Parachute Over Me

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She came out of the blue one day and asked if she could hang out for a weekend at his apartment. It would be a honor, Tommy told his beautiful friend, Courtney. Apparently, one of her friends was spending the weekend at his college so she felt it would be nice to surprise Tommy. However, something in her was still hesitant when she made the call on her cell phone. Their online conversations and sharing of stories had put a wrinkle in their friendship previously not there. The flirting was no longer as innocent as it was in high school.

However, ultimately, spending a weekend with Tommy was a plus in her mind, especially considering she hadn’t seen him in over a year. Her friend dropped her off at his apartment complex on the Friday afternoon, the sun setting in the distance, and the cold of winter surrounding her. She quickly ascended the steps until she came to the apartment J.

Much like with the cell phone, there was a moment of hesitancy. Given, logically, she couldn’t call her friend up and ask if she could spend the weekend with her and her friend’s boyfriend; and she did want to spend time with Tommy. She just didn’t want things to be weird.

“Oh, well,” she said to herself and put her hand up to knock when the door opened.

A tall guy with short brown hair, dragging a piece of luggage met her eyes. He was turned away.

“Yeah, well, if this CD doesn’t work, I’m coming back to kick your ass, T-Bone,” he said.

“Bitch, you think I’m afraid of you?” a familiar voice, belonging to Tommy said. “You can take me in CS, but I doubt you could do anything more.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right,” he said, chuckling. “Besides, it’s way too much effort. I don’t like effort.”

“So that explains your ex-girlfriends’ complaints,” Tommy joked.

“Dude…way too harsh,” he said, finishing with a laugh. “I’ll see you Saturday or Sunday or Monday or whatever.” He turned and saw Courtney looking up at him.

“Yeah, man, see ya,” Tommy, from a location still unknown in the apartment replied.

At the doorway, Tommy’s roommate and Courtney stood uncomfortably. “You here for Tommy?” the short-haired man said to her.

She nodded and as he pointed her inside, she thanked him and entered the apartment. The door closed behind her. The apartment had a hallway from the door into the living room with the kitchen on her left from the hallway. She looked into the kitchen and did not see him. She went into the living room and noticed two other hallways, one on her left and one on her right. On the opposite wall, furniture, the kind that typically comes with a furnished apartment met her eyes. On the opposite side from the door was a pair of glass doors and a balcony, giving her a look at the rest of the apartment complex as the sun fell behind the mountains.

She heard a cough and then a song begin to play. It was from the hallway nearest to the door. She tried to listen to the song for a second as she put down her bag, containing clothes, a few books, and other assorted items, but if it was Tommy playing the music, she wasn’t surprised she didn’t know the song. Tommy typically told her of great songs she should download from bands she didn’t even know.

“There we stand about to fly
Peeking down over land
Parachute behind
What was that moment for which we live?
Without a parachute about to dive
I find myself convincing
Blindly falling faster”

The sounds of a band she didn’t know invaded her ears as she started to walk towards the music. She could hear typing and the hushed voice from someone singing along to the song. She stood outside of the door way for a few seconds before finally moving her head to look in and at the same time, Tommy’s own head was looking down, as he seemed to be thinking. He looked up again and began to type in a fury, giving her great desire to see what it was he was typing with such vigor.

From the corner of his eye, Courtney’s beautiful face didn’t immediately grab his attention, his thoughts still focused on his newest story. As he finished typing the scene of the head of his own manhood plunging in and out of yet another friend he promised a story to, he finally noticed her.

“Oh,” he said, mentally slapping himself for sounding like a moron. “Sup?” He made a note to kick his own ass later.

“Well, that guy let me in when he was leaving,” she said, staying at the doorway.

Tommy nodded and got up to give her a hug. It felt good to finally be close with her. They had missed each other so many times but now, she was here for the weekend. In his mind, he worried so much about what would happened. Would sharing info about each other in the most intimate ways effect their friendships negatively? It was like being stuck in a tough spot where he loved their new friendship and yet, it scared him because there was no way the innocence of the past could be reclaimed.

“So, any problems coming in?” he asked, taking her bag and putting it beside his anadolu yakası escort bed.

