Princess Ch. 03

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Author’s forward: The first chapter was all from Steve’s point of view. The second I used Maddie’s point of view to tie up a lot of things that Steve didn’t know, and tied up some endings left in part one. This part is going to mainly be Steve’s point of view since it is his tale. There will be parts written from Maddie’s view so that I can roll into the fourth part without half of it being backtracking. Please enjoy…..SH

When I wrote that previous forward I had intended the story to be four chapters only. Well, as I wrote various ideas came to me. A few of which I tried and liked. The only problem with that is they threw my plan into a tailspin and I had to do a lot to keep the tale tracking the way I wanted to. I apologize for so much backtracking, but it’s the best way I know to tell Steve’s tale. I also found the story running a lot longer than I had originally planned so therefore the story is no longer a four chapter ride but five now, that is if I can keep chapter four from going out of control.

So please enjoy chapter three, please vote and all feedback is appreciated. See you in chapter 4……SH


“Put your money where your mouth is punk!”

“I got nothing to prove here cock monger! You talked shit, not me. You gonna put daddy’s money on your car? Any one of us will see whatever you lay down.”

“All right boy, I got a grand here says my ‘Cuda will romp any of you.”

Geoff Mandrel had bought a 68 Barracuda from a couple of guys we knew from a town about 60 miles south. They had the car at the race track just about every weekend trying to figure out why it fell flat on it’s face about 900 feet into the race. That’s why they sold it. This douche bag didn’t know shit about his ride, he just knows it has a hemi, they were fast in the day, and still should be.

I’m not sure how much the Rodriguez brothers had soaked Geoffy and his daddy for, but I’m sure they got enough to build some serious iron, and a big laugh at the same time. It’s not every day you have chumps with cash to blow fall into your lap. Don pulled the deck of cards out and shuffled them, and handed the deck to Shelby.

Shelby had been home from college for a week now and we had spent just about every night together. She broke off her engagement and said she wanted to be with me. That worked out fine for me since Maddie had announced her pending nuptials in the shittiest manner I know of. By text! I guess I was stupid for believing she truly had room in her heart for me. At least I don’t live at Herb and Dianne’s any longer and thus will not have to see her. I hooked up with Shelby on what turned out to be the best and shittiest night of my young life.


I was working Wednesday night, in my office at Charley’s, when Charley came to my door. “Shep, I got some fuck stick kid out here looking to talk to you.” With that he turned and headed right back out. Charley and I have that kind of relationship. We waste few words. When Charley says someone is a fuck stick, it usually means he thinks they are not in the store to buy.

I went out to the front counter to find Tommy “Diesel” DeSalle waiting. “Fuck stick” seemed to be a proper term. I have little to no use for this guy. He always runs his mouth, and never backs it up. He claims he’s been trying to race me now for a month. He’s never out though when I am. Seems to be a funny way to goad someone into a race in my opinion. Of course this is the same guy who was the starting quarterback on the high school team for three years. They won two games in those three years; games Diesel was hurt and couldn’t play in. The year after he graduated they won the State Championship. Doctor Daddy’s money must have been one hell of a brain number for the coach.

I get out to the counter to see what this asshole wanted and he hits me with, “What’s this shit about Maddie getting hitched?”

I couldn’t hide my surprise. I had received a text from her a week ago saying she was fucking her boy friend Mark on a regular basis. That had pissed me off but it said nothing about marriage. “What the fuck are you prattling about?”

“Your sister, numb nuts, I got a text today saying she’s getting married in May.”

He handed his phone to me and I read the message. “Beats me. She aint said word one to me about it, not that that is anything new.”

“Dude, don’t be a jackass! Your sister thinks the sun rises and falls around you. She’ll likely call you and tell you.”

I couldn’t believe what I was reading;

“OK guys. Mark and I will get hitched in May. I wish you all the best

But I am off the market. XOX M”

So this is her way of not going exclusive with anyone else? “I take thee to bang ’til my heart’s content,” seems pretty fucking exclusive to me. Maybe she was throwing old flames off the trail so to speak, so she’d have more time for me. But still, I felt like someone had kicked me in the balls repeatedly with steel toed boots. I had to change the subject to keep from exploding.

“Who knows? pendik escort So, where’s your car? I haven’t seen it in a while.”

