My High School Reunion

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I wrote this in 2010. I based the sex scene on Karen Kay’s Only one Night.


Steve and I have been together since college. We have a beautiful daughter and a wonderful life together. Though Steve is fit, very good looking, and a passionate and attentive lover, I haven’t really cut loose with him all that often because he has a small dick, and ever since my first boyfriend, I have always favored a larger cock.

Steve has managed to overcome his lack of prowess by bringing a Hitachi Magic Wand into our bed. He gets me off with it and when we have sex, but I don’t feel possessed and dominated by him and get off like I when I am getting totally fucked by a strong man with a horse cock. I love him, and he is a good provider, but sexually, I need something more than he can give me.

Our problems started when I was friended on Facebook by Mike, my first serious boyfriend in high school. Maybe it was the teenage hormones, but I still look back on the time we spent together as some of the best sex I’ve ever had. Thinking about him, which sometimes happens when I hear a big engine rumble, still makes my breath catch.

I don’t masturbate very often, but I have definitely gotten myself off thinking about Mike. I often imagine that I am being fucked by Mike when Steve uses the Magic Wand on me. I really get off imagining Steve as Mike’s fluffer when he massages my feet and legs before sex.

Anyway, some friends helped plan our high school reunion. I was already fit from long distance running, but before the reunion I started getting in shape by adding regular yoga and swimming to my routine. All of it was to see if I could still get Mike to notice me. By the time the reunion came around, I was totally buffed. The little pouch I had pendik escort carried for years despite running was gone thanks to heavy core training in Crossfit, and the swimming had lengthened and toned the muscles in my arms and legs. I looked hot! Steve, who was already outclassed by me sexually, wanted to fuck me every chance he got, but as usual, I limited our sex together to just a few times every couple of weeks, all the while trading comments and chatting regularly with Mike.

When the reunion came, Steve decided that he would stay home with our daughter rather than fly back for the reunion.

I was thrilled. Now I’d get a chance to seduce Mike without having to worry about Steve. The night of the reunion, I wore a slinky black dress that clung to my every curve. Having spent months working myself up chatting with him, I wondered how I would respond to Mike when I saw him. My heart did a backflip when I finally did. He looked hot in a white button down and loose fitting khaki slacks. I could make out the outline of his big dick through the chinos, and I had a little thrill when I caught him checking me out with that sexy, smug smile of his.

The evening was a blur. I spent the entire evening with Mike, talking and dancing. He was now a record producer, and stayed in shape by surfing and lifting weights. I hadn’t been that turned on in years.

At one point Mike and I were dancing and I had such a good buzz, I ground my ass against his big cock when he started to kiss the back of my neck, and didn’t resist while he slid his hand down my tight belly down my mound and miraculously hit my clit perfectly. There we were, grinding on the dance floor and I was getting wet. Feeling his hard dick rub against me and rubbing myself against maltepe escort his buffed bod sent shivers of delight coursing through my body.

After dancing, I went to the bathroom to freshen up. When I came back, I found that most of the people in our circle went to an after hours club.

Mike was at the table when I went back to grab my purse and coat. I stumbled into him, and his hands cupped my breasts as he tried to catch me under my arms to steady me. I looked up into his eyes and melted into his strong embrace. I pulled him closer and pressed myself fully into him as we kissed.

Somehow we ended up at his hotel and we were making out on his sofa feeling each other up hungrily by his time. I can’t really blame it on being drunk. The alcohol definitely made me bolder, but I was horny as hell and deep down I knew that I had wanted Mike for twenty years, and I didn’t want any of this to stop.

Our kissing became more urgent and I soon realized we had gotten out of our clothes. Mike had me pinned back on the sofa as he climbed on top of me. I squirmed in anticipation as he began rubbing his wonderful cock up and down my slit sending waves of excitement through my body.

I totally wanted him to fuck me and I was getting hotter and hotter. My whole body trembled as I lifted my head up just enough so I could look down his washboard abs and watch his big magnificent cock slide down my pussy mound.

I knew I shouldn’t be here with this man but I didn’t want it to stop. Mike had my arms up over my head holding me down firmly but gently with his left hand while he caressed me with his right as he eased his body further between my toned thighs.

I decided to relax and leave it up to him. To my delight he began kartal escort slowly rubbing my pussy and clit with his hand even as he started rubbing his big dick along my pussy lips. I moaned with pleasure as he methodically worked my clit with his hand as he worked his huge cock inside me. When he hit bottom, he grabbed both of my hands with his. I felt fuller than I had in a long time. And I was already orgasming hard by the time I felt the tip his cock push against my cervix and squealed with joy as we locked eyes.

I pulled myself up, kissing him. We were still kissing passionately as he pulled back out leaving his giant cock head just inside my tight pussy and lunged forward again. I began humping back into him as he began to fuck me with a steady rhythm moving his huge cock in and out with expert skill.

My breath caught time he pushed in as the most intense waves of pleasure started overtaking me. I was completely soaking him as he was fucking me faster and harder as I gyrated and met him with each powerful stroke.

I dug my nails hard into his back, spurring harder on as as he plunged in and out of me. It felt wonderful having such a large thick shaft inside me after all of these years.

My body was releasing into the most incredible orgasms I have ever felt. They seemed to last forever and I was totally possessed by the waves of pleasure crashing down on me for what seemed like forever until I felt Mike begin to blast his seed deep inside of me. I’ve never felt so satisfied.

I was suddenly filled with joy over being fucked by this man and pulled him on top of me and kissed him as I rolled him over onto his back. His large semi hard cock was still inside me and I felt it swell and harden again as I sat up and started grinding myself on him as I pulled his hands up to my breasts. He sat up, grabbed me around the waist, and fucked me hard in a hundred different positions for the next few hours until we fell asleep naked in each others arms to whatever consequences awaited.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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