My Time With Sandy

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Close Up

Isn’t it strange how one simple act can have so many after thoughts and eventually lead to something that you never believed possible. A text, a simple text led to more fun than I have had in many a year. There I was happily getting on with my life when a text arrived.

All it said was “Chelsea can’t make tonight, stuck at work.”

In an age of texting a few miss directed texts have come my way from time to time and up until this point I had always ignored them, however I was in a good mood that day and didn’t want to see Chelsea stuck waiting.

So I text back, “Chelsea will be even more annoyed now, you’ve sent your text to the wrong number.”

Then promptly got on with my life, some minutes later my phone rang and a halting woman’s voice on the other end wanted to no why I had sent her such a text, it took me a few minutes to tell her all the details and once realizing that she had indeed sent the message to the wrong number.

I then added “for what it’s worth tell her your going to be late and have yourselves a goodnight out, why waste an evening,” she thanked me and hung up.

Like I said, a simple act and far as I was concerned that was the end of it. That was until my phone rang in the early hours, when I managed to wake myself from my slumber enough to answer it, loud music blasted through, it took me a moment to adjust to the sounds and had just decided to put the phone down when a giggling voice on the other end managed to make herself heard above the noise, I had a drunken Chelsea thanking me for getting her friend to come out after all and make it a great night out. I laughed and said she was welcome and the phone call ended, I had deleted the number at the end of our original conversation and couldn’t understand why she hadn’t done the same, I had even asked Sandy some time later as to why she had kept my number, all she said on the subject was ‘instinct,’ and promptly moved on.

Over a period of time Sandy and I would text, we talked for many a happy hour on the phone and even mailed each other, our conversations ranged from her going out with her friends to her latest boyfriend, even her work. I had never looked upon myself as a sounding board or advisor to anyone let alone a twenty three year old woman, yet I found her to be a staunchly independent woman who suffered fools badly, but also had a thirst for life and knowledge, not that I had realized it at the time but we had become great long distant friends, so there I was one late one evening and the phone rang.

As I answered it all Sandy said was, “I’m stuck in a hotel room at this stupid seminar, I don’t fancy any of the blokes and I’m as horny as hell, how are you at phone sex.?”

There are times when your senses come back to you just as your phone slips from your fingers and drops to the floor, well, this was one of those moments. Even though we have talked about most things in our lives and have done in some very frank details, Sandy still manages to catch me off guard sometimes with her frankness and honesty, so you appreciate that when someone phones you and demands phone sex from you this instant, I was well within my rights to drop the phone.

I phoned Sandy back, “are you sure you want this?”

I heard her fumble around and then she said, “yes, I’m sure hands free is switched on, I’ve both my hands available to me, give it your best shot.”

I learned a lot more about Sandy that night, she likes to talk dirty when she’s aroused, she gets wet very easily and when she comes, she’s a moaner. She put the phone down a satisfied woman, however I was alittle troubled, to me it felt like a new chapter opening in our friendship, although we have both talked openly about many things we had never got this intimate at least not with each other, so for me it was a very disturbed sleep, Sandy was stuck in her seminar for two more days so I only got to talk to her again just before she left the hotel to return home.

She told me that she may have over stepped the mark with the phone sex and wanted to make it up to me, since she was returning home how about she make a detour and we meet each other half way, I had agreed and she phoned back later with the details. In total I had known Sandy six months and it had just accurd to me, that I didn’t even no what she looked like, even when we talked via email we hadn’t sent each other pictures of each other.

I think up until this point it wasn’t something either of us had thought about in any great detail, she phoned me just before I arrived and wanted to no what I was wearing and to meet her in the bar. So there I sat, drink in hand sat at a table, I suppose I should have been alittle apprehensive, but the strange thing was, I was actually looking forward to finally meeting Sandy.

Her voice interrupted my thoughts, “Now that figures, I always thought your were white,”

I looked around at hearing a very familiar voice and there stood Sandy. I would put her at close to five foot five, with a huge smile across her face, she wore a business suit that trabzon escort highlighted a very nice figure.

