My Lucky Night

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As usual, I was up late at night surfing the web. Several drinks and a multitude of internet porn had made me very horny. I started to browse through the member directory hoping to find someone interesting to talk to. I live in a college town and decided to search for a local girl. Maybe this night, unlike all the others, I would have a little luck.

The results were better than usual and I started an IM conversation with a 22-year-old coed just across town. Her name was Alicia and like me, she was bored to death. Even in an exciting college atmosphere, things can get very slow after 2am on a Wednesday. So we started chatting and by all her smiley faces and lol’s, I could tell I was making some progress. At first we just made friendly conversation about our hobbies and lives. We told each other stories and learned a little more about each other. As it turns out, we had a lot in common and got along quite well. Our chat got a little flirty after a while and we began to talk about fun and sexy topics. Neither of us had pics, so she asked me what I looked like. I gave my standard response, “I’m 5’10, 180. medium build, short brown hair, dark eyes, trimmed beard, smug grin… just your average college guy, but I make up for it with my charm and wit.” She lol’d and complimented me, saying that I “sounded” very cute. I thanked her and told her she was sweet to say so. I didn’t ask her what she looked like, though. I rarely do this. Seriously, I am much more concerned about who someone is than what they look like.

We continued to flirt some more and almost an hour went by before she started to complain of eyestrain. I didn’t want to seem pushy, even though I was getting very interested in her, so I asked he if she wanted me to let her go. I was pleasantly surprised when she asked me if I’d like to continue our talk on the phone. I jumped at the chance and she asked for my number. I sent it and we both signed off. Just a few seconds after I flopped down on my bed, the phone rang and I snatched it up.

“Hey you.”

She had a cute, giggly voice and we didn’t skip a beat from our internet talk. We continued to flirt and I was using my best lines. I have a soft, deep voice and was doing my best to tempt her. I knew it was working when she brought up the topic of sexual positions. I mentioned doggy-style and was rewarded by a soft, sexy moan vibrating from the phone. I couldn’t help but grin and continue to tease her. I abandoned any inhibitions and began to outline a fantasy for her. I told her how excited I was and she assured me that she was, too.

“I’m laying here in my bed, naked,” she told me. “You’re really turning me on and I’m feeling more than a little wet.”

“Oh sexy, that sounds so good to me. You’re driving me crazy.”

She moaned a thanks and asked me what I would do to her if I was there. Throwing caution to the wind, I decided to go for it all.

“Well, I could tell you… or I could show you.” I whispered to her with a slight chuckle. I was greeted with a long moan and a rustling of sheets coming through the phone.

“Come on over, I need you now.” HOME RUN!!!!! I quickly agreed and got her apartment number and told her I’d be there in ten minutes. Hanging up, I pulled on some clothes, checked myself in the mirror, popped a breath mint and headed out. It only took me five minutes to drive down the road to her complex and find her place. I kept having to adjust my pants as I walked up the stairs to her door. I was hard and throbbing and my mind was spinning with anticipation.

I knocked on her door and before I could even step back, it swung open and there she was. Forget home run, I just hit a grand slam. Alicia was absolutely beautiful. I knew there was a girl out there somewhere who fit the bill as my ideal illegal bahis girl. She was 5’5 (I like them a little shorter than me) with long gorgeous brown hair (I love brunettes) and sexy green eyes. My tastes have always run to the curvier type of girl and Alicia was that too. She was wearing a cute little t-shirt ( it looked powder blue in the dim light) that was pulled tight over her braless breasts and pink boyshorts (isn’t that what those little panties are called?) that caressed her wide hips and soft round ass (back that thing up, ladies!). My eyes slid down her body and my jaw dropped. She had tan, muscular legs (oh yesss) and her silver toenail polish seemed to glitter in the night. I was glad I didn’t ask her for a description earlier. I simply would not have believed a girl that sweet, funny, and cool would be as sexy outside as she was inside.

She smiled up at me and I stepped in and tried to act as cool as possible. I leaned against the door jam and grinned at her. I think we communicated more in the next five seconds of silence then we had in the past two hours of talking; just standing there in the open door, grinning like sharks.

“I thought you were naked?”

“I was, but I didn’t want to deprive you of the pleasure of ripping my clothes off,” she replied. “Coming in?” She giggled as she stood back and twirled a lock of her hair around her finger.

