My Girlfriend…?

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Warning: this short story involves feelings, it’s not just sex.


My girlfriend gave the best head ever. When I fucked her, she whimpered like I was the only man who could made her cum like I did. And maybe it was all true.

She had been very secretive about herself. We started by intensely dating, Geocaching to dining, we fucked in hard and incredibly hot ways every time we had a chance… but I had begun to suspect. Maybe I was one of a few guys. She suddenly avoided me for random periods of time and her answers to why she had been unavailable were given too fast without a second thought, like a perfectly planned speech.

When I told her I needed to know her better, she gave me an address and told me to be there at 9. She said our relationship was about to move to another level.

I was already fucking her. Did she mean anal? Bareback? Something kinky as fuck?

When I arrived, I realized she had to be a successful businesswoman. She had told me she worked as an executive, I just hadn’t realized at what level. The house was nice, expensive-looking, but I didn’t see a lot of cars, so she didn’t live with her parents nor multiple roommates.

Before I knocked, the door opened and she was wearing an incredible dress that hugged her figure. I let my hands roam a little as I said hi. I could tell she was aroused before two seconds had gone by.

“I know you’re horny,” I whispered. “I can smell you.”

She giggled, naughtily, and pressed herself against me. She guided me inside the house and I was impressed. I let her know and she was proud to own such a place.

She had made a romantic dinner for two! I felt under-dressed. She told me it was OK.

We ate and I did so way slowly. I wanted to focus on the food, but she spent all the time rubbing my cock through my clothes. She kept on glancing at her phone and sent a message every now and then, checking the responses immediately.

I politely asked about her fixation and she asked for forgiveness, but it was an important project. I was ready to believe it, but then I saw her send a picture of herself.

It was just a glimpse, but enough to have me wondering. When she took the plates away (refusing my help in washing them or anything), she left her phone unlocked and curiosity got the best of me. Nothing would’ve prepared me for what I read.

“Hey. bf is here! u ready?”


“Ill let him fuck me in r bed.”

“Just make sure the camera catches both of you. I don’t want to miss this.”

“BTW this what Im wearing under. he’s going 2 fuck ur wife while she uses ur favorite underwear.”

“So illegal bahis hard right now! Remember. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. I’ll be in the bedroom next to ours if you need me to stop anything.”

” 😉 “

And the picture I had seen was there. Her delicious, bare backside aimed at the camera, the perfect body I had worshiped for countless, incredible nights was on display, illuminated by a soft light in a bedroom I didn’t know. Bra, hose, garter belt. It all made her look like a model.

What the unreal fuck?

She was back in less than a minute. She held my shirt by the collar and motioned for me to stand.

“I’m so horny because we’re finally doing it at my place,” she whispered. And I still wasn’t understanding how her dynamic worked. But when her hand got under my clothes and stroked my dick directly, I didn’t care. I was about to lead her to the living room, when she said, “upstairs. There’s my room.”

Even if there was a sinking sensation in my stomach, I followed.

I walked two steps behind, and got rid of my shirt when I saw she had done the same with her dress. We left a very movie-like trail of clothes up the stairs. When we were both in our underwear in her room, my eyes almost bugged out. My heart ached to know she was married to someone else. My dick didn’t care.

She wasn’t wearing panties, just like the picture warned. A delicate garter belt with hose and a flimsy bra. The same bed I had seen her on. We rolled on the bed, I made her feel my cock by pressing against her… we made out like teenagers.

Desperate kisses with the desire to take it a step further but having doubts about it… then she almost jumped down and eagerly began to lick and suck my cock in her unique way, her tongue doing basically something I could only describe as magic.

I held on to her head, lovingly. She devoured my cock as if she could only breathe through it (although with the way she choked a little every time she deepthroated me, I knew otherwise).

I rolled her over and ate her out. I used two fingers to penetrate her and a third one to tease her butt hole just a little. She thrashed around like she was having a seizure. She was so excited I couldn’t believe it was because of me (even less once I knew the real reason).

“I need your dick,” her throaty voice asked of me.

I was about to run down the stairs to fetch them from my trousers, when bitterness washed over me.

Why didn’t she tell me?

I gambled it. It was a cruel thing to do, but I had to try.

“Luv, I didn’t bring any. I thought you might have some here,” and I called illegal bahis siteleri her Luv, like only I did.

I was going to try to make her mine completely. If she was going to be shared, it would be done all the way.

