One Night at a Time – Jody Pt. 02a

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I picked Jody up at 5 am the following Monday. She seemed in a very good mood as we started our trip up to Oklahoma. Her weekend had been busy and she told me all about it. We talked all the way up about everything except what had happened the week before. Arrived at the client and jumped right in to work.

The day went by quickly and we were wrapping up around 7 pm. The client had already left and our staff had headed to the hotel to check in. I was trying to catch up on their work and Jody had stayed to finish some of hers.

“I was talking about you with a couple of friends this weekend,” Jody said breaking the quiet.

Looking across the desk I asked, “And what were you talking about?”

“We were drinking Saturday night and got to discussing some guys we had been with. I asked if they had ever slept with a coworker. Both of them had.”

“You tell them about our fun last week?”

“Yes, we were telling about wild stories from our sex lifes, but I did not tell them that you stuck your cock in me.”

“Any of them with married guys?”

“Yes, my roommate had a fling with a married coworker.”

“How did it go?”

“She said it was fun, no strings. Turned her on to be with him knowing he was married. He got transferred to another group and it ended.”

“Good for her.”

“She got pretty excited when I told her the story about us masturbating together. Said she would fuck you. You met her that one day when you dropped me off.”

“Maybe I should drop by sometime then,” I smiled.

“That would be awkward.”

“You could join in.”

“Not looking for that kind of fun.”

“Understood,” I said looking at her.

“But listening to their stories made me think. Why should they have all the fun? I should have the chance to explore some too.”

“Agree, but does it make sense when you are sober and not sharing hot stories with the girlfriends?”

She looked up at me,”I think so, at least with you it does. Part of my issue in getting involved with a married guy was how does it end? With you it seems like we can have some fun and that be it.”

“I am not looking for any commitments. If you want to fuck around, then I can help you out. If not, then it does not matter, bakırköy escort but I will have missed out fucking a sexy woman,” I smiled.

She blushed,”Thanks, I am glad you like. I am about to wrap up here, you ready to leave?”

“I need about 15 minutes.”


We left about 8:30, stopped and grabbed a quick bite to eat and then checked into the hotel. Jody got the room adjoining mine again and we went to our rooms. I stripped, put my gym shorts on and got settled in for the week. Was not sure exactly what Jody had in mind for this week, but was content with letting her move at whatever pace she wanted.

Had just settled on the bed to watch a little TV when I heard a knock on the adjoining door. Opening the door, Jody was standing there dressed in a thin white camisole that was not really hiding her tits and black panties.

“Can I hang out over her for a while?”

“Sure, I was just relaxing a bit before I went to sleep,” I said as I moved back to the bed and laid down.

She came into the room and laid on the bed next to me fluffing up the pillows so she could sit up leaning against the headboard.

Looking out of the corner of my eye I could see her tits sticking out next to me with her hard nipples poking against the thin fabric of her top. We laid there for a while watching TV until the news came on.

“I don’t know about you, but I need to get some sleep,” I said clicking the TV off.

Jody looked at me for a second, “Is it alright if I sleep here with you tonight?”

Sitting up I looked at her,” I am okay with you staying, but I do sleep in the nude.”

She smiled slightly, “Well it’s not like I have not seen you naked. But to be clear, for tonight, I am just wanting to sleep in here with you.”

My cock only heard the part about sleeping with me and was beginning to get hard. “That’s fine,” I said.

I got up and went to the bathroom. Coming back into the room I stood on one side of the bed and pulled my shorts off. My cock was still 1/2 hard and thought I heard Jody let out a little gasp as she watched me pull my shorts off and get into bed.

Crawled into the bed and reached over and turned the light off. beşiktaş escort We were now laying on our backs there in the dark. I felt Jody shift in the bed and roll into the middle facing me, I could feel her breath on the side of my face. Her hand moved to the side of my head and she pulled me to her and kissed me, her tongue darting in my mouth and her tits rubbing against my arm.

“Good night,” she said as she broke the kiss.

“Good night,” I answered.

Jody laid on her side facing me. My cock was now fully at attention. It was going to be very difficult to go to sleep. We laid there for a few minutes, not moving, my cock still hard. Soon I heard the rhythm of her breathing change, she had fallen asleep. I rolled on my side, my back to her and slowly my cock subsided and I was able to fall into a fitful sleep.

I woke up on my stomach with a raging hard on. Was not sure what I had been dreaming about but it made my cock hard. I rolled on my side to ease the pressure on my cock, it felt like I might cum without even touching it. Jody was asleep with her back to me. Looking at the clock it was almost time to get up. Groaning, I got out of the bed and headed for the bathroom thinking I might need to jerk off in the shower or walk around with an excited cock all day. I started getting ready, shaved, brushed my teeth and was about to start the shower when Jody knocked on the door.

“I was awake when you got up. Were you incredibly horny when you woke up?”

“Yes, I had a raging hardon, I think I was about to cum just laying there.”

Jody blushed a little and looked at the floor. “I’ve already had an orgasm. I reached in my panties and my pussy was soaking. Started to finger myself and when I touched my clit I just came. It was amazing, I have just now caught my breath.”

My cock that had finally settled down started to spring back to life. “I was going to jerk off in the shower. Want to join me?”

She looked at my cock and just nodded her head yes. Jody pulled her camisole over her head and stepped out of her panties as I turned the shower on. We both stepped into the shower. I took a washcloth, soaped it up and began to wash her off paying special beylikdüzü escort attention to her tits, ass and pussy. Washing her off had made my cock stand up hard again. Jody rinsed off and taking the washcloth from me began to wash me off. Soon she was paying special attention to my cock and balls. As excited as my cock was earlier, I knew I would not last long with her fondling me like she was.

I began humping against her hand holding my cock. She moved and let the water rinse the soap off of my cock and balls. Jody pushed me to the back of the shower up against the wall. Still holding my cock she slid down my body, her tits rubbing against my cock as she slid against my body. She slid down on her knees and slid her head down until her mouth was over my cock. Her tongue was flicking the head of my cock and her hands were massaging my ass. Slowly she slid my cock into her hot wet mouth until her nose was buried in my crotch and my entire cock was in her mouth.

She held me deep in her mouth for a few seconds, I could feel her throat gripping the head of my cock. I could only groan and hold the sides of her head as she began to fuck my cock with her mouth. One hand slipped off my ass and reached down to massage my balls. I was groaning as she continued her oral, no hands, assault on my cock. My cock was ready to explode.

Looking down at her I asked, “Where do you want it?”

She just looked up at me and swallowed all of my cock again. Jody was fucking me with her mouth again, pulling me into her with hands on my ass. I was building up to a great orgasm. My cock was about half way out of her mouth when it swelled and the first blast of cum shot out of it. She looked me straight in the eyes and pulled me deep in her mouth, my cum filling her mouth and pushing into the back of her throat. Jody held me like that until my cock quit pumping into her mouth.

I was trying to catch my breath. That was one of the best blow jobs/face fucks I had ever had. My cock began to soften and I could feel her swallowing as my cock retreated from her mouth.

Standing up she looked at me smiling, “Feel better now?”

“That was amazing. It was one of the best blow jobs of all time.”

She blushed and smiled a bit, “Thank you.”

Jody held me for a bit and then said, “We need to get ready.”

“Yeah, too bad we have to go to work.”

“Would be nice to stay here today.”

We got out of the shower, got dressed and headed into work. Knew I was going to have trouble concentrating today after that start.

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