I returned the compliment. “funny that, it never occurred to me that you would be black.”

We both laughed as I stood and gave her a hug and we sat for awhile chatting about nonsense stuff, a waiter walked over and told Sandy her table was ready so we walked into the restaurant while we sat talked and eat. I started to notice more about Sandy then, she was left-handed, she wore her shoulder length hair loose, no makeup, her eyes although black had a sparkle in them that just kept you looking into them, a typical African nose and mouth. All in all a very attractive self-confidant woman and now I fully understood why she had so many admirers, I blushed slightly when I realized she had seen me checking her out.

She laughed, “like what you see?”

I tried desperately to move away from answering her question by saying “I would have been happy to continue just talking to you the way we have been you no, all this wasn’t necessary.”

We continued our conversation over coffee at a seated area away from the restaurant. Now I will put down what happened next to me being a bloke so therefore I was abit slow, while we were having coffee my nose obviously smelt something that my mind refused to process into words, then like a bolt of lightning it came to me and I blushed again, I was smelling Sandy’s sex, Sandy realized why I was blushing and laughed again, that’s something else I noticed about her,

She smiles with her eyes as well as her mouth, “I was wondering when you would notice, you had better come with me.”

Sandy stood and held out her hand, I held it and as we walked down a corridor she told me that after the phone sex she had slept more soundly than she had in awhile and over the rest of the seminar had returned to her room when she could and went through what we had said over the phone and masturbated herself to another orgasm. By now we had stopped outside the door to her hotel room.

Sandy removed a door card, looked at me and said, “now I want to see if your all talk or can back up what you can do to me over the phone,”

I made a feeble effort to play hard to get and said, “suppose I have a headache,”

She laughed again as the door opened and gave me one of those looks that meant she had a cure for that as well. But I had started to have doubts, after all both of us have very strong personalities, the worry all this was taking both of us into an area that neither one of us had ever dreamt of, another was condoms, I hadn’t brought any simply because I didn’t believe that in my life time I would get to spend real time with a stunning young woman twenty two years my junior, who I truly liked a great deal.

I sat on the chair and asked her to sit on the bed, we’ve never been shy so I told her my fears, Sandy is wise beyond her years, she listened to me as I voiced my concerns, she got up and went to her case, firstly she pulled out a pack of condoms and then an envelope, sitting back on the edge of the bed.

She handed me the envelope saying, “my last boyfriends condom bust so I had this done,”

I looked at the contents and read it, Sandy had an std test done and this was an all clear report. I looked up from the report and our eyes just locked, I could see so much in those dark eyes of hers, the smell of her sex caught my nostrils even more now and seemed to be filling the room.

She tilted her head to one side, almost in a mock little girl lost look and said, “can we fuck now, oh and I promise to respect you in the morning.?”

As I stood and walked to the bathroom, I looked over to her sitting on the corner of the bed, “get your clothes off and stand in the middle of the room.”

I started the shower and returned, Sandy stood in the middle of the room totally naked, now I’ve seen many naked women but Sandy just took my breath away. I would have to say a picture of an perfect African woman stood looking back at me she has 36DD breasts with nipples much darker than her skin and even in a relaxed state they stand out close to a quarter of an inch, her stomach is flat curving out nicely to a set of hips that just shout hug me, she’s shaved and with her legs slightly parted I could just see her lips peeking out. I needn’t have worried about our personalities, they never clashed they more like complimented each other, there I was staring at Sandy totally and stunningly naked in the middle of the room and for a moment, lost for words.

Sandy said “well judging by the bulge in your trousers you like what you see, so do you get your clothes off or do I take them off for you.?”

I held my arms out and she feigned a sigh, “us women doing all the work again huh?”

With my shirt off she knelt down, undid my trousers and pulled them down, Sandy was now inches from my rock hard cock, she held it in her hand wanking me a few times, a gentle mmm coming from her lips, I lifted Sandy to her feet and hand in hand we walked to the trabzon escort bayan shower. We soaped each other and although I thought I did a good job I did find myself concentrating on her magnificent breasts watching those dark nipples grow hard and very long while she soaped and played with my very hard cock.