“It’s in the shop man. Broke my spur lock in the left dif.”

“What the fuck is this imbecile talking about?” I asked my self. If you are going to bullshit, learn some actual mechanical problems before you spout off. I pretended to not notice his moronic misstep. “Yeah I need to save up and replace my spur locks with racing versions soon. I’m not sure how much longer mine are gonna hold up.”

I knew where his car was. He had it back at Northwitch’s getting them to do some stupid shit he read about in a magazine that was supposed to add 100 horsepower to his car. The article failed to mention that a lot of engine modification was needed to get the effects desired. My buddy Greg had just gotten a job there and told us all about it.

“We’ll have to race after all these spur locks are replaced.” I told him as I walked him towards the door. I didn’t care to have Charley think I had any business to do with this guy. As we walked past a stack of amplifiers I was grabbed from behind and had my eyes covered with a pair of female hands. I felt hot breath on my ear as I was told, “Guess who.” in a sultry sexy voice, followed by a tongue to my ear.

“If I guess does the action stop?” I asked. I was rewarded by being spun around to gaze into the very beautiful face of Shelby James. She hugged me fiercely and whispered in my ear, “I have missed you handsome.”

Diesel looked like he was seeing an episode of “The Twilight Zone.” He stammered out a greeting, to with she absentmindedly answered “Hiya hun.”

She trailed a finger down into the open collar and neck of my shirt and asked, “So when are you off babe?”

I glanced at the wall clock and told her I’d be off in about two hours. “See you then baby.” She said as she kissed me deeply, and then headed out the door, leaving me to collect dirty looks from Diesel. He walked out muttering something under his breath.

I went back into my office and got back to work. About ten minutes later, Charley popped his head in and said “You’re doin all right kid. She’s fucking hot!”

Finally after two slow torturous hours, Charley popped his head in my door and said “Take off kiddo. Go get laid!”

He didn’t need to tell me twice. I got out to my car to find Shelby waiting for me. She was wearing a blue turtleneck fleece ski jacket, tight blue jeans and a pair of white Ugz. She was leaning up against my car waiting. I asked her if she was hungry, to which she replied, “Not really baby, but I am single, and quite horny. Can we go to your place?”

“Single? What about your fiancé?” I asked.

“I broke it off dear. After our lunch that Friday I knew I wanted to be with you and not him. That’s not entirely true. I have wanted to be with you for quite some time.”

“Is this some part of a plot by Maddie to set me up for a royal crushing? She had never been nice to me and then she does a 180 degree turn around.” I didn’t really think I should mention the totality of the turn around. “I guess I am so used to shit treatment that I am always waiting for the other shoe to drop.”

“No crushing coming from me baby. I’ll fuck anyone up who tries to hurt you sweetie. I have wanted you since you turned 16.”

I scoffed at the idea of the hottest female around wanting me. She gave me a look I couldn’t quite interpret and said, “Ever since Maddie showed me how I could watch you in the shower, I have wanted you.”

Watch me in the shower? Sometimes I ….. Then as if she had read my mind:

“Yes I have seen you jerking off a time or two, or more. What a turn on baby!”

I was glad it was dark, because my face was as red as it had ever been. Here was the hottest woman I have ever seen telling me she had seen me peelin’ the chili. I wanted to hide.

“Don’t be embarrassed baby. Do you how many times I have worn out batteries in my vibrator thinking about you jerking off?”

Well, I figured as long as we were confessing….”Prolly not as many times as I have waxed my carrot picturing you.” I could feel my ears burning.

“Huh uh! No way. Really?” she asked.

“Uh, YEAH. Who wouldn’t rub one out over you? You are a fucking knock out!”

“I’m ok. Maddie is the knock out. I am just ok.”

“Bullshit babe. I know far too many guys who would kill to be with you. Hell, I am pinching myself to be sure I’m not having a wet dream right now.”

“You’ve had wet dreams about me?” she sounded surprised.

She had to have heard my blush. I could hear the blood rushing to my ears making the feel aflame. “You are a fantasy come true for me.”

“Let’s get to your place darling’. We’ll make ALL of our fantasies come true.”

We got to my house about five minutes later. We became locked at the lips, our tongues sparring for position as I fumbled the front door open. I wondered if my nosy ass neighbor Shirley was catching all of this to tell maltepe escort her old biddy pals about at bingo tomorrow.

