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I could write pages about what it’s like after she and I arrive in Miami on our separate flights…we’ve only just met after months of emails and the conversations, the soft kisses and hard fucking go on forever…but for now I’m just going to tell you about one hour…


We been spending the late afternoon relaxing…stupid, yummy, rum drinks in the jacuzzi, enjoying the setting sun, making out like kids…and now it’s getting dark, with remnant orange traces highlighting the few clouds in an otherwise crystal sky. I’m listening to the ocean with my eyes closed when I hear you come back from the bathroom. Your skin is pink from a hot shower, but your blush is for another reason…we both know why you took special care getting clean.

You look beautiful wrapped in the short bathrobe that came with the palatial room…your long legs look great and your breasts threaten to break free at any moment and I smile up at you, staring appreciatively. You look down, embarrassed and I reach up and pull you to the bed. We’ve kissed naturally from the start and I love it…our tongues play against one another and my hand slips up to the side of your face, the back of your head as I get hungrier for more…our kisses get harder…and they’re not alone…I can feel my cock stir…from your nearness and from what’s to come…

Your hand snakes down to feel my now fully hard cock just as mine plays with your tits, tweaking the nipples, squeezing and kneading your breasts, but I don’t want you excited just yet…I want you relaxed. I take your hand away and slip off the robe as I lay you down on your stomach, legs together. I grab a bottle of oil and drip a line between your shoulder blades. Both of our skins have that pleasant tingle and glow of having gotten almost sunburned…you feel amazing. I work the oil into your skin, massaging your shoulders and neck, running my thumbs down your spine and occasionally bring my chest down so you can feel my weight and kissing your neck, biting it just hard enough.

Gradually my hands move lower, working on your lower back, running up the sides of your body, brushing the sides of your breasts with oil. I move to your legs, which are smooth and gorgeous. You got a brazilian before leaving home under the pretense of a spa trip from a friend, much to your husband’s and my delight. I work the big muscles of the thighs, the calves and take special care with your feet, running my thumbs hard up against their arches. Gradually I work my way back up your legs, and I can feel you getting excited…nervous but aroused.

My hands reach your ass and knead the dense muscles there, so often neglected in a massage. There are pressure points but you have to press erotik film izle hard to get them…I do. It’s a mix of pleasure and pain when I hit them…good practice for what’s to come. I stop for a moment to reposition you…slipping one of the big pillows under your hips and spreading your legs open. You are completely exposed and even in the dim light of the candles and the skyline, I can see your pussy glistening, and how you’re clenching your ass. THWACK I bring my right hand down hard on a round cheek before sliding up behind you, my mouth to your ear.

“Relax…that’s an order.” I say smiling, as I turn your face so I can kiss you deeply. My cock runs down against your pussy and clit. I move back up behind you. The imprint of my hand is still visible, a red outline on your white skin.

I take one more look and lay a bead of oil slowly down the crack of your ass, starting at the top and all the way down until its pouring between the lips of your pussy. I hear a sigh escape you as the cool, viscous liquid touches you. I take two fingers and follow the line of the oil, making you jump a little as they pass across your asshole and stop at your pussy. I work the oil around your lips, avoiding your clit, pushing inside, mixing the oil with the wetness already very much there. You move yourself against my hand, moaning, and look back for a moment, now more excited than nervous, smiling as our eyes lock. I know I must have an evil grin plastered across my face. I shove my fingers in deeper, making you gasp and drop your face back to the bed.

I drop down between your legs and I can smell you…I love that smell. Still working my fingers inside you I run my tongue along the tendon at the top of your legs, down your pussy and flicking against your clit, before taking it between my lips. You’re dripping wet, moaning and moving back against my mouth. I want you close, but I don’t want you to come, so I leave your clit and lick my way back up to that small space between your pussy and asshole, so sensitive and overlooked. With two fingers still in your pussy, I run the thumb of my other hand down the crack of your ass until its resting against your asshole. I rub the oil into you, feeling you tense and relax, tense and relax…

I move my mouth to replace the thumb. I can feel you start at the shamelessness of what I’m doing, but I know it feels good…better than good…and you whimper as my tongue works your ass. I lean back and pour more oil on you, rubbing it in with a long finger, a finger that start to work its way inside, a little bit at a time as you adjust. You’ll have to adjust a lot more soon.

