Pictures Please

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I really wanted to take some sexy pictures for my husband. He was working extra hours and had been gone a lot, so I wanted him to be able to enjoy me whenever he felt the urge. I bought some new lingerie and thought of a few poses. All that remained was to find someone to take these pictures for me.

My best friend is often cliché when this kind of task comes up. Yes, meeting a man wearing a trench coat, stilettos, and nothing else is cool; but it’s been done before. I needed some fresh ideas. So, I asked my brother in law to take my pictures. I know it sounds like a bad plan already, but I only wanted sexy pictures, no porn.

He is a man-whore, so I know he can pick out sexy. That’s what I needed, a man’s opinion. We made a plan, and the next day when Matt went to work, his brother Morgan came over to help me. Matt is gone for 10-15 hours at a time, so I knew we had plenty of time to shoot pictures. I took the boring sheets off of our bed and replaced them with light pink satin sheets. Just enough color so I didn’t look completely pale. I bought a new black bra and panty set with black thigh highs. I matched my old black stilettos by adding the same turquoise trim that the new bra set had on them. I fixed my hair and put my smoky eyes on; something about that smudgy dark look around big blue eyes drives most men crazy. I had everything in order when Morgan knocked.

I opened the door wearing a robe over my first outfit. Morgan came in and we walked back to my room and started getting ready. My new camera was set up on the tripod, the lights dimmed, and the satin bed linens ready to go. I told Morgan thank-you for helping me and he said it was no problem. He positioned himself behind the camera and started trying to focus and aim correctly. I sat on the bed and took my robe off.

I had forgotten how cold my room gets, so needless to say, my nipples were hard as rocks and you could see the points through my bra. Morgan laughed at me and said he needed a wide angle lens for my big hard nipples. I laid down facing away from Morgan so the first few pictures would be looking across my cheek, through my cleavage, and down the rest of my body. I arched my back and relaxed my face; trying to look as if I was lying there waiting for my husband to come home and ravish my body.

Morgan was coaching me through the first few shots, directions like, “chin up, eyes closed, back arched, tits up…..” Everything was going pretty well.

Morgan told me that I should let the bra strap fall off of my shoulder. Then for the next one, I should sit up a little. We took a few sitting up, bra strap falling down; some I was looking down and some I had my neck exposed. I took one picture where my neck was bare and I was holding my hair up in a messy pile. Morgan said that one was hot. He said my neck and shoulder were sexy—that picture would make any man want to nibble on me.

I pretty much figured we had enough shots to come up with something I could work with. We were laughing and cutting up; taking pictures and clowning around. Then Morgan said, “I really want you to take some more pictures. If I set up the pose, will you let me take some more shots?” Sure why not, I thought.

Morgan said, “Take your bra off and put your back to me. Now, get on your knees and lean onto the head board.” I took my bra off and leaned up. Then he said, “Turn your body just enough where I can see the curve of your tit.” I turned slightly to the right. My bare back was exposed down to the beginning curve of my hips. The satin sheet was draped around the lower part of my ass. It was just a great shot of my curvy profile.

“That’s it right there, awesome, I can’t see any nipple, just the outer curve of those huge tits. This is fucking hot. God, you’re delicious!” He was making me feel so sexy! Was this wrong? We weren’t touching. I was getting aroused just by knowing he thought I looked sexy.

I turned around and asked him if he wanted to take some from the front with no bra on. “Hell yeah, you’re fucking unbelievable. But I still get to pose you. Stay on your knees, put your arms over your head, look to your right and close your eyes; wow, you look like you’re fixing to get fucked.” I drew in a deep breath when he said “fucked.”

I reached over my head and put my wrists together like I was tied there. That made my back arch again and my plump tits poke out. I closed my eyes and tried to imagine Matt fixing to devour my body. I felt Morgan’s breath on my cheek. He growled into my ear “I would completely eat you alive.”

