My Life as a Wittol Ch. 10 Pt. 01

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Anniversary celebration part A. CJ flirts with men in the casino lounge

After many years and two kids, our sex life had started to become stale. We decided to celebrate our upcoming wedding anniversary over a three day weekend at the Flamingo Casino Resort in Laughlin, Nevada. All the arrangements were made about a month in advance and the awaited departure day finally arrived and we were at long last on our way to a well-deserved party weekend.

Most of the drive would be on along a narrow two-lane highway and as luck would have it we got stuck in a long line of stalled traffic for nearly half an hour due to an accident. We found ourselves trapped between two semi-trucks on a desolate two-lane road with traffic blocked in both directions. Luckily, the desert weather in September was nice and we left the windows down, but due to our isolated location, the radio was playing more static than music and I could tell CJ was getting restless.

I moaned as I stared at her ass encased in her tight faded blue jean cutoffs as she leaned into the back and got two long neck beers from our travel cooler. She tapped the neck of her bottle to mine and said, “Let’s get this party moving.”

But eventually boredom set in and I started to plead my case for a road blow job while we were waiting. I finally convinced her that no one would be able to see us as the man in the large freight truck behind us sat too high to see down into our sporty car. CJ rolled her eyes as she gave in and took my dick out, smiling as her hand began to slide up and down my quickly hardening shaft.

She smiled as she coyly asked, “Will you be content with a hand job?”

After several minutes of her small hand caressing my hard dick, I soon felt the approaching orgasm and I suddenly grew even harder in her hand. CJ knew it would not be much longer and her hand slowed to a nice gentle massage as it became slippery from the thick juices that oozed from the tip. She would get me close to an orgasm then slow and even stop with her fingers closed tightly around the base, constantly bringing me to the edge as she denied my looming orgasm.

We were startled by two loud blasts of an air horn from the truck behind us. I looked up and noticed the semi-truck in front of us had finally started to move. I scrambled to get my hard dick back in my pants as CJ laughed at the whole situation.

I was still very much aroused when we arrived at the Flamingo Casino by mid-afternoon, a little later than we had hoped. After checking in we dropped our luggage in our seventh-floor room that overlooked the pool. Then headed down to the casino to relax with a bit of gambling after the four hour drive. We sat at the bar and played video blackjack while we had a few beers on the house.

Our first afternoon there we cruised the casinos along the boardwalk, had a few drinks, played some slots and craps, and just enjoy ourselves. When we returned to our room later, I presented CJ with my anniversary gifts. She sipped her Chardonnay as she excitedly opened each gift.

She smiled as she scooped up the opened gifts and sashayed to the bathroom. She looked over her shoulder and sensuously said, “I’ll be right back. ”

Several minutes had elapsed before she came out of the bathroom. She paused as she posed with her hand on her hips and asked, “Well…? You like it?”

She slowly walked toward me with a sexy sway, she was wearing the sexy black lingerie I had just given to her. Her breasts were clearly noticeable through the black lace pattern.

The lingerie consisted of a black lace teddy with dangling garter straps to hold up the new thigh high black stockings with a wide lace trim around the top. The neckline plunged to a revealing V and perfectly displayed the bare sides of her pale breasts.

CJ is a petite woman, standing illegal bahis just a hair over five feet with shoulder length blonde hair. Her nice firm but small breasts proudly stood out and her tiny pink nipples were clearly noticeable through the elaborate flower design. After being together for nearly twenty years, I thought she looked even more stunning as she matured over the years. My dick began to grow as I watched her model each piece of the lingerie.

We had a few more glasses of wine as we dressed for an evening of gambling and partying in the casinos. CJ decided to wear the lingerie I had given her, her unconfined breasts jiggling inside the tight teddy as she excitedly pranced around the room as she readied herself for our long awaited evening of party and dancing and hopefully crazy sex.

My dick began to grow as I watched her pull the black stockings slowly up her legs. I moaned softly as she bent to straighten the stockings and I wondered if any voyeurs in the tower rooms across from us were able to see her petite ass as she attached the stockings to the hanging straps.

She wore a short black skirt with a slight flare that ended just above her knees, topping off her outfit with a black leather sleeveless vest that zipped up the front. After another glass of wine and a little coaxing, she agreed to let me pull the zipper down a bit further to reveal more of her breasts.

