My Sister Helps

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This story is FICTION…MAKE BELIEVE… There is NO scientific basis for any part of the story. The characters are imaginary. There are no STD’s… There are no Pregnancies…There is NO CHEATING…

(This disclaimer is for all the readers who believe that everything written on Literotica is true & factual)

This is a story of INCEST…

If this is not your thing, please do us both a favor and move on. Thank you.


My name is Donald but my friends call me Donny. I am 21 years old and I just finished college and am working at a small law firm. I live with my parents.

I have an older sister named Veronica but everyone calls her Ronnie. She is 27 and lives alone in a small house not too far from me. She is a genius and a chemist. She even has a couple of patents to her name along with a few published papers.

Did I mention that she is hot looking too. She is 5’7″, about 125, golden hair, blue eyes, ample tits and nice ass.

She takes after our mother, who at 45, is still hot looking and very fuckable. I always had the hots for her.

Ever since I could remember, my sister and I were always close and we could talk to each other about anything.

I knew if anyone could help me with my problem it would be her.

Oh, my problem…Although I am 6’1″ and 190, I have a smaller than usual cock. Soft, it is 3″ and hard, it is only 4″ and I am embarrassed when it comes to having sex with girls.

So, I figured if anyone could possibly help, it would be my sister.

One night I decided to call her and ask if I could see her. She immediately said yes and within the hour, I was knocking on her door.

We hugged and kissed and she made some tea and we sat in the kitchen. After some pleasantries, she looked at me and said, “Ok, baby brother, what’s up?”

I looked at her and replied, “Sis, I got a problem and I thought you might be able to help.”

She responded, “Well Donny, I won’t know until you tell me. So, let’s have it.”

I looked at her and blurted out, “It’s my cock. It’s too small and the girls laugh when they see it.”

She looked at me with her mouth wide open and after a couple of seconds, she said, “First, I am sorry to hear that. But how can I help?”

By this time my face was beet red and I said, “I don’t know. They have pills to get you hard. Don’t they have something to make it bigger?”

Ronnie looked at me and shook her head no and said, “Donnie, there is nothing that really can be done.”

I almost started to cry when she hugged me and said, “Look, Give me some time and let me ask around if any research is being done about your problem and I’ll get back to you.”

I hugged and kissed her goodbye and went home.

A week later, my sister called me and told me that she found a scientist who is working on something related to my problem and he agreed to send me all his notes.

I thanked her and hung up.

Two weeks later my sister called and asked me to go over to her house.

As soon as I got there, she hugged me and was all smiles.

Over tea she filled me in…she told me that she reviewed the notes and the scientist had some success. However, she also told me that she thinks she could improve upon his work.

I smiled and told her that was great.

Then the bottom fell out when she said, “The only problem is that the formula is a cream that must be massaged on your cock twice a day and that I would have to closely monitor the process.”

I said, “You mean you have to watch me do it?”

She said, “No. I have to do it so I can observe and take measurements, among other things. And, there are no guarantees.”

I looked at her and sheepishly told her it would be ok.

She told me that she needed a couple of weeks before we could start. I told her I would wait for her to call.

Almost a month later my sister called me and told me to go over. When I arrived, she was all smiles.

She told me she had the first batch of cream and we could start the test tonight.

I took a deep breadth and asked her what did I have to do. She told me to get undressed and to go into her bedroom.

I did as I was told and I waited for her. When she came in she had a tube of cream with her, şişli rus escort a towel and a tape recorder.

She told me to lay on my back and relax. I tried to relax but here was my sister seeing my small cock and now she was going to handle it.

She undraped me and started talking into her recorder. She then squeezed some cream into the palm of her hand and started massaging it on my cock.

As she massaged me, my cock got hard. She smiled at me and told me it was natural and to relax. After she massaged me for almost five minutes I told her she had to stop as I was going to cum. She said she had to massage me for ten minutes and if I came, it would be ok.

Sure enough, I shot my cum all over my cock and balls and my sister’s hand. She smiled and finished her massage and cleaned me up.

She finally finished, recorded what she had to and told me to finish cleaning up and get dressed.

When I finished, I went into the kitchen with her and over tea she told me what to expect.

She said, “Donny, this is going to be a long term test, not something quick, if it even works. You should start feeling tingling and it will feel like you are getting a hard on, which means things are happening. We will take it one step at a time.”

Then she smiled and said, “Brother, you may be small but you cum a ton.”

I thanked her and hugged her and went home.

Every day for the next month, I would go over to my sister’s place and get my massage treatments.