“Abso-fucking-lutely.” I chuckled and kicked the door shut behind me. Slipping off my jacket, I moved closer to her. Without another word, with silent agreement, with passion and desire, I took her in my arms. My hands cupped her face and lifted her chin. She moaned softly as our lips touched. Her hair tickled my face as we continued to kiss. Her lips were so soft and her mouth opened slightly. Our tongues darted back and forth, teasing and playing with each other. It was the best kiss I’d ever had. One hand caressed the back of her neck, holding her close to me and my other hand slid down her side. My fingers traced along her warm smooth skin, feeling the exposed flesh just below her t-shirt. The feeling of her full breasts pressing against my chest was unbelievable.

She gasped softly as I broke the kiss and turned her head slightly. I lowered my lips to her cheek and kissed her blushing face softly and then moved down to her lovely neck. Damn, she even smelled good (I love vanilla.. mmmm). I flicked my tongue against her earlobe and slowly licked down her neck. Going up and down slowly, teasingly, she let out another series of sexy gasps and I felt her hands tighten in my hair.

“more… more… more” she begged as I nibbled on her skin were her neck met her shoulder. My hands slid down her back and cupped her ass, squeezing and massaging it. Neither of us had noticed but she had slowly been walking backwards into the living room. Just as I switched sides and began going back up the other side of her neck, we bumped into the back of the couch. Without missing a beat, I lifted her up and sat her on the edge of it; raising her hips and spreading her legs. She hooked her feet behind my knees and put her arms around my neck. I smiled down at her and she grinned before tossing her head back and shaking it. The effect was breathtaking. Her beautiful hair waved and cascaded behind her and for a moment, I forget everything I had ever known.

“Holy shit… you’re amazing.(I’m so articulate)” I gasped. She looked into my eyes and smiled. The she took my face in her hands and pulled me down to kiss her lips again. The kiss was wild and hungry. My heart was racing and I knew I had never wanted anyone so badly. When I reached up and cupped her full breasts, she groaned and clawed at my back, turning her own face to bite my neck. I pinched her nipples through her thin t-shirt and massaged illegal bahis siteleri her sweet boobs. (boobs is such a cool word) Her mouth was driving me crazy and I couldn’t stop myself from tugging her shirt up and exposing her gorgeous chest. I immediately dropped my mouth down on them, feasting on the warm smooth skin. Pressing my face against her, I licked from one nipple to the other. Holding them in my hands, I kissed and teased her breasts. Alicia must have had very sensitive nipples because she crossed her ankles behind my back and started to grind her panty-covered pussy against my hips.

“Yesssssss, ohhh yessssss,” she moaned as I sucked on her swaying breasts. She reached down and untucked my shirt hastily. In a move even I found impressive, she locked her legs tighter around me, quickly leaned backwards separating our bodies, and tugged my shirt over my head in one motion. She tossed it away, winked at me, and heaved her body back against me. I caught her against me, feeling her hard nipples press into my bare chest, and kissed her mouth passionately. I walked a few steps back, my hands on her soft ass holding her against me.

Alicia wiggled in my arms and dropped her feet to the floor. Standing in front of me, she kissed my shoulder and down my chest. The trail of wet kisses and the tickling of her hair against me were good, but when her hand closed around my throbbing cock it was grrrreat. She sank to her knees and quickly untied my shoes. Slapping first one shin and then the other, I took the cues and lifted my feet one at a time to let me remove my shoes and socks. As she did this, she leaned her face between my thighs and I could feel her hot breath on me through my cargo pants. Then her hands arrived at my belt. Alicia sat back, sitting on her feet and looked up at me. She smiled so sweetly, but there was an evil and playful sparkle in her eyes. She never broke eye contact as she opened my belt and unzipped my pants. Then with another one of those fantastic winks, she grabbed the tops of my pants and boxers and pulled them straight to the floor.

My cock sprang out and bobbed in front of her. Alicia instantly wrapped her hand around the base and squeezed it, making me groan and push my hips forward. She stroked it and lifted the tip to her lips. She kissed it gently and then swirled her tongue around the head before closing her lips around it. The warmth and wetness of her mouth enveloped me. It felt wonderful… and then it stopped.

