Neighborly Midnight Rendezvous

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“I can’t make it at 1:00, how about 11:00?” I asked Beth as she walked out the door with the papers my wife had told me to give her.

She just laughed. It was a running joke with us. They had recently installed a pool and hot tub, and her husband had wanted her to get in it naked. She was a pretty demure woman when it came to things sexual, and the fact that the six foot fence didn’t block much of the view from the surrounding neighbors didn’t help.

“You never want to get in the hot tub,” he groused, half-drunk, one evening.

“Sure she does,” I joked. “We have a standing 1:00 AM engagement, as soon as you and Traci go to sleep. Same time tonight?” I asked, redirecting my question to Beth.

It got a general laugh, part of which was the fact that everyone knew she and I were night owls, whereas our spouses liked to hit the sack before 11:00.

My wife got the biggest kick out of it, constantly joking about it. On my part, I often thought about how nice it would be if it was more than just a joke.

Beth was the prettiest of our friends. She ate horribly, including too much Coke and chocolate, but it didn’t seem to matter. She was slender, with a dynamite body, that she was encouraged by her husband to display. He was always taking her out and buying her sexy, tight fitting clothes to show her off.

Her face was cute, but not stunning. She had a small gap in her front teeth, and her features were quite sharp. Her blonde hair was usually a bit disheveled in our day-to-day meetings, brought about by the efforts to keep two young boys in line, I’m sure. But she cleaned up nice, and at our outings and parties, she was always the sexiest thing there.

I’m sure I’d get disagreement from some who would argue that my wife, with her voluptuous natural figure, pretty blue eyes and big blonde hair, was the equal of any present. I’d cede the point. Let’s call it a tie.

But the fact of the matter was, I’d love to do Beth, and was tempted to push the envelope way beyond anything we’d tried before.

My wife was out of town, with our daughter, for the weekend. Beth’s husband was out of town on business of some sort, which had spurred a fight the day before when I’d been over visiting. Her boys had left for camp that morning, and she had declared she was going to spend the first day of her freedom just relaxing.

“Ok, eleven it is!” I called out to her, with every intention of showing up in her hot tub at that time. The new 8 foot fence made their backyard a lot more private than previously, and I knew she’d be up at that time. If things went bad, I could just call it a joke and probably get away with it.

* * *

At five minutes to eleven, I threw on my day pack and stepped out to the alley behind our homes, walking down the few houses to where Beth lived. The backyard was dark, but the lights in the house were on.

I let myself into the backyard, and walked over to the pool panel in the corner. I turned the hot-tub on, using the pool-side controls, as well as the tub lights. I took the bottle of Chardonnay out of my pack, along with two plastic wine glasses, opened the bottle, poured the glasses full, and set them down on the stone rim of the hot-tub, before climbing in myself.

It was still pretty warm outside, September in Ft. Worth tends to be that way, and the water didn’t have to heat up much to be very relaxing. I looked across the yard into the large picture windows about 20 feet away, providing a clear view of the living room. Beth was clearly outlined, standing in the window looking out at me. I imagine she was trying to figure out what I was up to.

Although we didn’t avoid the subject of sex in our conversations, I’d never hit on her, although she knew that I found her attractive. My wife was her best friend, and they talked every day. A day didn’t go by that I didn’t hear about how much she and I were alike. My wife Traci, and Beth’s husband were almost polar opposites from us, and very much alike themselves.

Of late, there had been a bit of sexual tension to our conversations. The girls discussed EVERYTHING, and just as I knew that she was no longer enjoying sex with her husband, and had agreed to have sex on a regular basis to keep things civil; she knew that Traci and I were in a bit of a rut, the job, and stress, lack of exercise, and the small child restricting our sex to less than once a week.

She also knew that of all our friends, I found her the most attractive by far. She had appeared surprised by that. Two of our friends were ‘trophy’ wives, with the best physical attributes that money could buy. But both Beth and Traci were 100% natural, and simply beautiful.

Finally, the back door opened and she walked out to confront me.

“I can’t believe you.” She laughed, looking at me lounging in her back yard.

“C’mon in, the water’s fine,” I answered.

She looked at me oddly for a moment then turned and walked back to the house.

