Nursing JJ

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Late one Saturday night on her first weekend at the hospital, JJ needed a bath but he wasn’t able to do it himself, and the male nurse who would have helped him had called in sick, so April had detailed Laney to do the job.

JJ suffers from Cerebral Palsy, his folks had secured a place for him at the exclusive private hospital after a particularly terrible episode in which he had a seizure and hurt himself so badly. The thing about JJ however is that upon casual encounter, people usually do not quite notice any signs of his condition, except when he was having one of his bad days.

Laney had met JJ about two weeks ago on her very first day as an intern with the nursing staff.

They had been introduced by her assigned supervisor April, an experienced and usually bossy chubby woman in her 30s. To Laney, April was the very embodiment of proper nursing conduct.

Laney had no problem helping JJ, she thought he was such a sweet guy anyway, and besides it was her job to look after patients. It was while she was helping him get undressed that she experienced a truly awesome sexual rush that left her both breathless and extremely aroused.

As she bent down low to pull down JJ’s under shorts, she was completely taken by surprise when his cock leapt out at her like a tightly wound spring, missing her face by a hairs breath. “Wow!” She exclaimed out loud unable to help herself. She licked her lips with such open lust at the majesty of her patients 8 by 2.5 inch cock. From that moment on, she stopped seeing him as just another patient, to her twisted sex hungry mind he was a big beefy cock as well, and she longed to have a taste of him too.


Laney was a self confessed slut who was not at all used to sexual deprivation, and so the idea of her working night shift for the past two weeks was just too much for her to handle. She was horny as hell. In that period, Laney had seized every opportunity to bakırköy escort see JJ’s cock, she even spent an extra few minutes washing it whenever she could, and JJ enjoyed it too. Every time she saw him around, a rush of excitement flooded her body.

She hadn’t been able to get the awesome image of his huge cock out of her head, so she finally hatched a battle plan. She convinced JJ to pretend that he couldn’t bath himself that night so she’d be asked to do it for him. Then late that night as she and April were on duty and the older woman was very busy, she left for the nurses’ station for the ladies room enroute JJ’s room.

At the toilet, she lifted up her uniform and pulled down her lacy white panties. When she was done relieving herself, she took off her panties completely and pocketed it, and then flushed the toilet.

Coming out of the stall, she cocked her ear, and then looking about she realized she was the only one in the bathroom, her heartbeat quickened as she thought about what she was about to do, yet her desire would not be denied.

She checked herself in the mirror, and with slightly shaky hands she gave her light make up a quick fix and rearranged her auburn hair; her large sexy blue eyes surveyed her reflection. She smiled naughtily, pleased with the way her student nurses uniform clung to her voluptuous body. Her DDD breasts filled out the front very temptingly, while her onion shaped booty flared out from her girdle held waist line to complete a very attractive hour glass shape. Satisfied with her seductive appearance, she hurried out of the room.


As she ran the wet towel over JJ’s body, her own arousal increased more so as she worked her way to his crotch. Her heart hammered away in her chest as she saw and then felt his massive erection kicking in her grasp. She held it up and cleaned his balls. As he often did, JJ caressed the back of beşiktaş escort her neck. This time though, she felt the heat of his touch very deep in her loins.

She paused very briefly and thought again about her unfolding unprofessional conduct, and wondered with trepidation the consequences of it all going wrong; ‘what if I get caught?’ she wondered. Alas, the time for introspection was long past.

She dropped the towel and opened her mouth; her tongue slithered out and began to lick the shiny mushroom head of his throbbing cock. Lifting his cock, she licked the underside of his shaft all the way down to his tight balls. She soon had him deep inside her mouth and going even deeper. As her head bobbed up and down on his cock, the tiny voice in her head again asked, ‘what his that bitch April were to walk in right now?’; it was futile, as the mere thought of getting caught only made her hornier as her pussy dissolved into a puddle of pen up desire.

Meanwhile, JJ was having the time of his life; her oral ministrations have reduced him to a moaning prattle. When he couldn’t take any more teasing, he pulled her head up by her auburn hair and whispered “JJ wants pussy now”.

Laney reluctantly stood up straight and began seductively unbuttoning her uniform. When she was done and her uniform dropped down to the floor, JJ’s eyes popped as he suddenly realized she had no panties on. He eyed her clean shaved mound with a drool as she unclasped her bra. “JJ wants breasts and pussy”, he retorted when her DDD breasts spilled out of their confining cups.

She had caught him starring t her ass several time but she didn’t quite realize he was capable of being a real BBW admirer. As she moved closer to him still, their eyes locked, no words were required as they connected on an almost telepathic level. He laid down on his back, and Laney hoped onto his bed, got astride him and smoothly guided beylikdüzü escort his huge erection between her lust swollen pussy lips and into her sopping wet cunt.

She leaned slightly forward as she lowered her voluptuous ass over his crotch and took his cock deeper into her fired up pussy. JJ meanwhile, grabbed her large tits and clamped his mouth over her rock hard nipple, sucking on it and then nibbling it in such a way that he had her moaning and riding his cock faster, and taking him deeper in no time at all.

‘Oh, fuck what a man!’ her mind screamed as she felt his huge cock stretching her pussy to the limits of its tolerance. As she rode him harder and faster, she could feel his thick veins teasing her erect clitoris further fueling her incredible passion. Suddenly JJ bit hard on her nipple and she cried out loud in sheer sexual delight, briefly forgetting where she was and the forbidden act in which she was inextricably engaged.

JJ sucked her tits harder and she rode him faster and harder, twisting and turning to position her pussy and maximize the awesome rush of pleasure coursing through her body. JJ on his part was trying desperately to match her thrusts as he sucked her harder and spanked her ass harder. Each bite on her nipple, each stinging spanking he gave her only intensified the raging storm which was building up in her core.

Suddenly JJ shouted, “JJ wanna cum!”

The idea of his massive cock flooding her slutty cunt with it’s every drop of cum was just too much to pass up.

“Oh yes baby, cum inside, fill Laney up, yessssssss!”

JJ went into a spasm, his turgid cock fired it’s seemingly endless volley of hot creamy cum into her tight pussy.

At that precise moment the door flew open, just as

Laney’s back arched, and her head snapped back and her body was thrown into an orgasmic spiral. Her Jugs jiggled, and her ass shook as she cried out her pleasure and her pussy was awash with the juices of her earth moving orgasm.

She slowly collapsed by JJ’s side, then suddenly as she caught her breath, it hit her. ‘The door had opened…’ before she could complete the thought, she heard April’s bossy voice in the background. “Well, well what do we have here?”

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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