Phone Etiquette

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College Student

Home alone on a Saturday night, not where you had hoped to be. With your girlfriend away with her family for the weekend, you had hoped more was going on outside your relationship to give you something to do with this alone time. But alas, everyone else was off doing their own thing, leaving you with an empty house, and nothing to do.

After a small, quick dinner, you notice the time, only 8:00 p.m. You take a quick shower to freshen up, hoping it would give you the incentive to go out on your own and find the fun that you’re searching for. But after emerging from the bath and throwing on the first thing you find, you find yourself not clad in out-on-the town attire, but rather an oversized shirt and boxer shorts, sleep clothes.

With the future of your Saturday night all but decided, you sit in front the television, sprawled out on the sofa, flipping endlessly through channels hoping to find something to catch your interest, until you notice you have been going through these stations three times over. With an exhausted sigh, you drop the remote and contemplate going to bed, calling it a very early and disappointing night.

The TV goes off, as does the parlor light and you make your way to the bedroom, turning on the small bedside lamp and jumping onto the bed. You sit there for a moment, running a brush through your long golden locks. Quick passing glances at yourself in the mirror on the far wall next to you. Then you see it. You laptop sitting on the table across the room. Nothing going on here, nor on TV, why not see what cyberspace has to offer. You leap for the laptop, plug in your Internet connection, and power it up.

As your computer powers up, you head to the kitchen to grab a glass of wine and some snacks, hoping you’d be there for a while. You close the door as you make your way back into your room, and settle yourself in on the bed with your laptop glowing eagerly in front of you. The Internet, an endless trove of knowledge, information, shopping, and porn.

You decide to see what this vast database of information has to offer you on this night. Newsgroups, auctions, e-shops, articles all warrant your attention on this uneventful night. And your surfing of your regular sites comes to an end very quickly, as you find yourself staring at for what seems like an eternity.

Porn, comprises a surprisingly high percentage of Internet websites, and is viewed regularly on a daily basis, why not, you think to yourself. But you are not really in the mood for looking at pictures, or watching videos, you need something more intimate, chat. Almost unconsciously you fingers type in the address bar,, and immediately you are taken there.

Normally you do not visit this site without your girlfriend, as you do not know much people there, and are mostly turned off by sleazy guys, just looking for a quick, nasty session with any person who logs into a room with a female name, so you log into your girlfriend’s private room, accessible only If you know the exact URL, which you do. And the surprise hits you when you see the text at the top of the window, “There are 1 User(s) in this room”.

Quickly you dress yourself in the most provocative avatar you have, thinking you know who it is in the room if it cannot be your lover, and log hastily into the room. As the page loads, you see his name pop onto the screen, it is him, SM.

Surprised to see you log into the room, he posts to you, “Hey Ash! What are you doing on?”

“Nothing to do tonight, home alone and Kay’s away. What’re you doing here?” You reply.

“Ah, me? I’m just testing some new avatars, just like you, I’m home alone with shit to do, good to see you though!”

“Thanks, you too.” You post.

Relieved you finally have something to do, and someone to talk to, you really settle into the moment now, and pour yourself another glass of wine. You have chatted with Jay many times before, and felt very comfortable with him, known as SM in the cyber world, he also is Kay’s virtual lover, as you met him through her.

The two of you chat for a while, exchanging pleasantries and the occasional flirtatious posts, and you watch as he posts avatar after avatar that he spent the evening making. Some for him, made up of couples engaged in the act of sex, not very dirty, but sensual in nature, hence his handle SM or Seduction Master. Some made up for his virtual love, made out of pictures of seductive brunettes in provocative poses. Then come the blonde pictures with nudity suggested, but not apparent. “These are yours Ash.” He posts you.

You watch as avatar after avatar scrolls by on your window, eyes transfixed on the screen as images of lovely blonde women, partially nude, and also in very provocative poses scroll by. “They’re awesome Jay, thank you, I’ll download them now.” You reply. He tells you he’s glad you like them. Suddenly, the idea of looking at porn doesn’t seem so inappropriate.

“Can you post more pictures in the room? Pictures that eryamandaki escortlar aren’t avatars?” You ask.

