Promise Me

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Double Penetration

I lay awake in the darkness. Looking at the clock I could see that it was just gone two thirty in the morning. Quietly, as carefully as I could, I slipped from the bed.

As I silently drew the door to close it behind me, I looked back at the shape of my wife sleeping.

I made no sound as I opened Julie’s door.

Sitting down on the side of her bed I watched her a little while. Her soft blonde hair and perfect skin were lit gently by the moonlight that crept in through the window. She was beautiful. Eighteen years old and perfect.

I reached across, not wanting to wake her but needing to touch her. My hand trailed lovingly through her hair. It was exquisite to touch, like the rest of her. The softness of it cascaded through my fingers as I ran my hand through it. The sensation was sweet and gentle, like every other thing about her.

She stirred from her sleep and her eyes opened slowly.

“Hi daddy.”

Her voice was a sleepy whisper. She knew not to speak loudly, understood the importance of us hardly making a sound.

“Hi baby,” I whispered back to her.

I lowered my head and closed my mouth over hers.

I loved kissing her in these moments. Barely awake, her mouth was loose and gentle as it opened to accept mine. There was a warmth and a simplicity to kissing her as she woke that I adored.

My hand held her face to mine as we kissed. Our tongues swished together in the type of contact that only lovers shared. I knew that is what we were. Lovers. Two people who needed each other emotionally and physically at the exception of everything else in their world. A father and daughter that were in love.

She wrapped her arms around my shoulders as our kiss ended and she rested her face against my chest. We stayed like that for a while as I stroked her hair, soothing her through her sleepiness.

“Promise me you love me daddy.”

The sweetness of her voice touched me. It always escort ataşehir did. Her quiet tone and slight breath rippling through the silence of the room.

“I promise you baby, I love you more than anything in the world.”

My words made her press herself against me more closely and hold her arms tight to my neck. She needed my reassurance, I knew that.

“Promise me you love me more than mummy.”

“I promise you baby, much more.”

Our mouths met again. Her kiss was more urgent now. As if my words to her had made her want to respond. Her tongue searched inside of me and teased as she licked expertly around my lips.

Her mouth broke from mine and she brushed her lips across the skin of my neck, playing a delightful dance against me as she whispered again.

“Promise me you won’t make love to her, please daddy promise me.”

Incest can be a beautiful experience. Not just the sex. Fucking my daughter was the most incredibly erotic experience of my life but it was secondary to the depth of the love that I felt for her as the person that I was meant to be with.

But it came at a price. Keeping the secret. Worrying about being found out. These things were difficult enough but it was the doubt and uncertainty that was worse. We both craved that certainty. Reassurance that our love was real and that nobody else could come between us, even though there were other people in the way.

I wanted that reassurance for her. I wanted her to feel that and to take her doubts away.

“I promise you baby, I only love and only want you. It will only ever be you.”

My penis hardened to the flicker of her touch as she lightly moved the tips of her fingers across me. She led the contact.

Her lips journeyed down my body, moving across my skin as her fingers continued to deftly play over my penis. Her mouth spread tiny kisses down my chest and stomach until it swept sweetly and lightly over kadıköy escort the most sensitive part of me. She lingered there for just a little while, teasing me with the movement of her tongue over the swollen crown of me.

This was the most tantalising sensation. The warmth and gentle trace of her sent a roll of pleasure through every sinew of my body. I closed my eyes and relaxed my muscles as my gorgeous daughter began to perform oral sex on me.

I felt just a fleeting shudder of shame and embarrassment as she did this, but any doubt evaporated as the first wave of erotic pleasure flooded my brain.

Her movement increasing in tempo and intensity, she worked her tongue in flickering movements over the head of my cock. Precum oozed out of me as she licked and tasted me. She used one hand to hold my shaft towards her mouth while she lightly whisked her tongue across me again and again.

It was beautiful. She covered every part of me, as if she wanted to make sure that every nerve and contact point enjoyed the touch of her.

She flicked across the tip of me and then around the point at which the skin joined the head of my penis, occasionally blowing gentle gusts of breath to intensify the sensation. Then she went back again, barely touching me but applying just enough pressure with the end of her tongue to tease and delight me in equal parts.

I had taught her this. Patiently, over time, showed how to please a man with a butterfly like kiss against his penis.

I promised her that I loved her and she swore to me that I was the only man she would ever do this for. We believed and trusted each other. The promise and trust of true lovers.

I pushed myself towards her, desperate to feel more, but she knew exactly how to keep me where she wanted me to be.

She was mine and I loved that knowledge. Not just my beautiful daughter but also my beautiful lover, who would do this whenever I wanted maltepe escort bayan her to or needed her to.

Finally, she closed her mouth around me and began to suck. She slowly increased the pace and pressure. My hips rocked as I felt the urge to fuck her mouth. I looked down at the beautiful blondeness of her hair as her head moved up and down. I could feel her hand holding the base of my now swollen cock as she worked a pumping action to help its passage in and out of her mouth.

The cum that spread from me mixed with the wetness of her mouth, allowing me to glide deliciously in and out of her, each movement sweet and perfect.

I wanted to cry out with pleasure, wanted to tell her how much I loved and needed her and this. But I knew my wife, her mother, was sleeping just yards away in another room. That frightened me but excited me in equal measure. It turned me on to know that we were doing this as she slept under the same roof.

When my orgasm came it was full and intense. She wrapped her mouth tightly around me as she drank it down for me. Each pulse sent a wave of sperm into her and she intently and lovingly swallowed down every last drop.

As my action subsided she licked her tongue over me again and again, as if to clean me in a fastidious and loving act.

By the time she released me from her mouth I was completely spent. She had taken all of me.

Her face came up towards mine and we kissed again.

I could taste my cum on her lips and tongue and we both thrilled at the warm and secret sensation of kissing in this way.

She lay back down on the bed and I lay next to her for a little while, her back resting against me and my arms around her waist. Holding her to me and telling her that I loved her so much and that she was beautiful.

I gently stroked my hand over her stomach, knowing that my cum was nestling inside of my lover.

She rested her hand against me, welcoming my attention and both of us safe in knowing that my semen was inside of her.

“I love you too daddy, so much.”

They were the last words she said to me as she drifted back into sleep.

Then I left her sleeping.

Closing the door silently behind me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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