“Oh well,” I thought, “I gave it a shot. illegal bahis Anything comes up I’ll just laugh it off as a joke.”

I drained my cup and was preparing to hop out of the tub, when Beth showed back up in a robe.

“You know, we probably shouldn’t be doing this,” she said, as she lowered the robe off her shoulders, revealing her sinful body in a small bikini. The size of her swimming attire hinted that she might be entertaining less than angelic thoughts herself. It was encouraging.

I didn’t say anything as I extended my hand to help her step in, and then offered her a glass of wine as she got comfortable.

I refilled my glass. “It’s a beautiful night for it. Just a little bit chilly and the water feels great.”

“So what are you doing in my hot-tub, Alex,” She asked me between sips.

“I actually wanted to talk to you about something.” Beth had started a business painting murals and designs on walls in homes, and painting personalized items. Starting slow, she was starting to pick up some business. I had helped her create her original business cards, flyers, and portfolio. She didn’t really need the money, although her husband was in sales, and there were occasional tough times. I think she just liked the independence and the control over some part of her life.

“I think it’s time we stepped up ‘Daisies and Dinosaurs’,” I told her. While we finished the bottle of wine, we discussed setting up a web-site for her, along with a business email (no more We talked about some of the business she’d been getting, and taking some better photographs for the website. I was also encouraging her to raise the prices she was charging for some of her work.

Twenty minutes into our discussion, I climbed out of the hot-tub, retrieved a second bottle from my backpack, this one a Merlot, opened it and refilled our glasses.

Once the subject of her business started to die down, it got a little quiet in the water. This quiet was a lot more relaxed than earlier, an easy quiet, where no one felt compelled to talk.

“We should do it,” I leaned over and whispered to her in a conspiratorial tone.

“Do what?” she squeaked, looking confused and a little scared.

“Hot-tub naked.”

“Are you crazy? Traci and Kyle would kill us!” She sputtered.

“Hardly. Traci would be the first one naked,” I laughed.

She joined in with a delightful, ever-so-slightly-tipsy giggle, and admitted I was right. “It is her favorite outfit,” she agreed.

“And Kyle?” I asked.

“Kyle wouldn’t care if I was standing on my head naked, as long as he had a chance to see Traci’s goodies.” She answered with a tone bordering resentful.

I reached into the water, raising my hips, and pulled off my bathing suit. I lifted it up out of the water, displaying it. I folded it in half, laying it on the edge of the tub.

She was close. I could almost see the gears turning in her head. She wanted to do it, but was still holding back just a bit.

“Just a sec.” I said to her, and then I climbed out of the tub, and walked over to the panel where I turned on the bubbles. “A little privacy,” I offered as I stepped back into the water. Her eyes had followed me carefully, and I didn’t miss the several glances below the waist. My cock wasn’t fully hard, but it wasn’t soft, and in its semi-hard state, it hung down full and long, offering an enticing invitation to my sexy neighbor.

With the bubbles churning up the water, she made a decision. She reached behind her and opened her top which she removed and placed next to my suit. She managed to do it keeping her breasts just under the surface of the water. A few moments of hesitation ensued, and finally she slid down in the water and came up with her bikini bottom, laying it beside her top.

“It’s not like there’s a whole lot to see anyway.” She joked.

Beth’s breasts were not very large, maybe a B cup, and I still hadn’t had a good view of them, but they looked absolutely delicious to me.

“I’d argue the point. It seems to me you have really nice tits.”

“Puh-lease. Traci’s got a real set. You’ve heard Kyle. Real are better than fake, and big are better than small. I’m stuck with these little puppies. He says he prefers these to Misty’s store-bought fun bags, but they definitely can’t match up with Traci’s.”

“Let me be the judge of that.” I reached over and grabbed her around the waist. She squealed as I lifted her and set her down on my lap straddling me. Her breasts were well above the level of the water.

“Alex!” She hissed, covering her breasts with one arm while smacking me on the side with her opposite hand.

“Sorry, I couldn’t see them among all the bubbles.” I grabbed her by the biceps, pulling her arms apart and back, exposing her breasts for my view. I leaned her back, frankly admiring her pair. She had smallish, quarter sized aureoles that were wrinkled and erect with long hard nipples. They were a little larger than erasers, and looked really stiff.

