Oral Sex in the Champagne Room

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I was tired and hungry, yet is was almost closing time, meaning no time to grab a bite to eat. I did a once-over in the mirror. I looked sultry, edible. I applied more pink lip gloss to my shiny, full lips and adjusted the sexy black spaghetti straps on my barely there mini. My large 32DD breasts showed slightly through the thin fabric, my nipples hard from the air conditioning.

I clacked my way out to the showroom in my black spike heels and looked around the bar. I saw a well dressed man with silver-blonde hair, and I moved cat-like over to him.

He stepped in, a wisp of musky cologne enveloping me…making me shiver. I smiled and welcomed him to the club.

“Nice to meet you”, I said in a sexy, girlie voice, “may I join you?”

“I bought champagne for you,” he replied in a thick Italian accent…I became wet. Something about that accent made me feel so wicked, like the good American girl gone bad.

“For me?” I replied, a bit confused.

“Yes, I saw you on the website and called to make sure you were working. I want to go to VIP with you. I bought the last hour.”

He was beyond attractive, his hair styled perfectly, dressed in an Armani suit. Light hair, a healthy glowing tan, and piercing eyes. We were escorted to the luxurious champagne booth. It was sarıyer escort dimly lit and private, with a large area and a comfy couch. He was nervous, I could tell, so I sat next to him and the floorman opened the expensive champagne.

We held up our glasses and clearly he had no idea what to toast to, so I said “Here is to great sex!” He blushed demurely and clicked his glass with mine and we drank. I tried to break the ice by chatting and asking inane questions, yet he was not biting. I felt let down, as I could not believe he was not interested in me – I looked fabulous that day, including my lavish, long golden hair. I decided to be bold, and started to dance for him…..slow and sexy, teasing him.

He did not even crack a smile, much less say anything.

Oh boy, I am thinking, I have almost an hour more of this??

I started off by putting my arms around him to show him that “it’s okay”. He relaxed a bit and stared up at me. I ran my hands all over his taut body and got on my knees to sweep my silky hair over his lap. I felt his hand touch the top of my head and I smiled. I teased him mercilessly, licking his neck and biting his earlobe….all the moves I was so famous for. But, as I grinded on his esenyurt escort lap facing him, his eyes never left mine. I grew increasingly wet when I felt the huge bulge in his pants. I slipped up and down on that sexy pole of his, rocking back and forth. He began to moan with each movement and I found myself just letting go…

I continued to straddle him. We began to kiss, a huge no-no in the club but at that point it did not bother me one damn bit. Our lips met clumsily at first, then with more fervor and heat. I slipped my delicate tongue into him mouth and he returned the favor, sliding it so deliciously inside. I was turned on, wet and damp. My tiny G-string wasn’t able to hold my juices in. I unzipped his trousers to find a huge bulge, his underwear wet with a tiny bit of pre-cum. I couldn’t resist, so I began to lick his cock through his underwear, biting so gently, making him crazy. He moaned and said my name, his fingers making their way to my pussy. He showed obvious suprise that I was wet.

I lowered his underwear to find a beautiful cock, thick and long, with just the tiniest bit of pubic hair. His hand went to the top of my head, urging me to swallow him. I hesitated, licking the head of his cock and tasting his salty sweet pre-cum. avrupa yakası escort I teased him, licking the head and sucking it lightly – just devouring him. Finally, I swallowed him whole, gagging slightly, my eyes watering….and let him go. I repeated that movement several times, looking up at his eyes. I began to blow him, stroke him, make him groan with each and every thrust of my juicy mouth. He did like to watch, to my pleasure. I looked up at him and he just couldn’t take it anymore.

His moans were low, sexy, animalistic, as I slid my mouth up and down, faster and faster. He finally leaned back and closed his eyes in pure lust. I didn’t tease him anymore, just swallowed him, literally fucking him with my mouth. I slid my firm tongue on the underside of him, tasting his pre-cum, getting ready for his finale. I just couldn’t fucking wait to taste him so I went faster and faster. His moans became louder and hotter and his smooth balls tightened. With a low groan he could barely contain I felt his hotter than hot juice shoot into my mouth. Again I gagged, slightly, as the first spurt hit the back of my throat, so salty. I held him there while he came. I just kept swallowing and swallowing, wanting a part of him inside of me. There was so much, some of it dribbled out of the corners of my mouth, onto his flat stomach. He finally stopped cumming so I took his cock out of my mouth so gently, and began to lap up the remaining cum on his belly.

I smiled and took a drink of the champagne while he zipped up and sat next to me, his hand moving slowly up my warm and sexy thigh…it was my turn to lean back…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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