Only For You

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You were fast asleep…

I peek through the door and I see you laying there quietly in your bed. Your breath deep, moving in a slow pattern with pillows piled around you. I quietly step into the room, walking around the bed as I kneel beside you. I love watching you sleep, so sexy, the way your arm is tucked under your pillow as you cuddle it. Almost completely on your stomach, with one of your knees pulled up slightly, the covers loosely lay at the base of your back.

I quietly stand and untie my robe, let it drop to my feet. Standing completely nude in front of you, I continue to listen to you breathe. Very quietly I walk around the bed and climb onto it. Laying down on my tummy, I prop myself up on my elbows as I drop my head down and lightly kiss the base of your neck. With no movement at all, I bring my hand up and lightly trace down the center of your back with the tips of my finger nails. You continue to breathe steadily still as I drop my hand down and around the curve of your ass, the heat of your skin trapped by the sheets that lay across you.

My hand travels around your hip, gliding up and under your arm. Your soft skin slides under my hands and fingers as the warm feeling of you encourages me to keep going. My touch now felt by you, but too deep in sleep to completely wake up, you roll over, stretching underneath me. Both your arms now underneath your pillow, with your legs stretching straight out as I hear a sigh of contentment.

My lips come close to your left nipple as I brush across it lightly to see if you will stir in your sleep and realize you’re being touched by me. Without movement, I apply more pressure by opening my mouth, blowing warm air across it and finally slipping it into my mouth, rolling my tongue around the top of it ever so lightly. Your motionless reaction pushes me on wanting to make your body react to my touch.

My tongue drags down the side of your rib cage, followed by soft kisses. I look up and see that your mouth is open. Not seeing that before, I come to the realization you are pretending to still be asleep. My devious plan changes, for now I know you are going to hold out as long as you can before reacting to my touch. My mouth reaches your hip and I take a small yet noticeable nibble out of it. My eyes concentrate on your lips as I watch to see if they move while I continue to taste you. My tongue meets your skin again and, as I drag it along the inside of your hip down and over to the other side, it brushes past your hairline.

Your legs already open, I quietly slide between them, careful enough not to bump pendik escort into you, pulling the covers up and over my uncovered skin as it rests over my lower back. My warm breasts lay just inside your open thighs, almost cradled by them. Leaning down, my eyes still fixed on your mouth as I blow lightly on your semi-hard cock. With no movement from you still, I move my mouth around the base of it, leaving kisses as I move it around with my soft nose, toying with you. You have managed to lay completely still, trying to keep it a secret of how badly you want me to taste you. Your breathing still the same, deep and long, not skipping or stopping at my touch. The challenge excites me, I want you to surrender, honoring me with your moans and grunts as I please you.

My mouth watering, I once again lean down, watching your lips as I slip the head of your cock into my mouth, closing my lips around you, giving you a small tug with my soft sucking only to let you go, then flattening my tongue out as I drag it up, licking the length of your rod. Your chest stops suddenly, not falling and rising in the same pattern as it was before. I suddenly feel the tingling of my clit as it begins to turn me on, knowing I have started to break down your will to be motionless.

I return to the end of your cock, only now you’re much harder and your cock is flinching under my chin. My hands rub up the tops of your thighs, closing in toward your stomach as one hand rests at your belly button and the other wraps around the base of your cock. A firm squeeze and I am now holding you. Upright against my cheek, I rub you on the side of my soft face. I look up at you while I drag it back and forth from one side of my face, across my lips to the other. Your eyes remain shut as your keep pretending.

Your chest returns to steady breathing. I can see you trying to control it as my flattened tongue licks from the base of your cock to the tip, brushing at the edge of it, making it wetter. You feel the cool air hit the underside of your cock as my mouth moves away. My hand moves up, closing around the top of your crown, my mouth kissing down the length of your cock until I reach the bottom, licking around the base as if I were licking the side of an ice cream cone, holding you tightly and squeezing my hand around you.

I am so wet now, watching you struggle with yourself as I demand your pleasure. Wanting to hear you gasp, moan or just wiggle under me, my aggression begins to build. My mouth no longer torturing you, I’m after your excitement now. I get up on my knees, lowering kartal escort my head down, my mouth completely covers the head of your cock.

My hand wrapped tightly around the base, I slide down inch by inch, taking as much of you as I can before I come close to gagging. I hold you there, getting used to your warmth in my mouth and enjoying your cock flinching inside my closed lips. Dragging my mouth up inch by inch, feeling your stomach tighten under my flattened hand. I look up at you, your teeth are clenched tightly together and you struggle not to make a sound.