Her illegal bahis siteleri breasts where small enough to not be pendulous, while large enough to fill a bikini top or bra with out any artificial help. I wanted to nuzzle them like a baby.

“Now see, these are beautiful. And your nipples get so hard, it’s like they’re begging to be nibbled. Traci has great tits, but they are not nearly as responsive as yours appear to be, and her nipples hardly stand out at all.” She gazed down at me, as I studied her breasts.

I leaned forward and flicked my tongue across one nipple. “That’s beautiful.” She jerked in my hands a moment, almost as if she’d received an electric shock. I repeated the action, this time lightly tonguing the opposite nipple. This time I extracted a soft moan from her.

She just sat there quiet, trembling in my hands. I pulled her forward in my lap so her crotch was pressed against my hard-on underneath the water. I reached between us and straightened out my cock, which had been pressed to one side, so it was standing straight. The back of my hand slid across her bare pussy, causing a swift intake of breath on the part of my pretty little lap toy.

“They fit you perfectly. With your slender build, narrow waist, and delectable ass, these finish the package beautifully.” Again I leaned forward and this time took a nipple in my mouth, sucking on it gently, using my tongue to roll her nipple around my mouth.

She leaned deeply back, her pussy pressed against my cock, her weight on my hands, her back arched, while I played with her breasts. Her head was far back, her long blonde hair cascading down to the water. I let my hands move up her back, behind her shoulders and pulled her down against my cock, increasing the pressure between us. It bowed her back even more, pushing her tits out to me. I nibbled and bit at them when I wasn’t sucking on them or bathing them with my tongue.

I released her, guiding her back upright.

“Do I get to see the rest?” I asked, looking deep into her green eyes.

“Alex, I don’t know. I don’t think we should.”

“I’m dying to see the rest of you. You know Traci tried to shave down there, to be like you, but she wasn’t comfortable and it itched too much. I’ve heard so much about your clean shaven muff, let me have a peak.”

She didn’t answer immediately which I took as consent. I lifted her by the hips again, standing with her, and set her on the edge of the hot-tub. She turned her face away, embarrassed. She sat with her legs pressed together, both hands squeezed between them. Placing her hands between her legs had the added benefit of pushing her breasts together by her arms, creating a secondary show.

I silently reached out and grabbed her hands pulling them towards me, almost to her knees. Still holding her hands on her legs, I pulled them apart, spreading her legs before me. When they were spread wide, I slid her hands back down to her inner thighs, inches from her steaming twat, placing them there. She was holding her legs wide open for me.

“That is so sexy.” I told her moving forward between her legs, my body leaning against one leg. I moved a hand forward and caressed the tan line, following it all around the little pink area I hoped to be deep inside of soon.

“What’s that?” I asked, touching a little playboy bunny shaped white patch.

“It’s how I see my progress in the tanning booth. I put a small sticker there.” She answered, watching me watch her.

“Lean back.” I whispered to her.

She did so, hesitantly, placing her arms behind her, leaving her legs open wide. I leaned in and let my thumbs open her just a bit, and blew softly over her bare skin. I saw a shiver cross her body, and little goose bumps appeared almost magically all over her.

“Poor thing’s cold. I better warm you up.” I teased, reaching down and gently tracing the outline of her lips with my tongue. Up and down, I traced and retraced her sweet quim, each time delving in just a bit more, each time lingering a moment longer on her clit. A series of twirls with the tip of my tongue teased her clit to attention, before I retreated and let my tongue crawl inside her as far as I could reach.

When she was breathing heavily, her chest heaving, I stood up and placed the head of my cock at her entrance.

Her head popped up and she looked at me with concern. “Alex…”

I grabbed her hips and pushed deep inside her quickly before she could change her mind. I pulled her hard against me, and then stood with her. She wrapped her hands tight around my neck, her legs wrapped around my body. My cock was sheathed completely, filling her.

“Fuck me.” She whispered into my ear. “Fuck me with that big fat sweet cock.”