Suddenly she grabbed the shower head off the wall and said “I can’t wait any longer,”

She washed off the soap dropped the shower head and knelt in the shower, first licking and then sucking on my cock, she had a hand on my ass making sure I didn’t move while the other was playing with my balls, her lips and tongue running up and down my penis. I resisted the chance to close my eyes and let her have all the fun, plus I knew I wasn’t going to last long if I did, I reached over her and pulled the pipe to the shower head so it went under her body then twisted the pipe so the gushing water shot directly up at Sandy’s pussy her body shuddered.

She paused and looked up at me then went back to sucking my cock, she moved the hand from my ass and I watched her fingers disappear into her pussy, the squelching noises from her pussy mingling with the noises of the shower head and her sucking greedily on my cock was the most erotic thing I had seen in many a year and it just sent me over the edge, I felt my balls tighten and shot deep into her mouth.

She swallowed everything and raised her head while still playing with my balls, “now that’s out of the way we can have some real fun.”

Sandy then went back to my slowly limping cock and set to work making it hard again and she was real good, in a matter of minutes my penis was as solid as it was before. We dried off and returned to the bed I sat on the edge as Sandy took a condom from her packet, now I have never seen what she did next ever before and I was in awe of her abilities, Sandy unwrapped the condom placed it in her mouth, wandered over and got on her knees in front of me and took my rock hard and twitching penis into her mouth I felt her warm lips around my cock and when she removed her lips the condom was on my cock.

She looked at me like a cat that had just got hold of the cream, “impressed huh.?”

I was very impressed, I moved further up the bed and told Sandy to stand over me, she did so straddling my body and exposing her pussy to me in the process, I sat up and went to work on her beautiful pussy lips, at first I gently rubbed them together and a small moan came from Sandy above me, I then pulled them apart run my tongue along the full length of her pussy pausing at her clit, running my tongue around it and then returning, again she moaned and then placed her hands on my shoulders for added support.

Again I run my tongue along her pussy only this time I sucked on her clit, with that her fingers dug deep into me she gasped, her juices were flowing freely now, I kept this rhythm up occasionally I would dart my tongue into her, that’s when I felt her knees buckle slightly but she regained control. We both knew that this was now a battle of wills and endurance, could I make her knees give way? Could she stay upright? We continued like this for some minutes her juices flowed freely from her pussy making it difficult to hold her lips apart, Sandy’s finger were dug deep into my shoulders and I was listening to her moaning she was so close to orgasm now, I run my tongue once more the full length of her pussy, sucked her clit into my mouth and licked it, I wasn’t going to let it go now until she had orgasmed.

Her juices were running down my chin now and her nails dug deep into me, then her body stiffened, her panting stopped and she let out such an intense orgasm. Her legs buckled from under her, I had been ready for this and grabbed her as her legs gave way, Sandy was still to wrapped up in her orgasm to no or care, I lowered her down and she slid onto my rock hard penis, sending her into another orgasm, she wrapped her arms and legs around me as she fought desperately to bring sanity to her senses.

We both wanted as much skin contact as was possible while she calmed with her orgasm, at that moment her sweat soaked body wrapped in mine was very erotic for me, I could feel her pussy lips relax and contract around my cock and she bled that orgasm of every drop of sensation she could, we kissed, deeply and passionately as we both knew how, our tongues playing with each other sharing her juices. Sandy came up for air first, I looked into those dark eyes of hers, they were on fire, so bright and full of lust, I felt a slight movement at first, then again she was moving her hips she was also using her muscles to clamp my cock, she moved her head around and nibbled my ear.

Then saying in a real husky but very sexual voice “I need you to cum now.”

I rolled us both across the bed with Sandy now on the bottom and her legs still wrapped around me, she adjusted her position slightly locking her ankles around me, I started slowly at first the joy on her face was a beauty in itself, I then started to enter escort trabzon her harder then faster, slowing down the pace and then speeding back up with aittle more force her moaning urging me onwards. Sandy was in full swing now at her urging I went harder into her watching those beautiful tits of hers swinging back and forth with my thrusts.

