Outdoor Vacation

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It was the summer after my sister, Caroline’s first year of college and I (Ben) had just graduated high school. A few days after she returned from school my mom, dad, sister and I all went to the nearest mountain range for a hiking trip. My parents were only in their mid thirties since they had us at a young age. As we arrived at our destination we began to collect our bags with everything we would need for the overnight night hike. My sister and I were anxious to get on our way, so we had beat my parents to the trailhead. After our parents caught up we began our hike with Caroline leading the way. Only minutes into the hike I began to watch my sister’s ass in her tight yoga pants. I had never noticed this, but her butt was perfect. It was large, but at the same time perky. I started to feel my penis grow in my underwear. I tried to stop looking but couldn’t.

Each step I felt more and more blood rushing to my cock. I was only about 5 and a half inches in length, but you could easily see the tent in my shorts. I continued walking, trying to cover it as best I could, until we reached a beautiful lookout point. I immediately announced that I had to use the restroom and wandered into the woods. I had always enjoyed being nude in nature, so I was almost excited to whip out my penis and masturbate. I found cover behind a tree and dropped my pants to the ground. I then grabbed ahold of my cock and began stroking. With every pump I grew closer and closer to finishing, until I was interrupted escort ataşehir by Caroline. “Ewww, what are you doing?” she said uncomfortably. Without replying I rapidly pulled my pants up. “I saw you looking at my ass on the trail,” she said.

Embarrassed I replied, “Please don’t tell dad.”

“Uhhhhh, I guess I won’t,” she said, “but we’re going to get even on this trip.”

“How?” I asked.

“You’ll see.”

For the rest of the hike to our campsite nothing abnormal happened. The campsite was in a large grass field surrounded by trees. There was no sign of anyone else’s stuff so it looked like we had the whole place to ourselves. It was about 2pm when we arrived and my parents offered to set up camp. “Perfect,” my sister said, “Ben and I are gonna go on a hike up to the lake.” We were making our way to the trailhead as my sister said, “Okay, here’s what’s going to happen. We’re gonna hike up to the lake, but you have to go the whole way naked.”

“No way!” I yelled.

“You don’t really have a choice do you?” My sister replied. I thought about it for a bit, and decided I couldn’t let my dad find out about this. When we got to the trail I stopped at the bathroom and took of my clothes. Before I headed out, I placed both hands over my soft dick. As I opened the bathroom door my heart dropped. Standing in front of me was not only my sister, but my mom.

“What the fuck mom!” I shouted.

“Your sister told me about what happened so I decided kadıköy escort bayan I would join in on the hike,” she replied, “Now move those hands.”

I moved my hands just as I noticed that my mom and sister had both taken their shirts off and were now only wearing sports bras and tight yoga pants. I stared at my mom’s, still perky breasts bursting out of her sports bra. My sister’s tits were smaller but extremely perky. I was only able to keep my hard on down for a minute after setting eyes on Caroline’s ass. My dick began to grow with my mom and sister’s eyes fixated on it.

“Wow,” Caroline said, “All five inches are standing up strong and tall.” They both chuckled for a bit.

After about a mile I became comfortable with the situation. My cock had been erect the entire time but was beginning fall. We stopped for a water break and my mom mentioned that my cock wasn’t as erect anymore. She then slipped of her pants and said, “Let’s keep that cute cock hard.” I couldn’t believe it. I was staring right at my mom’s pussy. She had a skinny landing strip just above her her pink lips. My cock immediately grew back to full erection. She then asked Caroline if she wanted to join, but she declined. My mom casually walked the second mile like this. For the entire time I was positioned directly behind her to get a nice view of her vagina lips between her legs. When we arrived we sat on a big rock just beside the lake. I continued to sneak looks at my mom as they did the escort bostancı same to me.

After about twenty minutes my mom said she was going to head back to the campsite to hang out with dad but we could stay if we want. Caroline and I decided we would stick around a bit. Caroline walked down to the side of the creek. I continued to admire her ass and was eager to see it. I decided I had been naked long enough and that it was her turn. I snuck up behind her as she was peering out onto the lake. I then reached out grabbed her yoga pants and ripped them. Her entire ass was exposed. It was beautiful. Perfectly round and perky.

“BENNN!” She screamed. She turned around and looked angry. I told he that I thought it was about time that I saw her since I had been naked for over two hours. She hesitantly agreed and we started our way back. My cock was throbbing watching her ass bounce as we walked down the trail. I was getting hornier and hornier and eventually snapped. I caught up to Caroline and pushed her up against a tree. I took ahold of my cock slid it into her asshole. She screamed. I quickly pulled out and said, “Caroline, my bad. I don’t know what got into me.

“Fuck Me,” she replied. I immediately took my cock and put in right back into her butt. I thrusted in and out of her tight asshole. It accommodated my 5 inch cock perfectly. Caroline moaned and moaned, begging for more. I began to fuck her faster and faster until I began felt an orgasm coming. I felt my cock swell and spurt my cum right into her ass. “Give it to me!” She screamed, “Give me that cum.” I slowly slide out of her ass and sat down on the nearest rock. We finished the rest of our hike without saying a word. Just the two of us naked, reflecting on what had happened.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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