We barely made it down the stairs to my basement bedroom before Shelby had my jacket and shirt off and had begun working on my jeans. I pulled her top up over her head to discover she wore nothing under the fleece jacket. As my brain froze at the sight of her perfect bare naked perky tits, my hands made the move on their own. My right hand grabbed her breast and began caressing and massaging it.

She had my belt undone and had my button and zipper open. She worked her hand in and started rubbing my cock bringing it instantly to life. She was stroking it, slowly and deliberately, rubbing her thumb over the ultra sensitive head every upstroke.

“Mmm, your cock feels so nice baby. I was stupid for not jumping you a long time ago.”

I was still having a hard time getting my mind wrapped around the idea that not only did I have the hottest woman around wanting to jump my bones, but it was actually about to happen. My free hand started rubbing her ass, while I roiled her nipple between my thumb and finger. I could see her cheeks turning red, and her breathing was getting heavier. I barely noticed that she had pushed my jeans clear to the floor, and I was essentially naked in front of Shelby James.

“Hey! This is unfair.” I mock protested, “I think we need to even the playing field here.”

She smiled and took a step back. She then began swaying her hips to music I couldn’t hear and did a five minute strip tease involving only her boots, jeans, and lacy thong. When she was naked she crushed her tits against my chest and forced her tongue into my mouth. I reached down and squeezed her ass with both hands, eliciting a moan from her. I worked her over toward the couch and pushed her back onto it and got on my knees. She spread her legs and I dove into her sweet cunt.

I have never tasted anything as divine as Shelby’s hot wet box. She didn’t last but three minutes before she screamed out in the throes of her first orgasm. I was glad that my basement suite was sound proofed or else Mike might be awakened by her screams and Shirley would be calling the church to exorcise the demons. I alternated between using my tongue flat to lick her lips up and down from her ass to her super sensitive clit, and using my tongue like a prick and fucking her pussy with it. Her juices wee running down my chin as I tongue fucked her to another screaming orgasm.

As her third cum was reaching its peak, I slid my finger up into her hot snatch. She fucking exploded! I was pumping my finger in and out of her pussy and as she came I sucked her clit into my mouth and flicked my tongue rapidly across it. As she was cumming again, I recalled watching a funny comedian named Sam Kinneson on a video tape that Mike’s dad has. On it Sam says if you want to eat pussy like a pro and have her remember you, lick the alphabet.

I got as far as “J” when she orgasmed hard then put her feet on my shoulders and pushed me off of her. Cheerleading must have paid off because I was sent ass over teakettle across the room, and hit a table with my ass. “Enough babe! You’re driving me nuts, get over here and fuck me!!”

She rolled over and lay flat on her stomach, and reached back to spread her ass cheeks to give me access to her swollen wet cunt. I grabbed my cock with one hand and used the other to spread her pussy open. I was shaking with anticipation as I rubbed the head of my cock up and down her greasy slit; she came again when I rubbed a bit too long on her clit. I lined the head up and started pushing into her hot wet hole.

I got the head and an inch or so inside her and came to an abrupt stop. She was so tight it was almost painful to push. I pulled back slightly and pushed anew. She came hard, flooding my cock with her hot sweet juice. I grabbed her hips for leverage and pushed again. I gained maybe another two inches and she was screaming again as she was cumming.

She looked as if she had just stepped out of a sauna, she was covered in a heavy sheen of sweat and she was red and her hair was matting to her head. It was the single sexiest sight I have ever seen. It took everything I had not to shoot my load into her right there. I started running over engine specs in my head to not think about how hot this situation was.

I began pulling back again when she came yet again. I was beginning to worry about her dehydrating from all the sweat and twat fluid she was secreting. As her cunt muscles started squeezing and milking, I was able to push in until I was only an inch or so from being fully imbedded in her snatch. My cock and sac were swimming in her secretions.

Once again I began moving in and out little by little, I kept trying to push in to the hilt only to be met by resistance unlike any I could imagine. I have been told that I am well hung, but I never thought I’d find it so hard to get into a pussy. I can only imagine how tight her ass must kartal escort be.

“Ung hmmm ughh Oh Oh Ahhh Fuck baby!”

