Plain Jane Ch. 01

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She stood back in the darken corner of the room watching at him, and staying away from the party. She wasn’t comfortable at these party’s. He was tall,dark hair, tan, and HOT. Sex just oozed from him. He had a smile for everyone, and chatted everyone even her boss. She knew he didn’t see her, no one ever saw her she was just plain looking. She had dull brown hair, dull looking, people called her mousey when they didn’t think she was around. So that’s why she was hiding behind the plants.

He could feel eyes on him, He causal look till he spotted her just behind the plants in the corner of the room. He felt heat through out his body. Ever since he first met her while visiting her boss last week. Then he saw their boss and needed to talk to him.

“I see someone I must talk with, please excuse me.” he said.

He slowly walked over to his new boss, they chatted on the duties of his job.

“Have you seen Miss Tweed anywhere?” the boss ask him.

“Mmm,mmm, she over near the plants hiding.” he told him smiling.

He made his way to the bar and ordered a glass of wine, sat back and slowly sip it. He see her across the room with something she was sliding in and out of her mouth like a cock. He got an idea, he saw the Hotel photographer and He walk up to her and ask if eryamandaki escortlar he could have a private talk.

“Are you sure sir?” she question him.

“Yes I am very sure. I’ll give you 500 bucks to take the picture, and then forget that you ever did.” he told her.

After he got the picture he went up to the lobby desk and ask for an envelope and paper. He quickly wrote on the back and slip his key inside, sealed it and had the waiter deliver it to her.

She jump when a waiter stop and handed her a note. She thank him and then open it. She sat down quickly, shock at the pictures. Turning it over she saw a note.

“I wanted to show you, this is me before I met you.” she read what was wrote on the one showing a soft cock.

“This is what happens when I’m near you, or just looking at you. If you’re interested in finding out just how hot you make me feel. You’ll find a key to my room. I’ll meet you in ten minutes.” the second note read.

She looked and read them a second time, she knew she would meet him. She stuffed the pictures in her evening bag and took the key and quietly left the party and went up to his room. She use the key and open the door and went outside. She turned the lights off and open the curtains.

A few minutes later she heard etimesgut bayan escort the door open and close.

“No please leave the lights off.” she told him quickly.

Her voice sent waves and waves of hot fire through out his body, he quickly undress’s. Walking up behind her,pulling her back against him.

“Mmmm, thank you for coming.” he whispers, as his hands slips up under her blouse cupping her tit’s, and his lips kiss her neck.

She closes her eyes and just feels their bodies touching.

“Incredible, they are just feel incredible. I can’t wait to taste them, to suck them, slide my cock between them.” he whispers to her.

He turns her to face him and leans in to take her lips in his, and kisses her hard, deeping the kiss. till he has to pull away before he cums.

“That was so close baby, too close.I almost lost it, don’t want to cum to early.” he tells her harshly.

He moves to her again, and his hand caresses her face. His finger tip brushes her lips. She opens her mouth, and his finger slips inside. Sucking on his finger, wrapping her tongue around and sliding up an down. His cock jerks and throbs, making him want to feel her lips wrap around his aching cock. Breathing hard he pulls he finger away ankara escort and looks at her. She knows what he wants and kneels down dragging her hand down his body.

Slowly caressing his thighs placing soft kisses along his inner thighs. Her hand wraps around the base of his cock as she rubs her face all over with his cock.

“Oh yes!!! Rub your face on my cock. Oh God!!” he groans.

With her other hand she cups and rubs his balls, as her mouth moves closer and closer. He jumps as her tongue licks across his balls.

“Oh god yessss…………..suck my balls.” he groans deeply.

She takes his balls in her mouth, as her hand slowly strokes his cock up and down. Slowly one by one she releases his balls and moves up the length of his cock. At the tip she slowly licks and rubs her chin over the head. Her mouth closes on the tip and she sucks, and twist her mouth,sliding her tongue all over the head. She looks up at him and slowly slides her mouth down inch by inch till all 10 inches of his hard thick meat is buried deep in her mouth.

“OH FUCK!!! SUCK ME BABY!!!” he grunts.

Slowly she moves her mouth up and down his cock making sure she takes him deeply sucking the head into her throat.

“OH MY GOD.” he thinks, not believing she is taking all 10 inches.

His body starts shaking, her hands rub his balls around her mouth and chin. Knowing he was close to cumming she takes his cock head deeply in her throat and sucks hard. He loses it and grabs her head, holding her tightly to him.

“OH GOD!…….. I’M CUMMINGGGGGG!!!!!!!” he screams.

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