wasn’t taking any chances. Jack tried to maximize the distance between them. It only made a few centimeters difference, but he was happy for them. He didn’t want to tempt fate with further contact.

The train slowed and Jack braced himself. They weren’t coming to a station, but rather stopped in the tunnel. The lights flicked off and disappointed mumbles came from the lips of a few passengers. After a few seconds, the driver came on the intercom and explained the train would be holding at this location for a few minutes due to a problem on the tracks ahead. He asked for patience and turned on the emergency lights.

The lights were few and they were primarily located in the center of the car. They were dim, but enough to lessen the claustrophobia among the nervous. Jack’s location was in semi-darkness with a slight red tint from the emergency exit light above his head.

Belle rose up on her toes and looked toward the center of the car to survey the situation. The motion lifted her ass and accented the curves of her legs. Jack fought the strong temptation to reach out with both hands and cup the firm globes. As she stayed on her toes and craned her neck, Jack inhaled her perfume. It was sweet and soft with a hint of flowers. He became aroused.

As she lowered herself, Belle wobbled a little as if off balance. She twisted and reached out to steady herself. As she did, her knuckles brushed across the front of his trousers. The touch was electric and Jack inhaled. She got her balance.

Now, he expected it was her turn to blush and apologize.

She did neither. She made no eye contact and her face maintained the disengaged look common to many riders. Jack reasoned that despite its location, the touch was in that gray zone of ambiguity. It was certainly inadvertent, and therefore could be acceptably ignored; or just as acceptably apologized for. He preferred it this way. A stammered apology and subsequent nervous conversation would be awkward. Instead, this allowed him to continue his sexual fantasy.

In his daydream, he imagined that Belle was coming on to him. She was turning into quite the sensuous companion. He was becoming more stimulated.

The train moved forward for a series of short distances. Each time when they stopped, the lights would go out for a few seconds, and then the low emergency lights would return. With each jerk forward, Belle’s right breast rubbed against his upper arm. Jack was shaken from his fantasy imaginings. Real life was becoming more erotic than his dreams. He could almost sense that the nipple was getting firmer with each pass. It happened three times in succession and Belle made no apparent effort to prevent it. He looked at her for a reaction and was confused when there was none. Her head was turned toward the center of the car and she appeared completely nonchalant.

After the train stopped for the fourth time and the weak lights came on, she looked around, then finally turned to him. She didn’t look at his face, but moved her lips toward his ear. Jack aligned his head to better hear the anticipated apology. Instead, Belle planted a kiss and inserted her wet tongue into his ear.

Jack’s body shivered and he was instantly erect. This was neither inadvertent nor ambiguous. His racing mind didn’t know what to do. He swung his face to hers and finally connected with her eyes. They were alert and amused

Before he could compose himself and think of what to say or do, Belle ankara rus escort turned her head away. She moved her right hand to his chest and the finger tips rested lightly on his breast bone. He glanced down and watched as the fingers applied minimal pressure and began to massage in a tiny circular motion.

His eyes were transfixed on her hand. The nails were expertly tapered and painted with a pale pink, yet shiny, polish. A gold ring with an intricate design adorned a finger. Despite the public setting, Jack’s senses responded as though they were alone in a bedroom enjoying foreplay.

He looked at her again. Amazingly, her body conveyed the same relaxed pose. Scanning over her shoulder, no one appeared to be looking in their direction or paying them any attention. Except for their corner, everything was normal. Typical commuter disengagement and mild annoyance at the delay.

Belle had positioned her body so it blocked the view of the ministrations of her hand. She was soon covering more territory on his chest and increasing the pressure. Jack was enjoying it immensely, but felt compelled to do something in return. However, he didn’t want to make an inappropriate move and break the spell.

He hesitated. Closed his eyes, and then moved his right hand up to rest on her stomach, just at the top of her skirt.

Belle reacted in what seemed like alarm for the first time. She drew her stomach in quickly. Her right hand froze on his chest and she spun her face toward his. Her left hand moved swiftly to her waist and covered his. In the shadows, he couldn’t read her expression. He thought she might push his hand away. Rather, she held up a finger signaling him to wait.

She looked to her left and turned her body toward him a little more. Her hands quickly opened two buttons on her blouse. Her right hand took his wrist and moved Jack’s right hand inside.

His heartbeat accelerated. His armpits began to perspire. His penis throbbed. Jack rested his open palm on her bare stomach. Belle almost closed her eyes, took a slow deep breath and rolled her head back. He moved his hand up and cupped her right breast through her bra. A shudder moved through her body. Her hand reached him and resumed the massage just above his belt. He replied with a gentle fondle of her breast.

The train made another short movement forward. They used the rocking motion to emphasize their strokes.

