Parker Ch. 06

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Welcome to the continuation of Parker’s Adventures. Last we left off, Parker left the Royal Diamond club and got himself ready for the drive home. Back to his dull, boring life of work, home and sleep. At least, that’s what he’s expecting.

On my way back home I manage to stay at only one more hotel. If my body was in better condition I might’ve tried to push it. I’ve still got a couple days before I’m due back at work, but there are things I need to do at home.

Ibuprofen coupled with ten hours sleep and minimal activity have me arriving at home feeling almost back to normal. Lynn’s car is in the driveway when I pull up. I hadn’t expected her to be at the house for a few more hours since it’s only 3:00 p.m.

Walking through the front door I’m expecting to hear music or the TV on. What I find is a dark, quiet house. Not sure what to make of it, I lock the door behind me and walk into the living room.

“Lynn?” I call out, but there’s no response. Shrugging my shoulders I decide to throw my clothes in the wash, and turn toward the garage to do so, but a noise stops me. Dropping my duffel bag next to the couch my hand touches the knife clipped to my pocket.

There’s another noise, but I can’t figure out what it is. Hearing it again I determine its coming from one of the bedrooms. Slowly creeping through the kitchen I come to the hallway where the two smaller rooms are. Lynn’s bedroom is on the other side of the house and that door was closed. With my knife in hand, blade still closed, I take a step down the hall.

The two doors on the right, the bathroom and office, are closed. My bedroom door to the left is open. Now that I’m this close I can hear the noise more clearly, and I’m shocked it’s coming from my room.

There’s a little bit of light coming from the closed curtains, since they aren’t black out curtains I can see enough. Laying on my bed, Lynn is completely naked, a buzzing noise accompanied by a moan here and there tells me exactly what’s going on. I lean against the door frame, keeping as much of me hidden as I can, only one eye peeking around the frame to watch.

In the dim light her dark hair looks black instead of red and its spread out over my pillows. Her pale skin a direct contrast to my black sheets, I watch as her huge breasts heave with heavy breathing. Those pale nipples stare back at me as I imagine what it’d be like to taste them.

One of Lynn’s hands comes up to her breasts, as if she knew what I had been thinking, and pinches one of them. She gives a little cry as she pulls on that nipple, her other hand busy further down.

Legs are spread wide as she rubs a vibrator along her pussy, pressing the tip against her clit before plunging halkalı escort it deep inside. My cock is suddenly pressed up against the door jamb as I watch my roommate fuck herself, positioned in just the way she would if she had been expecting me to come home and watch. I had messaged her about twenty minutes ago that I was back and would be home soon, but she hadn’t responded.

That vibrator buzzes as she slides it in and out, her other hand playing with her nipples. I can feel my mouth salivate and my dick getting harder. Could she have planned this, wanting me to catch her? Why else would she be in my bed?

Plunging that dildo all the way in, Lynn cries out as her body shakes. The orgasm grips her quietly as her movements slow. Either I’m projecting or I heard her say my name at when she came.

Flipping around I watch as Lynn gets on all fours, ass pointing out to the open door. My cock is so hard I’m tempted to take it out and slide it inside her, but I don’t move. Lynn hasn’t ever shown interest in me before and I certainly wouldn’t want to ruin things between us.

I hear a soft click and the buzzing of the vibrator becomes louder. My eyes are glued to that fine round ass as she rubs her toy over her pussy again. Making circles around her clit she moans out again, but with her face buried in my pillow I can’t make out what she says.

My cock is rock hard and pressure is building. I slowly unzip my pants and pull my cock out as Lynn plunges that vibrator in her pussy again. I stroke my cock, my meat hot to the touch, as I watch her fuck herself. Lynn rocks back and forth as she drives that vibrator in and out, those huge tits hanging down, swaying with the movements.

Before now the most I’d seen of my roommate was her wearing nothing, but a towel. And yeah, I thought of her in a sexual way many times, but I never imagined this would happen. Ok, I didn’t think it would actually happen.

Lynn rests her shoulder on the bed and reaches back with her free hand. With the vibrator moving in and out of her pussy, a finger from her other hand starts toying with her asshole. My hand grips me harder at this new development and I increase my speed.

Her cries become more frantic as she pushes her finger in and I can’t completely stifle a moan. In an attempt to remain silent I go to cover my mouth with my free hand, and like an idiot, I accidentally hit the wall in the process.

Rolling into a sitting position, hands instinctively cover her tits, Lynn looks at the open doorway. I slow my hand on my cock, but don’t completely stop. “Parker, is that you?”

I let my hand fall from my mouth. “Yeah, it’s nişantaşı escort me alright.”

