Professor Webster

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“Professor Webster, how did Socrates come up with a female character as strong as Antigone?” Except, she pronounced Anti-gone.

I smiled benignly at my inquisitor. She was a Barbie doll, right down to the IQ. She was tall, lithe, blond, with blue eyes and breasts that were all-encompassing. It was hard to look her in the eyes. “Well, Christy, Antigone was written by Sophocles. Socrates was a philosopher. If you remember when we did Oedipus in the last section, Antigone was the classic Greek tragic character. Do you remember what makes a character truly tragic?”

She rolled her eyes, “Of course, a tragic character has to be of royal birth.” She could roll her eyes because I asked her such an easy question, but she couldn’t remember the difference between Sophocles and Socrates, even though as a class we’d discussed it a few times.

She prattled on, looking at her notes while I looked down her shirt. She wore a white scoop neck t-shirt and the way she was holding her arms pushed her terrific breasts together. There was a small mole on her left breast, kind of a bullseye.

“Excellent, Christy, remember your office visit for your paper topic.”

She tapped a pink nailed finger to her temple, “It’s right up here. Tomorrow after Spanish.” I was amazed anything stayed “up here”. She was a classic oxygen thief, contributing to the growing climate problem just by breathing.

I sat in my office and smoked a cigarette. Smoking wasn’t allowed in the faculty offices, or for that matter, any where else in any other campus buildings. çankaya escort bayan But, what the hell did I care, I was a fully tenured professor. I wasn’t going anywhere.

I was getting ready for my next class when my GA, Gwen, came in. She was pretty much the polar opposite of Christy. Gwen was goth all the way down the line. From the jet black hair to the pale vampire skin, she was a goth beauty queen. She had blue eyes that emphasized her black hair. It was the only color ever associated with her.

“Danny, how many times are you going to have that conversation with the Plastics?” She came over and took a cigarette out of my pack and lit it with my lighter.

I smiled, along with being real-girl beautiful, if slightly off center, Gwen was also brilliant. “They’re not that bad.”

She snorted smoke rudely. “C’mon, Danny, she’s only in college for her M.R.S. degree.” Meaning, she’s only in college to get married.

Gwen hovered over me confrontationally, daring me to argue with her. I knew where this was going. “She has some good qualities.”

Gwen snorted again. “Yeah, her left and right tit.”

I smirked. “And, those are great qualities.”

Gwen scowled. “Really?”

I knew how far I could push her. “Really.”

She crushed out half her cigarette in my ashtray. She took my cigarette out of my hand and crushed that out in the ashtray. She straightened up and walked over to the door. I thought I’d pushed her too far this time. Then we made eye contact and her evil grin appeared on her ankara rus escort face as she locked my office door.

Along with being beautiful, Gwen is petite, a former ballet dancer with perfect legs. She pulled off her three sizes too big black sweater. Under it, she wore a black tank top. She unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor, dressed in only her black socks , tank, and the smallest panties ever sewn by under-paid foreigners. “Okay, Danny, let’s go, on the couch, we don’t have much time.”

I walked over to the couch. Gwen put her small hands on my shaft through my pants. I felt myself get hard as she thumbed my length. She pushed me down on the couch and straddled me. She kissed me hard, the whole time rubbing my cock through my pants. I held her tiny hips as I kissed her back. I ran a hand up under the back of her shirt, lightly running my fingers along her spine. She wasn’t wearing a bra, but she didn’t need to. Her tits were perfect, and I knew it. I would leave them alone until I was ready to get her off. Her nipples were so sensitive she often got sore and had a hard time coming if too much attention was paid to them too early. She ceased rubbing my shaft with her hand, and started using her little pussy to dry-fuck me. The sensation was tantalizing. I wanted to whip out my cock and bury it in her.

She kissed me again, this time with some body English on it, mashing her tits against me. She pulled my shirt off over my head and insinuated herself in my space. For all her fury, she loved ankara etlik escort contact, she thrived on it. Human contact, of all kinds, was the theme for most of her poetry and some of her prose as well. Her warmth was what kept us both convinced she was not a vampire, that and her ability to live in sunlight.

Gwen broke our kiss and pulled her tank top off. Her upturned tits bounced once and stopped, small nipples poking out in the cold office air. She unzipped my fly and pulled out my cock. It looked like I was fucking with my clothes on, again. She moved her microscopic panties to the side and rubbed my head against her clit. I could feel her gushy wetness as she slid my head across her lips. She was as drenched. Gwen took pulled one leg out of her panties and leaned against me. Her hand took my cock by the base and put the head in with a quiet, low moan. I added pressure to her hips and added some more cock into her quim. She was tight, the pressure on my cock was delicious. She resisted more cock, but it was token resistance. With four pumps, I was pushing her cervix.

Gwen pulled my head forward to her chest. I pulled her down on my cock. She groaned, a low, feral sound that made me even harder. I toyed with her nipples with my fingers and she ground harder against me. She was getting close and it was time to finish her off. I took her right nipple in my mouth and pulled on her left one, rolling it between my fingers. She moaned loudly, and I didn’t give a fuck who heard us. I was about to blast, too. She fucked me harder, in and out, all the way out and all the way back to the bottom. One pump, two pumps, and the third pump, she seized against me and hummed her lips against my neck. That was it, I blasted a huge load up into her as she finished coating my cock and balls with her wetness.

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