My First Woman

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We ate a light dinner that night, light and romantic. Roger had set the table with candles and the fine china. The wine was a perfect cabernet and it was having its way with my inhibitions as we finished dinner and sipped the last of a full bottle.

I had dressed for him in my finest black silk stockings, black garter belt, 5″ spike heels and a very sheer full-length robe. As I sat back and sipped my wine, I crossed my legs and bounced my foot. A nun from my childhood had said that if a young lady crossed her legs it meant that she was not a virgin. If she bounced her foot it meant that she had sex the night before. Well, the first was the case, but the second was not. It had been a long two weeks since we had been together, with our schedules and Roger’s travel to blame. As I bounced my foot, it had the effect of flexing my pussy slightly. The motion and the wine were having an effect on me. I was getting very, very horny.

Roger announced that he had something special planned for me tonight.

“Oh yeah, what will that be?” I asked.

“You’ll find out soon enough.” was all he would say.

We finished the wine and Roger smiled at me with somewhat of a Cheshire Cat grin. I knew that he must have a very grand plan. I just didn’t know what it was. I have to admit that the suspense added to my desire. I was getting wetter by the moment. I needed a very hard sexual release tonight. I was so horny that my clit was beginning to pulse as I bounced my leg.

We sat and enjoyed the moment, Roger giving me a good look and obviously enjoying it as he watched my nipples harden beneath the very sheer robe. I could tell that he was thinking…. scheming….. imagining what he was going to do to me. The more that he watched, the hornier I got.

After a while Roger stood and offered a hand to me to help me from my chair. I took his hand and uncrossed my legs, spreading them slightly so that he could get a good view of my shaved and very wet pussy. I knew that my clit was very swollen and it ached to be licked and sucked. It had been a very long time.

We walked hand in hand into the bedroom where the bedspread had already peeled off and Roger had covered the bed in red silk sheets. He unfastened my robe and pulled it from my shoulders and tossed it aside.

He kissed me gently on the lips and then said, “Lie back and spread your legs.”

The silk was so sexy against my skin…. so soft and so sensual. Roger took my hand again and without warning strapped a fur-lined cuff around my wrist.

“Oh this is what you had planned?” I looked up at him and his face was expressionless.

He pulled the strap tight to stretch my arm out to my side. Then he walked around the other side of the bed and strapped a second cuff onto my other wrist. Still expressionless, he pulled it tight as well and now my arms were spread out tight across the bed. My hands were stretched out to the edge of the bed and the position pushed my breasts into the air. My nipples hardened instantly and stood very erect. I could feel the air move across them.

“And just what do you think you’re going to do to me?” I asked as if I didn’t know what might be going to happen. He was still expressionless and said nothing as he reached down and strapped fur-lined cuff onto my stocking-clad ankle. As he pulled it tight it spread me open.

“Well? What are you planning?” He still said nothing.

Once the last cuff was strapped on, my breathing started to increase. He pulled it tight and now my legs were spread wide open. I could feel my juices flowing down the crack of my ass in anticipation. I could see myself in the mirror on the dresser. My pelvis was pushed up and my hard clit was standing tall. Seeing myself spread out and vulnerable made me even more excited. casino oyna

“Well? Cat got your tongue?” He still said nothing. “Come on….. what are you going to do? Are you going to fuck me?” I was dying to know at that point. The anticipation was both killing me mentally and exciting me physically.

He reached down into the night stand and pulled out a black mask that I use occasionally when I sleep.

“I see…. Or should I say, I won’t see?” He still was silent as he stretched the mask around my head and covered my eyes. The thick felt mask blocked out all the view…. all the light.

Now I couldn’t see him. I could only sense where he was in the room but my senses weren’t quite keen enough yet. I could hear him moving around the room and then suddenly I felt him lean onto the edge of the bed. The excitement turned for a moment to concern. What if he just left me there? Then, it turned to a little bit of fear. What if he wasn’t going to fuck me? I needed to be fucked and I needed it hard. I needed to cum and I needed to explode.

“What are you going to do?” He still didn’t answer. “Please…… tell me.” Pleading did no good. There was no answer.

I felt him lean in again to my head. And he pushed something against my ear. I flinched.