She was a tiny thing, and it was no trouble for me to hold her by her ass and raise and lower her on my shaft. Up and down I lowered her, reveling in the sensation of her skin pressed against mine, the cool air caressing my cock when it left her, canlı bahis siteleri before I slipped it back into her burning twat. She kissed the side of my face, and whispered my name over and over. I repositioned my hands, her legs still draped across my forearms, but my hands a little lower. I could spread the cheeks of her sweet butt wide and with one hand I could play with her exposed backdoor. Soon I was bouncing her up and down my cock, my middle finger two knuckles deep in her ass. She leaned back, her hands clasped around my neck, her visage burning with desire. Her eyes were open wide, staring into my face. I wondered what my own countenance reflected.

It felt wonderful, but I wanted more.

I lowered her to the water, and leaned her back. She rested her elbows on the exit step and her body was flat across the top of the water. Her legs still hooked over my arms, I fucked her slowly and the water created waves that washed over her waist and chest as I pumped in and out of her. I wanted her desperately, but when I started to screw her more forcefully the water splashed up from between us and splashed across her chest. The harder and faster I fucked her, the more pronounced the splash became, until she was dodging it with her face. Each hard, fast stroke created another long splash that with unerring aim landed in her face. Soon she was choking and laughing, and I slowed down so she wouldn’t drown.

When I pulled out, she slipped into the water going under for a second. She came up with my cock in her hand, and her mouth enveloped me. I couldn’t believe that this beauty who I’d only fantasized about was eating me like there was no tomorrow. It was nice, but not what I wanted at this time. I pulled her off of me, and bent her over at the waist.

“You’ve teased me, all of us, with your incredible ass in those shameless shorts, for so long. I’ve got to watch your sweet little butt while I fuck you.”

“Good, I’m glad the shorts work.” She teased.

“I remember one of the first times you came to our house. You were wearing skin tight shorts that read ANGEL across the back, your tight bikini top filled so perfectly, and your hair in pig tails. I almost lost it right there when I opened the door.” I confessed, as I spread her open and slipped my dick back inside of her, with a little help from her hand.

“That was my high-school cheerleader look. It wasn’t by accident. I wore that for you. I wanted you to like me.” She said, while I fucked her from behind.

“It worked. I like you. I really like you.” I told her, pushing down on her lower back a bit, changing the angle of attack. I had overcome the resistance of the water, and was smoothly boring her channel.

“I hope so,” she gasped. She leaned over a little farther, and then she moaned. “There. Right there. God, that’s incredible.”

I acted on her words, holding her steady in that position, while fucking her with long smooth strokes. She was grunting and moaning under my assault, her gasps coming more often. The water was like a storm at sea, waves everywhere, splashing over the sides. The sounds she made were so erotic. She wasn’t much of a talker, but she voiced her feelings in moans and grunts and single words of exclamation and exhortation. I found it incredibly arousing.

I was getting close myself. I grabbed her hips with my hands, and used her. I pulled her hips back and forth against me, while I fucked her as hard and fast as I could. She was coming, crying out, and I only kept up the incessant pace, while she gasped, “Oh God. Oh God.”

She quieted for a second, and then shouted “Oh FUCK,” and her whole body tensed up underneath me. She was rigid for several seconds while I pounded her pussy, then she went limp. I never let go and held her hips tightly while I fucked her with a passion I hadn’t felt in years.

She came up gasping for air. Her head had slipped under the water for a second, and she’d let it stay there, her body bent in two, only her ass and lower back raised above the level of the water. She took a deep breath and did it again. It seemed odd, but it was strangely exciting to have nothing before me but that delicious ass and cunt. I spread her cheeks apart, and watched my cock sliding in and out of her.

After her next breath, she hyper-ventilated a while, then went under again. She bent over farther, her hands wrapping around her knees, nothing but an opening for me to empty myself in. I could hold back no longer, and with a series of final ferocious strokes, slamming myself into her, I came, filling her. I could hear her muffled scream from under the water, and then she burst out of the water again.

“Jesus.” She moaned, while I finished coming inside her, a series of thrusts finishing the job. I had come a ton; I couldn’t remember having come so hard and so many times.

I picked her up and held her sideways in my lap. She was a mess, her hair everywhere, her chest heaving, her nose running. I wiped her nose, and pulled her hair back gently, then leaned forward and kissed her.

“That was incredible,” I told her. “You are even better then I fantasized about.”

“We can never do this again.” She gasped. “I could never hide what we’re doing. You drive me crazy.”

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