“Sure I can. What kind of pics you wanna see?” He replies.

“Hmmm, let’s see. I wanna see sexual pictures, pictures of a woman getting used by a man, getting fucked and fucked good.” You reply, almost astonished by your brazenness, and forwardness, not realizing you had gotten that aroused.

“I think I can help you there girly, hang on one second.” He says, as you wiggle about on your bed, eager to see what he is going to show you. You are now into your third glass of wine and feeling the effects quite profoundly, quite possibly where your courage to ask such a thing came from.

After a few moments the screen scrolls, and you see his post asking if you are ready, he proceeds to tell you that these pictures will tell a story, from beginning to end, and he hopes you enjoy it. Without typing you say to yourself, “I’m sure I will.” Then it happens, the pictures come fast, in succession, with small descriptions accompanying them.

A professionally done picture of a blonde woman sitting on a chair, facing a man’s bare torso, yet facing the camera appears, her hands spread nicely across his tight abs, and a look of pure hunger etched into her appearance. “She prepares him for her taking” reads his caption.

Your eyes lock to the image, fixed on her hands upon him, trying to discern what is going through her head, and what she is about to do to him. You do not have to wait long to find out.

The next image startles you, one of the blonde with this stud’s cock in her mouth, lips wrapped elegantly around the midsection of his shaft. “Her inhibitions abandoned she removes him, and does what she had wanted to from the start.”

You continue to stare, mouth almost watering, eyes fixed on this man’s thick cock being devoured by this woman’s mouth. As you stare, you realize that your lesbian tendencies have all but been abandoned. Normally you are not intrigued by sex between a man and a woman, yet you had asked for it. Perhaps it was the one delivering this scenario to your senses, perhaps it was a weird mood you were in from the start of the night, either way, these images were exciting you, and you knew you wanted more.

Now, the blonde has her head cocked back, long flowing golden strands laying neatly down her silken back, as her possession of this man’s cock continues, resting comfortably between the valley of her breasts, pure lust still emblazoned on her face as the caption he writes reads “She was excited to have his cock in her mouth, yet she knew she wanted more, much more from him.”

“Much more indeed.” You say to yourself, hungry for more, and amazed that SM was doing this for you.

The blonde is now bent over this man’s shoulder, who is now sitting in the same chair she once occupied to suck her heart’s delight away on him. His hands grasps her cheeks, spreading them slightly to reveal her pink, as his mouth opens to have a sample of her delectable skin. “She yearned to be pleased by him, giving up her body to him to do as he pleased with her.”

You knew it was coming, you could feel the excitement building within you, your body reacting to this excitement. Heat building within you, juices starting to churn, the effects of the wine hitting harder and harder, yet you pour another glass and type to him, “I love these pics, more.”

The stud is laid back in the chair now, his blonde slut poised over him, straddling his thighs, one hand positioned on his cock, while her mouth works its magic on his nipple. The look of delight on his face is apparent. “The heated exchange between these two lovers was about to culminate, they were going to become one, and show each other new heights of pleasure.” The caption reads.

His words echoed in your ear, non-verbal, yet you could hear him saying it. Then your curiosity peaked, reaching new heights, you began to wonder “How does his voice sound? Kay always goes off about how sexy he sounds, and how awesome he is on the phone, I wonder.”

The leggy blonde stands before her man, poised behind her with his cock barely penetrating her from behind, yet easing its way into her slowly, as a grin breaks her face, and her pleasure begins. “He was finally inside her, filling her, fucking her.”

The images came faster, sending your senses to heights greater than you had known. Your senses reeled, your arousal at new levels, heat becoming unbearable, you squirm on your bed, and your hand begins to run down your cheek, over your lips, as you slide a finger into your mouth, biting the tip gently.

The next picture fins the woman lying on her stomach, her pleaser behind herm his face buried neatly between her ass cheeks. Accompanying this picture reads “She was wet with anticipation to be taken by him, eager to be had, and yearning to feel it all.”