“Not really,” she replied, scoping out the room and his computer, which he many times bragged about. “Very boring. So, I’m here, what are we going to do?”

“I dunno,” Tommy said, saving his document.

The flash of Word getting closed caught Courtney’s eye, a mischievous smile following. “Working hard?” she asked.

Chuckling, he looked at her. It was so easy to remember why he thought she was so beautiful in high school. Nothing had changed to alter that belief.

She raised her eyebrows suggestively. “Well?”

“Um,” he started. “Maybe.”

She shrugged and nodded as if to say, “okay,” but her grin returned. “Who’s it about this time?”

“It?” he posed. “I have no recollection of any ‘it.’ Could you specify this ‘it?”

Licking her lips, which brought a shock to Tommy’s groan area, she leaned closed. For a second, he thought she was going to kiss him. Instead, she looked onto his desktop, seeing a few Word files, but the main one she focused on was a document titled Dream2. Pushing the tab button several times, she tabbed over to the document and pushed enter.

“Ohhhhhhh…you mean ‘it?” He joked. “Well…”

His voice trailed off as her eyes began to examine the words.

“Would you like to have my seat, too?”

She looked at him. “Your seat can go down farther, right?”

He pulled the level and sank a little. She looked him up and down and then pulled her leg over him and sat down on his lap. He felt awkward at first, like he didn’t know where to place his arms. She looked back, grinning, before going back to the document, every now and then, pushing Page Down to read more.

As the story became more sexual, she slowly, almost subtly, began to move her ass a little bit. Tommy, who was reading over her shoulder, tried to ignore it. Last thing he wanted was a hard-on tenting up against her ass, however nice it was, to make the weekend suddenly completely awkward.

He could see her hand that was still on his keyboard, right above the Page Down button, but however, he wondered with great interest where her other hand was, but he could not make a move that would be subtle enough to find out. His arms hung loosely at his side as she continued to read, her breathing becoming louder with each passing breath.

“Ohhh…” she whispered. “Like the rough part here on the bed.”

He hummed back an acknowledgement, all the while, his mind began to clutter with images from the story he has just wrote. However, instead of the face he had in mind when he wrote, the woman that was so slowly grinding herself against him was all he could think about.

Noticing his cock began to point up, he quickly tried to change thought processes, thinking about a recent Counter-Strike game. But it was too late.

“Did she sigh?” he thought. He dismissed it and started to run lines from an episode of Scrubs in is his head, however, nothing could detour the little guy from wanting to join the party.

He silently cursed himself, but she kept grinding herself, a little harder, as the story began to reach its climax. He suddenly didn’t care if it was subtle, for he moved his head to the other side, and found her hand rubbing her sweetness through her khaki’s. It almost made it cruel on him to watch her do this while rubbing herself against his cock, which was both loving and hating the attention. A sweet ass is one thing, but the jeans he was wearing was making this very painful on him.

She moaned slightly once the story ended and closed the document. She leaned back and looked at him. “Very, very good,” she said, smiling. For the first time, Tommy realized his hands were on her hips. “It was real…and had a lot of intensity.”

He wanted to slam his cock against her, take her right there, feel her juices around his hard-on, take her tongue into his mouth, and hear her moan in ecstasy. But instead, he just replied, “thanks.” She rose from him and announced she needed to use the restroom.

Once alone, Tommy tried to calm down, but with everything in his head, that was impossible. He just needed to make it through the day. If he could do that, he would be fine. Every guy has dealt with being horny before. Surely, he could do it.


Hours later, he wondered why he didn’t try to jerk himself off really quick. Because that was his opening right there and now, as they ate some pizza, he pondered just how stupid he was to think he could make it through the day without any troubles.

It started as soon as she returned. She mentioned a story he had wrote for someone else where a sexual position, the 69 with guy on top, and how she hadn’t seen it before was. “I had trouble visualizing it,” she said, though he knew perfectly well she could, especially when she grinned at him.

He tried to explain it, but she said she was ataşehir escort still having trouble. “Thought you said you learned a lot from porn. Was that position one of them?” Caving in, he found a file with said position and played it. Watching porn with a girl was not exactly new, but still, with so much excitement already, it took every ounce of willpower he had to not touch himself.

