My Wife’s BFF

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Big Tits

So my wife and I have been married for a little over five years. When we met she had a small, tight group of girlfriends. Through the years we saw less and less but still stayed in touch with them. The wife even went away for weekend girls’ get-a-ways. As time passed we really only hung out with just one friend, Yvonne. It helped she lives close by to us. This friend was my favorite for two reasons: she has a little wild past and has the biggest tits I have even seen. I later learned she had a boob job, but did not care. I have lusted over those big tits for years and fantasized many times about what it would be like to see them, feel them, suck them…you get the idea.

Well that fantasy was going to come true soon enough.

One Saturday I went golfing and left the wife home to tend to her gardening duties.

After a long day, I arrive home to find a car parked out front. I wondered whose car it was when I walk in and find Yvonne and the wife sitting at the kitchen table. I first notice Yvonne and then the two bottles of wine, one was open and looked empty.

“Hi, my love,” says my wife and they both jump up and come over and greet me with a nice hub and they each kiss me on the cheek and giggle.

“How was the golfing?” Yvonne asks.

“It was OK, but exhausting. It is so hot out there.”

“I know we did some gardening and I agree,” comments my wife.

“So I see we are already hitting the wine”? I ask.

As my wife holds up one bottle and holds it upside down, “Yeah, I guess we got carried away. This one is already empty.”

“Well you guys have fun, I am going into the shower.” I give my wife a kiss and strategically get a glance of Yvonne’s giant tits. She cannot help but have cleavage and cleavage she has for sure.

My cock began to twitch a little bit, mostly because I know how horny the wife gets when she drinks. I am in the shower for about 5 minutes when the door opens and my wife asks, “How much longer are you going to be? You have been in here for like forever.”

“It has not been that long, you are just drunk.”

“We need your help with a couple of things, well one thing and if you help with that then we can move on to the second thing.” She walks closer to the shower door. We have a clear door and I can see her standing right there by the glass.

“How much longer,” she whines. “Oh my babe, your cock is getting hard. We will have to take care of that, but first you have to actually get out of the shower. And wear the shorts I left for you on the bed.” She turns and leaves with one last look at my erect cock.

Now that my wife has me all horny and excited, I quickly get out of the shower, dry off and put on the shorts my wife left for me. Walking out with a towel, my wife and Yvonne are sitting at the dining table in chairs facing the bathroom. They seemed to have been waiting for me to get out.

“Whoo hooo…there he is,” they both yell. “Show us the goods,” Yvonne calls out.

I look away and head to the bedroom. What the hell are these two up to, I am thinking. I put on the shorts and head out the door to an empty room. I then hear my wife call out, “We are in the living room. Well, I am. Come here, babe.”

I turn and head in that direction not at all sure what I was in for, but was going to enjoy it if it happens. I turn the corner and my wife is on the couch. She pats the spot next to her and says, “Sit down right here, babe.” She has that little drunk smile on her face, which means she is up to no good, which is always good for me. I head over sit right down next to her.

“You smell good, babe.”

“Thanks. You smell like a wine-o.”

“You know how horny I get when I am drunk. You never complained before.”

“Oh, I am not complaining. I am just not sure what is going on.”

“Well Yvonne is the one with the help thing that she needs help with.”

“You are drunk. You are not making any sense.”

“Yvonne has romantic date planned and wants to wear the perfect outfit. So we went shopping today and she bought a few outfits and we, she wanted to get your opinion and said that would be fine and dandy. tuzla escort There am I talking better?”

“Yes, my love. I guess I can help.” I am thinking she bought some nice dresses that show some cleavage. And maybe some fuck me pumps. I was not ready for this.

“OK, Yvonne, he said he would help. Come on out and show us your first outfit.”

I start to hear the noise of heels walking across the floor. And then around the corner comes Yvonne. I first go to her tits cause well their her tits. She is not wearing a nice dress, she is not wearing a dress at all. I am staring at this goddess with huge breasts wearing this skimpy white lace negligee that is not leaving much to the imagination. I nearly jump out of my seat.

“What’s the matter babe?” my wife asks coyly.

“I was not expecting Yvonne to be wearing such an outfit. I was expecting a nice dress or pants suit…not this.”

Yvonne says teasingly, “You do not like this outfit?” She starts to walk over to me and spins and turns and I can see she is wearing the skimpiest of thongs under that lacy top. I am getting a full view of her gorgeous body.

“Oh, I think he likes it,” chimes in my wife. “His cock is getting very hard.”

Yvonne moving in closer says, “Oh, you are right. It looks big. Is it big, Mary?”

“I think so.” she replies.

“So what do you think, Peter?” Yvonne asks.

“I like it,” is all I can stammer out.

“OK well let me know what you think of this next one.” She turns and leaves the room.

