Night Flight

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I figure that my flight home from the business convention in Seattle would be relaxing. I booked the 9pm flight for the thought I would be able to catch some sleep. I was wrong, this flight was going to be the greatest flight I have every had.

Well I should tell you something about myself. I am a 28-year-old computer designer that lives in Cincinnati, Ohio. I am thought of as handsome, being 6’1″ and having an average build. My Grey eyes attract the most attention when I meet someone.

Well I boarded the aircraft and found my seat. My seat just happened to be in the rear of the plane. As the time drew near to departure. I noticed that this flight was going to be mostly empty. I noticed the Flight Attendant immediately. She was a strikingly beautiful lady, with long black hair and a slim figure. If I had to guess I would say that she wore a B-cup.

I watched her as she walked from the front of the plane back to near me. I tell her hello and flash a smile as she gets near. I ask her if this flight is really got any passengers. She looked at me with a pair of deep blue eyes and started to laugh. We start to talk as the plane finishes getting ready for departure. I asked how much work it is for her on these night flights. And she replies by telling me that most of the night flights she has worked are very quiet. It seems bakırköy escort that as soon as the plane takes off the vast majority of people go to sleep.

After we had taken off, the flight attendant, whose name was Susan, came back and sat down with me to chat some more. Since the almost everyone else was asleep she felt like she could take it easy.

We talked about or respective jobs. And how the long hours have effected our love lives. I found out the more that she talked that she was single and lived in the Cincinnati area too. So we started to talk about the town.

As we talked I noticed she had moved her hand from the armrest to my knee. We chatted a little more and as we talked her hand started to slip from my knee up my thigh. Once she got to the upper thigh I figured she was really game.

So I lean over and kiss her full on the lips. She responded by parting her lips and battling my tongue with hers. As our kisses depend I moved a hand to her thigh and started to rub her leg. At the same time her hand finally completed its journey and started to rub my stiffing cock through my slacks. She finally broke the kiss and whispered in my ear that she wanted me in her mouth now.

She quickly unfastened my slacks and reached her hand in and pulled out my now hard beşiktaş escort cock. She stroked my 9-inch shaft a few times before bending over to kiss the head. A low moan escaped my lips as her tongue snaked out to tease around the head of my cock. My hand moves up her body to lightly cup and caress her breasts. As she takes my cock into her warm mouth I squeeze her right nipple. I feel her tongue working around my shaft as she moves her head up and down.

I can’t stand to let her have all the fun so I slip a hand under her skirt. And move her soaking panties to the side. I slip a finger into her dripping pussy as she starts to deep throat me. As my fingers find her clit she starts to moan around my cock and rock against my fingers. I know that we are both hot so I urge her to stop sucking and climbing on my cock. She readily agrees and sits up long enough to take her panties off. I slip my slacks down a little. She straddles my lap as I hold onto her. She reaches down and grabs my slick shaft and guides into her dripping pussy. I press my lips to hers to help quiet our moans as she slides onto my cock. As soon as I am fully inside her she starts to rock back and forth. I reach my hands up and quickly unbutton her blouse. I reach in and free her breasts. I bring my lips to her left beylikdüzü escort nipple and gently suck on it, biting it lightly. As I do this her movements become a little faster and a little harder. She grabs my head and pulls it harder to her breast. She starts to moan deeply as her orgasm starts to build.

I am matching her movements stroke for stroke. Pushing my cock deep inside her. We are both so hot that we know we won’t last much longer. I start to thrust up into her harder and faster as we get hotter and hotter. I am getting close to giving this beauty a flood of my cum. I move my lips back and forth from breast to breast. I am surprised that our moans haven’t gotten any attention, but at this point we don’t care. I start to feel her pussy grip my cock even tighter as her orgasm races through her body.With one final deep stroke I bury my cock deep in her pussy and spray her with my cum. I know that her pussy is full as I feel our combined juices dripping onto me.

As her orgasm subsides she collapses against me resting her head on my shoulder. We don’t move for almost ten minutes then she climbs off my semi-hard cock and starts to lick it clean. I feel my cock starting to respond again.

In the end we fucked the whole flight. It was surprising that either of us could walk once the plane landed in Cincinnati. But it did. We exchanged numbers and set a date for the following night.

But that’s another story.

Needless to say, we are know seeing each other almost all the time. I am even thinking of asking her to marry me on our next date. I can only say that I sure found the friendly skies. And maybe you will too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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