From beside the bed I pick a small vibrator and reach around to put it to your lips, film izle you suck on it greedily, getting it wet. I pull it from your mouth and turn it on. I run it down the crack of your ass, misleading you…it’s for your pussy, and I work it into you. You move against it, fucking it. I smack your ass and push you down with the flat of my hand against the small of your back. I slip the toy out of you and run it to your clit…I want you excited, wanting my cock inside you, anywhere you can get it…my other hands plays with your ass…and slipping a finger inside you, first just the tip, then to the first knuckle…then the second…more oil..and I press my long middle finger all the way into your ass, working it slowly in and out, working you open, getting you ready…

“Fuck me…” you say in a small, pleading voice.

“I can’t hear you,” I say teasingly.

“FUCK ME” but you know it won’t be enough…

“You want my cock in your pussy?”

“No…you know what I want…please”

“Tell me,” I say, pushing my finger deep into your ass, making you gasp as you say the words…

“Fuck my ass…now”

I draw myself up your body and whisper in your ear. “Is that what you really want? You want my big cock in your ass?”

“Yes…make me your slut. Do anything you want.”

I’ve never been harder in my life. Being here with you, living the fantasy we’ve crafted for months, being the first…it’s made me hard for weeks thinking about this trip, this night…this moment. I move around you to bring my cock near your mouth and slipping my hand up along your neck and fingers into your hair, bring your mouth to mine for a long, deep kiss. Breaking the kiss I move your head down and push into your mouth, hard, until I’m hitting the back of your throat. I push further, making you gag, your eyes water. I use my hips to drive my cock in and out of your throat…you love it…your hand moves down to play with your clit, you’re moaning on my cock…getting it so wet. I pull you off and put your face back down to the bed.

I move in between your legs, stroking my cock, looking at your gorgeous body underneath me. I take the oil and work it into your ass with one finger and then a second…you groan…impatient now. I take my fingers away, knowing that you’re still too tight…this is going to hurt…at first.

With one leg along your side, I move up between your legs, cock in hand, and rub the head of my cock against your tiny hole. Shifting my weight forward, I increase the pressure and the head starts to move inside, spreading you wide. I can hear your breathing, fast and shallow. I push harder and the head pops inside…you gasp and I know it hurts. I pause again, letting you seks filmi izle adjust…and then push deeper…just another inch before pulling back, then pushing forward…two inches…you swear “Oh fuck” and I can’t tell from pleasure or pain…both? But I can feel your body getting used to the sensations, the intrusion, starting to ease, starting to welcome my cock inside. I push forward again, this time giving you more…half of my cock…up to the point it gets wider, wider than the head…thick.

“More…fuck me” and I know you’re ready. I pour more oil on my cock as I draw it almost out, and then sink it deep into your ass, almost all the way in.

“Oh fuck…oh god…” you don’t know what you’re saying and now I know that pleasure is overwhelming pain. I start to fuck your ass in earnest, still not giving you my whole cock, but most of it, and faster now. It feels incredible…so tight…so hot…and the sight is the sexiest you can imagine…of your tiny asshole stretched around my fat cock.

I can’t hold back now and I give it to you deep, pressing home now. I’m balls deep in your ass and it can take it…can take it hard and deep, long strokes that make you cry out with pleasure…then scream. I reach forward and grab your hair, buried in your ass, and turn your head so I can see your eyes…your mouth lolls open, your tongue playing across your lips and your eyes are full of lust and pride.

“You like it, don’t you. You love it.” I press hard into you…

“Oh god yes…fuck it…fuck my little ass…fuck it hard…please don’t stop fucking me.”

And I don’t. Grabbing your hips and shifting my weight to my thighs, I pause just a moment before ramming to the hilt, drawing out and ramming home again…faster and faster…my balls slapping against your pussy, fucking you and fucking you and fucking you until I’m covered in sweat…you’re covered in sweat…and then I come to stop and reach down for the vibrator. Turning it on I work against your clit for a second before slipping it inside you to the hilt…

The sensations of the vibrator in your pussy and my cock deep in your ass are overwhelming…your mouth lets out a stream of obscenities, moans, gasps and a slow building scream…

“Oh god I’m going to come…don’t stop…don’t stop…”

I’m fucking you for all I’m worth, so close to cumming for so long and finally letting myself go. I’m grunting like an animal, fucking you so deep and hard…just as I feel myself starting to burst…you shriek as your orgasm hits like a hammer, your body shuddering, pressing back against me as I start to come as hard as I ever have…spasm after spasm wrack my body as jet after jet of come shoot into you, so deep inside…

Your body is shaking as I pull the vibrator from your pussy, and slump forward on top of you. I pull the pillow out from under you and take you in my arms as my deflating cock finally slips from your no longer virgin ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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