Reaching the end, I begin to pull and suck, tasting your excitement on my tongue as my mouth begins to move. Sliding up and down, my warm, wet hand follows in rhythm with my wanton mouth, and as I get to the end, I rub the palm of my hand over the crown of your cock and then slide back down, my mouth following after it as if to chase it to the bottom.

A few quick thrusts, my mouth moving aggressively up and down only to stop at the top, licking at it, reminding your body that I could take your orgasm from you at any moment. I look up and see your mouth is wide open, you’re grabbing at the air, trying to catch your breath, then your hands press deep into the sheets. My hand so slippery, sliding over you with ease, squeezing and releasing as I go. Then dropping my mouth back down over you, taking you completely inside my mouth again. Over and over my mouth pulls, sucks, and urges at your excitement.

My hand moves from your stomach, sneaking down between us as it finds my hardened clit. My sweet juices just barely held at the opening while my fingers rub across them, making that familiar sound you love to hear as I play. Not able to see, knowing you like to watch, I see your head turn to the side as if to fight the urge to grab me. This excites me so much I begin to moan, and you feel vibration tickling at your cock as I begin to rub my clit quickly. Pulling my mouth away from you, I move it down, sucking one of your balls into my mouth. Gently pulling, my hand continues to move, sliding along your hardened length.

I feel you getting so close to cumming, and yet your only response is to breathe heavily under me. Demanding your moans, I begin to torture you with my soft words.

“I know you want to see this wet pussy.” You feel my warm breath against your cock as I whisper. “I’m going to fuck you and then drop back down and suck you back into my mouth again.”

I slide up on top of you, still holding you in my hand, and drop down over you, sliding down maltepe escort until I have you completely inside me. Rocking my hips around in little circles, I feel your cock roll around inside of my heated tunnel. I purposely squeeze my pussy and then release it as I move. A deep grind and then another as I move back and forth.

“Mmm, you’re so hot, it feels so good. I know you want me to fuck you hard,” my wicked tone continues.

Suddenly you grab my arms, throwing me to my back. I gasp as you have completely taken me off guard.

“You’re such a bad girl. You’ve had your fun and now I am going to take what is mine!” you say with a growl.

With your hand placed at my neck, you squeeze slightly, holding me down. Your cock points out in front of me. “Raise them.” you demand as I lift my hips, holding them up for you.

“Pull your lips apart with your fingers. Show me my pussy!” your voice firm and demanding.

My fingers spread my wet lips as I look up at you.

“Tell me. I want to hear it. Do you want this cock?” your firm voice demanding another answer.

My excitement overwhelming me, I answer in a whisper, barely able to speak. “Yes.” My control has slipped away from me.

“Excuse me, What did you say? I can’t hear you!” your voice becomes sharp and quick.

“Yes, give it to me! Please, I want to feel your cock inside me..” I say quickly.

“Higher, get it up there.” you slap your hand under my ass.

“Ohh, yes, fuck me. Come on, it’s your pussy, take it,” my voice pushing you along.

Suddenly, you place your cock at the edge of my wet lips, quickly and aggressively you begin to fuck me. With no mercy, your hard cock urgently pumps the inner core of my excitement. Over and over, my pussy tightly holding onto you, grabbing at your cock as it slides along.

“Ohh, yes, uhh, hhh…” I moan as your hand releases my neck and you reach to grab at my hips.

“Mmm, yeah, you love that hard cock in your tight little pussy, don’t you?” you say as your thrusts become quick with the crown of your cock at the edge, then plunging deep back inside of me.

“Yes, ohhh, god, don’t stop, your gonna’ make me cum.” my voice whimpering and shaking at the edge of release.

” Oh, you will cum.” you say, teasing me as you reach between us and pull at my clit.

“Uuh, uhhh, ohh, yessss…” I begin to jolt, cumming hard and quick.

My intense orgasm repeatedly clinches your cock, throwing you forward onto me. With the weight of your body over me you thrust deeply inside me, raising up with your hips as you moan into my shoulder…

“Uhhh, ohh, I’m cumming…” you cry out as my nails dig into your back.

Exhausted, you collapse on top of me, breathless as you turn slightly, pulling my leg up and over your hip, wrapping your arms tightly around me. Our eyes meet, lost in pleasure and peace, we are one.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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