As she bent to slip her feet into her leopard print high heels, the stocking tops, as well as her black thong panties, became exposed, giving me a good view of her essentially nude ass. I wondered if… no, I craved for… some lucky guys would get a nice look at her gorgeous ass before the night was over.

The lounge had begun to fill with evening partiers, and we were looking for a place to sit when two men offered to let us share their high top table. They introduced themselves as Matt and Charles, golfers in town for a golf weekend.

As the evening worn on, the wine flowed easier as CJ took turns dancing with the three of us. As she slid onto the high stool her bare thighs along with her stocking tops and garter straps became visible which did not go unnoticed by our new friends.

Gradually, the conversation turned playful with sexual innuendos mixed in with their mischievous banter. After a few more dances and glasses of Chardonnay, Charles easily talked CJ into lowering the vest zipper a bit more. She coyly smiled as she looked Charles in the eyes as he took the zipper between his fingers and slowly pulled downward.

Many strong emotions of jealousy and arousal passed through my mind as I watched and wondered how far CJ would let this stranger go before he exposed her breasts, or maybe she would let him fully exposed her scantily covered breasts. My anxiety rose and my breathing quickened as I watched them as they daringly stared into each other’s eyes.

My breathing almost stopped as I became fixated on the tiny zipper Charles held between his thick fingers. As the vest zipper slowly crept downward, the lingerie became exposed, revealing the sides of her bare breasts. They stared into each other’s eyes and I wondered who would be the first to stop the slow pull of the zipper that would eventually expose all of her sparsely covered breasts.

CJ laughed as she finally grabbed his wrist and stopped him, but not before he had exposed most of her breasts to the lounge. Her tiny pink nipples were clearly noticeable to those at our table and a few nearby partiers.

She started to become increasingly aroused as she received the extra attention from the two men. As she turned to talk with one of the men, her legs would unconsciously part and I am sure both of her new male friends, as well as a few other onlookers in the lounge, got a good look at her bare thighs and panties.

As illegal bahis siteleri Charles led her off to the dance floor he stopped her from pulling the vest zipper up. I watched intently as they danced closely and my anxiety grew as I watched many men maneuvered closer to catch a brief look CJ’s nearly nude breasts.

CJ and Charles returned to our table after dancing to several songs. She came up to me and slid her hand over my half-hard dick, leaning she lightly kissed me and whispered sensuously in my ear. “If you want to get fucked tonight you better take me back to the room… now.”

I grew harder as she rubbed her hand over my dick, softly adding, “Charles wants me to go up to his room…” she paused then hesitantly added, “But he didn’t invite you.” She smiled as she paused and looked at me questionably, “So if you want to get fucked tonight we better leave now while I can still make a rational decision… or you can sit here and watch Charles lead me off to his suite knowing that I will be sucking his cock and swallowing his cum…” She smiled coyly as she added, “And maybe… he just might invite Matt along also.”

I was not shocked by her language as CJ knew how much I liked for her to tell me one of her fictional ‘fuck stories’ and she knew how her lewd talk never failed to arouse me. She smiled mischievously as her hand gently caressed my swollen dick.

She lightly licked my ear and whispered, “And I will probably be too sore for your dick after they fuck me with their big cocks…” then she leaned closer and whispered in her sensuous voice, “All night long.”

I looked at her with uncertainty as her hand lightly rubbed my growing bulge and I wondered if she was just in one of her role plays or she actually wanted to spend the night getting fucked by two men we had met just a few hours before.

At that moment both possibilities sounded good to me: one, we go back to our room and enjoy an evening of great sex or; two, she finally fulfills my biggest desire and goes with them to their room and I spend the evening in my room as I jack off and wonder what they were doing to CJ… wondering if I had become a willing cuckold. The decision was difficult but after a long day of teasing and orgasm denial, we decided to say goodbye to two very disappointed men.

She hugged each man but Charles’s embrace seemed to last a bit longer than a casual hug. As we walked away she took me by my arm and leaned into me, smiling mischievously as she told me, “I could feel Charles’ hard cock when he hugged me and it felt really big.”