After the first month, Ronnie sat me down and went over everything. She said, “Well brother, after one month, your cock is now a little bit bigger than when we started. Your limp cock was 3″ now it is 3.5″, so it seems to be working.”

Then she continued, “You told me that your cock, when hard was 4″ but we have to measure it hard to see if there are any changes.”

I looked at her and said, “How do we do that?”

She looked at me with a devilish smile and replied, “Why don’t you tell me how we can do that?”

I said, “Well, I guess I can get it hard watching porn or reading. What do you think?”

She looked at me and said, “Why don’t I just jerk you off or would you rather I give you a blow job?”

I stared at her and replied, “I’ll leave that up to you. I am fine either way.”

The next day I went over to get my massage, not knowing what to expect. When I went inside, she told me to get ready. I did as she said and waited.

After a few minutes, my sister came in wearing a short robe. I looked at her as she undid the tie and let the robe fall off of her. My sister was naked. My eyes opened wide as I took in every inch of her naked beauty. Her tits were full and firm. Her nipples were large and erect. Her pussy was smooth.

She looked at me, smiled and said, “I thought this might help you.”

She walked over to me and looked down at my cock which was already hard. She sat down and took measurements. Then she started massaging the cream on my cock.

As she massaged my cock I told her that my cock felt like it was going to erupt. She just smiled, then she cleaned the cream off the tip off my cock and in an instant had her mouth on my cock, sucking it.

I told her I was going to cum but she never stopped and I shot my cum into my sister’s mouth and watched her swallow it all.

My cock got small and she quickly took measurements. With a smile she said, “Donny, your limp cock is now 3.75″, up a little more. The cream Is working.”

I hugged her and thanked her, then I realized her naked tits were pressed against my chest as I instinctly kissed her.

Instead of pulling back, she returned my kiss and pulled me even closer to her.

After a few seconds, we separated and I apologized. She just smiled and said it was ok.

Then she shocked me and said, “Donny, why don’t you move in with me for the next few months so we can accelerate the test?

She said she would speak to our parents and get their ok. I told her that would be fine.

By the end of the day, Ronnie had everything taken care of and by the next day, I moved in with my sister.

Over dinner she laid out the plans.

She told me that she would massage the cream on my cock every şişli türbanlı escort morning and in the evening.

She would take all the appropriate measurements of my cock, soft and hard, and would document what methods were used to get my cock hard and the results.

So, over the next month or so, my limp cock now measured 4.5″ and my hard cock measured almost 5″. Both were bigger than when we started.

That night we went out to celebrate. We went to a great restaurant and had a fantastic dinner with plenty of wine.

By the time we got back, we were both feeling good.

It was late and time for bed. I got undressed and was in my briefs when my sister came in wearing her short robe and saw me. She looked down at me and noticed my cock was hard. She smiled and said, “Hey brother, you keep getting bigger and I am going tomorrow fuck you.”

I looked at her and replied, “Why wait?”

I went over to her and pulled her to me and kissed her. My tongue plunged deep into her mouth. She kissed me back and slipped her hand down to my cock. Soon, I was standing naked with my hard cock sticking straight out.

I untied her robe and let it fall to the floor. We were both naked now, our bodies pressed together.

As we kissed, our hands were all over each other. She finally led me to her bed. We got on the bed and continued making out. Then my sister said, “Donnie, I want you to know that I am very happy my cream is working. Your cock is bigger and thicker than before and any girl should love getting fucked by you.”

I looked at her and said, “Thanks to you.”

My sister replied, “Now, fuck me with your bigger cock. I want to feel my creation in me.”

She spread her legs and my cock slipped inside my sister’s cunt. I started fucking her and soon I told her I was going to cum. She told me to fuck her faster and harder. I did and then I filled her cunt with my cum.

It seemed like I would never stop cumming and when I did, my cum poured out of her cunt.

We both laid in bed spent.

That night I fucked her two more times.

My sister woke up first and she woke me up with her mouth wrapped around my cock. It didn’t take me long before I came in her mouth.

We showered together and at breakfast we talked.

I said to her, “Well sis, where do we go from here. We crossed the line.”

Ronnie answered, “Well, unless you have a problem, I would like to keep things as they are. We are still experimenting with the cream, which obviously is working and I think you are a great lay. Unless you don’t want to fuck your sister, what’s your problem?”

I replied, “I am ok with it. You’re hot and I love how you fuck and give blow jobs and you are helping me. So, what’s not to like.”

After we agreed to keep on doing the experiment and enjoying each other, my sister worked things out with our parents for me to do work around my sister’s place for the next few months.