His words seem to speak directly into your mind, echoing almost exactly what you are thinking, wondering. You are surprised etimesgut bayan escort at your arousal for this man, as normally you are not intrigued by men, but something was different, about this time, or this man, was uncertain.

Still on her belly, her lover now mounts her from behind, his cock prodding into her from behind again as she takes him in willingly, eagerly. A look of absolute pleasure drawn into her expression. “She was being ravaged, fucked like she had yearned to be fucked, insatiable, and wanting more.”

“Yesss, more.” You hiss at your computer screen.

The blonde now sits in his lap, back arched so far backwards, her full breasts jutting out to him as his tongue slithers up between her cleavage. This pic reads”The climax was nearing, she could feel it in him, and he could feel it in her.”

His words bore holes into your very being, exposing the excitement within you from your next post to him.

“Oh god, you have no idea what you’re doing to me.” You type.

“Believe me, I think I do.” The reply appears on the screen in no time.

From behind again now, apparently this woman’s favorite way to be fucked, on her knees, her lover taking her from behind, deeper, their bodies wetter with passion as her back arches again in unbridled lust. “The pace quickens, positions switched, preparing for the climactic end of this torrid session.”

You have no words; you lie there on your bed, staring the computer screen down, legs writhing against one another, feeling the heightened arousal starting to flow.

The next picture shows you he is standing over her, a point of view shot of him watching as she takes his cock in her hand, stroking him to climax as the first streams of his prize falls to her face. It reads “In a swift motion he turns, gracing her with his seed, blessing her with what she had been begging for from the beginning.”

A soft gasp escapes your lips as you feel a twinge between your legs. An electric current traverses your body from your lips to your crotch. Your eyes gaze intently at the sight of this stud stroking himself off to this blonde goddess knelt before him.

The final picture he posts you is an aftermath shot of this blonde’s beautiful face painted torridly with his love juice, white globs of cum drizzle down her lips, onto her tits, and the look of satisfaction mixed awkwardly with the hunger for more in her eyes. “Satisfaction, hunger appeased, thirst quenched, for now.”

You stare, surprised by the arousal that those pictures created in within you. More than you had hoped for or expected. Speechless for a moment, gathering your thoughts, your words, when his next post appears, “Wow, that even turned me on. What’d you think?”

It takes a moment before you respond, trying desperately to find the words appropriate to the situation. You type a few lines, delete them, type again, and then delete, not sure how to word what it is you are feeling. “Amazing. That turned me on so.” You write simplistically. Cursing yourself soon after as you had hoped to say so much more.

“Glad you liked it.” He says, before giving you a “be right back” message. You wonder why he had to go away from the keyboard. Your imagination runs wild, “did he go to get cleaned up”, “did he go to smoke a cigarette?”, “did he go to get cleaned up, then have a cigarette?” Either way, you hope he hurries back to the keyboard, and before you know it, his next post appears.

“Sorry, needed a cig after that, lol.” You read.

“Ah, I thought you had to wipe yourself off.” You joke, partially hoping you were right as the images of the act dance through your head.

“Nah, that comes later.” He replies. A reply which gets your mind going again.

Your chat with him continues, playfully flirting, suggestive posts, and recapping the picture story you just had, trying desperately to get the message across how aroused it made you, unaware that he already knew. And as the posts get more and more suggestive, you decide to make your move, figuring it’s now or never.

“Jay, Kay says you’re unbelievable on the phone, have you had a lot of phone sex in the past?” You ask.

You can tell by the delay in his response that he is taken by this question. He proceeds to tell you that before her, he has only had phone sex with one other person, and with that person, only twice. You find it hard to believe that after such rave reviews from your girl, that he only did it so many times. And then, the wine speaks up.

“I’ve never really had phone sex, except with Kay. Maybe one day you can show me what its like?” You brazenly ask him.

“Eh? You wanna phone me? Why? “He replies, an air of uncertainty in his type.

“Just cuz, I heard so much about it from Kay, and she wouldn’t lie, when something turns her on, she raves about it. But if you don’t want to…”

“It’s not that, its just that was somewhat of a surprise that’s all. I mean, we’ve never even cybered ankara escort one on one before.” He says, almost sounding like he’s not taking the bait.