I started to pull away and he said, “Keep your eyes closed.” His warm ataşehir escort words landed on my neck and I felt him get closer to my half-naked body. He was close, dangerously close. I could feel myself getting wet even though I shouldn’t be enjoying this. I felt his hands touching my arms and then I realize that he is tying my wrists to the bedpost with one of Matt’s silk ties.

“There that should keep you there,” he said. I heard the camera snapping pictures again. “Yeah, that’s it…now make it look like you’re struggling to get loose.” I pulled against the tie and my arm muscles tightened, making my tits jiggle up and down. “Hell yeah, make those tits bounce for me.” Morgan came closer and took close up pictures of my nipples.

He set the camera down and cupped my breasts. “God your tits are beautiful,” he said as he rubbed his thumbs across my nipples. He picked the camera back up and snapped a picture of his fingers pulling at one of my erect nipples. I told him that he was not supposed to be doing this to me and had no right to touch my body. He set the camera down again.

His hands gripped my breasts tightly and then I felt his mouth close over one nipple. I gasped when I felt his lips on my body. This was wrong! I should be protesting much more. But I lost all rational thought when he sucked my nipple into his hot mouth. I was already moaning and almost panting. He switched nipples to begin his torture on the second one. He shoved my tits together and sucked on both nipples at once. He sucked hard, then let go, then pinched my nipples between his teeth. I exploded right then. I was moaning and twitching; and I squirted my juices everywhere.

“Holy shit, you’re a squirter? I’m going have to fuck you now. I gotta feel you squirt on my cock like that. But first I want to taste that cunt of yours.” His words were making my pussy tingle all over again, I didn’t know if I could handle coming like that again.

He left my hands tied and slid my wet panties off. “I bet these taste wonderful,” he said. Then he rubbed my dripping panties across his lips and sucked my wetness out of them. He spread my legs wide open so he could slide two fingers inside my contracting cunt. His fingers filled my hole and he began to pound me roughly with them. I felt his mouth on my tits again and it was only seconds before I felt another orgasm building.

Morgan could feel it too, because he said, “oh no, not yet, I’m gonna torture you for a while.” I was begging him to let me cum and pulling harder against my restraint. He opened my legs even wider to put a pillow beneath me. He slid his face under my pussy; the pillow raised him up perfectly. He slowly slid his tongue inside my pussy lips and kissed my labia. His mouth was so warm and soft; it was amazing. Using his thumbs, he opened my cunt and began to lick my juices.

He sucked and nibbled my clit and slid his hands around to my ass cheeks. I could feel him pull my ass and pussy down onto his face. He ground my wetness on his face and he was moving his head back and forth trying to lick everywhere at once. He was smothering himself in my cunt and ass. Morgan would force me down onto his face and hold me there for what seemed like forever; I was worried he would pass out! Then lifted me up and opened my ass cheeks. I almost fainted when his tongue tickled my asshole and then darted into my ass. I was trembling; two fingers in my pussy, thumb massaging my clit, and his tongue in my ass; this might be more than I can handle.

I screamed out and started pumping my hips up and down on his face. I had one hell of an orgasm; he pulled his tongue from my ass just in time to catch my cum as it squirted onto his face. “Oh yeah, that’s it, cum on me, you slut!” He reached up and pinched my clit which made me cum more and twitch all over. I was coming hard so my body continued to gush on Morgan’s face.

At that point I was riding his face as hard as I could. He was saying, “Yeah baby, cum on me, what a good little slut…fuck my face, you whore!” He was pinching my clit hard causing me to moan loudly and continue pounding his face with my pussy. “Fuck my mouth, bitch, fuck it hard.” I sat down on him and slid my wet pussy and ass across his face. He really enjoyed me rocking my pelvis forward and back on his face; I could even feel his nose inside my pussy lips.

I squeezed his head between my legs and rubbed my ass side to side on his mouth. He finally had enough and lifted me off his face. His whole head was wet from my pussy juice.

He untied my arms from the bed post, but then grabbed another tie. I was kadıköy escort bayan too tired to fight him; he could use me as his fucktoy. He tied each wrist to each ankle and bent me over doggie-style. He let go and I fell over onto my left shoulder and my face. My ass and pussy were up in the air, exposed to his treatments. He got the camera and I started to object. He smacked my ass with the leather camera-bag strap. I jumped and yelled “owww!”

