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Ok, I admit it, I have been brainwashed into believing the media, fashion world, and the now general consensus of what a beautiful woman should look like; slender, with a toned and very fit body. I know I have been guilty of almost totally blocking out of my sight any woman of size. There, I said it, guilty as charged, only I found out my sentence kept me from a very large and desirable portion of the female population….. my loss.

After a very brutal divorce, I was trying to find another house, only I could not afford anything in the greater Seattle area, due to what little I had left after my ex and her underhanded attorney had their way with me in court.

I found myself moving to a small town across Puget Sound called Bremerton. A sleepy little village known for its Naval shipyard. The kicker was to get to work I had to ride the ferry to and from Seattle which was about an hour long ride. It was way too expensive to drive on the ferry, so found the cheapest monthly parking lot which gave me about a 20 minute walk to the ferry terminal, so I could walk on.

I got a small tablet with 4G service and figured I was set. I began to enjoy the daily rides, stress free from the maniacal driving and traffic that Seattle has to put up with. I could relax, catch up on email, and surf the net as we used to say. I eventually found Literotica and began to enjoy immensely, reading all the different types of stories. I was amazed at the quality and diversity, and was soon “hooked”. Now this type of reading had a tendency to put me on high sexual alert, even in my now single and solitary existence. I found myself doing a lot staring at some of the prettier women as I walked from the ferry to my parking lot. I found several different paths through the town, but settled on one that seemed to be the fastest. It happened to pass a little store offering “readings” and perhaps many different items that we used to see in head shops. I thought this because the smell of incense was very prominent when I passed by the store each evening at approximately the same time. As the summer progressed, we eventually started seeing temperatures climb in to the 80’s and 90’s. Now most of these older buildings do not have air conditioning and become quite stuffy in this type of weather. That is how I first saw her, because she was standing outside her store to try to enjoy what little breeze there was off the water.

Her hair was shiny blonde and in tight curls that cascaded down below her shoulders, framing a beautiful face, with bright, dazzling blue eyes. She was a very large woman, wearing what I had heard called a Mumu, a flowery dress that was large enough to encase her size. It was very loose fitting except for around her very ample bust, for there the material strained to keep her large breasts in. There was a large scoop to the neck of this dress, showing her wonderful cleavage, albeit very tight as her ample bosom was so tightly held. At first, my unknowing BBW censor almost hid her from my vision, although at times when I walked by I could swear I “felt” something. I wrote it off to being reminded of happier and freer days by the smell of the incense. I knew I must have walked past her several times without even looking, but today I looked. And what I saw was the most beautiful and radiant smile I had ever personally experienced. I felt it throughout my body, and thought even in my soul.

“Hello!” she said through her smile.

“UH… Hi” I replied, eloquently.

“Would you care for a reading this fine day?” she asked, her smile still radiating and in a way comforting me.

“Oh thank you, but I don’t think I need a reading” I said, wishing I could muster something a little more intriguing.

“That’s too bad, I’ve sorta already did a mini reading on you as I have watched you walk by each evening.”

This startled me, for I hadn’t known she even noticed me, as in my current state I didn’t think anyone noticed me.

“I hadn’t noticed, you notice,” my smart ass reply (geeze I am bad at this).

“You are a very handsome, although trouble man” was her reply (at least one of us knew what they were doing).

I felt myself blush, both from the compliment part, and because my stupidity had kept me from noticing this beautiful woman.

“Thank you, I guess, the trouble is probably fairly easy to see huh?”

“Oh yes, but it is more than that, I am good at sensing things about people, some more than others. You are one I feel a very strong connection with although I sense a bit of wall in you as well.”

“You are very intuitive” again a snappy retort.

“It is my job after ataşehir escort bayan all, and a special talent, one of them.” She smiled as she said the last part, which actually had me feeling my penis becoming alert.

I smiled back drinking in the attention of the beautiful creature with special talents. I dropped my head for a bit, trying to fight off the embarrassment of not really knowing what to say. I noticed she was barefoot and had neon purple toe nail polish on.

“Your toe nail polish is lovely, very striking, and purple is my favorite color,” I said trying to keep things alive.

“I know she said.”

“You know the polish is striking or you knew my favorite color?”

“Both” once again her smile just brought me into her. “Ok, since you don’t want a reading, how about coming in to the store, and let me show you a lotion to help the skin on your face, I don’t know if you’ve noticed but all this walking in the sun has you a bit red.” With this, she turned and walked back into her store, I was taken by her grace as she seemed to float on her bare feet into the store. I followed her and saw the rest of what her store offered painted on the windows. I saw pressure point massage, and sighed.

“You see something you like?” she said as she turned around and shone that lovely smile my way.

“Actually I see a lot I like,” perhaps I am beginning to get the hang of this again.

“Please, do tell.”

“Well, ok, other than enjoying your graceful walk, I saw your sign about pressure point massage and was wondering what that was all about.”

“Do you have an hour?” she asked.

“For the explanation of pressure point massage or actually getting one?” was my snappy retort.

She laughed and once again I was almost mesmerized by the dulcet sounds of her laughter and taken in by her shining eyes and beautiful smile.