It was not helping matters to watch her rub her thighs together. Once the position was finished, she wanted to watch the full file and as Tommy watched his favorite porn star, Chasey Lain, with Courtney sitting next to him with her horniness very prevalent, he realized how much he wanted to throw caution to the wind and maul her, but again, he held back.

Then later, as they chatted about school and Courtney asked him several questions about the girls at his college, he admitted to a drunken night of truth or dare, her incessant flirting as he talked about a three-way kiss with two other girls was too much for him to comprehend. Was she just pushing the envelope on a game he hadn’t been made privy of or was she actually wanting something sexual from him and was he willing to go down that road?

Either way, as he munched on his pizza, the sounds of All-American Rejects in the background, if this continued, he couldn’t be held accountable for his actions.

“So, Tommy,” Courtney said, placing the crust of a finished slice down. “Wrote anything new about me?”

He grinned. “Maybe, why?”

“I’m just interested,” she replied, putting her plate in the kitchen. “See if you can get an accurate representation of me.”

“Well,” he began. “I do want to be as realistic as possible.”

“Well?” she demanded after a few seconds of silence.

He laughed at her, bringing from her a beautiful smile. “I actually have only some ideas and that’s it. Haven’t written much just yet. Can’t push these things, dear. Just gotta flow.” He put his plate in the sink, before looking at her. He stepped up to her, inches away, and said, “But you know…you could give me some suggestions, maybe make me realize where to take the story.”

She nodded, a grin forming. “Maybe give you a taste of life to imitate in your writings?” She took a step towards him.

“Sounds about right,” he said, their mouths inches away.

He thought about kissing her hard, their tongues coming together, giving clues to the passion that was to follow. But again, he held back, despite how badly he wanted to.

They stayed in an almost eye staring contest until finally, Courtney yawned. “Stupid trip up here. Tired me out.”

Tommy kept the gaming going. “Thought that was my job?”

“Well, you should have jumped me earlier and maybe I would be just now waking up for seconds instead of wanting to go to bed.”

She followed Tommy to his room. “You’ve got movies, right?”

“Um, no, I’m not a movies person. Not at all. Wait…I just came up with sarcasm.”

She lightly smacked him. “Figure we can watch a movie as we go to sleep.”

He nodded and opened up the Movies folder on his computer. “Here you go.”

She picked 40 Days and 40 Nights, despite Tommy’s hopes she would pick something cute and non-sexual, like Shrek or something. No, instead, she chose a movie heavy in breast count and sexual references. And as they laid in bed together, almost spooning to watch the flick, it was both nice to lay with a woman like her and bad for his own self-control, especially after all the flirting and touching that day.

As he watched the main character give the main female character an orgasm with the gentle touching of a flower, he could sense her excitement; the subtle, but noticeable grinding of her thighs together, her interest pike, and with all of this, all he could think was, “why? Why was she doing this?”

He excused himself from the room, making some lame excuse that he needed some drink, but really, he needed to collect himself. Standing alone in the kitchen, the sounds of the movie through his closed bedroom door, he told himself to stop this. Stop thinking of his friend like this. So he wrote some stuff about her. So they flirted like crazy. He needed to focus on the fact she was his friend. She didn’t come up here for sex. He didn’t think it was a good idea.

But in his head, visions of his stories, they fluttered with beauty. He wanted that girl that rested on his bed. If only for tonight, if only for a few regretful hours, he wanted desperately to plunge his cock and to watch it disappear in her folds.

“Drink, eh?” snapped him out of his thinking. Courtney was looking at him from the across the bar that separated the kitchen and living room. She grinned mischievously.

“Um, yeah, I should get on that,” Tommy replied, hoping the fridge and looking for something cool.

“Why get on that?” she said, walking into the kitchen. “I’m sure I can quench whatever thirst you have.” She grinned yet again ümraniye escort before reaching into the fridge, brushing up against her. Did he imagine it or did he feel her hard nipples against his chest. He immediately chastised himself, thinking he wanted to feel something that wasn’t actually there. She grabbed a Dr. Pepper can and slowly stood up, her body brushing against every inch of his, it seemed.