He said, “You don’t get an opinion, bitch. If I want to take a picture of your used-up pussy I will!” He let the strap land across my ass again. “Did that hurt slut? I like to hear you whimper in pain, say it again.” He folded the strap in half and popped my pussy lips a few times. The sting felt good on my labia.

Apparently, I didn’t follow directions and Morgan was displeased with me, “Say it again, whore!” He emphasized the word “whore” with another smack to my pussy.

“Oww,” I said, “please don’t!”

Morgan replied, “Don’t what, you slut? Don’t what? Spank your cunt? You like that, you whore. If I don’t spank you, then I get to punish you another way.”

I tried to get his attention, “Please, don’t spank my pussy lips, I will do anything if you will not spank my pussy again.”

He looked over at my eyes, and said, “Anything?” I shook my head yes. He took a picture of my red ass and lips. Then he took a picture of his finger sliding in and out of my asshole. He knew where I kept my toy stash and I saw him headed that way.

I was nervous, because he is a sick bastard. He came back with a couple of dildos, my bullet vibrator, an anal plug, and something else I couldn’t really make out. He shoved a dildo in my cunt and started fucking me hard. He was pumping away with that dong and I noticed his dick was sticking out of his pants. He took the dildo out of my pussy and rubbed it on my lips; I opened my mouth and started sucking it like it was the real thing. He started stroking his dick with the same rhythm as the dildo in my mouth.

Morgan pulled the dong out of my mouth and shoved it back into my pussy again. He was fucking me hard and fast with it while rubbing my clit again. He wanted me to squirt again. The anal plug slid into my ass while the dildo fucked my pussy and he worked on my clit. I was getting close again. I was rocking my hips and grunting with each thrust. He got me to the edge of orgasm and then stopped rubbing my clit. I was in agony; I needed to cum again.

I was just getting ready to cuss and scream when I felt an intense pinch on my clit. I screamed and came instantly. Morgan had his dick under my pussy rubbing my juice onto his hard cock. His dick was swollen and almost purple. He was stroking himself quickly while staring at my face. I kept coming until he released my clit from what turned out to be a clothes pin.

I was exhausted and sore. Morgan kept jacking off with my pussy juice. He slid his dick between my two halves and got more wetness from my body. He thrust a few times between my wet thighs and reached around to pinch my nipples.

Morgan purred into my ear, “Look whore I wasn’t going to fuck you because you are my brother’s wife, but if I don’t dip off into that cunt soon, you’re going to get my dick in your ass instead and we both know you don’t want that.”

I shook my head no—it was too big for my ass. “So,” he said, “what is it that you want me to do to you slut?” I replied, “I don’t want you to put it in my ass, sir.” Morgan smacked my wet pussy lips with his hand.

“No whore, what do you want me to do? You want me to fuck you? Is that what you need slut? Say it! Tell me you need me to fuck that little cunt of yours!”

He wet his finger and stuck it in my asshole. I yelped again. “You know I like hearing you in pain, so you’d better do what I tell you.”

He added a second finger to my ass. “Owwww, please, I need you to fuck my pussy! I need your huge cock inside my cunt, please sir!”

Leaving his fingers in my ass he stuck his other thumb into my pussy. I was panting again; I could feel his two hands working inside me–filling my holes and stretching them. Morgan said, “You’re lucky I’d rather feel that tight pussy anyway because I’d rip that ass of yours and make you like the pain.”

With that last statement, he removed his fingers from my body and positioned his dick at my opening. I could feel his hardness touching my pouty pussy lips.

His cock slid into me roughly. He was big and I was swollen from the day’s events. Morgan gripped my hips and slammed about 10 lengthy strokes into my cunt. Then escort maltepe he tilted his pelvis under and short-stroked me for a minute or two. He returned to the long strokes and pounded me hard again.