After six months, my cock was definitely larger. Limp, my cock was 5″ and hard, it was 7″ and a lot thicker. My balls were even larger and I shot a lot more cum. And, I could stay hard even after cumming. In fact, I could fuck a lot longer, cum and continue fucking and cumming for hours. My sister’s cream worked even beyond expectations.

The experiment was finally completed and I was a very satisfied brother. So was my sister.

The next day my sister came home and gave me some bad news. She said she was being transferred out of state. I asked her what happens now?

She asked me to move with her. She said I could get a job and we could live together and that I could help around the house, fixing it up. I told her I was ok with it.

She called our mom and explained everything and our mom didn’t like it but figured it would be ok.

Over the next month or so, my sister found a place and relocated. I followed soon and found a job. We were all set up now and on our own.

A month later, our mother called and said she was coming for a visit.

Since there was only one guest bedroom, my sister and I had a problem with the sleeping arrangements.

Anyway, our mom showed up and we got her settled in the guest bedroom. We told her that I would şişli ucuz escort be sleeping in Ronnie’s bedroom on the floor in a sleeping bag.

The first night she was there we went out to dinner and had a great time. We updated our mom on what we were doing and she was ok with everything.

Now, just to update you on the experiment…My limp cock was now 5.5″ and hard, it was 7″ and holding steady.

By this time it was late and we all headed to bed. Our mom went into the guest bedroom and me and Ronnie into her bedroom.

We were quiet as we got into bed together. When we thought our mother was asleep, I started fucking Ronnie. For whatever reason, our mother unexpectedly opened our bedroom door and saw us fucking.

She lookset out a scream and closed the door. My sister ran to her and calmed her down.

My sister explained everything to her, from day one through the experiment, right up to today.

She sure wasn’t happy but said it was none of her business and it was our life.

I tried to explain how it all began and that things just happened. I tried to get her to understand how much my sister helped me and what it meant to me. I told her we knew it was wrong but it just happened.

My mother then shocked me and said, “I want to see all the documents that your sister has so I can make sure you two are telling me the truth.”

I called my sister and told her to give our mom all her research papers.

Later that night our mother came to us and apologized and said she was convinced that what we said to her was true.

She then said she wanted to see the end results. My sister and I looked at each other in disbelief. With a bit of hesitation, I let my pants and shorts fall and out popped out my bigger cock.

She looked at the original picture of my small cock and my bigger cock and congratulated me and my sister.

She walked over to me and touched my cock which was getting hard under her touch. My mom smiled and said, “Ronnie, I can see why you fuck your brother. I would fuck him too. Could I?”

I looked at my mother and said, “Mom, I’m your son. We can’t fuck.”

She looked at me and replied, “If you can fuck your sister, you can fuck your mother. Your father has a tiny cock and I would love to feel your big cock in me before I go home…and Ronnie could join us.”

I looked at her and felt sorry for her. I glanced at my sister who nodded an ok.

We took her to Ronnie’s bedroom and Ronnie helped her undress. My mother stood there naked. She was gorgeous. Her tits were full and her nipples jutted out. Her pussy was neatly trimmed.

Ronnie got undressed and the three of us got on the bed with me in the middle.

Ronnie started kissing me while my mother’s hand went right to my cock. Mom started jerking my cock and moaning under her breadth.

She started playing with my cock and balls then said, “Baby, fuck your mother. Stick your big cock in mommy’s cunt.”

Ronnie backed away while I mounted my mother. Her legs were spread wide and my cock easily slipped in her wet cunt. I shoved it in as far as it would go. I remained motionless for a minute then I started fucking her. I started slowly at first then picked up the pace. Soon, my mother was matching me thrust for thrust. Then she screamed out, “Oh god, I am cumming…oh my god, don’t stop…keep fucking me baby.” Then I shot my cum into my mother. Her body trembled in orgasm after orgasm until she went limp.

For the rest of the week, the three of us fucked and my mother had a smile on her face the whole time.

She was like a kid in a candy shop. She couldn’t get enough cock. She loved giving me blow jobs and even enjoyed anal. And, the biggest shocker was that she and my sister had sex together. I never knew my mom liked women, but she sure does.

My mother asked my sister for some cream. Ronnie looked at her and asked her why. Our mother said, “Your father has a small cock, like Donny had and I am hoping the cream will make your father’s cock as big as Donny’s.

We laughed and Ronnie gave her two tubes of the cream and gave her instructions on how to use it.

She staid with us for a week and when she was leaving she said it was the best time she ever had.

Six months later mom called and told us that the cream worked and our father’s cock got bigger and is getting bigger. She thanked us both.

Then she said, “Your father and I are planning on visiting you for the holidays. Oh, by the way, he is looking forward to the four of us getting together, if you know what I mean.”

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