“What’s that?” He still said nothing, but then I figured out what it was. We had just flown to see some friends and I recognized the material. It was a foam ear plug that he was trying to push into my ear. I shook my head and he pulled back.

“No sound either?” Again, no answer. He again pushed the foam plug into my ear. He hit the mark easily this time and he pushed it in. Then he stepped away and I felt him against the other side of the bed. He reach over and pushed a plug into the other ear and I felt them swell and fill my ear canal. Now I couldn’t hear anything…..not a sound.

“Are you there?” No answer. “Roger?” Still no answer.

The moments stretched out immeasurably with no sound, no sight. My other senses were suddenly beginning to heighten. It seemed as if I could feel his presence around me. My breath became shallow with anticipation. But what was probably only a moment seemed like forever.

Suddenly, I felt him lean against the bed next to me. His warm lips first brushed mine then he kissed me fully. His tongue drove deeply into my mouth. I pulled on the restraints naturally wanting to wrap my arms around him. His kiss was sweet.

Then he was gone again. Again it seemed like an eternity. I was straining my other senses. I couldn’t hear anything or see anything.

Suddenly, I felt his hard cock brush against my hand. The tip must have been covered with his oozing precum because it left a wet trail across my palm. I grabbed for it, but it was gone. But he left a nice wet slick trail on me. I struggled to rub it into my palm with my fingers.

“That’s nice. Let me feel that again.” I said. But there was no immediate response.

He leaned over me and his warm lips surrounded my hard nipple and he sucked hard. An electric shock traveled from there straight to my clit. He flicked his tongue across it and every flick repeated that shockwave to my clit.

I could smell his cologne very faintly as he sucked. He reached over and pulled on my other nipple and twisted it slightly. “Oh God…..” I blurted out.

He climbed onto the bed and I could feel him straddling my arm and he must have lowered himself down because I could feel his big full balls dragging against the inside of my arm. He moved back and forth and let his balls lightly touch my skin. Without my sight and hearing, my sense of touch was heightening dramatically. It was almost like I could feel every hair on his balls. The tip of his cock pushed against my hard slot oyna nipple. He oozed what must have been a huge drop of precum out onto it. It was warm and very silky. I could feel it running from the tip of my nipple down my breast. I wanted to taste it so badly.

Then he was gone again. All I could feel was that single drop of his precum inching so slowly down from the tip of my nipple, across the base and down the side of my breast.

“Baby, I need you.” I blurted out again. “Please……”

Then I felt his hands start at my ankles and massage very softly up my stocking-covered legs to my bare thigh above and back. His touch was soft and gentle.

I could feel him moving in between my legs. I pushed my hips up toward him. “Please lick my pussy….. PLEASE.”

The first flick from his tongue sent me off the deep end. It flicked across my swollen clit like a butterfly kiss. I pushed my hips up again. The tongue flicked around my swollen lips again like a butterfly fluttering around.

Then, the butterfly landed in that spot between my pussy and ass. I thrust my hips up again and opened my legs further.


I felt his tongue flatten out and lick slowly straight up and through the lips of my wet pussy. I came at the moment that it hit my clit. Juices flowed out as I bucked against it, wave after wave pushing through me.

Then he was gone.

I felt him lean over me again and his lips pressed against mine. I could taste my sweet juices on them. But something was different. The kiss was different………

I stopped and pulled back. It startled me. But maybe it was just my senses playing tricks on me. What was going on? What was happening? He pulled back.

“Roger?” There was no answer but I could smell cologne that was sweeter, more feminine. It had to be him. I had to be mistaken. My senses had to be playing tricks.

He moved between my legs again. But as he did so, I felt him brush against my leg. But it didn’t feel like him. It wasn’t his hairy chest. It felt softer, like a breast.

“Roger? Is that you? What’s going on?” I was starting to get frustrated that there was no answer.

His mouth clamped onto my swollen clit and began to devour my pussy again. I was instantly lost again in the pleasure. It felt so wonderful. He was playfully pulling on my clit with lips and teeth, driving his tongue deep into me. Within moments I was on the edge of orgasm again.

My concentration was instantly snapped as I felt what felt like the softness of a breast against my leg again. This time I could easily distinguish a very hard nipple.

“Roger? Who’s there?”

The tongue drove deep into me again and brought me back to the edge of orgasm. What was happening? Was this Roger? Who was this? What was going on? I was so confused. Yet, I was so close to exploding.