“What are you doing?” Her eyes are glued to my hand stroking my cock.

“Well, at the moment I’m jerking off while watching my roommate fuck herself on my bed.”

Before my trip I never would have been this bold, and I certainly wouldn’t have had the balls to keep jerking off. “And now that we’re both caught you’re gonna keep on going?”

“I don’t know about you, but I haven’t finished yet.” This could go very badly and leave me without a place to live, but I found confidence since I left. It’s like I’m a whole new man.

I can see her think it over and a smile blooms on her face. “Okay, Parker. You want to play? Let’s play, but don’t keep hiding.” In one corner of my room is an overstuffed armchair. I’ve spent a lot of hours reading in that chair, playing video games and watching porn. I’m right at home as I lounge there, cock in hand, eyes on Lynn.

She scoots down to the edge of the bed, pussy facing me, and starts in again. Sucking on the vibrator, making its slick with saliva, she guides it right in her pussy. Her eyes roll back in her head as she begins to really fuck herself now.

My eyes take it all in, greedy for the show she gives me. Her eyes open and lock on my cock as I stroke away. I let go long enough to spit in my hand and really start jerking it now. Lynn’s eyes widened in surprise when I do this.

The vibrator slides out of her glistening pussy, and moves lower. Now my eyes are wide as I watch her slide it in her asshole, just the tip at first. She moans out as it pushes in, her grip slowly giving way to the vibrating rod. Pressing past the threshold she slides it in with a loud cry and holds it. The look on her face is a mix of emotions and I’m guessing she’s fairly new to anal.

With the exception of the Royal Diamond I’ve never been privy to or witnessed anal sex outside of porn. Watching my hot naked roommate slowly fuck her asshole on my bed has me wanting to cum quick. I’ve never been a minute man, but this is too good to hold off.

Standing up from the chair, Lynn watches me move closer. She’s only offered me a view, not participation, but she never said I couldn’t get close. I jerk off while looking down at her, watching her spread legs and jiggling tits as she fucks herself.

My breathing is getting labored as Lynn holds her pussy open for me to see. Her cry of pleasure is music to my ears as she cums and I watch her writhe on my bed, the vibrator buried in her ass. “Oh god,” I groan out, “I’m gonna come.” Lynn recovers herself quickly, pulling the vibrator out and sitting up.

My şişli escort cock is just below chest level on her like this and she looks up into my eyes. “Cum on me,” she says, “cover me with your hot jizz.” I have never heard Lynn talk like this before and it excites me.

She bites her lower lip as I groan, her eyes diverted to my cock. My breathing comes faster as I get closer, Lynn urges me on. I erupt all over her stomach, barely able to keep my legs in place to support me.

For that glorious moment when I cum I lose complete control, my head is light and my most sensitive areas become ultra sensitive. I cum all over my roommate and she gasps in blissful surprise.

Before now we’d briefly spoken of our sex lives, me with little to tell. Part of her surprise comes from the knowledge that I’ve had trouble achieving orgasm in the past. The way I’ve been carrying on lately you’d think I was an old hand at this.

I manage to take a few steps back and collapse on to my chair. “That was a hell of a welcome home. We should do this again sometime.”

Lynn takes down the towel hanging from my closet door and wipes my cum off her. “What the hell did you do while you were gone, Parker?”

“It’s a long story,” I tell her as I use a white shirt from my clothes basket to wipe my dick off. “What about you? I come home after a week and you’re masturbating on my bed. I’m not complaining, but what’s up with that?”

“If you told me you were coming I wouldn’t have done it.”

I raise an eyebrow at her, “I texted you like half an hour ago that I’d be home soon.” The look on her face says it all. “You didn’t get my message, did you?”


“That doesn’t answer my initial question.” And she doesn’t. Lynn successfully manages to dodge my inquiry as to why she was on my bed. With everything that happened on my trip I’m easy to distract.

She makes a lot of her own inquiries and I tell her almost everything. I avoid details about the Royal Diamond thanks to the non disclosure agreement. If it wasn’t for the fact that I had the balls to do what just happened, Lynn would’ve thought I was telling tall tales.

I make myself more believable by telling her all of this from her being naked in my room to her taking a quick shower and then getting dressed in her room. I once looked away when she walked around the house in a towel and now I’m looking her in the eye while she’s naked.

Well, okay, not entirely in the eye. Lynn’s got an impressively large rack and a nice round ass. I don’t hide my looking just like she’s not hiding her flaunting. I think my stay with her is going to get very interesting. I even show her the marks on my back. They’re faded, but there all the same.

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