He knew she could feel his cock, growing to life, and thought she rubbed a little harder against him in response, but tried to forget it.

“Here,” she replied. “This outta give a bounce to your step.” After winking, she went back to his bedroom to watch the rest of the movie.

He gripped the counter to try to release some of the frustration in his body. He gave some serious thought to whipping out his almost painful hard-on and jacking off in the kitchen, hoping then he would have control. He figured as horny as he was, he could do it really quick and not be peculiar by his delay. Sliding down the zipper, he slid his hand into his pants, parting the boxer. He was about to grip his cock when Courtney called out to him.

“They’re having sex,” she said. “You may wanna see.”

He shook his head and took his hand out of his pants. “Dammit,” he whispered. He washed his hands and splashed water on his face. He almost thought about throwing some ice cubes down his pants, but that seemed way too extreme.

Opening his bedroom door, he joined her on the bed. She had moved the pillows to the side of the bed that ran against the wall and used the pillows as cushions to her back. Sitting beside her, he watched the last of a love scene. For the next twenty minutes or so, they watched in silence.

Finally, the movie came to a close. Courtney reached over and turned on the light. She seemed to grin at herself over and over again.

“So, Tommy,” she started. She almost giggled and Tommy looked at her strangely for it. “Thoughts on the movie?”

“I’ve seen it before, you know?”

She nodded, her eyes every now and then falling down to his groan area. He tried to not notice it. His cock was already in its semi-hardness, which was the equivalent of soft since she showed up and his level of horniness had been so incredible.

He began to give his opinion of the movie, but as she licked his lips, he stopped momentarily, feeling a jolt in his cock. He continued, but his concentration was seemingly broken into shreds of what it once was.

Suddenly, images from the movie entered his head. The flower scene, especially. Except, now it was Courtney, not the chick from A Knight’s Tale, having an orgasm and it was Tommy, not Josh Hartnett, blowing the flower down her stomach, toward her slickness.

His cock felt cold. He brought him out of his reverie and he looked down and for the first time, noticed he had forgot to zip his pants back up and his cock, stood unabridged for the first time since he had taken a shower that morning.

“Um,” he started, but knew there wasn’t much more to say. He brought his hands to his cock to tuck it in, but her hand joined the party and gripped him. He gasped, reveling in the sight.

“You know, Tommy,” she started, stroking him, the pre-cum providing extra lubrication. “For a smart guy, you’re kinda oblivious.”

He couldn’t say anything to her. Her touch was intoxicating and he could feel himself slipping under her control. He would kill if she would just continue. His breathing followed in sync with her hand.

“I’ve been touching you all day, grinding myself against you, wanting you to take me,” she said, squeezing him slightly. “But, you didn’t. You didn’t even kiss me. And I know you wanted to. And to come back with your zipper unzipped. You didn’t go to the kitchen for a drink, now did you?” The last question came with a voice of innocence, but he knew it was not real. She knew the score.

He tried to talk, to answer her question, but all of his sensations were tied into the flesh she rubbed so confidently. He wanted to cum, had wanted to all day. But, she stroked with a pleasure served with a side of squeezing that was keeping his cock from spurting.

“You want me, don’t you?”

No answer, just the sounds of his heavy breathing.

“Tell me.”

He opened his mouth, but no sound came out.

“Show me.”

He slowly moved his arms around hers, reaching for the button and zipper to her pants. Once he got to there, he had to stop, though, as she stroked him faster and faster. He moaned and he could feel himself get close to cumming all over her hand. She felt it, too, but decided to stop stroking. Even squeezed him, and not in a pleasure-filled way. He groaned in discomfort.

“I believe you were going to show me,” she replied, laying back against the pillows.

“What?” was all he could muster, his cock still hard, but the sensation to orgasm lowered.

“I said,” she began, taking off her shirt, showing off a red bra. “Show me. As in, show me you want me.”

Puzzled for a second, he quickly meshed his lips against hers, feeling her tongue slide over his tongue, even slide against his teeth. His hands caressed her sides while hers hung loosely. The only response she was giving was via her tongue, sliding against his. She didn’t even move her head. She left that up to him.

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