On the Tour Bus

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Being the tallest one on the tour bus is a bitch.

Those other midgets just stretch out comfy in their bunks, acres of space all around them, bedding galore.

Me in the other hand, lanky fuck that I am, am cramped, and squeezed and frankly, bloody miserable.

So, here I am, as usual, trying to find a comfy position in bed, any fucking position that I can actually get some sleep in when I feel someone touch my foot where it’s sticking out through the curtain.

Now, this is the Steel Mistress tour bus, full of nob eds strolling about thinking they’re funny, and I’m tired, so I shout fuck off and kick out, trying to catch the cheeky cunt in the chin. There’s only empty air though, which makes me even madder, so I go to sit up and give em what for when they grab my foot again, and something stops me.

This ain’t no man hand. This is a woman hand.

Again, this is the Steel Mistress tour bus, so as well as nob eds, there are occasionally women. Sometimes wives, sometimes groupies, sometimes absolute drop dead stunners.

Tonight, I know it well, been listening to em half the night, there are three of em.

Nick, as usual, with a blonde this time, and I can hear em shagging away up the aisle from me, not exactly subtle is our Nicky.

Minty, naturally, with his selection for the evening, a goth type, the opposite of him with long black hair, eyeliner, piercings, the works. I think he rather likes the contrast.

Harry, he’s gone redhead, firey as fuck, up against the barrier all night, yanked out by Tommy after the encore as a titbit for our lord and master.

Now one of them is all over my fucking foot.

One hand round my ankle, the other running fingers up and down my sole.

I stay propped up on my elbows, wondering where the fuck this is leading to.

Don’t get me wrong, I love these guys, like brothers, dick head brothers, but still.

It ain’t always easy being the funny ugly one though. The one who’s left over when all the pretty boys have been snapped up. Drummer’s choice is no choice at all.

So I’m pretty certain she’s made a mistake. She probably seen blonde hair hanging out the bunk and thought it’s Smith or Minty tucked away in here.

But bakırköy escort I reckon she can keep thinking that while she does whatever it is she thinks she’s doing.

Those fingers on my sole are getting firmer, pressing in and then letting go, pressing in and letting go. They’re warm and soft, no sharp nails, squeezing all the right places.

It’s good.

It’s really fucking good.

I let myself lie back.

I dunno if it’s the sound of Nick’s fuck fest up the aisle or this mystery character or both, but I’m getting a hard on.

The curtain’s open a crack and I steel myself to put my eye there to see who this is.

If it’s one of those cunts I swear to god…

I can see bright hair and a long pale arm; the redhead. Tasty.

She’s sat in the floor, leant against the side of my bunk, holding my foot, I can’t see her face but I remember it from earlier. She’s a stunner.

She’s got her thumbs up on the top of my foot now and is squeezing and stroking there, Jesus it’s amazing. What is she doing?

My knob is proper upright now, bobbing about, searching for a pussy, or a mouth. Or a hand.

I wait a bit, laying back in my little nook, to see if she fancies moving up a bit, giving the higher regions a bit of attention, but she seems pretty set on the feet, and to be honest, it feels so amazing, I almost don’t care.

My eyes are rolling back in my head, I’m gripping the sheets in my fists. Who the fuck knew foot rubs were like fucking fore play?

Putting my eye to the curtain gap again, I check she’s not looking in and then push under the covers to wrap my hand round my dick. At fucking last, it says, twitching and straining, blood thumping through it.

It feels so fucking good to have her hands on me while I have a little secret wank.

I close my eyes and try to picture her face, and then her body, slowly sliding my fist up and down my dick, squeezing my balls, rubbing my thumb over the head, picking up juices to spread around. I stretch it out with every tug, coaxing it out to its full size.

She’s doing me toes now, bending and rolling them, warming them up with her hands, now back down beşiktaş escort to me heel, pressing, stroking.

I’m trying hard not to curl my toes as I up the speed behind the curtain, pulling down my balls, lifting my other knee, biting my lip to stop from grunting and groaning.