After the third outfit change, and my balls so tight and full of cum and my cock is about to explode, my wife gets up and heads out with Yvonne.

“We will be right back,” and the wife is gone. I am left with the biggest hardest hard on I have ever had. I practically saw our friend naked and my wife was right there next to me.

“Are you ready, babe?” says my wife. “Cause here we come,” says Yvonne.

They both round the corner and walk right over to me and stand, spin and slowly sit down next to me. And before I can say a word, my wife is kissing me so hard and passionately I forget that Yvonne is sitting right next to me. I start to feel hands rubbing my cock and playing with the head through the shorts. I love to have my cock played with while wearing shorts or underwear. My wife stops kissing me and whispers in my ear, “those are not my hands” and starts kissing me again. Now I feel a hand go under the shorts and starts to rub my cock. Slowly at first then a little faster. All the while my wife is kissing me deeper and harder. “Play with my tits, babe” she whispers in my ear. I reach up and start to caress her tits. My wife’s tits are pretty big but nothing compared to Yvonne. Now as my wife is kissing me I feel a mouth go just over the tip of my cock head. As my wife pulls back from kissing me, I say, “I know, that is not your mouth.” She smiles and starts to kiss me some more. Yvonne has now managed to get my cock free of my shorts and I hear her gasp. “Mary, that is one big cock your husband has. I bet it is fun getting fucked by that thing.”

“Wouldn’t you like to know Yvonne.”

“Yes, yes I would”

Now they both stop what they are doing and sit back down. My cock is at its full and upright position.

Mary asks, “So, which outfit did you like the best?”

“No wait,” Yvonne says. “We forgot one more outfit.” They both stand up and slowly take off their matching outfits.

Naked they both say, “What about this outfit?” They both turn to each other and start kissing and fondling and rubbing. I am so turned on now that I do not know how much more I can take.

They stop kissing and look at me. I say, “I like this outfit the best.”

Mary says, “OK, you helped immensely with the first dilemma are you ready for the second one?”

“I am,” I reply.

“Yvonne really likes this guy she is dating and wants to let herself go, if you know what I mean, sexually.”

“I guess I understand. She wants to get wild and freaky with this guy? Do stuff she has never done before?”

“Exactly,” says my wife.

“Yvonne…” starts my wife but is cut off tuzla escort bayan by Yvonne.

“I want to let him fuck me in the ass but I want to be ready and prepared for that so when it happens it goes a little smoother because I am not an anal virgin.” explains Yvonne.

“So let me get this straight, and I apologize if I am off base, but it sounds like you want me to fuck you in the ass?” I ask with a puzzled look on my face.

They both look at each other, smile and my wife says, “I am fine with it.”

Yvonne chimes in, “I am fine with it. Are you OK with it?”

“Well it is an intriguing offer,” I say.

“Well I know you are always hinting and not hinting that you want to fuck my ass and since I am reluctant, who better to help out then Yvonne. It is a win-win-win for all of us,” says Mary.

“How is it a win for you, Mary,” I ask looking at my wife.

She says, “I get to watch and maybe how some fun also.”

“Since we are both naked I think it is only fair that you get naked also, Peter.”

I stand up and watch them each grab a side of my shorts and pull them down to my ankles and I step out of them. With no underwear, my cock sprang right up ready for action.

“Wow, Mary you are so lucky to get fucked by this cock whenever you want,” declares Yvonne.

“I know. But I also know he loves to have his cock sucked and his balls licked,” announces my wife.

“Good thing we are both here for that,” my wife says. My wife starts to stroke my cock as I look down and cannot believe these two beautiful, naked and horny women are kneeling in front of me.

“Yvonne, you take the balls and I will start with this fat hard cock.”

Yvonne begins slowly sucking my balls as my wife take my cock into her mouth. Just the tip at first but as she gets into it more of my cock disappears. Yvonne is taking one ball at a time into her mouth. I have never had two women sucking my cock/balls at the same time. I am not sure how long I can last.

As if reading my thoughts my wife slows down with her mouth but is still stroking my cock. “We don’t want him cumming to soon, now do we Yvonne?”

“No, Mary, we certainly do not,” giggles Yvonne. “But I want to suck that big cock first then he can fuck my ass.”

Mary moves down to my balls and Yvonne takes over sucking my cock. I start to moan a little louder and I can feel my balls tightening up.

They both seem to have the same idea since they both gently pushed me down onto the couch.

“You need to be more comfortable, baby,” suggests my wife.

With my cock sticking straight up and pulsating, my wife stands up and straddles my legs and starts to rub my cock along the outside of her pussy lips. Yvonne is just watching, staring at my cock. As my cock begins to disappear into my wife’s pussy, I start to feel a tongue on my balls. Holy shit, she is sucking my balls as my wife fucks my cock. She has started to move up and down on my cock. AS she goes up, Yvonne moves in and licks and sucks my balls.

