Plumper Caught in the Rain

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It was Spring in New Zealand, and it had been a long wet winter. The start of some clearer weather had brought about a change in Jenny one could liken to a snowball rolling down a hillside, slow at first but slowly building up momentum. She was shaking off the laziness that winter brings ready to set out and discover what had changed since last summer. Spring to Jenny meant the countryside was opening up its arms ready to embrace with the new life that was spilling forward, though one could never quite tell in New Zealand with the weather how long the sun would last before the weather would turn sour, or when the rain was pelting down, within minutes the sun would be basking.

Jenny had always carried a few extra pounds. It wasn’t that she didn’t get out and enjoy life, in fact she was an avid walker and had done most of the tracks around her local area. She had done most of the fad diets or crazy new exercise machines in her time but while some of her body responded to the onslaught she found that her thighs, buttocks and chest never really changed.

At 31 years of age she had come to the conclusion that her body wasn’t going to change, and while she still thumbed though the magazines that told her what a female body ought to look like, when she looked at herself in the mirror she still saw a real woman; large breasts, still firm but they can only get so large before gravity takes over, wide hips, good for child bearing they say, although she was aware that she was missing the man in her life for that, her thighs suited her body, she thought, after all what good would small legs be at carrying around the rest of her. Her belly she was happy with, it wasn’t small as such but it pointed out the front rather than the side, and when combined with her wide hips gave her a shape that was indeed womanly.

It was a long weekend in Spring, three days of bliss and Jenny hadn’t made plans, most of her friends were married or close to it and had all booked their short vacation months ago, however Jenny lived week to week and so was rather caught out by three days with nothing to do and no one around. She awoke around midmorning to sunlight creeping through the crack in the window, and peering through the window to the bush covered hills in the distance thought it would be a lovely day to try one of the walking tracks, it would still be a bit early in the season for the tracks to be full of people but still warm enough to walk without carrying a large pack of equipment.

After a quick brunch Jenny jumped in the 4×4 and drove the 30minutes or so into the local bush reserve. There was a particular track she has discovered only at the end of last season that she knew not many people were aware of as it was a wee way down a back road. Pulling up at the side of the road to the entrance of the track she grabbed the small pack with her drink bottle and headed into the bush.

The first part of the walk was not an easy one which was why Jenny knew it would be deserted this early in spring, and after about 40 minutes of mostly uphill walking she was fairly exhausted, but she knew the track would level out into an easy valley and the going would be much easier. Jenny was glad of her choice of clothing wearing only mid knee shorts and a tee-shirt, which was by now showing large patches of little exercise over winter in the form of sweat marks.

Once in the valley the ache in her legs started to ease and she began to enjoy the freshness of the bush and the sound of the birds and insects. A small water droplet on her face made her glance between the overhanging trees to see that the day had begun to cloud over, but the canopy assured her that as long as the rain was not heavy she would be protected from most of the weather. Just in case she thought she’d put on her light rain jacket, but after eryamandaki escortlar reaching into her pack realised in her rush to head out of the house all she had put in her pack was her water bottle.

As she continued the rain became heavier and the sounds of the bush became over shadowed by the rain on the leaves, Jenny was beginning to get wet, she could no longer tell where the sweat patches ended and the rain soaked clothing began. Chiding herself for forgetting her jacket she remembered the entrance to a cave not too far ahead on the track. She picked up the pace and was almost running by the time she reached the cave, the rain seemed to sense her frustration and by the time she reached the cave entrance there was a constant downpour.

Puffing, but glad to be out of the rain she sat a small way back from the entrance and looked out to the driving rain cursing her bad luck. As she began to gain her breath back she realised that she was starting to get cold so she pulled off her tee shirt to wring out the water. Not wanting to wet the area she was standing in she moved to the entrance of the cave and started twisting her tee shirt free of water. Looking down where the water from her tee shirt was falling she noticed that there were bicycle tracks leading into the cave. Strange she thought, given that the tracks were still fresh. As she followed the tracks with her eyes back into the cave she was even more astonished to find that some way into the cave the bicycle that made the tracks was resting against the side of the cave.