Oh fuck, what’s that? Is that a fucking tongue? Oh holy jesus it is, she’s going to lick my fucking foot, thank fuck I had a shower!

I pause my hand, laying there, mouth open, frozen as she pushes my toes into her hot mouth, one in, her tongue swirling round, sucking, licking, and out again, next one.

I think my heart stops as she slides her tongue up the underneath of my big toe. I feel like the head of my dick is on my foot. I have two dicks.

The one in my hand is leaking jizz like a tap, I’ve started wanking again without realising it, fucking it into my fist, letting it pop out if the end.

She’s sucking my toe like a cock, swirling her tongue round and round, her fingers pressing and sliding over my foot.

I can’t stop now, I’m away, my hand flying up and down, sliding the foreskin up and over, imagining her hot mouth on my body, straddling my thighs, looking up at me through her eyelashes.

Down the bus I can hear the moans and cries of the other two women, and they join the party in my mind, fucking each other, sucking tits and clits and getting closer to cumming along with me.

I can almost taste it, it’s so close, my hips are flexing, pushing my cock up hard into my hand, twinges of orgasm teasing me. I just need a little…bit…more…

Fuck I wish she’d climb in here and sit on it.

I picture it in my mind, there she is, suddenly naked of course, taking my cock and pushing it up inside her. Oh fuck.

Her fingers are creeping up my leg, squeezing and stroking, over my calf muscle, god she knows what she’s doing, pressing in just the right places to make me squirm. I drop my dick and wait, feeling it bounce and twitch across my stomach.

Now my knee, my thigh, she’s inches from my hot heavy balls, steadily moving higher, oh fuck me, a tongue. A tongue on the inside of my fucking thigh.

I can’t keep quiet now, I want beylikdüzü escort it, I want that hot mouth on my cock. I reach out, finding thick hair, push my hand in and pull her up, gently, feeling the hot breath brush across me, almost whimpering for her to slide it in.

She climbs on. The curtain falls closed behind her. It’s dim in them bunks and I can hardly see her, long red hair, pale skin, a black vest and a pair of delicious creamy tits busting out of it, as she wriggles around trying to find a spot in this fucking coffin of a bedroom.

My eyes are fixed on her tits, I want to lift them out and suck on their pink tips, I can see in my mind just what they’d look like.

She settled in a place now, her face disappearing behind a curtain of hair, along with those luscious boobs. I briefly complain but then ooof, that mouth is on my dick and I forget everything else.

She’s exquisite, pulling it right in, swallowing it down, frigging the shaft in time. I’m seconds from the edge, spunk rushing up in my balls, my hand gripping her head, every muscle tensed, feeling that hot tongue on every part of my dick.

Her other hand slides down between my legs and strokes that taint, pressing firmly, and I feel my dick double in size, picture those tits in my head and strain towards the edge.

She’s slowed down, oh fuck no, come on, I’m so close, give it to me, let me spunk on your tits, ufff fuck yeah.

She’s slowly licking and sucking on me, flicking her tongue over that spot under the head, pressing again and again on the skin under my balls, sucking the head of my dick into her mouth. I’m floating in a haze, she’s got me balanced on that knife edge like no one ever has before. Heat fills my crotch, everything swollen and heavy, feeling every movement.

Now she’s speeding up again, proper going for it, building me back up, my fists gripping the sheet, eyes screwed shut, come on come ON

She takes my hand, uncurling it from the sheet, pushing it into that vest, and my fingers are round her flesh, my thumb popping over her fat nipple, and that’s all it takes, I’m cumming, her mouth sucking me in, her throat pulling the spunk out of me.

I’m yelling and I don’t care, great grunts as my balls empty into her sucking mouth, my cock harder than iron.

I eventually relax back onto the bed, and look up at her, sitting across my legs. It’s still too dark in here but I can just about make out a big fucking grin.

Maybe being the lanky fucker ain’t so bad after all.

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