“You two are driving me crazy,” I state as I start to play with my wife’s big sensitive nipples. My wife has the most sensitive nipples EVER. It is a curse and a blessing. The curse is I always have to wait until she is “warmed” up before I can have my way with those big hard nipples. The blessing is that once she is “warmed” up she can actually orgasm from just my playing with them. It was quite a turn-on the first time this happened (but that is for another story). I can tell Mary is getting quite excited since she is really bouncing up and down on my cock.

“You better slow down, Mary,” Yvonne says. “His balls are getting really tight and we do not want to waste this huge hard on.”

“You are right, Yvonne,” Mary agrees. “He still needs to fuck your ass.”

Hearing those words almost makes me cum. “Yea, you guys better get this going because I have never wanted and not wanted to cum so bad.”

My wife slowly gets off my cock and moves to the side. My cock is glistening with her pussy juices. Yvonne is still on her knees in front of me staring at my cock as it bounces and twitches all around. escort tuzla She takes my cock in her hand and starts stroking it slowly. She then leans in and puts her mouth on my cock and starts sucking my wife’s pussy juices off my cock. She does this for about 30 seconds and then stands up and goes over and kisses my wife on the lips. I almost blew my load right then and there.

Yvonne says, “I sure hope that thing does not rip me apart. I have been using some toys to try and get used to something in my ass, but not sure if I am ready for this monster.”

“Yvonne, why don’t you lie down on the couch. I will be as gentle as I can until you don’t not want me to be gentle.”

Yvonne turns and sits and then lays down on the couch. Her big tits are just sticking straight up. Her nipples are pretty hard also. I kneel down in between her legs and start fingering her pussy. First one finger then two. She is so fucking wet. My wife has now stationed herself next to us and she has started to play with her pussy and tits while watching us. I take one finger out of Yvonne’s pussy and move it to her ass. I slowly move my finger around the rim of her ass. I am using her own pussy juices to lubricate her asshole. I move past the first knuckle and Yvonne is moaning and slowly gyrating her hips allowing more of my finger to insert into her ass. I finally have all of my finger buried deep in her ass. My wife has moved closer to me and is stroking my cock which for some reason has not gone soft yet.

“I think I want your cock in my ass now, Peter,” Yvonne moans.

I look over at my wife who has stopped stroking me and has moved back to the couch to watch.

I take my cock and place it near Yvonne’s asshole. My cock is so wet and slippery from her pussy that the tip slips in pretty easily. I just have to slowly move in until the head “pops” into her ass. Once that is completed getting my whole cock in her ass should be easy. I slowly move in and out of her ass, pushing more of my cock into her ass until I am balls deep in her ass. Looking down, I watch my cock slide in and out of her ass. Yvonne is arching her back, moaning…”Oh yes, fuck my ass. I cannot believe how awesome this feels. Play with my pussy.” My hand meets my wife’s hand at Yvonne’s pussy. We both look at each other and smile. Then we both start stroking her pussy. I am still fucking her ass but going faster. My balls are slapping against her cheeks. My cock is so hard in her ass. Yvonne starts playing with her big tits. Running her hands over her hard erect nipples. She is squeezing them together and then pulling them apart. I don’t give a shit that they are fake, they are perfect looking. I start to moan loader and loader.

My wife says, “Uh oh, that’s the noise he makes when he is getting close to cumming. How is it feeling Yvonne? You like it in your ass?”

Yvonne starts bucking up and down on my cock making it go as deep as it can into her ass. She is in ecstasy. “Yes, Mary, I love it. I already came twice. I want Peter to cum now. Are you ready to cum, Peter”

“Fuck yes,” I answer.

Then as if this day has not been the greatest day in my life, so far, and that it could not get any better, my wife says, “I want you to pull out and cum on my face. Would you like that, Peter?”

That is all I can take. I start to push in and out fucking her ass with such a rhythm. It is literally seconds before I pull out and my wife moves her face to right below my cock. She starts stroking it and I unload the biggest cumshot of my life perhaps even including my 20s.

Her face is covered in cum and it starts dripping down her chin. Before I can notice, Yvonne is now on her knees next to my wife and she is kissing and licking my wife. They both exchange a nice cum kiss and turn and look at me with their faces covered in cum.

“That was very helpful, Peter,” Yvonne says all sexy. “And thank you Mary for letting hi, help me out.”

“My pleasure, Yvonne. What are friends for if not to help out.”

“I am going to head home. Hopefully Ben is still up so I can get fucked in the ass again. Bye guys.”

“That Yvonne is one crazy lady, as are you my love,” I comment.

“She sure is. It looked like fun getting fucked in the ass. I think I might have to give it a real chance sometime soon. What do you think about that?”

…to be continued

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