“Either, or both if you want me to explain about the wonders of pressure point massage while I give you one.”

“To tell you the truth, a massage of any sort sounds fantastic right now, the stress and anxiety have been getting to me lately.”

“I know,” she said with that same caring knowing look that I found hard to understand, but enjoyed tremendously.

“Ok, you’ve sold me on the massage; do I need to make an appointment?”

“Usually, yes, but this evening’s last appointment cancelled on me, and I was just getting ready to close the store, so if you don’t mind being in a locked store with me, we could do it now” she purred, and I knew I was on the edge of being quite smitten.

“I don’t mind at all, would actually love it!”

“Wonderful, wait here and I will lock the door and put out the closed sign” and she was on her way. Once again, I enjoyed the view of her grace, and actually thought she was giving me a little ass wiggling show with her walk. As she left, I noticed her wonderful aroma, I think I had been noticing it all along, but it finally hit me that I really liked it, and had to admit for some strange reason it turned me on.

I heard the door lock click closed, and her humming. I called her “her” shit! I hadn’t even asked her name! Once she glided back in to me, that wondrous smile making me feel so warm and comfortable I said “my name is David by the way” and offered my hand to shake.

“I’m Mysty with a “Y”, David, so nice to make your acquaintance” she said taking my hand, but just holding it, not shaking. I loved feeling her touch, her skin against mine, and oh my, my walking shorts had turned into camping shorts as there seemed to be a tent growing on the front of them.

“I am very glad to meet you Mysty, with a “Y”, I said still holding her hand.

“Well, ok then, time for your clothes to come off” she said and began to reach for my t-shirt. I was taken a bit aback at this, for the last time (15 years ago) I had a massage, I was told to disrobe, lie on my stomach on the table and put a towel over my butt. This was much better though, and I raised my hands for her to slip my shirt off, wondering if she was going to perform the entire task of rendering me ready for my massage.

I thought I heard a little gasp from Mysty as she got my shirt off, but I could have been wrong, for I was now in such a state, I don’t think I could really say what was going on around me. “Ok, let’s get those shorts off you.” My question was answered. Her nimble fingers made fast work of my snap and zipper and before I knew it, I was stepping out of each leg of my shorts, standing only in my boxers and shoes and socks. Of course by now I was so hard and throbbing I couldn’t do anything to hide my state. escort kadıköy Mysty then slipped her hands under my boxer’s elastic band lifted them over my protruding hardness and once again had me step out of them.

“Oh my!” said Mysty in a now throatier version of her sweet voice, “someone is quite ready to be massaged, sit up on the table so we can take off these shoes and socks.”

I sat down, and Mysty came up in front of me pulling a little stool over for her to sit. Her face was almost directly in front of my erect penis, her mouth just inches away. I could feel her hot breath on it and if it was possible, it seemed I got even harder. She untied my shoes, and slipped them off, then took each foot one at a time, and rested them on her ample breasts to slip off my socks.

“Oh that feels so nice”, she said.

I cleared my throat to try to not talk in some distorted squeaky voice and mumbled ‘yes, it feels very nice. And oh, by the way, how much does a pressure point massage cost?”

“Oh normally it costs $110.00 for an hour, but I cant charge you.”

“How come?” I asked.

“Well, I have to tell you, I am not the licensed massage therapist, she is off today, I just wanted to give you a massage.”

“Why that is so sweet of you! How about I take you to diner afterwards then?”

“Oh that would be wonderful, I would love that!” squealed Mysty, with my bare feet still on her breasts.

“Now, if you don’t mind, I give a better massage without this dress on, would it be ok with you if I took it off?”

“No Mysty” she frowned and looked a little dejected, “let me take it off you. You undressed me and seemed to enjoy it, give me the same pleasure and let me return the favor.”

“Oh yes, David, that would be so nice.”

I took my feet off her breasts, hopped off the table, took her hand and helped her up off the stool. She stood in front of me, several inches shorter than I, so she had to look up to look into my eyes. The look on her beautiful face just melted me and I could not help myself and reached down to cup her face in my hands and gave her a kiss. Her lips immediately opened and her tongue came rushing into my mouth to find mine and we held this most passionate kiss for seconds, minutes, or hours, I don’t know.

She smiled as our lips parted, and turned around so I could unzip her dress, which I did, and lifted it off her shoulders and let it fall to the ground. With her back still to me, I undid her bra, but could see her breasts literally tumble out of it as I looked over her shoulders. She was not wearing anything else, so was now totally naked. I put my hands on her shoulders and turned her around. Now it was my turn to gasp. She was beautiful! Her huge breasts, swung around as I turned her showing off the largest nipples and areola I had ever seen. I reached down to lift her right breast to my mouth to take in her already totally hard nipple, but she held me back.

“All in good time David” she said, smiling.

“But Mysty, I want to have you,” I protested.

“And you shall, I and I you, but I asked you here for a massage, and I want to give you one. You are so totally blocked and bottled up, my massage will help both of us enjoy each other much more.”

I started to protest again, but she put her finger on my lips to shoosh me, “I’ve been right about everything else so far haven’t I?”