“Then maybe we should work our way up to it. C’mon, show Ash what it’s all about.” Talking as if you are uncertain of your abilities despite the positive reactions you have received from him reading your posts in the past. At this point in your conversation with him, you are turned on no doubt, and you desperately want this to go somewhere soon. Turning on your computer tonight was the fun you had been hoping for all night.

“All right Ash, show SM what you can do.” He says.

It was on, your first cyber session with this guy. And your game had to be on, for you could see what he and Kay could do with each other, the amazing way they weave their words into tantalizing expressions of lust and desire. Cybering had never come natural, not to you, not even to him at one point. You took his advice once given and simply turned your thoughts into words, what you want, what you want of him, and wrote it in the most descriptive manner possible.

It started off normal, teasing poses, and struts before each other, slow and sensual descriptions of the settings, and scenarios about to be played out. Exchanging posts of torrid details between one another, what you are imagining him doing, what you are doing, and what you imagine would be happening between each other had there not been such distance between the two of you.

Something was different with you, the words seemed to flow, the details seemed to be much more vivid, the heat much more intense. You cannot seem to figure why this is, but you’re not focusing on that now, just happy it is the way it is.

The session goes on, heating up by the second. The tingling within you growing with each keystroke, your hands skimming swiftly down your body after each passage entered, and you anxiously await the reply from him. Your hands nestle in the same place each time, one nuzzled between your thighs, edging the rim of the boxers aside and melding into the moist pool that has formed at the crease of your lips. Your fingers work their way over those lips, slightly prodding inside you causing whimpers to float from your lips. Your eyes drift shut, and open to read his next post.

As if there, able to see what you are doing to yourself, his words stun you, causing your heart to flutter, your body to shiver. “I can almost hear the wet sounds of your fingers rubbing against yourself; feel your body shudder as solitary digits invade you, swimming delicately in your own pool of lust. I can see your body sprawled out, legs parted, fingers diving and exploring, feeling the heat pour out of you like a river of unbridled passion. I can almost hear the soft whimpers, subtle cries of ecstasy that creep from your lips, knowing those moans are ones of pure lust, pure desire.”

You stare in awe at the screen, “How could he know?” You think to yourself, amazed at this man’s ability to read the situation. You reply to his post, stating your amazement at what he said. A thought crosses your mind, but you shake it off, as this cyber session has already taken you to heights never before reached while on the Internet. But then again, as if reading your mind, he brings the subject up.

“I simply think in my head Ash, what it is I think you’re doing, or more so, what I hope you’re doing. Then I write it, and if you’re not doing it, I hope that it makes you do it. A woman’s moans turn me on so, especially when they’re sensual, and erotic, and I know they are moans of heat. I bet you have the sweetest moans, just like your girlie.” He posts you.

“Oh? You wanna find out?” You post and stare in shock at what you just wrote. Did you just proposition him for a phone call? An area of cyber that you have never gone to before with anyone but Kay. What would she think? Would he do it with me? The questions to yourself kept coming. And after a short pause. His reply shocked you.

“Why not? It could be fun.”

A short conversation ensued about it being right or wrong. Good points were made on both sides of the argument, and the deciding factor was Kay would want us to have fun, even if she couldn’t be there to share in the fun. Hard to swallow yes, but the alcohol in your system, as well as the arousal in your body was undeniable. And the alcohol in his system was telling him to do it. “Let me get my phone card, I’m calling you in a second” You post him eagerly.

“Sure thing, I’ll be waiting.” He replies.

Your body is afire, tingling with anticipation and disbelief all at the same time. A burning within your loins, and butterflies in your belly as you scramble to your bag for your card and the cordless. As you find it, and make your way back to the bed, you see his number pop up on the screen. You dial hastily your card number, wait for the prompts, and then input his number.

Still unable to fathom that you are doing this, yet so many things inside you tell you that you want to. It was time to find out for yourself just how good he is. Second thoughts flash through your mind, your finger hovers over the “end” button, but its too late, the digital rings echo in your ear, once, twice, a click, and soft deep voice tickles your senses, “Hello?” You hear.

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