Through the moans she said “I can’t hold back much longer, I need you to cum now,”

I was forcing myself as deep into her as I could, I wished this moment would last forever, but like all things it was not ment to be, I had been holding back as long as I could to give her as much pleasure as she could get, with one final effort I forced myself as deeply into her pussy as I could get and exploded into her sending her into an even more intense orgasm than the last had one had been.

Sandy rolled over then moved backwards into me, I put an arm over her and held one of her magnificent breasts in my hand, I could feel her nipple harden in the palm of my hand I felt her ass grind into my groin, not in a sexual way, she was just trying to make sure there was as much skin contact between us as possible, we stayed like this for some time chatting for awhile before I heard her breathing settle into a sleep rhythm, it wasn’t long before I followed her. A ringing phone woke both of us from our sleep, it was Sandy’s, she pulled herself up the bed then answered it she had a finger over her lips at the same time wanting me to be quiet, which was all well and good but how could she expect me to be quiet when she has the phone in one hand and my very hard cock in the other, it was while she was gently wanking me and talking on the phone that I spotted the drinks fridge.

Now there are times that a man has to do what a man has to do and this was one of those times. I detached Sandy’s hand from my cock, she frowned alittle but went back to her conversation, I walked over to the fridge, opened the freezer section and put a couple of ice cubes into a glass, my hand was now masking the contents as I moved back to the bed, putting the glass on the side table Sandy was still deep in her conversation on the phone when I walked to the end of the bed, grabbed her ankles and gently pulled her down the bed, she stopped for a second a questioning look on her face, then went with the flow.

She was now flat on her back in the middle of the bed, legs wide open showing me that cute pussy of hers still rapped up in her conversation I picked up the glass, got back on the bed, Sandy again attached her hand to my penis, I got a piece of ice from the glass and run it over her nipple watching it grow, Sandy stopped talking for a second she had one of those, I will get you for this looks on her face, I smiled and went on running the ice over her nipple, then my mouth went to work on the other one.

Sucking it licking the tender underside, she was wanking my penis now her grip slightly harder now, I glanced up and see the beads of sweat on her forehead as she was trying hard to keep her conversation going and sounding normal, wanking me and making sense of all the sensations going through her body now was getting to much for her, I could tell in her voice the strain she was now under. Both nipples were now rock hard and I was very impressed at how much they stood out when fully aroused, almost black against her dark brown smooth skin, her chest was heaving now and from time to time her phone conversation was faltering, I did hear a female voice on the other end ask if she was ok?

To which she replied, “yes I’m fine, just a lot going on here.”

There sure was, I then run the melting ice between her breasts, down her body around her navel, then down to her pubic bone, I looked into her now pleading eyes, she nodded her head silently asking me not to, even when she squeezed my penis in a threat of retaliation if I did what she knew I was going to do next she knew it was going to be a false threat, I smiled and winked at her, then gently lowered the melting ice cube over the edge across her clitoris, I rubbed it between her pussy lips, she tried to shut her legs but that only served to increase the sensations she was getting from the ice.

Sandy gasped then bite her lip try to hide a moan.

The woman on the other end let out a scream and I heard her shout, “your having sex, I want to hear all about it when you get back.” Then the phone went dead.

She dropped the phone on the floor and in one motion pushed me onto the bed, she was now on her knees towering over me ‘that wasn’t a gentlemanly thing to do and your going to pay,’

With that she moved a leg over me and I was now looking directly up at her wet pussy, “lick it now bad boy.”

She then lowered herself onto my waiting tongue, what a fantastic woman she was, I heard her gasp and then moan, every now and then she would rock her ass from side to side trying to anticipate what I was going to do next with my mouth and tongue. I don’t know how long we did this or even how many times Sandy orgasmed, not once did she touch my very hard penis, it was me being punished not being rewarded for what I did, Sandy let out one final shuddering orgasm and then collapsed gasping for breath over me, her juices freely oozing from her very puffy pussy lips, dripping onto my neck and chest…

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