She immediately looked up at the closet. I didn’t follow her stare, I forced myself to look into her eyes. I assumed that up in the closet was where the camera was.

“Lemme check, I might have some in the next room. Don’t move,” she asked and walked away.

I waited for a heartbeat. Two heartbeats. Three. Four… seven… twelve… twenty two… she came back.

“I have news for you, babe,” she said in a low voice.

I was prepared for the humiliation, and I needed clothes for it… she straddled me and whispered.

“I want you. Forget about condoms. I just want you inside me.”

I almost had a heart attack right there. I gulped, nodded and began to make out with her again. I eyed the hidden camera quickly.

If only just for that night, she would truly be mine. I didn’t say it, didn’t mouth it, I just held on to her as we kissed and caressed each other.

She threw me back on the bed, lifted her hips and looked at me straight in the eye as she took hold of my condom-less cock and sat on it slowly.

The warm wetness that surrounded me little by little as my dick head penetrated her made me gasp, but we didn’t stop looking into each other’s eyes. Inch by inch I disappeared inside of her. Her mouth opening with devilish pleasure as she took more and more.

As the final two inches slid inside of her, she opened her mouth even wider in an expression of lust and disbelief.

“I never had… a guy reach there with nothing on,” she whimpered.

I couldn’t help feeling smug.


And we guys aren’t supposed to be emotional, but dammit, I had been really envisioning me with her in a house with a dog of ours and all that shit.

If I couldn’t have that, at least I’d have her. I grasped her hips and I began to move slowly. I savored the fact that nothing existed between her pussy and my dick.

The feelings and sensations… then rage came over me. I fucked her hard. She was on top, but I fucked upwards almost with fury. She moaned, gasped and moaned again. I fucked her hard because I wasn’t about to fucking cry. So I gave it to her with all I had.

I decided I was going to fuck her so good, she’d be addicted to my dick.

I did everything. I gave it to her from behind, I took her sideways, I slammed my dick into her in missionary position. She moaned and responded with equal passion to every thrust. I made her canlı bahis siteleri cum at least five times, I felt her pussy walls trying to make me cum each time. I didn’t give in.

“You’ve never fucked me so good, baby,” she panted between moans. “How come you haven’t cum?”

“I will,” I assured her.

Coming back to the classic missionary position… that’s when everything changed. For her and me.

I slid in and out, slowly but with firm movements, I felt my butt flex as my hips swayed back and forth, I kissed her like never before.

I began to make love to her and I saw the panic in her eyes. This wasn’t what she had planned.

Mostly because her body immediately responded to it, too, moans of passion escaped her lips and she looked at me as if I were doing something wrong to her, but also, as if she needed that kind of wrong.

Our bodies began to move in a coordinated way, that way that tells you you’ve reached inside your partner. Not only inside her body, but inside of who she is. I was inside of her body as well as her mind. She still looked at me with that terrified expression said no, but her voice and her body asked for more.


Our hips kept grinding against each other, the pressure between us increasing, as if our bones were, to our frustration, limiting the depth of the union we required.

I didn’t tell her I loved her: I didn’t need to. Our bodies began moving faster, both of us climbing our way into our mutual climax. Her unprotected pussy accommodated by length perfectly.

I felt her, yet again, closing around me, her body milking me, and once she began to cum, she didn’t stop. She gasped and stopped breathing for a second. Or five. She came back from that peak only to breathe, but she kept on cumming over and over, in a heightened state of ecstasy.

The unguarded, hot, wet skin of her pussy kept on asking for it, and wasn’t stopping. Her body wouldn’t give up until I gave it to her. I wanted to hold on longer, but my body betrayed me.

With a voiceless expression of fulfillment, I began to cum.

I felt every rope of thick, hot semen deposited deep inside of her. A blast of pleasure of the likes I had never felt in my life. Judging by her expression, she was in the exact same situation, about to pass out from our intense lovemaking.

I kissed her hard as the last jets of cum spilled out of me.

With a rushing slam, the door opened behind us, a looming figure stood upon it, too late to stop us. Or maybe turned on beyond measure? In any case, I stood up, deliberately pulling out in a ceremonious manner. I looked at his wife, my semen slowly seeping out of her.

“I guess you’ll have a lot to talk about with your husband,” I quietly said.

Her mouth opened in shock. I donned some of my clothes and showed myself out.

I walked, leaving them behind.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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