On Holiday with Mum Ch. 02

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I woke at five-thirty as I needed the bathroom, mum must have been there during the night as my toothbrush had toothpaste on it and was lying beside the wash hand basin. I did my business then brushed my teeth and went back to bed. Mum was awake and glowing. I took her in my arms and we kissed, it was a long hot good morning kiss, mum said, “I need some cum, I don’t want to have breakfast on an empty stomach, I am going to stand beside that armchair and I would love you to fuck me doggy style.”

I kissed her again and slipped my hand on to her crotch, she was very wet and ready for me. She led me to the armchair spreading her legs she leaned forward using the arms of the chair for balance, I went behind her centering the bulbous tip of my hard cock in the middle of her sex slit. With a gentle push I slid deep inside her hungry cunt. I soon had a powerful rhythm going and mum was saying, “Go harder and deeper, I can fucking take it, I love your big thick cock, harder and deeper.”

I was really pounding her now and she was gripping my cock with her very strong cunt muscles. I just kept pounding her and stroking her big as I pounded into her. She was moaning with pleasure then amazingly we both climaxed simultaneously. Mum had a body shake orgasm. Mum gripped the base of my cock and held me inside her hot cunt. I was kissing her neck, ears and shoulders as I cupped and played with her big tits.

Mum then did the same thing as she did last night, she slowly came off my cock gripping it tightly as she came off it resulting once again with a huge blob of cum on the tip of my cock. She sat me in the armchair then knelt in front of me then began to lick and suck my cock clean.

She was so diligent in what she was doing as she licked sucked and swallowed while looking at me straight in the eye as she did it. Again, she kept some of the cum cocktail in her mouth for me to taste. She sat on my knee and we cuddled and kissed. Our blend of cum was sweet and delicious. Mum said, “That was wonderful, you were really pounding into my cevrix, it felt so good, maybe tonight you could ass fuck me doggy style, I feel so stupid for not bringing some lube though, I am sure we can get some in France.”

We then showered and went for breakfast, mum was glowing, over breakfast she said, “Darling, I would prefer if you called me May when we are in public, I enjoy the ‘mum and mummy’ thing is good in the bedroom, in fact it arouses me a lot. We will no doubt meet a lot of people during this holiday, I would prefer that we introduce ourselves as Tom and May, what are your thoughts on this?”

I replied, “May, I’m happy with that, in fact I am happy with it. I want people to think look at that beautiful couple, a handsome young man with a gorgeous distinguished woman, though I want to use ataşehir escort mum when we are fucking.”

Mum blew me a kiss across the breakfast table. I hadn’t brought any sunglasses so after breakfast we went into the ship shop selling toiletries, sunglasses and general odds and ends. They had a beautiful pair of Versace sunglasses and mum liked another pair of Versace sunglasses. She also saw a beautiful silk Versace bodysuit with a half price ticket on it. She tried it on and it fitted her perfectly. When she was in the changing room I saw that they had a bottle of Coco de Mer lube. I told mum that I had got the lube and she should now wait outside and I would take all the things to the cash desk.

I paid for everything and the announcement came out that drivers and their passangers should go to their vehicles. We went to the suite and got our overnight bag. We got to the car and mum said, “Darling, it’s a beautiful day shall we put the hood down?”

I pressed the button on the console and the hood was down fifteen seconds later. It was a stunning looking car in Silver with Red Leather upholstery. We sailed through passport control with the Customs Officer not to leave any valuables on the seats and to keep the doors locked as there were a lot of snatch thieves about.

Mum had found a one star Michelin restaurant on our route where we would lunch. I said, “Mum, during your marriage did you ever think of having an affair?”

Mum replied, “I wouldn’t have done it with a man, though as I told you that I was tempted to vist you in the night but I was scared to do it but now after experiencing you I regret not doing it. If we had got together when you were eighteen then the last eight years would have wonderful. Your father was aware that he was doing nothing for me sexually, he suggested to me that if I found a man or a woman that could give me sexual comfort discreetly then he wouldn’t have a problem with it. I told him that as long as he was alive I would never be with another man.”

“Five years ago, when the new minister and his wife came to church I got on very well with Janet his wife, she has not a happy marriage, he is twenty-five years older than her, they married when she was twenty-four when they got married. They have a daughter who is twenty-four and lives in London, she works for the Church in London. I got on well with Jane and she would come to the house and swim in the pool with me three times a week.”

“Things developed quite quickly, we started to swim nude, we started to kiss and touch in the sauna and Jacuzzi. Then we started giving each other oral sex. She told me that she was short of money as her husband kept her on a very tight budget. She was also worried about her husband now in his seventies and still working. He was still kadıköy escort capable of doing his job but if anything happened to him it could affect her as she had no pension from the Church.”