I looked down and saw that evil sparkle spread from her eyes to the smile as she backed away, stood up and gave me the come on motion with her finger. I quickly followed her into the candlelit bedroom. Catching up to her next to the bed, I wrapped my arms around her and leaned over her to kiss her neck. My hands covered her breasts and again teased her nipples. She shoved her ass back against my cock and moaned. I slid my hands down her belly and my fingers dove under her panties. I reached farther down and brushed my fingertips against her pussy. She was so wet and aroused that I easily found her clit and rubbed it lightly. I used my thumb to brush and tease her clit as I pressed a finger into her warm wetness. Alicia let out the loudest moan and threw her head back against my chest. I looked over her shoulder and saw her bouncing breasts and my hand buried in her panties. I held her like that for a while, kissing her neck and sucking on her earlobe as she constantly moaned and shook in my arms. My fingers driving her over the edge, her ass grinding back against my throbbing cock. I couldn’t wait any longer. I had to taste her.

I dropped to my knees behind her and tugged her panties down her sexy legs. My face was staring right at her round ass. Alicia looked good from every canlı bahis siteleri angle. I turned her body and pushed her back onto the bed. Crawling up between her legs, I licked my way up her warm smooth thigh. She caught her breath and propped herself up on an elbow as she watched my mouth close over her spread pussy. Hey eyelids fluttered as I started to flick my tongue up and down her wet pussy. She spread her legs wide and started rubbing her clit while I slid my tongue in and out of her. I wanted her on the verge of orgasm when I entered her.

I stood up and looked down at her. Alicia smiled and kept rubbing her pussy. I grinned back at her and moved my hips towards her spread legs. She reached out and took my cock in her wet hand and guided it towards her pussy. I leaned over her and kissed up her neck as she rubbed the head of my cock against her wet lips. Lining it up, she hooked her legs around me and pulled me against her. I thrust my hips down and entered her slowly. We both moaned and gasped as I filled her with my throbbing shaft. Pressing her down, I pinned her to the bed and ground my hips against hers. The feeling was incredible. Her warm, wet pussy tightened around me and I started to slide in and out of her. The pace quickened as our lips met and she wrapped her arms around me. Our bodies slid and slapped and bounced against each other. I pulled my knees up under me and started slamming my hips down harder. Alicia was moaning and talking constantly now.

“please…. yesss… more…. Fuck me….” And I did. Harder and faster, sliding in and out of her. I reached down and lifted her legs up and back, spreading her wider and putting her ankles on my shoulders. She got even louder when I went deeper. Her toes curled and I moved my hips in circles. I looked down at her and smiled to myself. She had her eyes closed and mouth open and her hands were busy playing with her nipples. I though she looked amazing just like that. She yelped as her pussy spasmed around my thrusting cock yet again. I couldn’t believe how hot she was.

“Wait… wait… please,” she moaned softly and I slowed down, barely moving inside her. She pulled my body down on top of hers and rolled us over. She adjusted herself and got comfortable on top of me, my cock standing straight up into her. Her hair dropped a curtain around our faces as she kissed my face and pecked at my lips. She was smiling and staring deep into my eyes, wiggling her hips down against me.

Sitting up, she sank down completely onto my rock-hard cock. Putting her hands on my chest, she began to bounce up and down on me. Oh, it felt almost as good as it looked. Her breasts swayed in front of my face. Her sweet sexy ass slapped against my thighs. I ran my hands all over her body as she rode me harder. She reached down and played with her clit as she forced her pussy up and down on my cock. It was so wet and warm. I was in heaven.

As another orgasm started to build inside her, she leaned down and licked my lips and whispered, “Please, baby… cum for me. Cum inside me.”

That and another deep kiss set me off. I thrust my hips up against her and buried my cock inside her. At the same down, she slammed her ass down on me and pressed her breasts against my face. I groaned, held her against me, and exploded inside her. I erupted, cumming hard; deep into her hot wet pussy. Feeling me orgasm must have pushed her over the edge, too. Alicia screamed and grabbed me tight. Holding each other, we went through shakes and spasms and more pleasure than most people feel in a year.

She collapsed onto me, sweaty and panting. Her hands opened and closed against my shoulders and her breasts heaved against my chest. I could feel her hot breath against my neck and I could’ve sworn she was purring like a kitten. I leaned up and kissed her forehead. She looked at me and smiled.

“Mmmmm, let’s take a little nap and then do this again.” Perfect.

Please write and tell me what you think. This is my first posted story and I’d love some feedback.

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