I nodded in agreement, and let her lead me back over to the massage table, and she lay me down on my belly.

“I’ve been heating up the oils, so they won’t be cold on your back, so just let me go over and get them and I shall be right with you.” I watched her as she walked over to where the oils were being heated, watching her breasts swing and sway with each glide of her bare feet. My hardon squeezed between my stomach and the table was letting me know how badly it wanted to be inside this lovely woman.

She was back in a flash and I felt the warm oils being poured onto my back, the smell was beautifully provocative, lavender I think. Then I felt her hands on my shoulders, squeezing the stress hardened muscles with a very strong grip.

“You have very strong hands, lovely but strong” I said.

“I am working on getting my massage therapists license” said Mysty, softly, almost whispering in my ear as she had bent over to reach the top of my shoulders, I could once again feel her hot, sweet breath, this time on my ear.

I began to drift as her wonderful hands worked their magic on me. I could feel layer upon layer of stress and anxiety begin to float away somewhere else into the universe. She began to hum again bostancı escort and I loved the sound of her sweet melodic voice. I didn’t recognize the song, and perhaps it was just a tune of her own making, regardless, it helped me drift even further into her control.

Her hands worked their magic all over my back, down my legs, even my feet. She tried to show me where all the points on the soles of my feet corresponded to parts of my body, but I was in such a state of bliss I really didn’t care at that point. I loved the extra care she used on my ass, how she kneaded each cheek, pulling them apart, and teasing my virgin puckered opening.

“All right, time to turn over” she purred and I let her grab my shoulder and turn me onto my back. My now aching hardon appreciated the freedom, but was screaming for some direct attention.

“Oh my, I seem to have created a bit of a monster here” Mysty giggled. “I think I better take care of this anxious one before we go any further.”

With that she took circled my cock with her lotion filled hands and began to slowly stroke my hardness. I groaned with pleasure at her touch, so warm and soft, yet wonderfully forceful in her grip.

“I want you in my mouth” she purred.

“Only if you get up here and let me eat your pussy,” I said trying to be forceful right back.

“Oh my, that would be wonderful” she said and nimbly climbed up on the table with me, giving me her sweet tender pussy, while taking my hard penis into her hot mouth. I let my tongue snake through her soft folds and find her now hard little button, and could feel her gasp. She was so wet, my face was already drenched in her sweet nectar and we had just begun. I loved how her hips almost danced at my tongue’s command, moving side to side, and then grinding into me, making it difficult to breathe, but I didn’t care. I was so into tasting her, and feeling out her sensitive spots, the ones that made her dance even more, and loved to hear her soft moans, for as she moaned it vibrated my hard cock as it was being so pleased by her lovely mouth.

What was even more thrilling for me was feeling her breasts as they rubbed against my stomach. Each time her hips moved with her pleasure dance, her breasts swayed, and her hard nipples continued my body’s massage. I wanted to see this marvelous thing, but my face was firmly planted into her pussy now, with my hands grasping the sides of her hips, holding her, pulling her to me. I loved the feel of her skin on my hands, so soft, so warm. I let my hands roam and caress the small of her back. Then let them begin to explore the wondrous ass. Her hips were wide, and her ass was very large, giving my hands a wonderful playing field to explore. She must have liked it, for I could feel her hands leave my penis and begin to explore my ass. Each time she would lift up her head, going up the length of my shaft to its tip, her fingers began to explore my puckered opening. Then she would thrust her head down, taking all of my hard cock completely into her mouth and throat, all in one motion. No one had ever done this to me before and it was an intoxicating feeling. Each time she dived onto my shaft, she would stick a finger into my ass, causing me to cry out in pleasure. This only seemed to drive her even more, for the next dive down my pole she pushed her finger even deeper, and I was in heaven.

“Mysty! I can’t hold on any longer, I am going to CUM!!!!!!!!” I screamed, giving her time to move her mouth away from my oncoming ejaculation. Her response was to take me even deeper down her throat and push her finger all the way into my ass, hitting my prostrate. That did it! I went like a lunar blast off, shooting hot jets of cum into her waiting mouth, one after another. My scream filled the tiny back room of her shop and I hoped (later) that no one happened to be walking by for they probably would have called for the cops.

I didn’t stop my tongue giving Mysty’s pussy the worship it deserved and just as my last load shot, I heard her moan loudly, lifting her head from my spent cock she screamed “OH FUCK YES!!!!! DON’T STOP! RIGHT THERE! OH I AM CUUUUUMMMMING!” her hips crushed down on my face, and I felt the convulsions go throughout her body. She finally came down, and collapsed on me as I still lay on my back on the massage table.

I was able to help her move around so we could be face to face, and look deeply into each others eyes to enjoy the way down from our sexual heights. I kissed her again, deeply, with as much passion as I knew how to give. I felt the same coming back from Mysty’s kiss and we just lay in each others arms like this for a while, when I finally broke the spell and said, “How about that diner now? I would love to get something to eat and then take you home so I can have the room to properly make love to you.”

Mysty just smiled, “Sounds like exactly what I was thinking.”

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