My ass was slapping his hips and he was saying, “Take it all bitch….you like this dick baby? Yeah, you do. You need to be fucked like the whore you are. Hang on slut ‘because you’re gonna get fucked hard.” He slowed his pace and shoved his cock completely.

“Oww, oww, it hurts,” Each word forced out when every painful stroke bottomed out. I was yelping and trying to take it.

Morgan said, “It hurts doesn’t it whore; this big dick. You’ve wanted this as long as I have, cunt. I’ve fantasized about fucking those tits and this twat of yours.”

He untied my wrists from my ankles and then retied them behind my back. He pulled my almost limp body onto his lap while holding the tie behind my back. The angle of his restraint made me arch my back and face the ceiling. He bounced me up and down on his lap and sucked my nipples teasingly.

His teeth grazing my nipples made my pussy wet again. He noticed, “You like that whore? When I pull your nipples? You get wet don’t you honey? I’ve never seen such a wet pussy; that’s why I had to fuck it.” He let go of my wrists allowing me to sit upright.

He held my tits together and bit both nipples at the same time. I yelped again, “Owww.”

His torture made my juices roll down his ball sack. “Damn you’re getting wetter, you like this, you like my pain.” He pulled my nipples harder and fucked me faster. I had another orgasm and it was a good thing he was holding me up because I felt faint when I squirted him again.

“I’ve gotta get deeper in that twat!” With that he dropped me onto the floor, onto my arms that were still tried behind my back.

“Owww!” I yelled.

Morgan looked down at me, “Oh, I’m gonna make you say oww in a minute, slut.” Morgan shut my legs together and pushed my ankles over my head. He leaned his weight onto my body. Then he shoved his dick so far inside me, I thought he was going to break me in half. He pounded on my pussy this way for a while; watching his cock slide in and out. He had this wolfish grin on his face. My legs must have been getting in his way, because he spread them as wide as I could physically allow. He was gripping my inner thighs tightly and fucking me harder than I have ever felt before.

I was hoping he was close to coming, I was hurting and I was tired. When he finally started feeling his orgasm, Morgan’s grunts switched to moans, “Oh yeah, I’m gonna cum baby.” He pulled his cock out of me and shoved his face in my pussy. He ground his face into my sloppy cunt and then he sat up, stroked his cock a few times and unloaded his cum onto my face and tits.

Morgan growled, “Ahhhh, yeah baby, finally.” Then he slid up and shoved my tits together and fucked them with his semi-hard dick. He said he didn’t want to waste any opportunity to fuck my tits.

After he was done playing, he took some pictures of me covered in his cum. He got quite a few pictures that he said he wanted to keep for his personal use. Finally, he untied me and I went to get cleaned up. Morgan left while I was in the shower washing his cum off of my body.

Going through the pictures was odd; Morgan had gotten some great shots of me looking hot. However, I never did give any of those pictures to Matt. I couldn’t even look at them without thinking about Morgan. I hated him for doing that to me; I hated him for fucking me like that. Looking back, I realize that I knew what I was asking for when I called him to take the pictures. I knew he wouldn’t be able to just take pictures without putting the moves on me. He knew how I liked it rough. I knew he did too. We’d shared so many stories about our sexual escapades; mine before I married his brother, his as recent as last week.

He knew Matt wasn’t into that rough stuff. Morgan knew Matt was taking good care of me sexually; he also let me know (on quite a number of occasions) that he could do it better than his brother. He was a shit talker, and I knew how he would react to me. The truth is, I wanted to see if he could do it better than his brother. He did fuck me better; that’s why I hate him. I know now I shouldn’t be able to compare the two of them in bed. Matt is great, don’t get me wrong. I get satisfied and I feel connected to him; loved completely. With Morgan I get exhausted and feel like a dirty slut. If only I could have them both at the same time. Morgan would agree to a threesome, he would look at it like a personal challenge to perform better than his brother. However, Matt would never allow it. So for now, I fuck Morgan while Matt is gone.

I think Matt knows but says nothing and our sex life has not changed a bit. Morgan still whores around; but I get to be his little whore from time to time.

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