Many admirers gawked at her nearly exposed breasts as we walked out of the lounge into the crowded casino. We decided to stop at the casino bar and have one last drink. The bar was crowded and we were unable to find two stools together. I lagged behind and watched as she scooted up on the high stool between two men. I sat at the end of the bar just a few seats away.

Both men eventually started conversations with her as she played video blackjack. I grew hard just watching her laugh and flirt with the two men, especially the younger black man who seemed to show special interest in her lace covered breasts.

Eventually, we headed back to our room alone for some serious play time. As we rode up in the elevator, I finished unzipping her leather vest and let it fall open revealing the lingerie, her taut nipples were clearly visible as they poked through the lace pattern.

We got off the elevator and continued down the hallway towards our room just as Matt and Charles emerged from a room a few doors down and walked towards us. They shamelessly stared and seemed unable to take their eyes away from her lightly veiled breasts. As they came closer I noticed her nipples grow harder and became visible as they pushed out the lace teddy.

As canlı bahis siteleri we passed them she sensuously smiled at them as she proudly displayed her breasts to the men and said, “Hope you have good luck tonight.”

They stopped as Matt chuckled at her wit and said, “It must be my lucky day to get a room on the same floor.” He chuckled and rolled his eyes as he added, “Charles was lucky too, the hotel management thinks he is a high roller so he got upgraded to a suite a few floors higher.”

Charles looked at CJ as he made a sad face and laughed as he joked, “Well… at least someone will be getting lucky tonight.”

We paused and briefly chatted as both men stared shamelessly at her nearly nude breasts for a few moments before we said our goodbyes. CJ hugged each man and Charles again held her a bit longer as he pressed his body against her.

We returned to our room and CJ was very aroused from her hallway encounter with Matt and Charles. As the door closed she turned to me and smiled as she dropped to her knees. She smiled up at me and I heard the sound of my zipper as she slowly pulled downward. She carefully pulled my dick out and it grew hard as she gently held it between her fingers.

CJ liked to torment me during our sexual role play and as she slowly stroked my dick as she teased,

“Charles’s cock is definitely bigger than your dick.” She softly moaned as she continued, “It felt so big… I could feel it growing harder as he held it against me…” She tortured me more as she added, “Maybe you should go get Charles… maybe Matt too… tell them you want them to fuck your wife…”

She took my dick in her mouth and I groaned as she tenderly sucked it into her warm mouth. She moaned as her lips slid back and forth along the hard shaft. She felt my dick grow harder and knew I would cum soon. Just as I was about to release the long-awaited orgasm, she stood and lead me to the bed.

It didn’t take long for our clothes to come off and be tossed aside. Soon we were on the bed embraced in a passionate kiss. Our kiss broke and she smiled wickedly as she commanded, “Lick my pussy and I will tell you a very naughty fuck story… maybe it will be a true story… would you like to hear how I love to get fucked with a nice thick cock.”

We both liked for her to tell one of her ‘so-called imaginary fuck stories’ as we make love, and tonight was no different except for all the alcohol we had consumed.

I paused as I licked her wet pussy and submissively asked her if she actually had sex with any other men since we were married. She paused and got very quiet. I sensed she was wanting to tell me something, so I carefully asked, “Who was it?”

She straddled me and looked at me with an anxious face and I moaned softly when I felt her warm wet pussy slowly engulf my dick. She started to ride me slowly, her hips gently rocked. I push my hips up trying to get my dick deeper.

Our eyes never left the others and she softly whispered, “Hank.”

In my sexual haze, I naively questioned, “Hank? What about Hank?”

My dick swelled even more as she bent forward and shamelessly whispered so low I could hardly hear her, “I fucked Hank.”

She felt my dick swell and she knew I had become extremely aroused with her confession of fucking a casual friend and neighbor that lived just a few short blocks from our home. I was on the verge of a very intense orgasm.

She leaned back and moaned as she told me, “I love the way you get so aroused when I tell you how I like to fuck other men.”

She stopped and sat beside me and took my hard dick in her hand and slowly drizzled lube along my hard shaft. Her hand felt good as it started to slowly move up and down the shaft.

She held my hard dick in her hand as she seductively smiled and softly asked, “Would you like for me to tell you about the first time I fucked Hank?”

©2018 CJ’s hubby. This story may not be reproduced in any manner, without the express permission of the author. All such requests should be emailed to my profile.

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