As Jenny walked towards the bicycle she was aware of some footsteps towards the rear of the cave, and before she had time to think a man appeared from a tunnel towards the back. Jenny stood holding her tee shirt in surprise for what seemed like an eternity. The man shocked also, not expecting someone to be in the cave, let alone wearing only a bra and shorts, stopped, not wanting to break the surreal moment.

As Jenny realised her disposition she quickly threw her still damp tee shirt over her head and blushing, stammered, “I’m so sorry…..I didn’t realise……I thought”. “Hey no problem”, said the man. “I’m Tom, sorry I didn’t mean to stare, I just wasn’t expecting……..” Covered again but still quite embarrassed, “I’m Jenny. Yeah, sorry, I got caught in the rain and well, as you can see I wasn’t really prepared for a major downpour.”

Tom moved closer to where Jenny was standing and presented his hand. “I can see that, but I don’t think it’s going to let up for a while.” Shaking her hand, “I hope you have some dry clothes in that bag of yours.” “No, but I’ll be OK”, said Jenny, already starting to feel the chill of the wet clothes.

They sat on some rocks talking about where they had come from for about 30 minutes while the rain continued pouring. The warmth from the exercise had long left Jenny and though she was trying no to show it her teeth were beginning to chatter as she was talking. Tom could see the change in Jenny and was starting to get concerned. “Are you cold?” He asked. “No I’m fine, just a bit damp is all” She replied, teeth defying her very words. “Look at the goose bumps on your legs, you’re freezing” replied Tom.

Jenny was a bit startled when Tom took off his top and presented it to her. “This is dryer” was all he said, demanding for her own good that she wear something warmer. Too cold to think about what someone thought of her body, Jenny removed her top and took the one Tom was offering. She was not offended when Tom did not look away while she was between tops, after all he was obviously a kind person, however she was a little curious as to what he might see in her. However it dawned on her as she was pulling Toms top over her head that considering her expansive bosom she would not actually fit into Toms shirt. etimesgut bayan escort She was halfway into the predicament and as she began removing the too small shirt from her head that she realised how silly she must look. Handing the shirt back to Tom, she turned away embarrassed and turning red.

Realising too late how his act of kindness turned into one of potential humiliation. Tom moved forward pressing his body against Jennys for warmth. Too cold to resist the body on offer Jenny threw her arms around Tom and held on until the involuntary shaking in her arms subsided. It was a good 10 minutes of the two bodies locked for warmth before Jenny realised that Tom was massaging her back. Not rubbing for warmth anymore but tenderly as one might gently massage a lovers back. His fingers would trace the edges of her back, down to the rim of her shorts, across to the middle of her back and then up her spine. At her bra strap the fingers would edge under, up to his knuckles before he would remove them and continue his way up to her neck and across her shoulder.

Not cold anymore but enjoying the comfort of Toms body pressed against hers, Jenny nudged her face closer into Toms neck. Her own arms around Toms body, letting him know that she was enjoying the closeness of the contact, even if he still thought that she was freezing, Jenny was happy to stay that way until the rain stopped, and she couldn’t care less if it rained the rest of spring. Tom, however sensed the change in Jennys body, gone were the goose bumps from her back and she was letting out involuntary sighs as her worked her back. Very gently as his hands worked his way up her spine, upon reaching her bra strap, instead of gently sliding under as he had the countless times before, he very deftly undid the clasps in one quick movement.

Jenny froze. Her mind racing. Had he just done that? Where would this lead? Was he trying to warm her sides where the bra was covering?

Toms hands resumed the massing motion as if nothing has changed. Jenny realised if she was to find the answers to her questions she would have to be the one to make the first move. Gently she pushed her body away from Toms and let the bra straps fall from her sides. Not wanting to look directly at Tom she watched her breasts as they slowly appeared as she peeled the rest of her bra off. As her large dark pink areolas gave way to her thick erect nipples, she heard a sharp intake in Toms breathing. Looking up she saw that his eyes were fixed on her breasts. Comforted that her body was getting the right reaction from Tom she took each of his hands and placed one on either breast.