Jack was torn between his increasing sexual appetite and his increasing fear of detection. He blessed the low lights, but knew the full lights could return at any second. He was aware that despite their best efforts at concealment their breathing was getting heavier and probably louder. Even in this corner, the other passengers were very close. Thankfully, the murmur of conversations about the delay and the background noise of rustling clothes appeared to cover their low level noise. It didn’t matter. Jack didn’t want to be caught, but he couldn’t stop.

When Jack squeezed her nipple, Belle tensed and leaned into him.

A second later, she dropped her hand from his stomach and started to pull down his zipper.

Now it was Jack’s turn to react with alarm. If she continued, Jack was sure there would be no turning back until he climaxed. In the tight quarters, and with his back against the wall, he couldn’t pull away. He had never had sex in a public place. He felt scared, but her closeness was intoxicating. Her casual assertiveness had him bewitched. He made no effort to stop her.

She was eager and swift. Her hand slid quickly inside his pants. They moved behind his shirt, touched his underwear and rested on his engorged penis. He could feel her weight shift and her head move closer to his. Her eyes stared into his. They sent a message of excitement and silently asked if he wanted her to continue.

Jack had never felt so vulnerable. But despite his fear, the movement of her hand was stimulating him even further. He responded to her question by dropping his hand from her breast to her thigh. Belle shifted her legs to move them further apart. He jacked up the front of her exquisitely feminine skirt and rested his palm on the lacy top of her stockings.

He knew he was on the verge ankara yabancı escort so he gave her inner thigh only a brief massage and slid toward her crotch. He moved right to her panties. They were tight and smooth and silky. He rubbed the sensitive area just above her vagina and could feel her matted hair. His body tingled and hers gave an involuntary shiver of pleasure.

His hand explored and stimulated. He found a tiny bow at the waistband. After a few seconds, Jack left the bow and moved along the thin waistband until his hand reached sheer lace on the side. It lingered there for just a second, then dropped to the leg opening and found the feminine scallop trim.

Throughout this, Belle continued to work on his erection. He was moving inevitably to an eruption.

Jack whispered in her ear, “What color are you panties?”

In a hoarse, sexually charged whisper, she replied, “Lavender. With a pastel lace.”

“Lavender is one of my favorites.” he said and moved his palm to her vagina. He felt rich warmth and moisture. She gave his penis a squeeze of approval.

Belle stroked his penis, and his balls twitched in delight. Jack’s eyes rolled back in his head from arousal and appreciation. His emotions were frazzled. He felt a surge of affection toward this magnificent and caring creature. He would do anything to satisfy her. He caressed her moist lips through her panties in time with her strokes.

When he looked into her eyes, there was passion and pleasure. A fleeting glance confirmed they were still unobserved. He moved his hand under her panties. Belle kissed him hard and fingered the sensitive tip of his pulsing penis. His mind staggered. It was beyond rational thinking and he was carried away by the wave of passion cresting in his body. Despite the risk of discovery and humiliation, he knew it was the most sexually stimulated he’d been in years.

Jack found her hard clitoris and her knees nearly buckled.

While their arms moved frenetically in mutual masturbation, they each fought to keep the rest of their bodies relatively still to avoid broadcasting telltale signs of feverish sex. As he approached climax, Jack gave himself over and his movements became automatic. As the thinking parts of their minds shut down, detection slipped away as a conscious concern.

Belle’s facile hand did its job first. Jack climaxed and shot spurt after spurt into his underwear. While the sexual energy released in his body, his hand brought Belle over the top. Her butt clenched within her skirt, her body spasmed and her juices flowed.

Belle leaned her head toward his shoulder as they each enjoyed the warm feeling coursing through their nerves.

Under normal circumstances, they would have made a leisurely recovery. However, the public location returned them to sanity in record time. They exchanged amorous glances and then simultaneously withdrew their hands. Each looked around cautiously. They half expected to be the focus of attention and derision. Miraculously, none of their neighbors appeared aware of what had just transpired a few feet away.

The driver announced that the problem had been resolved and that they would be moving shortly. The lights came on and made re-dressing more urgent. Belle giggled softly and Jack grinned from ear to ear.

When the train pulled into the station, they were fairly presentable and their breathing was returning to normal. Belle looked out the window to determine which station they were at and then turned to face him.

She looked intently into his eyes with a mix of uncertainty and hope and whispered, “Do you want to come to my place to clean up and have a drink?”

Jack didn’t know fully what had just happened. However, with the anonymous public sex, he did know that he had just burst through several previously impenetrable sexual boundaries. Jack was surprised at himself and confused. However, he had never felt so alive. He couldn’t just walk away.

Jack took her hand and said, “I would love to go to your place.”

Her face lit up and she squeezed his fingers.

When the train stopped, Jack followed her to the exit. As he walked by, a college age kid near the door flicked his head toward Belle and said with a touch of envy, “You lucky bastard.”

Jack was startled and stopped. He knew! He had seen them have sex. Puzzled, Jack asked quietly, “How?”

His eyes indicated the window and he said, “The reflection.”

Jack couldn’t help laughing; caught by his own trick.

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