After about ten strokes she cried out again and I could feel her cunt pulsing around my cock. Just as she was peaking I pushed in as hard as I could and was rewarded with the feeling of my balls slapping her clit as my head punched into her cervix. She exploded! I reached around and grabbed her tits when I felt her juices squirt out of her like a fire hose. I had heard of women being able to do that but had never seen it firsthand; of course my experience is quite limited.

“Oh FUCKING WOW STEVIEEEEEEE!!! I’ve never had that happ oh oh oh…”

When she was coming down from that orgasm, I pushed in as hard as I could and held right there. I felt her sweet hot tunnel thrumming around my cock. Her body began convulsing and a long and guttural wail emanated from her. Her hips started bucking and thrashing so I grabbed her shoulders and started a rhythmic in and out motion. She was sweating and thrashing about while speaking gibberish. I felt my head hitting her cervix over and over as her cunt squeezed my cock like a man hanging from a rope on a cliff.

“I don’t know how much more I can take baby! Please fill me with your cum. Oh fill my cunt baby! CUUUUUMMM in me now!!!”

That was about all I could take. I hammered into her faster and she screamed again and sprayed me down again. My balls exploded launching spurt after spurt of my baby batter deep into her womb. We collapsed into a sweaty tangle.

I kissed the back of her neck and was stroking her wet hair when I realized she had passed out. I was about to dial 911, when her eyes fluttered open and fixed me in her gaze. She kissed me deeply moaning into my mouth. She broke the kiss and I lost myself in her eyes.

“Will you marry me?” she asked in a husky voice.

I kissed her deeply and let my hands wander on her sweaty back. I’d be an idiot to say no to that request, now wouldn’t I?


“Wow!! You fuckin made it in today!!” Charley was standing at my lesson room door. Luckily I had no students in there with me yet. “I figured you’d still be at home banging that little hottie. You showered too!”

“Nope. I have too many lessons today to call off. Got to teach arpeggios!”

“Now I know who you been pining for since Thanksgiving.”

“What do you mean ‘Who I’ve been pinin for'”?

“Chris told me about the hottie you took with you to lunch when Helen and me was gone to Wisconsin. And you’ve been running around here like a guy missing the love of his life since then. Now I know who you were hurting over. Remember Shep, we are all looking for that “one”, looks like you found yours.”

With that Charley turned and left, leaving me to wonder how lucky I was that everyone thought I had been missing Shelby, which I had, but they weren’t questioning my missing Maddie more than I should have. Of course that was before I read the text and heard the voicemail.

Nobody who knows Charley and Helen can understand how I can tolerate “the grouchiest couple on earth.” I think it goes back to one of the first weeks I was working for him. I feared his temper as much as the next employee. I had taken guitar lessons from him until he had to buy books to teach me any more, so he knew my work ethic. One day he was looking around the store and asked me if I was too fucking lazy to straighten out the guitar strings like he had asked. He had never asked me to do that so I told him, “Listen here you old fat fuck. If you want shit straightened out just tell me, don’t run your cocksucker about laziness unless you want my foot up your ass!”

He turned and went back into his office as my fellow co workers stared at me. I went on about my business like nothing happened and then straightened out the strings. About an hour or so later he called Bill back to his office. Bill had been working for Charley for six years and was the de facto floor manager. Ten minutes later Bill walked out, his bald dome shiny red and looked at me, “Thanks a lot asswipe! He just shit-canned me because of you. He wants, and I quote ‘your skinny fucking long haired ass back there pronto.'”

I fucked around for another ten minutes and then went to Charley’s office. He pointed to the chair in his famous “sit your ass” down motion. I sat there and stared at him, and he stared back. Finally after a few minutes he said, “Where do get off thinking you can talk to me like that?”

“Charley, you know I aint lazy. So when shit like that rolls out of your mouth is pisses me right the fuck off. If you want an apology, want in one hand, shit in the other and tell me which fills up faster. If you’re waiting for me to beg for my job keep waiting. If you’re canning me; do it so I can go find another job before dinner time.”

“Kid, I love you like a son. I thought I knew you well. I can’t believe you got the balls to say that shit to me. I aint waiting for any of those things. I canned Bill ’cause he’s a pussy. If I told him what I told you he’d broken both legs getting to those strings. I need people who work and know what’s going on even when I’m wrong. Get back to work; you’re earning Bill’s salary now. Don’t tell my stupid ass daughter though.”

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