Toms kneaded each breast in his hands but quickly realising each breast was too big for a single hand he moved in on the closest with both hands, teasing the nipple with his thumbs, before moving to the next breast. Then gently brought his tongue down to the nipple, licking his way around and then over the engorged appendage. Then sensing encouragement from Jenny began to suck on the nipple before lightly taking one in his teeth and biting. A slight moan from Jenny brought him to his senses and he kissed his way between the breasts, up to her neck, tracing her neck around her ear lobe before finding her juicy, waiting lips.

Their tongues met in a ferocious struggle that left them gasping for breath after a few minutes. Tom took the time out to undo the buckle on Jennys shorts. A brief pause as he looked up for consent, and a wicked smile for Jenny, then he slowly eased he back against the floor of the cave to remove her still wet shorts. Her large thighs were a welcoming sight as they glistened from the dampness, however Tom wasted no time as he pulled at the panties that were also wet, but suffice to say had a much deeper ankara escort mustier smell that the rain soaked shorts. Jenny eased her ample bottom off the ground to help Tom in his quest and in a few awkward movements Jenny was lying naked with Tom revelling in the sight before him.

Slowly he kissed down the inside of Jennys thighs, gently parting them as he moved in towards Jenny’s thinly haired but unshaven pussey. Upon reaching the edges of her hairline and to the dismay of Jenny, Tom moved to the other thigh, and teasingly kisses his way around then over to her belly. A hand on his head told him that she had had enough teasing and Tom kissed his way back to her glistening mound. First kissing over the length of her lips, stopping at the bridge between her pussey and her anus. Then using his tongue to lick the entire way up to her clit. Jenny let out a low moan, her pulsing flesh expanding to an excited state.

Deftly using his tongue, Tom guided down the sides of Jennys flesh, to her anus, following the curves of her puckered hole around and ever so slightly in before making his way back her pussey.

Tom continued to probe. Using his tongue to find every fold and curve of her flesh. Tapping her clit before moving down to her wetness to be assaulted by a fresh wave of saltiness. Using deep full strokes with his tongue, Jenny could feel her orgasm building. Needing constant pressure on her love button, on the next upward stroke she took a hold of his head and held it in position, his tongue flicking but harder now to help with her release. Continuing with his tongue attack, Tom moved a finger to the edge of her pussey and slowly entered, finding no resistance. Then picking up pace to match the mouth work Tom fired his fore finger in and out, before adding a second finger to the medley.

Jenny, shaking uncontrollably, her belly sending miniature waves of flesh rolling and her breasts heaving almost as quickly as Toms tongue. She was in heaven, oblivious to the surroundings, her only concentration the orgasm that was fast approaching.

Jenny exploded in pleasure, her hands forcing Toms face into her fleshy mound. Toms fingers were at once drenched with another wave of love juice, and simultaneously clenched between her spasming pussey. Wave after wave flowed through Jenny, a release months in the making. Tom continued to tease her clit but softer now as the orgasm began to subside.

Jenny pulled Tom up over her naked body, not able to endure any more attention on her over sensitised clit. “Fuck me,” was all she said.

Tom wasted no time in removing the rest of his clothing. His cock straining from the attention that he had been giving Jenny. Lifting her legs toward her waste he entered her. There was nothing gentle or slow in the movement as he already knew how wet and horny she was. He looked towards her face, her eyes were closed, revelling in the new pleasure. Tom rocked Jennys body with every thrust, trying to penetrate as deeply into her body as he could. Her breasts swayed in the motion and he caught one with one hand to thumb his way across the nipple. Jenny opened her eyes halfway and it was the distant look of someone in paradise that he could see.

Feeling his balls begin to tighten Tom quickly removed his cock from Jennys depths leaving a gaping hole wishing it were still full. Jenny opened her eyes fully to assess the change in motion to see Tom holding his throbbing member looking longingly at the sweet folds as they began to close and hide their bounty. Jenny grabbed a breast in each hand, squeezing together and motioned with a wink for Tom to finish the job. Tom repositioned himself, and with only a few thrusts between her succulent breasts exploded into the soft pink abyss.

Taking her finger and gently stroking it through the large pile of cum between her breasts, Jenny dabbed the tip of her finger on her tongue. He’s a keeper she thought. After a quick cleanup and chucking on the still damp clothes the two headed back off down the path the way Jenny had come from. She needed a massage tonight, and maybe a little something else…

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