As I tried to distinguish what reality was, my pleasure kept interrupting. The orgasm was building as I desperately tried to figure out what was happening.

I felt the nipple against me again. It was hard and it felt wonderful. The tongue drove deep into me, licking and sucking me in ways that Roger never had. What was going on? The orgasm built to a peak. And then the tongue stopped and I could feel the body move up over me. I felt the tip of a hard cock push against my wet pussy lips. It was Roger. I was just imagining. I had to be.

He pushed deep into me and fucked me for a short time with wild abandon. He drove into me hard. His balls bounced against my ass. I stepped up to the edge of orgasm once again. But he pulled out and moved away. Oh God, I wanted to cum so badly. I forgot about the breast. I forgot about my confusion.

“Please…… make me cum. Please…….. fuck me.”

He canlı casino siteleri pulled from my pussy just as I was on the edge. I sensed him slide back up between my legs and a tongue flicked across my clit and then drove deep into me. It was different. It couldn’t be him, it felt just so different.

Oh God, I needed it so badly. I thrust my hips upward. Again, I could feel the firm breast and nipple against my leg. I didn’t care at this point.

“Please let me cum!!!!”

I knew now that it was a woman. But was it?

I didn’t care. It felt so good. I had to have more.

“PLEASE!!!! I’m cumming! Please make me cum!”

I pushed up to her mouth and felt fingers grasp my hard nipple and pull and twist. It sent me over the edge and I came so hard. I bucked and bucked and rode her mouth, screaming with pleasure.


The waves of pleasure poured through me from head to my clit. Wave after wave of orgasm. She rode my pussy with her mouth, licking and sucking every bit of cum from me. It was the most intense and longest continual orgasm I’ve ever had.

When I finally relaxed, she moved up on top of me and kissed me deeply. I could smell a mixture of my juices and a woman’s cologne. I could taste my juices all over her face. Her hard nipples were pushing against mine. Who was this? What had happened? It felt so fantastic. I was so confused.

As she snuggled with me she pulled the mask from my face. It was my best friend Angie. I looked into her eyes and kissed her deeply again. By now, Roger had untied me and I wrapped my arms around her, kissing, touching, devouring her body. Her nipples felt so good pushing against mine. Her warm body entwined with mine. I could taste my cum with every kiss.

I rolled her over and moved down to her breasts sucking with wild abandon. My mouth and tongue covered every inch of her breasts, then down her tummy and down between her legs.

I slid my tongue between her lips and she was so sweet and so wet. I licked and sucked. Her clit was hard and her labia were full. I had never tasted another woman before and I had to have her.

I devoured her like my first meal in a month. I rubbed my face in her pussy and covered it with her juices.

I was on my knees between her legs devouring her beautiful shaved pussy. But I needed more. I looked up at Roger and growled at him. “FUCK ME.”

He jumped up on the bed and pushed the head of his cock against my wet lips and without stopping my assault on Angie’s pussy, I pushed back and took the full length of his cock into me. I started a rhythm pushing back against him and licking Angie. He got the message and started pounding his cock into my aching pussy. His balls were slapping against my clit now and I could feel Angie begin to climax.

I paused my devouring of Angie’s pussy and looked over my shoulder.

“Pump my pussy full!” I growled again at Roger. Then I returned my tongue to Angie.

I slid a finger into her pussy and pushed up against the inside wall of her pussy. This sent her over the edge and she bucked against me, flooding my mouth with her juices. At the same time, Roger pushed his hard cock deep and exploded inside my own pussy. I could feel his cock pulsing in my pussy as he pumped me full and Angie’s pussy convulsing on my tongue. It was fantastic and more than I could take and I exploded with another severe wave of orgasms through my entire body.

Angie’s juices flooded my mouth as I could feel her tighten her pussy muscles around my tongue. I looked up just in time to see her face contort and watch as she pulled her hard nipples.

When we all came down, I pulled from Roger’s cock and slid up and kissed Angie and shared her juices with her. We snuggled and I could feel Roger’s cum oozing out of my pussy. Angie, purred and said, “You’re leaking onto my leg. It’s nice and warm.”

We snuggled and kissed and touched. It was the start of a wonderful relationship.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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