“Jane was good for me at the time, I was lonely and very horny, Jane is very good and imaginative in bed. So we agreed on fifty pounds a vista’s and I wood see her three times a week. I soon realised that she was allocating me thirty minutes for each visit. Instead of spending time together she would come we would have sex then she would go. I didn’t mind as she was so good in bed.”

“I soon found out that she had a very busy diary. Mrs A would go to the hairdressers every Friday morning, Jane would have a visit with Mr A on a Friday morning. Mrs B, C, D and E would meet for coffee on a Wednesday morning. Jane would visit Mr A, B, C, D and E on a Wednesday morning. Then there were all the single widows and widowers, Jane was making thousands every week. At the funeral I gave her six hundred pounds and told her that I needed to change my life and I didn’t want to see her again and appreciated what she was doing and if I met anyone who was looking for what you were giving then I would most certainly recommend her.”

We arrived at the restaurant and mum and I kissed in the car for five minutes before going in for lunch. I put the hood up and went in and had an excellent lunch. They had a Premier Cru Champagne on their wine list which the Sommelier said was excellent. It came from close to Epernay from a small producer whose son had a restaurant. We ordered a bottle and it was excellent. They only used the first pressing of the grapes in the making of this Champagne, the next three pressings were sold in the open market. The Sommelier gave us the name and address of the restaurant.

The food and Champagne were excellent, mum said, “That Champagne is the best that I have ever tasted. We must visit that restaurant and try and buy some of it.”

We arrived at the hotel and were informed that they did lunch on a Sunday but not dinner. They recommended several other eateries but mum and I knew where we would be eating. The Suite was beautifully decorated with an enormous bathroom. Mum phoned the restaurant and booked a table for two and ordered a bottle of the Champagne we had for lunch. She also asked if she could buy a case of the Champagne to take away. She was told a case of six bottles was ninety euros or fifteen euros per bottle.

Mum was so happy that she spoken in French and they had understood her. She then asked how many cases we could get in the car and I told her a lot as we had the back seats which could take twenty or thirty cases. I had pulled off mum’s leggings when she was on the phone, she was now very wet. We were both naked and mum had been sucking bostancı escort my cock which was now rock hard, mum said, “I’m improving, I can now take three quarters of your massive cock in my mouth, I am relaxing my throat muscle and trying to yawn as this widens my throat, when I get the angle of the yawn right then it will be easy and I’ll deep throat you.”

I had noticed that the bathroom had a support rail beside the open shower. If mum used that to support herself then that would be the best place to ass fuck her as we didn’t want lube all over the sheets. I took mum into the bathroom and lubed her ass, she was taking four fingers and loving it. Then I lubed my cock, spread mum’s wide open and made her use the support bar to support her as she pushed her ass in the air am I went into her doggy style.

I slid the full length easily inside her ass, mum said, “That feels fucking amazing, my ass virginity is gone, now fuck me hard and deep, I can take it.”

I soon was really pounding mum’s ass, I had a very powerful rhythm going and she loved it, mum said, “That’s amazing, the tip of your cock is stimulating my G-spot that’s going to make me fucking cum. I love your big thick cock.”

Three minutes later she had her first vaginal organ, it was a body shaker, I kept on pounding her ass as I stroked her clit. The second came two minutes later and it was stronger, she shook for thirty seconds after this one. Relentlessly, I kept pounding away as I knew mum was loving it.

I was now pounding her faster and I couldn’t go any deeper, I was unremitting in the way I was pounding her because I knew mum loved it. Mum said, “This is fucking unbelievable, I am going to cum again, darling, I wish we had got together eight years ago, I adore your cock.”

Mum had her third vaginal orgasm, it was the strongest, her body shook for over a minute with it, I stayed inside her and as she shook it felt like her ass was giving me a hand job. I pulled out of her ass and slid inside her very wet pussy doggy style.

Mum was amazing, she was gripping at the base and tip of each thrust with her incredibly strong cunt muscles. I was now hammering into her with the depth and tempo that she loved. I just kept going and I sensed that she was close, I had nearly cum when I was in her ass and knew that I would cum soon. The other beauty of the bathroom was that the mirror let me see mum’s big tits wobble, it was an arousing sight.

Then it happened, mum had a body shake orgasm and I climaxed seconds later, mum said, “That was in a different league, no doubt in my mind that was the best sex that I have ever had, I am throbbing and tingling everywhere, I feel completely fucked.”

I pulled out and turned mum around we kissed and I thought this has taken a lot out of her, it’s been all hardcore sex that we have been having, I thought that we should now try some gentler lovemaking. Mum said, “I loved that but it took a lot out of me, let’s shower as I am looking forward to drinking that Champagne again. Tom, I love you so much.”

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